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Episode 10

Entreprogrammers Episode 10 The Arena of Quack

The reality of it is, being a good entrepreneur can also mean being healthy – good things come from good health.

The Entreprogrammers, always transparent in this podcast, reveal some of their health issues in a heated debate on medical and chiropractic quackery.

John, Josh and Derick take a look at elements that we all face in life – doctors, chiropractors and dentists. This academic argument between the 3 of them reveals approaches and perspectives to the use of medicine, doctors, dentists and chiropractic procedures.

John’s obsession for medical research is constructively criticized by Derick and Josh; they question John’s behavior. Then, the Entreprogrammers compare their findings in health care to the practices found in the profession of programmers.

Their discussion segues into questioning the productive value of answering emails and what they ultimately produce. Sincere application of emails become extremely powerful in the efforts of an entrepreneur, although time consuming; the Entreprogrammers tell us why the written word can produce a huge effect in the public relations arena.

Derick expresses the realization that thoughtful timely effort when answering emails will eventually develop and produce close long lasting relationships with the audiences that they have acquired.

Suddenly, playful noises originate from John’s microphone; the Entreprogrammers attempt to keep straight faces, ignoring the outbursts, but it eventually gets the best of them.

Well, in the spirit of great parenting, John suddenly disappears from the show’s discussion to take care of his most important focus, that of his child.

There seems to be a little person having some fun in the background. Another great lesson for the stay at home entrepreneur dealing with a little person who wants to steal the show.

Josh and Derick have a good laugh, and then Josh tells a hilarious story of what happens when on the phone with a client as he’s walking among the toys of his little boy – hello duck, surprise daddy!!

The little persons are found everywhere in the efforts of the stay-at-home Entreprogrammers. Derick tells about a runaway naked baby running across the screen – quickly followed by Mom – in one of his broadcasts with a client in a consultation conference.

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