Episode: 021: Is This Working for You?

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021: Is This Working for You?

Organization:The Local Mission Market was founded on a truly revolutionary idea. All markets--from big boxes to tiny boutiques--have always been and still are aggregators: They distinguish themselves by the products they buy, whether industrial or artisanal production. Either way, the food you buy is not made there and not by people you know. At Local Mission Market, we are the producers. We are the makers. Every day, on-site, in view of every customer and in conversation with you, we craft granola, pasta, crackers, jams, pickles, sausages, soups, side salads, dips, dressing, popcorn, oat bars, marshmallows, and more and more.

Topic:An Exploration of Local Food Systems

In This Episode:1:46 Introduction to this episode.2:17 Introduction of Yaron Milgrom.2:43 Yaron describes San Francisco’s Mission District.4:21 Yaron shares his story that lead him to the food industry.6:08 Yaron talks about why local is important to Local Mission Group.9:36 How does Yaron make sure that their system works for their employees?11:42 Yaron discusses the disparity in our food economy. 13:16 Yaron gives advice on how businesses can work with local residents in a way that benefits all parties. 19:10 Can the Local Mission Group model be replicated in other climate areas?22:44 How can listeners learn more about Local Mission Group and support the work they do?

Guests:Yaron Milgrom is the owner of Local Mission Group and operates Local Mission Eatery, Local Mission Market, and Local Cellar. In 2010, with Chef Jake Des Voignes, Yaron opened Local Mission Eatery. Dedicated to rigorously local sourcing, from-scratch cooking, and transparency with our customers, the Eatery launched as a sandwich shop with two employees. Now, Local Mission Group owns and operates a full-service restaurant (another, Local’s Corner, a local seafood restaurant opened in 2012 and closed in 2014), a local and handmade market (Local Mission Market, which opened in November 2013), and a California wine, craft-beer, and spirits bottle shop (Local Cellar in February 2014). Local Mission Group has over 40 employees and supports dozens local of farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and winemakers. Prior to opening Local Mission Eatery, Yaron received a MA in Medieval Jewish Mysticism at New York University. With his wife and three kids, he lives in the Mission District of San Francisco, just blocks from his businesses.

Local Mission Market Twitterhttps://twitter.com/LocalMarketSF


Take Away Quotes: “Local for us is something very different. Always it’s going to ask the people involved in the food that we serve, from the farmer who’s growing it, the farm workers who are picking it and putting it in the ground and maybe bringing it to market, to the people that we employ, and also really to those who are coming into the shop- asking all of them if it’s working for them.”

“I think one of the weirdest parts about the food industry is when you have employees who are really committed, love the food that they’re serving, committed to the valley’s excellence in food, but can’t afford to actually eat that way themselves. So at the baseline when you speak of the humanity in the industry, it has to start, I think, at…at least that they’r eating well.”

“We have an employee base that is representative of the diversity of the mission and that’s neighborly so you see the people that you’re serving, you see the people you’re cooking for, and they live next to you. This is part of it being personal. To build care for the people, and the reason why you may be spending more, to build care is about the faces attached to them and be able to see them. So it’s one thing when you see them across the counter or across the butcher counter in the kitchen, and it’s another thing when you see them walking down the street.”

Resources:Local Mission Eateryhttp://www.localmissioneatery.com/

Local Mission Markethttp://www.localmissionmarket.com/

Local Cellarhttp://www.localcellarsf.com/

Presidio Graduate Schoolhttp://www.presidio.edu



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Equitable Opportunity Radio – weekly conversations with visionary leaders who are building a more inclusive economy
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