Episode: Episode 68 "Get Maid Service..."

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Episode 68 "Get Maid Service..."

Episode 68

Get Maid Service…

We're Live!

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John comes to us live from Paris, with no air conditioning and super expensive diet Coke.


John is sent on a wild goose chase to get his Edition Apple Watch in Paris. Derick mention that the Sport Edition is not durable enough for sports.  John thinks it is worth the thousand bucks, for the initial use of the maps feature on the Apple Watch. 


John does a lot of walking around to different places while in Paris: Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa, and Napoleon’s Tomb and Disneyland Paris. 



Derick is work hard on the RabbitMQ for develops bundle - tons of editing, making things look prettier, and some work on the marketing.


Derick gives you a run down to the three packages are going to be available on the 15th of June. Here is a little bit of what you could expect: 

  • Complete Bundle: 12 Screen Cast, 6 Interview, e-book
  • 2nd Version: e-book, screen cast, 2 interviews
  • 3rd Version: e-book, and 1 free interview

Derick mentions the ThunderPlains Conferences, an excellent resource for developers and networking. John likes the new logos made by 99 designs. Derick talks about the devaluing of designers when contest are held like the ones 99 design hold. 


EntreProgrammers discuss the meritocracy of developers, designers, etc.  John talk about how the gate keeps should only exist that is lower level.  John talks about not competing with jobs being outsourced, but give actual evidence and reason why you charge your rate.   


Josh makes a great point about freelancers and how they should not take all the low paying jobs, but should take the higher end jobs.  To keep from juggling to many low-end projects.


Johns goes to the wrong airport when leaving for Paris. FYI, There is No Iceland Air at Orlando International Airport. Derick shares his horrific travel story.  


Chuck gets back form Atlanta from Career Builder training. Chuck is planning a personal retreat to recoup and reorganized.  John talks about taking the blue pill, and as entrepreneur, this is the new life of dealing with energizing yourself to get work done. Chuck would take a retreat now, but there tons of events coming up every week. 

Josh talks about how he goes into a tail spin when people try to ping him, or contact him in the middle of work.   


Derick suggests that Chuck should listen to a pass episode with Rob Walling. Rob talks about personal retreats and recuperating. 



 John tells Chuck to get a lawn mower and maid service. John suggests taking the family out while the mowing and cleaning get done. It will give back so  much time. 


 Chuck talks about how he may be at the inflection point, before thing should take off. John says if you can get through it, thing will look great again.  


Josh is working for his mentor, a book project (60) pages.  Josh talks about how he joined a copywriter’s group that does critiquing.  Josh talks about turning down projects and taking on only high-end projects.  John suggests that Josh hold on to the small paying clients  and not just one big client. Josh shares details about this copy writing jobs, a lot of thing going well, but some small circumstances keeping from full potential sales.


Josh says is doing my self development and taking courses with copywriter,  John Carlton, one the best copywriters in the world.  Josh has a call scheduled with Perry Marshall, Josh is excite to begin this new project. 

Thoughts of the Week

Derick -  If your always successful, you’re not learning

Josh -  Plan for slack room 

John - Keep on doing the things that make you feel uncomfortable to grow

Chuck - Your Perceptions form your reality

People and Things mentioned in the episode!

Thunder Plains Conference for Developers: 


John Carlton: http://carltoncoaching.com

Perry Marshall: http://www.perrymarshall.com/products/

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