Episode: Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast no 158

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Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast no 158

Hi there! Welcome to our latest Foot Stompin' podcast brought to you by Hands Up for Trad. We have some great music this month from Session A9, Rod Paterson, Graham Mackenzie, Mary Ann Kennedy, Fraser Fifield, Peatbog Faeries, The McCalmans, Top Floor Taivers and last but not least Mhairi Hall and Patsy Reid!


Live At Celtic Connections by Session A9 (Spotify) Track - Sporting Paddy: Sporting Paddy / Hamish the Carpenter / Hull's Reel / The Road to Erogie (Live) http://www.sessiona9.com

The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill Vol.lV by Various Artists Track - Fickle Freenship an Caul Misfortune sang by Rod Paterson http://www.brechin-all-records.com/shop-4/the-complete-songs-of-robert-tannahill/

Crossing Borders by Graham Mackenzie Track - Mrs Mackenzie’s http://www.grahammackenziemusic.com

An Dàn by Mary Ann Kennedy Track - Song for John MacDonald http://www.maryannkennedy.co.uk

In Buenos Aires by Fraser Fifield Track - South Atlantic Seven http://www.fraserfifield.com

Blackhouse by Peatbog Faeries Track - Spiders http://www.peatbogfaeries.com

Lost Tracks by The McCalmans Track - Plooman Laddies sang by The McCalmans & Barbara Dickson http://www.the-mccalmans.com

A Delicate Game by Top Floor Taivers Track - The False Bride http://www.topfloortaivers.com

Contours of Cairngorm Live by Mhairi Hall, Patsy Reid & Mhairi Hall Trio Track - Cairngorm Dance http://www.mhairihall.com/pagex.asp?bioid=5221

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Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music Podcast
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