Episode: 293: 16309 Is Not a Prime Number!

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293: 16309 Is Not a Prime Number!
Deleted Scenes, Part 3.   Scenes that were filmed, but not seen by the audience in the final aired productions are available for every season and movies of The Next Generation. These deleted scenes can provide a fascinating window into what might have been, including some scenes that would have had a far-reaching impact on the show and the films. In this episode of Earl Grey, hosts Joe Keegan, Amy Nelson, and Justin Oser talk about  deleted scenes from The Next Generation season 4 episodes "Best of Both Worlds, Part II," "Family," "Brothers," "Final Mission," and "The Wounded." All the deleted scenes that are discussed can be found on the season 4 Blu-ray release. Deleted Scenes is a series that will cover all seven seasons and the four movies of The Next Generation. Chapters Intro (00:0:00)  iTunes Reviews (00:02:53)    Babel Conference Feedback (00:06:51)    "Best of Both Worlds, Part II" (00:15:19)  "Family" (00:21:11) "Brothers" (00:29:57) "Final Mission" (00:33:43) "The Wounded" (00:37:34) Final Thoughts (00:57:46) Closing (01:04:12) Runtime: 1 hour 13 minutes 13 seconds   Hosts Joe Keegan, Amy Nelson, and Justin Oser   Production Joe Keegan (Editor and Producer) Amy Nelson (Producer) Justin Oser (Producer) Tony Robinson (Producer) C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) Ken Tripp (Executive Producer) Norman C. Lao (Associate Producer) Michael E Hueter (Associate Producer) Thomas Appel (Associate Producer) Justin Oser (Associate Producer) Chris Tribuzio (Associate Producer) Joe Keegan (Associate Producer) Jim McMahon (Associate Producer) Richard Marquez (Production Manager) Zach Moore (Show Art)

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