Episode: Episode 116 “Lets Fight for Bacon!”

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Episode 116 “Lets Fight for Bacon!”

Episode 116 “Lets Fight for Bacon!” 


Derick says his business is burning to the ground. Chuck mentions he has lost one of his helpers.  Chuck is cancelling React Remote Conf. and shuffling the schedules around to make things work. Chuck talks about a bunch of challenges he is facing for the week and is very tried. Chuck shares that his son is facing some issues at school. 


John talks about how this situation looks like a quadrant 2 for Chuck. John shares how he could regain bandwidth to get things taken care for his business and home.  Chuck thinks that part of the issues with his flaky help, might be because of timezones. 


Chuck says he wants to do a Founders Retreat, base off of Sherry Walling’s book. On the up side, Chuck did a meet up using an app to coordinate the meet up. John thinks that Chuck need to simplify, and focus on the main things such as the podcasts and the remote conferences. 


The EntreProgrammers discuss the things that Chuck needs to focus on and simplify.  Derick mentions that he needs to take care of himself before he can talk care of important things. 


John mentions the talk he did an Evolve. John shares the core points of his talk. John mentions that he is now going to do talks without slides. John talks about his experience at the Xamarin Evolve 2016. 


John mentions that Trump has taught them to polarize his followers. John mentions that his YouTube subscribers has reached 24,000 plus. John talks about being authentic and unfiltered to his audience. 


Derick thinks this is a dangerous path because its getting away from the main message. John talks about how you have to have an enemy of sorts, or those who tell your you can’t achieve. John shares more about the message of Simple Programmer. 


Derick makes good point about introducing nuance as you are arguing.  Chuck talks about understanding the shared vision and knowing what they are fighting for. Beating the horse to dead…


 Chuck makes a comparison to the diversity in the forums of his company or projects. John says screw it, I’m doing what I want to do.


Derick mentions that he really likes the material on Failure at Micro Conf. Success is build on failure. The EntreProgrammers continue to discuss growth upon failure.  Derick is running through the ideas he is working to get to his ultimate goal. 


Derick knows that even while he is scared, he is going to be able to raise the bar to a new standard for his business. 


Chuck leaves. Josh talks about how he may have something no one else is doing, as far as email courses. Josh says this could build a revenue machine. Josh talks about his course plans. 


Josh talks about doing the email for Derick’s business as a practice and test. Derick is now a certified spammer according to Drip. Derick talks about how a company that maybe joining the Watch Me Code subscription at the annual price. 


Derick is excited to rework the email with Josh’s help. Derick mention a possible June launch for the new project. 


Josh talks about modeling Dan Martell’s ideas for an email. Josh talks about his VA has disappeared on him, so he is posting a new job on UpWork. Josh says he is going to adopted the “Hire slow and fire fast,” practice. 


John mentions how hiring from different parts of the world, that people have a particular type of work ethic. Josh shares some analytics form Simple Programmers sales page.    


Josh talks about how Simple Programmers’ pop-ups change peoples lives. 

Thoughts of the Week

John - Focus on Growth

Derick  - Find the thing that you are fight for…

Josh - When stuck on something….You’re missing something you need.

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