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Episode 15

The Entreprogrammers Episode 15 Tracking Conversions

John accuses Derick of being an amateur broadcaster. Josh spins off into analysis of his Tweeter advertising campaign with detailed ups and downs of his past week.

Derick’s week reveals pandemonium in the data base at Signalleaf.com as he quickly jumps to its rescue after causing Signalleaf to crash, but the show still goes on at Signalleaf and turns out to be a gaining knowledge experience for Derick.

And Signalleaf remains strong because of Derick’s programming expertise. Read Derick’s blog about ugly advertising works; he proves it in an isolated case study – good stuff.

The discussion turns to converting traffic with respect to Josh’s marketing experiments; Josh faces a challenging dilemma in that he is generating a great deal of traffic to his web sites.

But he doesn’t know enough about these people to understand why – with the impressive traffic – these people are showing such small conversion percentage rates.

The 3 pound on this subject to determine solutions – something the Entreprogrammers are quite good at. They demonstrate how research is extremely important in determining market strategy. 

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