Episode: Episode 89 "The Dream Crusher"

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Episode 89 "The Dream Crusher"

"The Dream Crusher"


Whazz up!

Josh express his frustration with Apple, OSX, and iOS. Derick mentions pissing off Apple support. Josh mentions that Apple has gone downhill since the passing of Steve Jobs. 


Derick and Josh talk about having too buy app and plugins to make things function like a Windows. Derrick apparently hate Power Shell.  


John realizes less is more, when is come to monitors. Derick talks about the need for a second monitor when he was coding. 


Derick talks about the rising subscribers to Watch Me Code. Derick is adjusting all his marketing tools, as far as emails and campaigns. Derick is not sure where the following is coming from, but they’re welcome to join Watch Me Code.


Derick shares his realization of how odd his day jobs is as far as being self employed. Pretty cool, to get paid for writing blog and recording videos or EntreProgrammers and Watch Me Code. Derick is swapping service with another developer, and mentor this person. 


Derick ask Josh to help with the discount code dilemma. John says its not okay to bring hookers over, after the discount code as expired. 


John says it not going to matter if the person or customers uses the discount code, because they’re slim to none. 


Josh suggestion putting the discount code in Drip. John ask if Scarcity Samurai takes care of this issue. Derick talks about possibly writing some code for the one time discount code, John suggestion using Scarcity Samurai instead. Derick ask the mastermind what he could possibly do to create scarcity. The mastermind help with suggestions of what Derick should do.


Derick is tired of trolls, or comments. John makes mama jokes as stupid comments. The EntreProgrammers talk about stupid comments on blogs or on YouTube channels. 


Josh is working on John’s launch.  Josh gets an endorsement from Ben Settle.  Josh talks about  the launch email sequence for John’s Simple Programmer Project. Josh shares some upcoming client work for a Gym. John suggests reading Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff.  


Josh talks about if he could have any business he wanted. Josh mention he would like to have a super huge email list and interview type job. Josh talks about working on acquiring Facebook traffic. John talks about what he would do different with what he knows now, if he were to start a new business.  The mastermind talks about how to market a product with or without as built product. The EntreProgrammers advise Josh to find a ‘worth while’ business to revive. 


John want to create a partnership to grow Simple Programmer with Josh or someone. John is hoping to have a hands off approach with Simple Programmer over some time. John advises against reckless paid acquisition.


Chuck talks about when to know to kill the project if it is not working out.  


Chuck is systemizing the conferences to his helpers can get them taken care of. Chuck talks about  the Smart TV product. Chuck is look for a list of companies who are eager to jump on the Smart TV app project.  John does not like the idea, but suggest a co founder to help. John fears that Chuck will hit a burnout stage. Chuck ask how he could find more clients.


The EntreProgrammers talk about meeting on March 30th for MicroConf. John want MicroConf to sponsor the EntreProgrammers. Josh is not sure is if he is going to make it. 

Thoughts of the Week

Derick -  I am hungry

John -  You got to be willing to die to be born again

Chuck -  Make a goal, make a plan, and make it happen  

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Scarcity Samurai


Pitch Anything


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