Episode: 288: All Madredful People of TNG

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288: All Madredful People of TNG
Favorite Villains   Since its beginning in 1966, Star Trek has always had a wealth of villainous characters confronting our heroes. The Next Generation is no different, with its plethora of scallywags and scoundrels that try to do harm to the crew.    In this episode of Earl Grey, hosts Joe Keegan, Amy Nelson, and Justin Oser list their three favorite villains in The Next Generation. Each host talks about why the villains discussed are great foils for our beloved characters and how their appearances impact The Next Generation.   Chapters  Intro (00:00:00)   Babel Conference Feedback (00:05:24) Defining Villains (00:05:43) Villainy Round 1 (00:12:55) Villainy Round 2 (00:24:10) Villainy Round 3 (00:39.51)  (Dis)Honorable Mentions (00:59:30)  Final Thoughts (01:06:12) Closing (01:13:55)    Runtime: 1 hour 24 minutes 58 seconds      Hosts  Joe Keegan Amy Nelson Justin Oser    Production  Joe Keegan (Editor and Producer) Amy Nelson (Producer) Justin Oser (Producer) Tony Robinson (Producer) C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) Ken Tripp (Executive Producer) Norman C. Lao (Associate Producer) Michael E Hueter (Associate Producer) Thomas Appel (Associate Producer) Chris Tribuzio (Associate Producer) Joe Keegan (Associate Producer) Jim McMahon (Associate Producer) Justin Oser (Associate Producer) Richard Marquez (Production Manager) Tony Robinson (Show Art) Brandon-Shea Mutala (Patreon Manager)

Earl Grey: A Star Trek The Next Generation Podcast
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