Episode: Earl Grey 28: All Great Things

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Earl Grey 28: All Great Things

All Good Things…

It's the episode that was the ultimate sign-off for a show that grew from an iffy proposition that no one thought would succeed to one of the most influential dramas—science fiction or otherwise—of its time. "All Good Things…" brought the TNG story full circle by tying everything back to the pilot, "Encounter at Farpoint."

In this episode of Earl Grey, hosts Phillip Gilfus, Darren Moser, and Daniel Proulx discuss "All Good Things…" and how the series changed throughout the seven seasons of the show. We take a trip through time with the characters from before "Farpoint," past Voyager and beyond to find out what we enjoyed and what didn't work quite so well.

Earl Grey: A Star Trek The Next Generation Podcast
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