Episode: "I wish I had KNOWN THIS a decade ago...we could have been HAPPY" FINAL reminder: men's program starting TOMORROW!

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"I wish I had KNOWN THIS a decade ago...we could have been HAPPY" FINAL reminder: men's program starting TOMORROW!

(ANNOUNCEMENT: If you don't have time to read through... my HUGELY successful men's program is starting in tomorrow, Friday June 7, 2019... make sure to sign up!! Limited spots left!)


He told me that this morning... they NOW have the level of connection and peace in their home that they had in "the very beginning of our marriage"... 10+ years ago.    They've gone from distance, constant tension, staying late at work because he just didn't want to be home with her...   Now they're laughing, holding hands, kissing passionately...   He wishes he had done this years and years ago.



Imagine.    Literally in 8 weeks.     RESULTS:   By God's incredible grace, in just 2 months...   In my pilot program of Masculinity Reclaimed: Be respected, enjoy fierce intimacy and love being married again! the participants marriages transformed:   She never initiated and felt sex was a chore or dirty/sinful to where she initiates frequently, flirts and they are having long, deep conversations like they never had since dating!   From a marriage where they were Separated to now together and generous intimacy!   From one where fighting was almost every interaction and now it is extremely rare!   From a marriage where there was a lot of control and never initiating to now seduction and intimate joy!




What is the negative state of your marriage holding you back from?    How is it negatively affecting your   self-esteem,   confidence,   work,   family,   kids,   kids view of marriage,   kids' stress,   kids' future,   friends,   finances,   ministry,   ...walk with God?     ----   WHEN is this going to matter enough for you to make a change?     When are you going to start enjoying your life?   When is this going to matter enough for you to make a change for your family?   When is this going to change so your ministry is more effective?   When IS the right time?      WELL... the program is starting in tomorrow--this Friday (!!) so the answer is NOW!   Masculinity Reclaimed: Be respected, enjoy fierce intimacy and love being married again!

  ---------     (JFYI your wife is going to enjoy her life A LOT more too---if you're not happy SHE'S NOT HAPPY)     --------   Is this the right time ...to invest in the most important (human) relationship in your life?     As a coach, I work with people all the time on money... so here's a bit of coaching around money   This is what I know about money…   Whenever people really need money, a child comes down with an illness, a family member experiences a natural disaster, or their wife needs a medical procedure... no questions asked, they find the money.   Sometimes they have to look a bit, they have to move money from one account to another, they have to use a credit card, ask a relative - but they find the money. That's the first thing.     The second thing I know about changing people's lives--and I've worked with people all around the world--this is really how life works…     Most people say: When I have the money, I will do XYZ   When the kids leave the house I'll have time to do that career change;   When I retire then I'll time to do the ministry I know God has called me to;     But, in reality - life works very differently.       Here is how life works:   Number one, you make a DECISION.   You are wielding your power to create your life with every decision you make.   A decision to procrastinate is also a decision.   A decision to allow your emotions and your fear to make decisions for you is also a decision.   So, you decide to do it or not do it.   That's the first key - you decide. In Latin, it means to kill off all other opportunities.     The second step is to COMMIT.   You know if you want to get a new job, you make the resume and cover letter,   but... it isn't move you any closer to having the job you want UNTIL you submit the application, until you COMMIT.  

Step three - GOD DOES AMAZING THINGS    You've committed, that's applying your faith and God allows you to walk into your vision and all of the goodness He wants for you shows up, but never before. Does that make sense?   I see this over and over and over again!   -------     So, you're on this email list because you are really liking what I am doing (and I'm very grateful for you!!!).      I suspect you feel like the MANY men out there that feel like "it is unbelievable to hear someone 'at last' understanding what men really want. It is not just “sex” it is much deeper than that and [Belah] understands it!!!"     It sounds like you want to do Masculinity Reclaimed: Be respected, enjoy fierce intimacy, and love being married again! program and it sounds like I'm the right coach for you. So let's get moving!!    Sign on to now to get started on Module 1 so that you're fully prepared for our first call on Friday! www.delightyourmarriage.com/ breakthrough    ----


There is no other program out there like it...    It's not marriage counseling...     It's ACTION oriented...     It's STRATEGIC...     It shows you your STRENGTHS and BLIND SPOTS     It's all about teaching you what MATTERS,   (And what doesn't work)   But most of all WHAT DOES WORK!   You will discover the keys that will actually MOTIVATE your wife to change. (no more repelling her!)        -----------     The man who I described at the top of this email said   "I'm just shocked because it turns out I was like 80% of the problem and I had NO IDEA she was just responding to ME!"   So by God's grace, he knows now and because HE applied the tools and tactics I teach, he has a COMPLETELY different marriage now. In 8 weeks!!     ---------   IT IS TIME to wield your power and DECIDE "enough is enough", I'm not going to live like this anymore.     I'm NOT destined to live a lonely, sad, distant (while married) life because my wife won't love me the way I desire love.     Jesus came to give life and life abundantly.     I am not to going to miss out on the WISDOM God has literally dropped in my lap.     ---------       This is an online, group coaching program where you'll walk through a blueprint that by God's grace will move you from intimacy as a chore to a joy!




