Episode: Episode 95 “Smoking, Crocheting, and Bigfoot”

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Episode 95 “Smoking, Crocheting, and Bigfoot”

Episode 95 “Smoking, Crocheting, and Bigfoot”


We’re Live!


Derick shares his sick story, and running his new smoke house business. Josh suggestion using a Darth Vader mask when smoking meats!


Derick has picked up crocheting again. Put your orders in for your favorite pot holders or scarfs. 


Josh talks about making pot holders as well, and getting into leather craft. 


Derick’s total sales on his Black Friday sales was over seven thousand dollars, Derick mentions that one sales push him over his annual income goal. Derick is pretty excited about the actual take home income. Derrick is still very happy about his entrepreneurial journey. 


Josh suggest the Derick should bundle in Watch Me Code with the rest of the bundle sales. 


Derick mentions that his subscriber numbers keep going up and down. Derick talks about the emails, and unsubscribes. Josh ask about the traffic to the sites. Derick mentions disabling the some emails, to focus on the launch sequence. 


Derick talks about things in the work for 2016, as far as virtual conference and working with some Chuck.  Chuck ask what Derick is trying to accomplish overall in the next year.  Derick explains the details of what he would like to do in the new year. 


Josh suggest SumoMe Pro to Derick!



Josh suggest tools for Derick to implement. 


Josh talks about an email marketing guide for e-commerce, and some of the strategies use to market this guide. 


Chuck suggest borrowing audiences and guest posting, to gain subscribers and a bigger following. Josh mentions doing a guest podcasting and posting as well.  Derick mentions needing pushing to create a plan.   


Chuck suggests how Derick and create a plan.  Chuck talks about the types of plans and ways to foresee the needs of your business and life style. 


Josh talk how his goal changed since beginning work with John. 


Josh plans to get his mail list to 10,000 in 2016. Chuck is pushing everyone today. Chuck talks about growing his list as well. 


Josh talks about getting his first 2 coaching students. Josh is trying to limit the email access that he has open to coaching. Josh talks about the coaching features he is offering.  


Chuck mentions the numbers of Keen.io and topics of React. Josh talks about packaging a book up to create extra income. 


Josh share a little information on the partnership with John and Simple Programmer. Josh mentions that income growth over the last few years, and he is excited about where he is at. 


Chuck mention he is sitting on over 40 grand of invoices, to get by and pay his people. Chuck is thinking about dropping the Silver Sponsorship, because it has the least conversions. 


Chuck mention that he want to get a Dev Chat.TV app out. Chuck mention this would be for feedback to the hosts, and a communication tool for die hard fans. Also, Chuck would like to do video versions of the podcast. 


Chuck say building the email list first is the main focus for now. Chuck talks about the conferences tickets details and the package deals. 


Chuck share the moving around of the conferences. Josh questions the sizes of the packages of the conferences. Chuck mention the packages will drop off as the conferences happen. 


Chuck asks if Josh has his emails ready to going in Drip. Josh suggests how Chuck should do his email strategy. 


Derick mentions he would signup for the round up from Dev Chat TV, but this is a particular kinda of listener. This give Chuck a better idea about how to email subscribers.  


Chuck it thinking about doing a podcast about mythological creatures with his 10 year old son. Derick shows up is lay down desk. Chuck talks about parent kicking each other out of bed, and snoring situations. 

Thoughts of the Day   

Josh - It is really easy to sell yourself short…

Derick  - The Automatic Customer http://www.amazon.com/The-Automatic-Customer-Creating-Subscription/dp/159184746X

Chuck -  Take a minute to recognize what you have!


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