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Episode 8

Entreprogrammers Episode 8 Love My Headphones

Josh, Derick and John start with good headphones, bad headphones.

The discussion goes to subscribers and John shows how unpredictable an audience can really be – even a long-time loyal fan base can trick you into making wrong predictions in marketing behavior.

Auto-responder techniques are extremely high on the Entreprogrammers things-to-do list; John discusses with Josh and Derick how to fine-tune and establish the right sequence of auto-responder emails.

This will yield the high rate of conversions that a marketing entrepreneur is looking for in her/his advertising campaigns.

To hit the wrong groups in your listening audiences with the wrong or redundant messages could result in “turning-off” the switch that makes them read and purchase your material.

Blogging, in comparison, finds John more into editorial writing while Josh and Derick focus on the technical side of writing.

Josh says that he would like to write more about marketing in his blog, however he is quick to point out that this thinking runs into a dilemma with what’s found to receive the highest nod in Google rating - the “how to” blog.

Josh continues by saying that you practically need to be an expert in your field of writing to pull this high rating for the information that you are providing. So, what is an entrepreneur to do?

This ending could not have been a better promotion for Podcast Recorder (soon to be at Signalleaf.com), even if it had been written and rehearsed.

As the Entreprogrammers Team is discussing that they will be offering high quality podcast recording at Signalleaf.com, their show starts cutting out in both the audio and video.

Please accept our apologies as we are experiencing extreme technical difficulties – and Josh is quick to theorize that this outage is the result of envious Google conspiracy.

The Team, laughing about the whole situation, is forced into a quick sign-off.

Give your podcast a nice home at Signalleaf.com

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