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Episode 9

Entreprogrammers Episode 9 The Weekly Editor

The Entreprogrammers Josh, Derick and John start by ripping into the iPhone; good phones, bad phones. This entrepreneurial discussion grants new perspective on the good, the bad and the ugly iPhones.

Derick goes into drama mode, not feeling well all week long, but perks-up to report good news about his relentless efforts in the fiercely competitive marketing tactics so commonly found in the arena of entrepreneurs.

Example of the Entreprogrammers “never-say-die” attitude towards finding resolutions to serious problems that often lurk quietly in the shadows of capitalistic darkness is true testament that these 3 guys know what it takes to survive.

Always ready to do battle in the sometimes fluctuating unpredictable marketing behavior found so often in the public relations programming entrepreneurial arena – a place where a programmer is forced to sometimes deal with the absence of ethics and morals.

The Entreprogrammers just hired The Weekly Editor for this podcast – what’s that? John knows that the new editor is watching and takes the opportunity to “baptize” him with insults – welcome to the Entreprogrammers podcast, David.

The focus goes to Josh and a rather awkward situation that he is in with a buyer of one of his books – a buyer who doesn’t appreciate the information and research that Josh produced in the form of a book.

Josh is not one to back down from an unsynchronized situation and through this experience he shows viewers and listeners that when “something is rotten in the state of Denmark” then what you have to do is reprogram the negative and make it smell like roses.

This is the story of how Josh takes 1 negative and programs it into 2 positives that actually boost him forward in his public relations efforts in marketing strategies designed for programmers.

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