Episode: 049: Leafly.com – Interview with William Hyde, Senior Subject Matter Expert

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049: Leafly.com – Interview with William Hyde, Senior Subject Matter Expert

How much pot do you have to smoke to become a Senior Subject Matter Expert?

Controlled dosing and increased access to various methods of consuming cannabis has been a benefit of legalization, which has allowed entirely new populations of people to be introduced or re-introduced to it, including Kevin

Great resources available at leafly.com - start by checking out the Recent News section

Check out podcast ‘What Are You Smoking?’ Hosted by Will

Another benefit of legalization and increased access: the quality of cannabis products are higher than ever

More accessible formats of cannabis, like edibles, have in a sense pulled us out of the “dark ages of cannabis”, from the xenophobic associations of weed / drugs / drug paraphernalia / etc.

What new forms / formats of cannabis that have emerged over the past 5-10 are the most exciting?

Purported potential populace pleasing pro-pot politics

Will hangs with the Broken Lizard crew and Cheech Marin! Cannabis has been Will’s “number one networking tool”

Weed can bring people together, or bring people closer together - get high with your folks

This is an industry ripe with puns, a blessing and a curse; this brand humor doesn’t resonate with everyone

Cannabis: it’s fun, it can heal you, it’s a social justice issue

“If Trump gets re-elected, I’m moving to Cannabis.”

Thank you, Will, for hanging out and chatting with us!

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