Episode: EntreProgrammers Episode 90 “I Got a Keg…”

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EntreProgrammers Episode 90 “I Got a Keg…”

EntreProgrammers Episode 90

“I Got a Keg…”


Alright, we’re live. Derick awaits the delivery of his Black Ops 3 copy. John is having second thoughts about his vision improvement experiment. John is experimenting with another diet. John shares his thoughts on his weight gain after loading up on carbs, and  somehow lost it all again. Derick thinks he was just carrying around a bunch of crap for several days. John defends his diet with a huge scientific explanation.  John is also doing ephedrine and caffeine stacks. Very extreme? 


John talks about a guy from Tim Ferris latest episode, who shares information about a similar diet to John’s one meal a day.


Derick hits 427 active subscribers at full subscription price.  Derick is having an influx of subscribers so far. 


John asks about Mix Panel. John is leaning toward Google Analytics, andlearning more about how to use it. The EntreProgrammers talk about the better tools to uses for marketing from a programmer perspective.   


Josh talks about how he rigged up his marketing tools by hooking King Sumo to Mail Chimp, and then into Drip. Derick talks about the Marketing Strategies of Grav3yardgirl on YouTube. 


Derick is excite about the upcoming Nodvember on the 14-15th in Nashville Tennessee

http://nodevember.org. Derick mentions he has the perfect audience for the RabbitMQ bundle. Josh talks about “wet” appetites. Derick shares a bit about the process on writing the ‘talk’ he is going to deliver.


Josh talks about the Surface Book Pro, and he may not adopt it just yet…


John talks about how Target will not sell an iPhone without activation with a carrier. John had the same experience with Best Buy. Class Action Lawsuit anyone? Josh talks about going back to the old size iPhone, when Apple decides to go back the early standard size. 


John asks why we even need a cell phone, 95% of mobile uses it not cell phone calls. 


John had some Ads made by 99 designs for the Perfect Audience campaign. Josh gives some pointers about the images for the Perfect Audience ads. John mentions that these images are for the retargeting of the audience. 


Josh talks about the information the Facebook has about people. Facebook and ‘Big Data’ are in bed together, so they already know your mortgage and salary. Josh mentioned that Perfect Audience never got back to him about why they never approved his site. 


Josh decided to go to MicroConf. Josh wants to do a Lightening Talk, but may have missed the window. 

Thoughts for the Week

Derick - Its all about the journey, not the destination  

John - Don’t be afraid to fail your way to success

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