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Episode 14

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The Entreprogrammers continue progress as they reveal how they achieved their entrepreneurial gains. Congratulations to Josh on his new editing position which he talks about in this episode; this truly is great example of the rewards that can be gained from hard work and Josh demonstrates this in detail.

What’s that; Signalleaf creator, Derick Bailey, is in the closet? Derick reveals up-close insight to home recording studios. There are many levels to the success of programmer entrepreneurship; John, Derick and Josh leave no stone unturned.

The Entreprogrammers reveal how successful this podcast has become – and in such a short time. No hype, here, just the facts. Derick reveals the Signalleaf stats which have become quite impressive – this is only the 14th episode of the Entreprogrammers Podcast.

Mathematical indicators in a business X - Y graph predict a huge success for this podcast over the coming weeks, months and years – in an arena so competitive that only about 20% of podcast productions actually succeed; consistency is revealed as being one of the key components.

The Entreprogrammers demonstrate genius in many complicated areas as shown in their approach to academic argument where they establish the arena of solution. John, Josh and Derick, through their example, teach and are helping hundreds become better programmers and marketers – bettering people make healthier communities – a healthier society.

These 3 entreprogrammers also discuss their contributions to charity. And John brings-up an extremely interesting point about character development and these marketing programmers discuss the value of appreciation in life and where it comes from in different levels of behavioral development.

Another topic these 3 go to is publishing and selling of books. John, currently writing a book, is on chapter 45 of 80 with strong publishing and marketing resources behind him; it’s quite interesting to hear him talk of behind the scenes developments that a writer goes through. Give your podcast a nice home at Signalleaf.com.

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