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Episode 7

The Entreprogrammers Episode 7 Mentally Kickin’ My…

Josh has a rough week and bares it all. Derick’s Twitter ads go south; they were generating traffic but no conversions; he admits forgetting to install conversion tracking.

John shows how important its use can be in providing useful marketing information; then, John bares all.

Here’s a marketing tip for you: It’s essential that audiences see you, your image or logo repeatedly over time. Generally, a person doesn’t make a purchase until having seen that product for the seventh time.

Derick tells just how technical and precise is today’s tracking systems – yes, you are being followed quite closely by at least corporate America, spending millions getting to know your behavior, then bait you.

So, what should you expect and how should you deal with what appears to be moments of despair experienced on a regular basis in the entrepreneurial arena - the natural law of things?

The Entreprogrammers get into a discussion that reveals several inadequacies that they have encountered in their efforts of email marketing – quite frustrating from time to time – and so it goes, the infinite search for solutions.

And how would you like to increase your daily productivity; Josh, Derick and John tell you a way to do just that and all 3 of them are using the same system to increase doing that which really matters.

Then we switch to John’s update and get a deeper insight to his successful marketing strategies. The Entreprogrammers reveal obsession for the entrepreneurial arena – so, to keep the human experience healthy, just take a break from the arena of obsession.

And what about all of those ideas that I’ve been having; Derick will sum it up for you. The Entreprogrammers advise you on how to deal with thought continuum.

Derick summed it up this way: “You’ve got to scratch that itch!” John explains some of the natural laws of promoting your service or product. Don’t allow yourself to get stressed over a dip in your marketing efforts.

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