Episode: Flashback 5: Three Failed Game Consoles

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Flashback 5: Three Failed Game Consoles

On this episode, Quinn and Stephen explore three failed game consoles: the Apple Pippin, Nintendo Virtual Boy and the Ouya.

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On the Apple PiPP!N – 512 Pixels
Apple Made a Game Console! - Snazzy Labs on YouTube
Pippin: Apple's Forgotten Game Console - 512 Pixels on YouTube
Apple iPod Touch "The Funnest iPod Ever" TV Ad - YouTube
AppleJack Controller
The Boomerang PlayStation 3 Controller: What Might Have Been - IGN
Katz Media Player 2000 | Pippin @World & Atmark Wiki | Fandom
Unraveling The Enigma Of Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, 20 Years Later - Fast Company
Nintendo’s FAILURE - Virtual Boy 3D Gaming Console - LTT on YouTube
Nintendo Counts on a New 'Virtual' Game - The New York Times
OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console by OUYA — Kickstarter
Ouya Teardown - iFixit
Julie Uhrman & Josh Topolsky Keynote | Interactive 2013 | SXSW - YouTube
As the Ouya ships to backers, can a $99 console bring players and developers together? - The Verge
Ouya review: can an indie console take on Sony and Microsoft? - The Verge
Ouya Developers Reveal Modest Sales - IGN
Razer confirms Ouya purchase in bid to take over Android TV gaming - The Verge
Ouya will be shut down for good on June 25th - The Verge
Razer Forge TV - Android™ Gaming in Your Living Room
Is the Wii Mini Worth It? - A Young Austin Evans on YouTube
Wii mini | Nintendo

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