Episode: Episode 93 “Just the Die Hards”

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Episode 93 “Just the Die Hards”

“Just the Die Hards”


John and Chuck talk about possibly going out for Black Friday. John mentions that he doesn’t care for the effort you have to go through during Black Friday. 


John thinks about the miss deals to those who buy early, then Black Friday deals hit. How do those people feel?  


Chuck share some stats on the early conference tickets of the entire year. Chuck sales for the tickets are available to purchase now. Chuck talks about the unsubscribes, but realizes why he even has the list, if he is not trying to market to them. 


John talks about what Chuck should do with his email list. 


 Chuck talks about the sponsorship durations and costs. Chuck plans to sell the ads space for Simple Programmer.  John is talking about creating a media kit. Chuck need Josh to look at his media kit as well. 


John mentions Josh’s copy is still bringing in sales. 


John shares a story called “Fight My Wife.”  John mentions Derick is doing well with his sale. 


Johns talks about his diet and workout during the Thanksgiving holiday. John may change up the Ultimate Diet his is currently on. 


John may have found a lawyer for the new partnership with Josh. John mentions that Josh will be apart of the Simple Programmer team starting in January. 


John hired a video editor for the new Simple Programmer stuff.  John talks about the growth on Youtube with 80,000 view per month. John is trying to add additional iPhone videos per month. 


Chuck shares more on his video project on YouTube. Chuck is trying to decide rather to use Skype for CrowdCast. Chuck agree that it makes sense to be on YouTube. 


Chuck shares a box opening of his iPhone rig for video recording projects. Chuck plan to do a “Post Bootcamp” project. 


John and Chuck talk about the difference of the front facing camera to the rear camera on the iPhone. John mentions he is on his Surface Pro today. 


John mentions using the selfie stick to hit record if you are using the rear camera.


John and Chuck talk about using Periscope vs Youtube to build a business. 


John talks about how to get topics for videos, mostly for his audience with questions.


Chuck shares some tactics for getting people into the door for JS Remote Conf. John talks about the celebrity created on Youtube rather then Podcast. Chuck think that TV will be more like Youtube, or something more like apps on TV. Chuck shares his vision on TV channels and the business model to come. 


John talks about his new Surface book and Window 10, and some the pros and cons. John talks  about the ultra wide curved screens, and maybe switching. 


Chuck talks about the lockdown on the iPad Pro and how you cannot use it as a laptop. 


Chuck shares his goal setting strategy during this time of the year, and reverse engineering them for the new year. 


John talks about creating a 5 year financial goal over a 1 year goal. Chuck shares the target he wants to hit for the year on the Remote Conferences. 


John says he is debating making new financial goals as well. Chuck talks about the number of people he has to get in front of to meet his goals. 


John talks about The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan


Thoughts for the Week


Chuck - Don’t miss out on the important things…


John -

Resources Mention in this Episode

The One Thing



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