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Episode 4

Episode 4 Josh’s Not Sure If Moment

John introduces a new hip-hop jingle causing Josh to have a “not sure if moment.” While Derick, laughing, has to make sure it gets played during this episode. John defends the $5 jingle then segues into experimentation “bottom third.” The team gets into it; Josh is a “little scared” when checking his numbers on book sales.

Derick provides useful informative in depth analysis on Twitter ads combined with Josh’s sublime text tips. Derick expresses frustration in being involved in several projects, but somehow feeling lack of productivity in the right areas of his entrepreneurial marketing strategies.

The team focuses on time management using Derick’s current situation as a reality check model – a great deal to be learned from this brainstorming session as the team isolates barriers and provides the solutions necessary in the dynamics of the entrepreneurial effort. Josh, Derick and John show great example to entrepreneurs who are faced with exactly the same problems, and how to deal with the mind-set that is required to maintain sanity and focus in a sometimes pressured and stressful entrepreneurial marketing arena.

The team will show you in current exemplified analysis of their strategies to push – to the edge – a continued productive entrepreneurial effort.

And, we want you to job in on this, too: What would your analytical argument be to the team with respect to their discussion concerning dilemmas often faced in the arenas of appropriate time management? Always hang in there; the team is always on your side!

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