Episode: Show 56 - Kings of Kings

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Show 56 - Kings of Kings
Often relegated to the role of slavish cannon fodder for Sparta's spears, the Achaemenid Persian empire had a glorious heritage. Under a single king they created the greatest empire the world had ever seen.

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today show sponsored by square space species we create a beautiful website blog or online store the swiss based on common into the promo called hardcore it check out to get ten percent off and at some of them beats his driving going on a day with who live get in a mine field and so however i'll to come gone no one other lot man and what i had had what it had come out how but at the complied with more than the settlers on the one that i'm laying pipes and loses the movie and you really of huh that too much and and and that when it he'd walk white will lose and the eight as that other rural wasn't all that and to who we going at it we did two murders him about when that room of the yen from phil coleman hi it's horrid poor history the dictionary defines the word look i'm a bit as the form of speech the jews belong to or pay a fee the uses an economy of war and to make a point and sometimes to point is particularly biting or on target or maybe mysterious but i love the word because the word refers to way of speaking of was popular amongst a particular group of people in ancient greece people known as light and ammonium is otherwise known as spartans laconic speech to spartans speech it's the way they're supposed to a doctor imagine you know the love child of clint eastwood and batman and that's the way the spinal canal nance garner those limitations for men's get to know is habitation its sponsor of the kings of the one liners in ancient greek history and they are cinematic in character name is not a movie maker optima one want clint eastwood during his various movie years playing various forms of spartans no from spaghetti western error in his twenties into play your average barn warrior and you get into the dirty harry films you know seventy two seventy three nineteen seventy four he begins to angel of the more we please wattles older storm warriors in any given you know after the dirty harry sir robert he's an older man now he's became the any talks like he talks of all is a movie is combined with that merriman you have another way the spartans are supposed to have spoken laconic lee how cool is up to twenty five centuries after those people were at the height of the fame and power we still need all the way they talked it's famous for his famous because people wrote about it people whose works we still have telling you the way uncertain people spoke that long ago describing some of the things that they said all these sorts of little details help bring collar to the story they can help us all relate to these people little bit more these are human touches the flesh out these historical figures when you begin to get the sort of stuff the sordid details that you were likely be here in an oral tradition amy were in the world before this time period but when you begin to get the stories that come down to us you begin to see truly cinematic tide creations stories that you could take with very little changes i'm updating you make movies out of them today and have them be popular and it's not just the character development either the things can be epic in the story take for example most famous story involving sparta lol the famous into dungeon for the b. b. c. e. the pacifier modeling to so called hotcakes this may be because of the movies and because of the books even run forever this may be the earliest confirmable historical event most americans know about that the defense of three hundred spartans against a million or so parishioners the battle that someone described over the arrows for the existence of western civilization by the way those are the stakes whose side you're rooting for wasn't he indeed we come on this gandhi supposedly suppose i'm asking what he thought of western civilization denise is something like that it would be a good idea nonetheless the way the story is framed from the get go is designed to have you affiliate with one side over the other one side is like the plucky little were public with luke skywalker in star wars under beleaguered in another good under under pressure and they're trying to survive against darth vader or any empire annabelle snuff out all freedom in pulp and happiness and in all those kinds of things that's the way the ancient story is handled water called and pretend urgent wars the moment that has sometimes been portrayed in apocalyptic like charms for what is sometimes been called the west want upon a time christendom so already many in the western feel like you to sporting event him with the home team who were all homer's only comes to the greek in persia morsels of course you're more like the people who were portrayed as the persians back then remember this is not just an ethnic thing this is a value staying in the narrative sometimes called the grand narrative by some grease is fighting for things like liberty and freedom and democracy and artistic having everything that the evil empire isn't evil empire was not allowed make slaves of that totally innocent right the story of term are bleak he's one of those that is absolutely dramatic beyond anything you get an earlier history is because you have a master storyteller imparting the story to you when i started in news reporting and understood him your job is to relate to the facts of the story the true information and do so in the most compelling way you can if you imagine the battle of thermo poli as written by saying describes a babylonian it might sound like this in the fourteen year of the king of lands by the will of more doak overcame the spark an army of a place called the hotcakes two hundred and ninety seven of the enemy were counted the spartan king went to his destiny the babylonians been riding that wave for ever they were great record keepers things when you drive up to now north of them with the assyrian as a culture that existence of alongside the babylonians whole lot more aggressive and big on propaganda for aunt and in mind showing people's nose in their defeat and they like to maintain shall we call muscular foreign policy there's what's around a little bit more like darth leaders p. r. firm issuing a press release they would have described the battle to mark lee like this like the store my overthrow them all i slew there came nigh crucified their land i'd devastated you may notice there's not a lot of character development prayer unless making the king of the serious frightfully terrifying is the development you're after nonetheless as i said in the story darth vader is really the only character on the other side the kids flushed out very much compare the sample babylonian in the syrian approaches to the story to something like the description you get from people like a rocket to us of how le carre