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Trailer - EP 1 coming Aug 17

While packing up her old life, moving home, and prepping for motherhood, Hannah and her friends came across a stack of her old diaries. The years may have rolled by but the pages were undoubtedly Hannah. What seemed 'oh so important' at the time was hilarious to read back but they soon realized that the situations had changed but the issues were the same. 


Relationships define our lives and when we're not navigating the intricacies of our own relationships, we're watching them on television! Serving you opinions, ideas, gossip, and all things pop culture, Below Deck Mediterranean star Hannah Ferrier is opening her diary and talking you through her pretty effed-up diary entries! 


We're not just talking about the highs and lows of romantic relationships but everything from toxic friendships to our relationships with money and our own self-worth. Each week we open with a diary entry from a different era in Hannah's life. Unpacking the issue she was facing at the time, Hannah and her guests discuss how it's represented in adult life and the times we've seen it play out on television. It's real-life issues, discussed in a super relatable funny forum.


Who wasn't rooting for emotionally abusive Mr. Big over kind-hearted Aiden in Sex And The City? Chasing the wrong guy is something everyone can relate to!

Didn't you aspire to be live life with your toxic besties like the cast of Gossip Girl? Who doesn't have frenemies?

Not to mention the fabulously dramatic, not so real reality series' Vanderpump Rules and The Real Housewives! Are we all just chasing drama?


Jump into Hannah's formerly private diary and answer the question ... are we all just reliving different forms of the same shit we went through at 12 years old? And what's more ... could we learn from these lessons and pass the knowledge on to the next generation?


Episode 1 premieres Monday, August 17th!

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