Episode: Episode 90 "Josh ‘Cha-Ching’ Earl"

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Episode 90 "Josh ‘Cha-Ching’ Earl"

EntreProgrammers Episode 90

Josh ‘Cha-Ching’ Earl 


John is returning from his civil duty. Derick comes to us from the DFW Airport. EntreProgrammers discuss jury selection questions. John  gives pointers for getting out of Jury Duty. 


Chuck shares the attendee numbers for Rails Remote Conf. Chuck drops us more information about the upcoming remote conferences, and his plans to execute the logistics.


Chuck mentions he is getting his “Competent Communicator” in Toast Masters. Chuck has mastered how to stop using, the annoying Ahhs, Umms, You Knows, and So,in his speech delivering.   Chuck talks about his plans to streamline organization and workflow. 


John gives us the numbers for the sale of “How to Market Yourself.” A whooping 484 purchases  yielding $39,817. Josh gets 10 percent too. John talks about the conversion rates and traffic coming to the products page. John shares the awesomeness of Josh’s copywriting skills and packaging. John shares plans for the shipping and fulfillment of the books sold. 


Chuck mentions Crowdcast to John. John is on a boring carb day. John is looking out to see if he has a gluten intolerance. 


Josh talks about his email marketing strategy, and the stories he incorporated into the open-loop emails. 


Derick is down 6 subscribers at 420. Derick may give his Nodember talk to his Watch Me Code subscribers.  


John talks about Kajabi. John finds the Kajabi features interesting and might be one of the better ones. Josh thinks that the biggest problems with these kind of services is the Analytics and Payments. Josh mentions having to use PayPal for the sales numbers to be as high as they are now.


Josh and John are thinking about teaming up. Josh would be about a partner in Simple Programmer. Josh talks about the salary he needs verses the industry he is working in now with his clients. 


Chuck thinks this is a bad idea, because he needs Josh to help make 40 grand too. Josh shares that this may be a great partnership. 


Chuck talks about the list building actions that Josh had written about and how important the email list really is. 


Chuck says he is thinking about doing a giveaway. The EntreProgrammers talks about Web Storm.They discuss some giveaway ideas such as a Drone or a Raspberry Pi. 


Chuck gets advice from Josh and John about the marketing strategies for giveaways. 


Josh ask Johns about using the launch to leverage and get him on Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas. 


John shares more information about the Nasty Amazon reviewer of Soft Skills.

Thoughts for the Week

Josh -  Get back on the horse and do it again.

John -  Recognize where you have weakness.

Chuck  - Building systems. 


Resources Mentioned in this Episode





Web Storm


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