Episode: Earl Grey 73: Captain of the Play

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Earl Grey 73: Captain of the Play

The Arts in TNG.The Next Generation arguably features the most concerts, play performances, poetry readings, and art works than any other Star Trek television series. Whether it was having every senior officer being musically inclined, having fun in the clay modeling room making a mask or an entry for "Captain Picard Day," or keeping Commander William T. Riker from the nude modeling painting class, TNG inserted cultural works into many episodes. The show's writers/producers made sure that noted Shakespearean performer Sir Patrick Stewart incorporated several references in the series' seven-year run, from the Bard's historical plays to his sonnets. Lt. Commander Data's development in humanity also included his exploration of artistic self-expression, leading to him playing the violin, painting his dreams, and being directed by Captain Jean-Luc Picard in his one-man performance of a "A Christmas Carol." Join co-hosts Phillip Gilfus, Darren Moser, and Daniel Proulx as they find the "sweet spot" of the NCC-1701-D, bust out their Ressikan flute and rolled-up piano keyboard, and talk about the great music, plays, and art of TNG. Try not to fall asleep as they reenact the most famous poetry reading in all of Trekdom!  HostsDaniel Proulx, Phillip Gilfus, & Darren MoserEditor / ProducerDarren Moser

Production Manager Richard Marquez   Content Coordinator Will Nguyen ChaptersTNG as teacher of the arts (00:02:50)Musician Characters (00:08:20)Classical Music in TNG (00:13:30)Singing (00:30:07)Shakespeare (00:32:36)A Christmas Carol (00:40:40)Beverly's Theater (00:42:30)Ode to Spot (00:47:51) Art (00:51:23)Clay (00:55:06)Ending (01:03:32) Send us your feedback! Twitter: @trekfm Facebook: http://facebook.com/trekfm Voicemail: http://www.speakpipe.com/trekfm Contact Form: http://www.trek.fm/contact Visit the Trek.fm website at http://trek.fm/ Subscribe in iTunes: http://itunes.com/trekfm Support the Network! Become a Trek.fm Patron on Patreon and help us keep our shows coming to you every week. We have great perks for you at http://patreon.com/trekfm

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