Episode: Escape

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We are, each of us, besieged. Overwhelmed by this and that, problems and circumstances great and small, some of which we can control, and others still both out of our control and uncontrollable. The world hands us lemons, and we make lemonade for a while, until there is no sugar left. The walls close in. The doors close and lock; the windows shutter tightly. The lights dim, and finally go out. And all that is left is hope; even if it may be borrowed. Hope for something better. Hope for tomorrow. Hope for clarity to see through the siege. And then a patch of blue sky breaks through. The climb may be exhausting, the goal out of reach no matter how many rungs we ascend. Nothing truly changes, for we are we, and the we remains; but just then there is fresh air, light, and the possibility of hope's promise, no matter how brief. So, take respite, even for a short while. Go ahead: Escape.

DJ Pete Savas presents "Press Play"
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