Episode: Earl Grey 89: Who's Scotty?

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Earl Grey 89: Who's Scotty?

The Original Series as Prerequisite. Viewers of The Next Generation started watching at different points in their Trek fandom -- for some, it was their first exposure to Star Trek, while other "legacy" Trekkies came to it after The Original Series and movies featuring Captain James T. Kirk and his crew. Guest co-host Andi VanderKolk, aka @FirstTimeTrek, joins Daniel, Darren, and Phillip in discussing how knowledge of TOS enhances the TNG viewing experience. Earl Grey explores whether it makes a difference if you discovered the character of Ambassador Sarek in the Next Gen episode "Sarek" without first seeing TOS "Journey to Babel." Does the appearance of Scotty ("Relics") and Spock ("Unification, Parts 1 and 2") have meaning without first experiencing the adventures of the NCC-1701 (no bloody A, B, C, or D!). We discuss "copy and paste" episodes like "The Naked Now" compared to "The Naked Time," and the use of Star Trek: Phase II scripts in TNG. Grab your copy of the 1966-1969 series, and explore how TOS is a required prerequisite for TNG.HostsDaniel Proulx, Phillip Gilfus, & Darren MoserGuestAndi VanderKolkEditor / ProducerDarren MoserExecutive ProducersNorman C. Lao, Matthew Rushing, & C Bryan Jones

Production Manager Richard Marquez   Content Manager Will Nguyen ChaptersHow Important is Knowing the Backstory? (00:08:32)McCoy on Encounter at Farpoint (00:17:22)Scotty / Relics (00:22:08)Spock / Sarek (00:30:44)The Naked Now (00:48:23)Where No One Has Gone Before (00:53:44) The Child (00:55:20)Devils Due (00:56:20)TNG handling TOS (01:03:32)Closing (01:06:43) Send us your feedback! Twitter: @trekfm Facebook: http://facebook.com/trekfm Voicemail: http://www.speakpipe.com/trekfm Contact Form: http://www.trek.fm/contact Visit the Trek.fm website at http://trek.fm/ Subscribe in iTunes: http://itunes.com/trekfm Support the Network! Become a Trek.fm Patron on Patreon and help us keep our shows coming to you every week. We have great perks for you at http://patreon.com/trekfm


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