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Episode 16

The Entreprogrammers Episode 16 Josh’s True Reward

John begins by asking Josh and Derick, “How are you guys doing.” Derick, in a Samurai shirt, says he wants to “Samurai something” not having such a great week.

But the ensuing discussion changes Derick’s perspective on rewards for his efforts. Josh chimes in and says that he is good. John then describes a talk that he recently gave to a live audience saying that it went really well.

Giving a talk like this one is among John’s favorite entrepreneurial marketing efforts; and claims motivational speaking to be his number 1 activity. Josh is quick to point-out that John is quite gifted when it comes to giving live speeches.

The Entreprogrammers begin analyzing what really are the true rewards for their relentless approach to marketing strategy, writing blogs, newsletters and books, plus the involvement in digital production.

Do you produce projects for the money or is your true reward in Artistic Process?

Josh tells a story about certain emails that were written to him which gave him more excitement having read them, than the selling of his book – Josh’s true rewards. Derick’s perspective begins to change – the Samurai cools.

Programming entrepreneurs usually have several “irons-in-the-fire” and at some point have to drop 1 or 2 (or more) irons – scale down appropriately. And this is where the Entreprogrammers take their next discussion.

Derick is quick to caution this behavior as the wrong projects could be eliminated. John is seriously considering a move to motivational speaker for software programmers. He is well received with reasonably large audiences.

Should an entrepreneur take any time off, or should she/he work straight through and bypass any opportunities for a break – obsessed with the project? The Entreprogrammers clear the air on this subject.

Josh talks about the cycles of creativity. Then passion is defined. What is your passion? Should you follow it? The Entreprogrammers go into great detail as to what passion really is – and is not.

Josh is developing and implementing new marketing strategy. He’s now getting over 20,000 hits per month on his blog. His new public relations path takes after another marketing genius in the entrepreneurial arena.

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