Episode: Radio Free Skaro #680 – The Planet That Slept

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Radio Free Skaro #680 – The Planet That Slept

A new set of shiny Blu-ray discs stuffed with Doctor Who content is on its way to store shelves in the form of the Season 18 box set, the third such season set from BBC Studios. So we decided to talk again to Russell Minton, executive producer of the whole range for BBC Studios, about the Season 18 set, and about the future of the range in general. There is also talk of special screenings for “Logopolis” (in the US) and “The Macra Terror” (in the UK) that occurred this past week, and Bradley Walsh posing for selfies with everyone during some public filming for Series 12 in Wales!


Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon!S12 currently filming in BarryLogopolis grossed $143K in US cinema screeningsBFI Macra Terror screeningBookwyrm due March 18


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Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro
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