Episode: Episode 3: Snaps & Pace Outlook with Pat Thorman

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Episode 3: Snaps & Pace Outlook with Pat Thorman

If you've ever made a player projection, you know how important projected snaps are. Adam Levitan talks to pace specialist Pat Thorman about why this is crucial and how to project it. They also hit on the 2019 pace outlooks for a fistful of teams.  For more content to get you ready for the season, go to EstablishTheRun.com.  TIMESTAMPS: Pat’s background in Snaps and Pace (2:09) | The importance of understanding plays per game (4:15) | Coaches and play tempo (7:00) | Projecting pace with game flow (9:03) | Projecting 2019 Team Pace (10:33) | Arizona pace projection (10:50) | New York Jets pace projection (13:04) | New England pace projection (15:59) | Indianapolis pace projection (17:36) | Houston pace projection (19:38) | Pat’s weekly articles on ETR (22:12)

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