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Episode 59

Episode 59 "The Universe will bend…"

0:18 - Ok, We're Live!

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4:34 - Derick shares some customers feedback on website navigation issues. Derick explains how to make a life-long friend of rabbitmq and watchmecode.net.

This section teaches on how to handle issues, and provide customers service at a profound level.

Personal development, books, audiobooks and more…

9:17 – Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Action items! Derick is practicing visualization and belief in achieving goals. 

Josh is leaning toward the Psycho-Cybernetics practices, and explains the mystics of the thought process and events or needs revealing its self, like the actions items in Think and Grow Rich. The EntreProgrammers discuss the visualization realities, beliefs, and the law of attraction.

23:33 - As apart of this discussion John recommend The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles, the pre cursor of Think and Grow Rich. 

27:33 – Josh explains a mental failure script that he fears every time he begins a project. This was a past experience that carried over in to his current work approach. Chuck give feedback on how to counter this fear with the help of books.

32:29 – Derick ask John how he has time to absorb book content. John does audio book 3X speed, plus reading during workout times. 

Talk about 2015 Retreat

39:02 - EntreProgrammers Retreat information – The dates move up to October.  Check it for more developments at entreprogrammers.com/retreat2015

Chuck, the businessman

43:52 – Chuck has the episode campaign for all his products. There are plenty of excited subscribers. Chuck implements the mastermind advice and shows some success.

49:05 - Chuck was approach by an online magazine company called The GG or The Gentlemen Genius, to promote Rails Clips. Also, Chuck was interviewed by The Debossified podcast about a bad boss experience and how to help other entrepreneurs.



John Talks about books and concepts of running a business. 

52:15 – John gives information about EMyth Revisited by Michael Gerber, as a basis or structure for running a business. John describes this a how McDonald runs, or the management of it’s people.

1:04:17 - Chuck talks about cutting expenses. The programmers discuss the pros and cons of how expenses are dealt with. The cost and return on items. This is excellent planning and review of what you could save on, or save on time.

1:09:33 - John shares his video project and streamlining the process. The excitement of reinventing these videos will definitely pay off. 

1:17:14 – Derick does his first keynote at SpaceCityJS. Derick expresses his enjoyment of public speaking, but loathes the preparation and waiting. Derick spoke about the Five Stages of Developer Grief. 

1:23:57 – Josh suggest the possibility of monetizing on the emotional connection Derick has achieved with his keynote at SpaceCityJS

1:29:45 - UDemy has tried to connect with John about his courses. Possibly more content production for John including some marketing perks. This is similar to a repacking deal of his content, to a wider market that he may not have reached yet. Derick suggest that John should have the authority to pull his content from UDemy, and or also be able to pair the UDemy content with SP site products. https://www.udemy.com

Thought of the Day!

Chuck – The antidote of fear is action

Derick – Build relationship first and foremost

John – Adjust the sales….

Josh – Break it to pieces and work on the small pieces        

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