Episode: Episode 2-03 They Weren’t Special, And They Were Black

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Episode 2-03 They Weren’t Special, And They Were Black

Charlotte was reeling, serial killer Henry Louis Wallace had killed 9 young women and the Charlotte P.D. was struggling to provide answers to the community. They put Garry, against his will, in front of a microphone – expecting him to take the fall.  Dee Sumpter, a notorious critic of the Charlotte P.D. at the time even said “the victims weren’t prominent people – they weren’t special and they were black.” However, Garry turned to his family and the values they instilled in him. In true McFadden fashion, Garry returned to Charlotte and answered the call. Garry gave the community the answers they were looking for and even received an award from Dee Sumpter’s advocacy group, Mothers of Murdered Offspring, for how he handled the case. After connecting with the community on a larger scale – Garry then has a very personal conversation with a killer – revealing in incredible detail the road that led him from child abuse to homelessness and eventually…to murder.

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