Episode: Episode 97 "Holiday"

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Episode 97 "Holiday"

EntreProgrammers Episode 97“Holiday”

2:00We’re Live!Josh talks about tracking his sleep with an app. John is vacationing in Vallejo California for the holidays.

8:50John mentions that he and Josh got paper work done for the upcoming partnership in the new year.

10:20John finds out his book “Soft Skills” is now translated into Russian and Korean audiobooks. John shares that he was denied a merchant account thru Intuit. John shares information about trying to resolve the issue and find out why he cannot get a merchant account with Fresh Books. Josh thinks it may have something to do with direct response.

18:00Chuck thinks that going to a bank maybe a better option for a merchant account. John leaves the call early.

21:00Josh talks about working on project for a mortgage company that is doing lead generation. Josh talks about the details and how the project need to be finished.

24:00Josh shares his thoughts on being stressed, and feeling uncomfortable doing new projects and not knowing how to get all the work done. Josh says he feels like a “Fraud.”

28:00Josh talks about doing a coaching call with his first student, Kathy. Josh mentions having a total of 4 coaching students as of now. He talks about his on-boarding process for new students. Chuck asks about how he is balancing all the work and project, especially with Simple Programmers partnership starting up.

30:00Josh talks about Simple Programmer's “How to Market Yourself” course and sales numbers. Josh shares more about information on the milestones he has to reach as a partner with John’s company.

37:45Josh talks about his email writing strategy for Monday’s and weekly workflow. Josh talks about creating daily habits with work.

40:00Josh shares his ideas for a future product and marketing strategy.

45:00Chuck mentions that this week was less crazy for him. Chuck sharse his retirement plan and yearly goals. Chuck talks about launching 3 products this year to help reach his financial goals. Chuck shares his health goals for the new year.

53:00Chuck talks about using an exercise app to help keep him on track to enter a 10K run. Chuck mentions his health is the main focus for the year.

1:01:00Josh talks about the uncertainty with setting an income goal for the year. Chuck and Josh talks about their working space at their home office.

1:10:00Josh asks about what resources Chuck uses for formulating an income goal. Chuck talks about possibly hiring a coach of 6 months. Josh mention that 90 days is a good duration of time to begin coaching trials. Josh highly recommends hiring a coach and having the accountability.

1:20:00Josh mentions having a hard time unplugging from work. Chuck talks about going along with the nonsensical things kid do when its family time.

1:28:00Chuck put everyone on notice that the early bird tickets for the conferences have ended. But people are wanting to know the line up of the speakers before they purchase tickets. Josh worries about sell to many half price tickets and losing money on the overall revenue.

Thoughts of the Day!Josh - When you’re growing you feel like a fraud

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