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Entreprogrammers Episode 13 HuBoard

HuBoard creator, Ryan Rauh from Austin, Texas, is featured guest of The Entreprogrammers Podcast with John, Derick and Josh. Ryan talks about how long it took him to develop HuBoard which is “instant project management for GitHub repositories.”

Ryan also gets into legal issues that he had to address in his HuBoard journey; he tells a rather humorous story about the first lawyer he approached regarding HuBoard legalities. It’s a small world, folks. Then Derick talks numbers, declaring upswing in his WatchMeCode.net subscriptions.

The discussion goes to the advantages of Derick’s current entrepreneurial marketing efforts. He tells all with specifics on his capital gains which proves that what the Entreprogrammers do works in the marketing arena.

John recommends shooting for a $5,000 monthly base income; incidentally, so does Derick, who has just revealed having a great month in terms of income – excellent numbers. Focus of the discussion goes back to Ryan who itemizes his reinvestment into his HuBoard.com efforts and the cost and worth of investing in a good Freelance Designer.

Ryan gives details about the designer, his worth in Ryan’s venture and the importance of reinvestment. The group debates the 80-20; and in a surprising move, Ryan tells that he has put little to nothing into the marketing of HuBoard.com, yet goes on to report 69 sign-ups for this month.

The reaction: “Wow!” But Ryan is somewhat baffled as to this “grass-roots” growth. How is this happening? And Josh talks about his experiences with GitHub and what a difference HuBoard would make in “having everything in one place.”

Josh says, “It’s spreading by the word of mouth.” Suddenly, it appears that programmers have the same problem as musicians; they don’t like to indulge in self-promotion. The Entreprogrammers discuss their philosophy in regards to this somewhat awkward  behavior when someone has toot her/his own horn.

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