Episode: Common Athlete Questions

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Common Athlete Questions

Quick-Cast-Final-300x263I get all kinds of questions from athletes so I thought I would share some of the regular questions and my usual answers to these questions. The questions on this show cover the gamut from illness and training to if an athlete needs a power meter or not. One of my favorite things to do is speak with my athletes and to hear from listeners and readers so if you are a regular listener, reader or current or former athlete of mine and want to be on the show and get your question answered in next months Athlete Q&A I want to get you on the show! All you need is a question, a microphone, a way to record your question and the ability to email me your BRIEF question and you are on the show.





  • I am sick can I keep training?
  • I have to travel how do I fit in my workouts?
  • I have to ride or run this weekend and there is x number of inches of snow on the ground. What do I do?
  • How much time should I put on the trainer?
  • You have me lifting weights. Why?
  • When will I get faster?
  • When will I see appreciable weight loss?
  • What bike brand do you recommend?
  • What type of bike should I buy? Road or TT/Tri?
  • What material should my new bike be made of?
  • Do I need a HR Monitor?
  • Do I need a Power Meter?

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