Episode: Episode 92 "That Dude Ain't Jasmine!"

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Episode 92 "That Dude Ain't Jasmine!"

“That Dude Ain’t Jasmine!”


Derick is eager to get back to playing his new video games. Josh is persuaded that Derick has to much time on his hands since killing SignalLeaf. 


John is seriously thinking about purchasing the new Surface Pro laptop. John is convinced that Windows 10 is going to work better for him. 


Derick created a landing page for his Black Friday sales.  Derick creates the ultimate bundle for his customers. Derick mentions that this is going to be a one time bundle sale, after this you can purchase theses products individually. 


Josh suggests that Derick should sell his bundle at $97 instead of $79. John is possibly doing two sales on Black Friday. 


Josh shares the stats on a news letter that helps in modeling a new product sale. To first position on a trial basis, before actually completing the sale. Chuck asks exactly with Derick’s strategy is for the Black Friday sales. 


Chuck is thinking about doing an early bird ticket sales on Black Friday. Chuck wants to somehow use the new addition to his family as a way to capitalize during Black Friday. The EntreProgrammers talk about Google Analytics and Demographics. 


Chuck discuss more about sales of conference tickets and breaking even. Chuck is hoping for an average of 6 tickets per sale.  Derick says he finally remembered to do a Black Friday sale. Derick shares that he sold a RabbitMQ bundle, and a few subscriptions for Watch Me Code. 


Josh shares his income goals for the year. Josh talks about a new deal for Simple Programmer and working with John. Josh is hoping for a 49% share of Simple Programmers with John. 


Josh talks about paid retainer work. John talks about the new partnership with Josh and Simple Programmer. 


Derick talks about changing clients, jobs and projects. John mentions that he is still on the Ultimate Diet 2.0. John talks about removing gluten from his diet, but eating birthday cake.  John talks about his vision improvement experiment. 


John talks about hiring people on UpWork as a video editor. John has 11,00 subscribers and 70,000 views per month. 


Chuck is thinking about hiring a developer to help with Dev Chat TV. Chuck is looking for a cheaper developer to help on the projects. Chuck is talking about a possible open source project. This may leave Derick as the solo EntreProgrammer. 


Derick mentions how marketing became apart of his job and how he does not care for it much. 


John shares the final number of his recent launch, he made 41,674 dollars. John talks about the issues he experienced during the webinar, with video issues. John says the his next webinar will have a chat forum.  


Josh is talking about doing more guess posts and an e-book. 


EntreProgrammers talk about the MicroConf. retreat they're planning.  


John recommends Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill. Josh shares his thought about the book, The Martian. 


John and Josh is looking for a business lawyer!

Thoughts for the Week

John - Slow down and do things right. 

Sorry the video was cut short for some reason!

Resources Mention in this Episode 


Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill

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