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Episode 12

Entreprogrammers Episode 12 The Obsession

Analysis of analytics starts the Entreprogrammers discussion; Derick jumps in first expressing his disdain for Josh; in Episode 11 Josh challenged John and Derick to refrain from the viewing of their stats pages; “view once per week,” he said.

So, could they all actually do it? Derick’s week was destroyed from lack of stat viewing. Then, in-depth analysis of the workings in advertising with Twitter ensues. Josh experiments with the effectiveness of Twitter ads and provides a gold-mine of information in his findings.

Derick also uses Twitter ads and supplies more extremely valuable information in the Twitter ads program. John too adds more valuable commentary on Twitter. So, if you do Twitter, or would like to, jump right on in to this Twitter advertising discussion, then email your comments.

Then Derick declares his bundle sales on Leanpub to be rather unusual. And Derick mentions his royalties from Leanpub – quite impressive. John tells of his experience with .NET ROCKS, an Internet audio talk show for .NET developers.

John’s expectations of the results of his interview on .NET ROCKS are initially pessimistic, but then…

 How To Think in Object Oriented Design is a course published by Derick; he seeks advice from John and Josh; he sets the stage for this “week long course” then says, “What do I do at the end of that.”

His direction is determined in the upcoming discussion with Josh and John providing answers to Derick’s dilemma.

Towards the end of this podcast, the 3 developers discuss the importance of a book title; and they come very close to talking about procedures that have been used by famous copywriters. Are these programmers creating master-mind marketing tactics on the fly?

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