Episode: 215-Are You at "The End of Your Rope"?

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215-Are You at "The End of Your Rope"?

"I can't go on like this"

"I don't think we can make this work" 

"I'm at the end of my rope" (what I hear the MOST)

I hate these phrases. They're not literal, and they mean this person is in severe pain. I am sad about that. I am sad that you're in such heartache. I'm sorry that you feel so alone, frustrated, discouraged and desperate. 

But I want you to have hope. I want you to have FAITH for your marriage. 

Ephesians 6:12 "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."


If you've been fighting with your spouse... there's stuff you can do. God hates divorce not because He's waiting for you to mess up and wants you to be miserable and live in suffering... but because divorce shreds hearts--what God has joined together--that which has become ONE FLESH. What that disconnects it truly shreds humans, families, children.


I love working with people who are on the brink of divorce. Its honestly my favorite--because I get to see God get the most glory from it! 

From people who are in agony and fear of the future, to people who are living the abundant life and loving God and people to a greater degree than they ever have (and having fun, playful, passionate intimacy on all levels!)


If you're where I was before my divorce of my first marriage--I understand you. Now I know that it doesn't have to end that way. It really doesn't. Listen in for more. 


I'd love to get on a free Clarity Call to hear your story. I'd love to see if I can discern if God would want me to help you. And if it feels like that's the case, I may invite you to work with me. Otherwise, I'd be happy to give you this $500 value session for free anyway. Sign up: www.dym.as.me






Belah's book---Delight Your Husband: A Christian wife's manual to passion, confidence and oral sex---may be the tool God would use to bring light and joy to your marriage bed. 

If you're at a place of desire for change in intimacy in your marriage--men or women--consider signing up for a free Clarity Call ($500 value!) where you and Belah will dive deep into what's going on in your marriage and help you uncover what is blocking amazing intimacy! From couples that hadn't made love in years to couples who were in an affair--God has brought passion, healing and fun to these marriages!

She's currently offering this 40min Clarity Call opportunity to podcast listeners for free! Schedule here.

Delight Your Marriage | Sexual Intimacy, Relationship Advice, & Christianity
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