Episode: Episode 63 Work'n For The Man

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Episode 63 Work'n For The Man

Episode 63 Work'n For The Man!

We're Live!

EntreProgrammers talk about doing arm curls with smart phones and experiencing intense fatigue.

John is at an undisclosed location…with his new MacBook Pro. 

6:30 - What Johns is up to this week

-       Badge launch for Simple Programmer

-       Recording tons of Get Up and Code Podcasts

-       Selling old hardware, thanks to Twitter followers

-       Waiting on Double Your Money project with Kai

-       Getting ready for Europe

-       Things going well with new VA

8:18:10 - Tech Talk

This is a conversation about using the Boot-camp feature or VM ware - the pro and cons of using Windows on Mac.

19:05 - Derick – Trying to find a people to do the intro rabbitmq in different languages (code).

20:00 - John buys special traveler clothing – Merino Wool clothing- clothing you could wear for up to 100 days straight, minimum maintenance apparel.  Johns is getting prepared to spend some time in Europe (Berlin, Iceland, Dublin) – so he is packing light.  Also, trying to figure out the time zone difference, to keep up with the EntreProgrammers podcast recording schedule. 

27:25 - John is thinking about using - Perfect Audience  - a retargeting across Facebook and Twitter. http://www.perfectaudience.com


30:00 – Josh has some issue with migrating to a new Mac, and hit with the bluetooth issue some OSX systems have as well. Also, some talk about maintaining your Macbook.

39: 25 – Josh is going through the Theater of the Mind program to clear is thought patterns http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/theatre-of-the-mind.html

Josh talks about his explainer video project, and how the coordinator has “gone dark.”  Josh is working closely with is mentor and trying to keep up with business and all other projects.   

40:39 – John signs off for at least an hour. 


48:52 - Chuck is finalizing stuff for the Ruby Remote Conf., and talking to companies to for sponsorship. Chuck is talking about getting some sponsorship for Ruby Rogues and JavaScript Jabber podcast.  He is also thinking about raising prices on the sponsorship spots, which could lead to him quitting consulting. Chuck shares his thoughts on the strengths of the podcasts community between JavaScript and Ruby Rogues. 

50:48 - Josh is attempting to expand the advertising on the Sublime Text New Letter project, and is asking to Chuck to go in with him to help advertise and possibly split revenue.

1:06:15 - Chuck is working on funnels for Ruby Rogues and creating several videos for Rail Clips to publish through-out the week. Dev. Box Club- what should Chuck throw into the box? Books, T-shirts, Ardunio, Videos, etc. http://www.arduino.cc

1:11:16 – Derick ask if we ever seen his "Slide Chop." I don’t think so…? Do we want to? I'll pass…  Derick shares information about a pass Ardunio base project that Chuck should use as a fun box project. 

1:13:21 - Chuck is speaking a couple of developer groups, about “How To Be More Hirable.” And he gave his second talk a Toast Masters club, on podcasting. Chuck has started a small interest for those among the Toast Masters club who want to learn more about podcasting and creating a show.  Chuck informs us more about what Toast Masters is about. http://www.toastmasters.org/

1:20:12 - Chuck took the Pod-Track sponsorship.  He is also trying to workout how to be best efficient with his time and money, as he is picking where and who should take on sensitive projects and menial projects. 


1:23:00 – Derick is working on the rabbitmq project, as he is deciding small things like the sign-up page and redesigning for marketing purposes. Every small detail like transcriptions of interviews will be apart of the e-book.   Derick is also working on a mastermind group bundle with a sign-up limit of 10 people. Chuck gives feedback on the value and cost Derick should think about.

1:37:35 – Derick has done 4 interviews and a high profile name in the business. Derick recaps for Josh.  Josh suggests a selling beta version – early access to a few buyers that could give feedback.  Josh is concern about the number of emails and signups that Derick has as of now. 

The EntreProgrammers discuss way to help Derick’s launch of his package. Main concerns the number of interested people and price. Derick is impatient and wanting to launch and fix issues later. 

Update on the EntreProgrammer Retreat

2:00 - Josh has a conflict with the date for the EntreProgrammers Retreat. The date could possibly be moved again.  Next week will have an absolute date for the retreat.

Thoughts for the week

Josh - You will not allow yourself to have the things that you don’t think you deserve.

Derick – Rather or not you think you can, your right.

John – Simplify, and  "F-U to fate"

Chuck – Focus on solution, instead of problems 

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