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Episode 6

The Entreprogrammers Episode 6 Income Tax Panic Mode

Entreprogrammers John, Derick and Josh get into it with resolutions for Derick’s income tax panic mode.

What are some solutions to taxes in the efforts of entrepreneurial financial management? Derick bares it all to help others who are experiencing the same “tax man” nightmare.

John’s argument shows that real estate is the best investment compared to trading stocks; then, Josh expresses concern about the true lifetime value of the digital products that they are producing, especially if the economy takes a down turn.

Derick quickly argues from his experience that digital products are valuable when the economy indicates recession. How consistent is digital value?

Derick argues based on his fourteen years as a consultant that in an economic down turn the demand for consultants consistently rises.

This indicator shows that it is profitable to have digital availability. The focus of the discussion quickly turns when John’s asks, “You guys want the numbers?”

How many did John sell? John credits the sending of his emails resulting in consistent sales. The discussion goes to global traffic and how it measures up in the conversion equation.

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