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On a fateful night in July of 1999 John F. Kennedy Jr. boarded a private plane with his wife and sister-in-law to attend his cousin's wedding.

They never arrived.

Was the tragic crash a mere accident? Or something far more sinister - swept under the rug by Camelot?

This next installment in the Fatal Voyage series explores the privileged life and sudden death of John F. Kennedy Jr. Discover the dark side of the Kennedys, from scandals to coverups, from JFK Jr.'s rocky marriage with Carolyn Bessette to the elaborate kidnapping plot that forced him into hiding. Fatal Voyage: The Death of JFK Jr. is the only podcast telling the full story.


The creators of FATAL VOYAGE: THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF NATALIE WOOD and EPSTEIN: DEVIL IN THE DARKNESS bring you FATAL VOYAGE: THE DEATH OF JFK JR. Subscribe now to listen and join the investigation. http://bit.ly/jfk_epstein

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EPSTEIN: Devil in the Darkness
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