Episode: EntreProgrammers Episode 88 “Now I Got A Leaf Blower…”

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EntreProgrammers Episode 88 “Now I Got A Leaf Blower…”

EntreProgrammers Episode 88

“Now I Got A Leaf Blower…”


And we’re live!

John comes to us live from downtown Tampa, at an Elliot Holst’s seminar. John talks about the exciting correlations between his career and Elliot’s career.


Derick mentions he purchased and Subaru Outback. After a trade-in 1200 bucks. No car payments, Awesome!


Derick shares some feedback on his Watch Me Code stuff. Derrick has 420 active subscribers. Derick is working on growing the subscribers. Josh suggest that Derick, that he should do webinars. 


Derick is now sending 4 emails a week, and curating content.


John is working with the Perfect Audience program and is very excited about the features he has setup. John is holding a design contest for the How to Market Yourself material. 


Johns is thinking about retargeting his audience to Facebook, like mentioned in the Perry Marshall book.  John is thinking about using Perfect Audience for Facebook. 


John mentions that his wife bought tickets for him to see Tony Robins. Josh ask if John will be doing a fire-walk. John talks about the pricing to see Tony Robins. Chuck mentions the break throughs people experience  might be worth the price tag.


John’s youtube channel has reached 10k subscribers. John mentions that 10k subscribers equals 200 dollars on youtube, just think what the million subscribers means in sponsorship revenue.  John is still working on the 80% fat diet. John may switch to the Ultimate Diet 2.0.  John mentions Lyle McDonald and his diet expertise. And Is that a spider behind John?


Chuck talked to a Code Group Bootcamp in South Africa over Skype. Chuck made an appearance on Cloud Radio podcast, and Read The Source podcast.


Josh talks about possibly teaching newbies or giving an introduction to coding in its simplest form. Derick mentions an article about students handwriting code on paper, without a computer. 


Josh talks about teaching patterns to those new to code. Derick talks about board games to help teach code to newbies.  Then EntreProgrammers discuss the stylistic ways of teaching and learning code. 


Chuck talks about listening to The Eventual Millionaire Podcast. Chuck shares the process of (30X), which is teaching someone 30 times to do what you do. This process should save time in the future of efficiency and production.


Josh is trying to come up with a process to post to all his social media tools. Josh may need to hire a VA to take care of this process. Josh asks about Book Keepers. Chuck talks about how he does his own books. 


Derick describes his book keeping tactics. 

Thoughts for the week

Josh - Being Ok with how work is going, rather you feel it or not.

Chuck -  Make sure you are doing the most important thing, now!

Derick - Appreciate what you have…

The EntreProgrammers anticipate news from MircoConf. and Rob Walling. 

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Perfect Audience


Ultimate Diet 2.0 


Perry Marshall 


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