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Entreprogrammers Episode 11 Cognitive Psychology

The Entreprogrammers reveal the success in the launch of this podcast where Josh, Derick and John brainstorm weekly in the arena of pure spontaneity. These 3 programmers offer extremely useful information on many different levels directly related to synchronizing entrepreneurial marketing efforts with lifestyle.

And it’s not just for programmers as the public relations strategies that the Entreprogrammers discuss, even occasionally create, and are extremely powerful factors essential in the survival of every entrepreneur.

For example, (although they probably did not know it at the time) these 3 programmers talk about their implementations of legendary marketing developed in the genius of famous copywriters.

And a great example of the diversity of information presented in the Entreprogrammers Podcast is when Derick gives John his “next assignment” which is to research and read about cognitive psychology, the highest single contributor to Derick’s success.

Cognitive psychology is the study of mental processes such as attention, language use, memory, perception, problem solving, creativity and thinking. Derick applies these psychological concepts to his daily entrepreneurial efforts.

The discussion goes to the publishing industry. Is it better to self-publish? Cash in on the Entreprogrammers’ advice on how to publish books. They give in-depth analysis regarding the operational perspective of publishing companies.

And analytics takes center and Josh proposes that Derick and John join him in “turning off the stats” by only looking at them “once per week.” But why is that? Don’t you want to know how much you sell and who’s buying? The Entreprogrammers explain the theory behind the behavior.

Then a shift to advertising digital products on Twitter; Josh admits to what he calls “taking the Viet Nam” approach but is now changing that to more aggressive tactics. Tune in for Josh’s explanation.

Plus, mailchimp gets thumbs down. Find out about news marketing campaigns that are being tested by Josh. Then compare and determine if this might work for you.

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