Episode: Episode 71 "Gold Farmers"

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Episode 71 "Gold Farmers"

Episode 71 "Gold Farmers"



We’re Live!



Derick mentioned he had the greatest sale of his RabbitMQ, he traded a copy of the RabbitMQ bundle for a Lego Star Wars kit. Josh says that he’ll reminded him about his choices when he complains why he did not hit 7000. 



Derick talks about the marketing campaigns of the RabbitMQ bundle.  Also some talk about a mini ebook on LeanPub, with an email course in the works as well. Derick shares more about his complicated marketing strategy. Derick is also working on driving traffic to his pitch



Derick mentions he is not advertising world wide, last time he did that sales were low in other counties.  Derick shares that he had a difficult time deciding when his Drip emails should go out. In response to Josh, Derick says he is not opposed to sending out  two ad emails a day. 



Derick made 6700 dollars on the RabbitMQ bundle after all the stragglers came in, including trading for Lego Star Wars. Derick explains he tweeted that he would trade a copy of RabbitMQ for Lego Star Wars. Well Played! Derick is still getting emails from people who are still interested in buying in a few weeks. 



Josh says that Derick should setup a cross promotion that connects Javascript to RabbitMQ.  Derick says he actually has time to setup the marketing stuff. Derick shares the reports of the optimization of his website. 



Josh talks about the inner workings of a Continuity model. Derick talks about an embarrassing moment when recording a Watch Me Code video cover ES6 material.  



John is liking Berlin, but leaving on Monday. John talks about the diversity and culture of Europe. John meets someone who he had a discussion with about entrepreneurship and jobs. John talks about how most people would have to become an  entrepreneur, considering changes in the economy. The EntreProgrammers talk about entrepreneurship and how employment is evolving into entrepreneurship. Also, how things have become very niche. EntreProgrammers discuss the problems with Union employment and how people are  trading they’re freedom for security or benefits. They agree it is not sustainable. 



John goes back to mentioning some great things bout Berlin, and give us a recap of the communist history. 



John and his family will be flying Ireland, then driving to Dublin. 



John’s article on Fast Company has published. Plural Sight asked John to do an interview with Fast Company about the Plural Sight organization. Josh says that John should have gotten a backlink to his site for more traffic. 



John asks the team if making the Get Up & Code podcast into a panel discussion, would be a good idea? Similar to Chuck’s podcast.  This allows a bit of freedom and less responsibility.  John is trying free himself from his on going projects, to where he has less responsibility with them while keeping them going. 



Josh has installed a gmail plugin that allows him to check his email twice a day. This allow him to only check his email an certain times, so he can get work done. Derick compares this email feature to the Tim Ferris email option. Josh says he needs the mental space to  do his client work. Josh is loving his work schedule and being able to do whatever he needs at anytime. 



Josh is trying to line up this client work so they’re month to month. This way he can schedule his week, and plan the following month as it allows. Josh is getting ready to hire a copywriter to help him do some research for him? Josh is about to take John’s advice and hire a transcriptionist VA to take over some menial work.



John suggests that Josh should ask for referrals. Josh says that he joined the John Carlton course to learn from David Garfinkle, a copywriter coach. Josh mention that he would be making 12000 not  including benefits. 



John talks about a couple of books he liked reading or listening too, one of which is “The Richest Man In Babylon.” 



John was mentioned on John Lee Dumas’ podcast Entrepreneur On Fire. John was an example of those who have a niche and make money from that niche.   


Thought of the Week


John - Pay yourself 10% first.


Josh - Cut down distractions


Derick - Don’t be afraid to make a non-traditional sale 


Things mention in this episode


John’s Article



Fight Company






David Garfinkel



The Richest Man In Babylon


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