Episode: Episode 64.5 Josh Pulls The Plug

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Episode 64.5 Josh Pulls The Plug

Episode 64.5

"Josh Pulls The Plug"

Josh's mentor pressures Josh to take on a new client, Craig. This client has a product/service, a fitness niche that targets runners. Josh is excited about taking on this client because the new client is willing to pay Josh’s fees. Excitingly Josh gives his two-week notice and has jump completely into entrepreneurship. 

Josh mentions that he feels like he betrayed his current employer, as he was the only iOS develop in the business.  John says that Josh being the only "iOS guy" is enough notice that he is most likely to leave that job. 

Josh talks about his plans for his new work lifestyle.  He plans to help is wife more, as he is going to be home full-time. Josh notices the small tasks that take up a lot of time, before he gets to the real work. 

The EntreProgrammers discuss Content Marketing. Josh explains that SEO is not content marketing.  John talks about how these new changes with Josh, could lead to live episodes.

In other news, John finally does a podcast with Brenan Dunn.

Josh’s new referral client is apart of a mastermind group with his mentor, which means he is pretty serious about his work. 

John congratulates Josh, but he mentions how Derick’s still tops all.  I wonder what Derick did?

Finally, we get to the real impending matters about health, dental and vision insurance. John and Derick give some great information about what to watch for as far as insurance goes. This is great information from those who are experienced entrepreneurs, apart form a regular job that provides health care.

John suggests that Josh practice the 70 20 10 model considering the nature of his work.   Josh still questions the soundness of his area of business, and how he doesn’t quiet have the official status to write, blog or publish content about his field. The team reassures his significances in his area of work and affirms that Josh is a key contributor to this area of marketing.  John has an excellent rant about how subjecting yourself and doing your business with conviction. The EntreProgrammers have tons of advice for Josh as he makes his next step into totally freedom from actually employment. 

Josh talks about how he could possibly start his own podcast soon, because of the circumstances. John reminds Josh of the conference he had attended and how he was light years beyond those who are formally trained.  Josh in total has sent 3.4 million emails for the purpose of marketing. 

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