Here are the nuts and bolts of the 3-month program:   Lifetime access to the "Blueprint" of 12 modules which you'll go through weekly   2x per week group Q&A video calls with me on video chat, where you'll get your questions answered and tailored advice for your specific situation!   Supplemental material tailored to all members of the class (based on individual Accountability Forms submitted weekly)   Online community of men who are encouraging each other through the journey! You're not alone in this struggle and you can work alongside others to move you in the direction of God's heart for your marriage!     Full details here: www.delightyourmarriage.com/ breakthrough 



Here are some the direct testimonials of the program: 


Would you recommend this course? To whom? Why?

"I am a person who rarely talks about the way I feel. I do not ask for help or show weakness. I keep things bottled up and fight the internal battle to deal with my emotions of my relationship with my wife. I have never talked to anyone about our marriage. I still find it amazing that I was able to click submit on the form to Belah. One of the best things I have done. :) " -Jeffrey



"We are talking and communicating about deep things once again. Our arguments have gone from almost every interaction to extremely rare..." What has Belah helped to make your sex/love life look like now?

"I think many men in my situation want to adore our wives, improve our marriages, have a more peaceful home, but just feel overwhelmed and/or undereducated on HOW to do that in the face of what we perceive to be unloving, disrespectful, aggressive, accusing behavior.  

What I like about your program (MR) is that it does a good job of giving us a female perspective coupled with practical steps to improve (that’s the “fix it” part we need). You also have a good way of not necessarily letting the women off the hook (you don’t always “take the woman’s side”) while still calling them men out and calling them up to a better standard.  

So my intimate life has improved in the following areas: removed the resentment from my heart; given me an insight into my wife’s heart; given me reasonable tips on how to engage her heart and mind in a way that will matter to her; improved my communication and empathetic response towards my wife; softened my heart towards a woman who has been a refuser, a gatekeeper, a porn enabler, an emotionally cut off wife, a discussion shut downer..." Would you recommend this course? To whom? Why?  

"I would recommend the course to any man who feels like I did: married to the woman of his dreams, but still feeling depressed, lonely, heartbroken, and hopeless that it will change.   Anyone who feels like your spouse is your roommate instead of your friend and lover.

Any man who feels like he’s tried so hard to explain his pain, but still can’t get through to his wife.  

Any man who knows he’s not going to get divorced, but feels like he’s headed down the path of a very long, lonely marriage because of his commitment.

Any man who has even allowed the word “Divorce” to whisper in the back of his mind, much less has said it out loud to his wife or just accepts it as one alternative among many." -Oliver




Another man who was Separated with his wife---she left---is now together again with his wife!!







What things were you struggling with when you started the course."We are Christians. My wife likes sex but there is not a lot of passion in our love life. My wife is happy with the status quo. I want the heat to turn up in our marriage and I am willing to see if it is possible.

My wife likes to be in control and is uncomfortable with discussing intimacy. She thinks that initiating is for "bad girls"! I would love to have a passionate, enthusiastic wife."   NOW:"Since beginning the program my wife has started to enjoy non-sexual touching.

She has stopped telling me what to do and has become much warmer toward me.

She is very appreciative and much more enthusiastic in our love life!"  

What has Belah helped to make your sex/love life look like now? "My wife has started initiating and there is more passion in our intimacy. I am learning about feminine sex and my wife wants more of it."  

What difference has Belah made in your life? "Belah has taught me how to love my wife in the way she needs to be loved.

I have read a lot of books and listened to a lot of podcasts but none measure up to what Belah teaches!

I have a wife who is expressing her love for me! She LOVES what Belah is teaching me and the man that I am becoming."  

Would you recommend this course? "99% of the men in the world need this course!"  

To whom? "This course is only for men who are willing to change, take personal responsibility and do the work."  

Why? "I did not want to married to my mother. I wanted to be married to girl who loved me. Belah has transformed our marriage."  

Why do you think you've been successful in the program? "I was willing to become vulnerable and to take the risk to change. I went into the course with the attitude that I would change and hope that it would positively affect my wife.  

Most of all, an amazing teacher! Belah is wise beyond her years!" -Jack




Masculinity Reclaimed: Be respected, enjoy fierce intimacy and love being married again!




I want to make sure you don't miss this opportunity, so make sure you move forward as soon as possible! To get all the details to sign up, you can go to www.delightyourmarriage.com/breakthrough

    Love, Belah

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