Episode: 214-Transform to be Easygoing (5 Keys) Part 1

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214-Transform to be Easygoing (5 Keys) Part 1

Is easygoing a personality trait or a skill? I am definitely NOT a natural "easy-goer". Most of my life, I have generally had an opinion and if asked I could find one pretty quickly. I generally have had a schedule and way in which I'd like things done. And I'm extremely goal-oriented and don't have a lot of patience for those who aren't.

Well, those can be super qualities for productivity and work, they're not necessarily the best for marriage. We've gone through a path. I've learned a lot. 

And here he and I chat about my journey into the skill of "easygoing" and my conviction that if we want the peace God wants us to walk in, we have to seek to develop this skill as well. 



If you're craving intimacy in your marriage--if you're a man or a woman--I want to help you! God has designed marriage and I believe SEX SHOULD BE BETTER IN MARRIAGE. The foundation of our marriage is God, emotional intimacy and physical intimacy. Each are vital for you to do God's work fueled out of the love cultivated in your marriage.


I'd like to invite you onto a FREE Clarity Call with me where we explore the hard things that you're going through and get a roadmap together of your next steps--if I feel you're the right fit for working with me I may invite you into one of my programs. But otherwise it's a $500 value for your FREE. I hope you'll join a call with me, sign up: www.dym.as.me



Belah's book---Delight Your Husband: A Christian wife's manual to passion, confidence and oral sex---may be the tool God would use to bring light and joy to your marriage bed. 

If you're at a place of desire for change in intimacy in your marriage--men or women--consider signing up for a free Clarity Call ($500 value!) where you and Belah will dive deep into what's going on in your marriage and help you uncover what is blocking amazing intimacy! From couples that hadn't made love in years to couples who were in an affair--God has brought passion, healing and fun to these marriages!

She's currently offering this 40min Clarity Call opportunity to podcast listeners for free! Schedule here.

Delight Your Marriage | Sexual Intimacy, Relationship Advice, & Christianity
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