Episode: Imposter Syndrome? You’re Not Alone (or a narcissist), with Stevie Berryman

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Imposter Syndrome? You’re Not Alone (or a narcissist), with Stevie Berryman

Imposter Syndrome is a thief; it steals joy from success, and pride from achievement. Feeling like your accolades are undeserved is a common occurrence among artists. Even when you feel secure in your abilities, the fear of looking foolish can keep you from taking the risks that lead to amazing opportunities. Ryan and Stevie discuss how to beat Imposter Syndrome, and the rewards of taking risks.

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Highlight to Tweet: “The truth takes time.” -Stevie Berryman

Show Notes:
  • Imposter Syndrome - a phrase coined in the 1980’s to describe the nagging fear that you are not as smart or experienced or talented or deserving as people think. You do not deserve, nor have you earned, your success, and soon people will discover you are a fraud.
  • Imposter Syndrome is the realm of the high achievers. So if you have ever experienced it, you are neither a narcissist nor a slacker.
  • How to beat it:
    • Identify what you are worried about.
    • Talk about it with a mentor
    • Focus on the value you bring. Value does not mean perfection.
    • Claim your wins. You didn’t get here by accident. The people who put you where you are did not make a mistake, you haven’t conned them.
    • Stop comparing yourself to others. “Comparison is an act of violence against the self.” -Iyanla Vanzant
    • Check your self talk. Replace “I feel” with “I think.” Ditch language like, “maybe it’s me, but…”. Don’t apologize for asking questions; assume they are valid.
    • Have courage; embrace ambition. Don’t talk yourself out of taking risks. Say yes to even those opportunities that risk you looking foolish.

Stevie Berryman is shockingly good at video games. She can fold a fitted sheet so it looks like it came right out of the package. Likewise, her skills as music director and teacher have also been acquired through long hours of arduous and dedicated practice. For much of her career Stevie has directed seven or more ensembles each week, meaning she has 98 years of experience (in dog years). Her effusive energy and wild creativity found a perfect setting in 2013 when she became the Artistic Director of the Houston Chamber Ringers, which has let her smash together her love for music, laughter, and tacos in a truly remarkable way. She has a particular passion for teaching children how to ring, and her innovative methods have made her a sought after educator at area and national handbell festivals. Stevie loves helping other choirs as a private clinician, or planning epic concerts for them as a creative consultant. Her next step in global domination is to take over the choral world, which is a side bonus of her job as Chief Awesomeness Officer at the Choir Ninja Podcast.

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