Episode: REBECCA TRAISTER on Sexism, Class & Jared Kushner Destroying The Observer

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REBECCA TRAISTER on Sexism, Class & Jared Kushner Destroying The Observer
REBECCA TRAISTER reveals the price of elitism within journalism and publishing, and how it decides who and what gets published. Today, most journalists, writer and reporters earn less than minimum wage which determines who can afford to do this critical job. Now, she is one of New York Magazine's star columnists and talking head on Real Time with Bill Maher, but she got her start as a reporter. Her experience shows. Her self-awareness and research contextualizes the nuances of sexism, racism, and elitism. She didn't rise the ranks alone. She talks to Catie Lazarus on Employee of the Month about what her mentors, including the late great editor of The New York Observer Peter Kaplan and Billboard's Frank DiGiacomo did. She touches on why The New York Observer crumbled under Jared Kushner and how her views of Hilary Clinton changed in covering her for her first book, BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY. Her second book ALL THE SINGLE LADIES was also a New York Times best seller. Traister is working on a third about women and anger. To find out more about Employee of the Month, go to www.employeeofthemonthshow.com or follow host Catie Lazarus @catielazarus on Twitter.

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