masses sometimes called the father of histories occasionally call before the replies writing is history generation after the events of thermo poli he talks about the spartans blocking this world there's a tale that has developed over the hundreds of years afterwards of an event people have been adding a few screenwriting touches tussaud's a very beginning has the story is often told this to bludgeon greeks trying to block the army of the persian who's from coming into southern greece serb sees the crack of doom named persian king the only truly free person in his whole society the story would have you believe rules all asia and so many other lands that he is entitled eighteen of kings or his people of the equivalent of slaves to be live or die on his women and money orders them to fight the spartans in this past the obeyed and are we to buy overseers on to the spears of the spartans the last stand as it's called a term awfully big green is washed and probably in all human history is not supposed to be the kind of last and it turned out to be there were thousands of greek soldiers utter monopoly initially but eventually became apparent that he was going to be a death trap and so the spartan king turning the only does supposedly said the other greeks away and kept a sort of re your guard if you're stuck with an air today we're guard for greek in western freedom behind hold off the persians they were rather greeks who were involved in the so called last minute to mop the labor does part to get the most attention about three hundred of them again you can understand more as characters they were fascinating in their own time the spartans are kind of a cultural experiment the better way to put his music about all human history together edition of law of averages staff working more you can see all kinds of little human experiments going on in various communities in sparta it's whether or not the culture confused a certain fighting quality to eat human beings and they grow up a certain way pressured by the culture uncertain no facets to it just make them more likely to be extremely nasty in combat spartan warrior starting its do nothing but fighting there is no other job for them the entire culture seems to be design firm much of what we know now to reinforce this including the code of laws and behavior that tended to make the spartans an awful likes about the laconic became a turn the described you know most of them they're not a lot of chatty spartans in history the culture didn't encourage that listen to the colored oaths come down from the story the great kings or bases with his army reported to be a million men so large that he drinks to weaver's tried to pass us through it comes to this road with this passed the past to be crossed and these small group of greek cop lights guarding it is sir she's according to her radha to us doesn't know what to do can't quite believe that he seen but the color in the story according to her rioters search he said as a spy to go up to the spartan line to try to figure out what's going on and not get caught not only his yard kickoff of the queen daughter rada does the report back to zurich she says is that the spartan warriors could've cared leslie was today we're fine with him looking around on the entire he said they were doing exercises and combing their hair again you have to mention clint eastwood with long hair and beard rapier that they were the price of admission ride with his the tall senior we dine out of the most about a guy doing body weight exercises you know calisthenics pushups and ups gymnastics but tommy no part in the coming along here was a spartan thing desert to skid mark in his mind around rotter says basically says the idea that these people a couple hundred of them women can take on his report the million man army so the calls in an adviser to the act is gonna spartan came with him a guy who fell on the favor the hook up with the persians thinking of the conqueror all greece it might be good for him he's been the adviser to the great king of kings up till now he had told the king of our earlier about these people and he made fun of him so now search see called him back to report on what the spy had said the spartans we're doing i'll lead toronto's his anxious screenwriter handle the story from their writing twenty five hundred years ago quote search c.'s listened but could not understand that the lab in the morning is we're really preparing to kill or be killed to fight as much as was in their power seemed to him to be the height of folly the action of fools so we sent for the marriage of some of their stone was in the camp and america's arrived search he's questioned him about everything he'd been told trying to understand the meaning behind what the lack of the morning and we're dealing the marriage as answered you heard what i said about these men before we were just setting out against the greeks when you made me a laughingstock when you heard my view of how these matters would turn out but it is my greatest goal to tell the truth in your presence so here me now once again these men have come to fight us for control of the road that is really what they are preparing to do towards their tradition that they grow their hair whenever they are about to put their lives in danger now know this if you subjugate these men and those who would remain behind in sparta there is no other race of human beings that would lead to raise their hands against you for your now attacking the most noble kingdom of all the greeks and the best of men what america's said your honor does rides seemed quite incredible desert sees any asked for a second time how they could possibly in ten different his whole army says they were so few of them to america's replied sire if things do not turn out just as i claim they will you like a liar in the coup the lied to the great king of kings of the eighteen in the persian empire was a capital crime he was basically saying if this doesn't turn out exactly like i've told to it will you kill me there's pretty darn colorful right there but it gets even better the greeting of the persians was supposed to us send a messenger the sport lines to king leonidas to say basically join us only get overlords and we shall have more than you ever had before a lot of nations are gonna join the persian empire was not a bad idea sometimes he's basically saying we can make a deal here that we were to ohio his father gary this was a great deal maker lizards jesus coming from a position of negotiations here and the spartans basically dressed him down morally saying something to be effective you know yeah i'm all this land already but you need to bother us brother died for greece go anything it was one of those wonderful sparking moralistic put downs again spoken with as few words as possible and then famously has record by pro dark six hundred years after the event sixty cents another messenger to the spartan lines supposedly another message for the king of the spartans answers to all the men who can hurt you can all go home all will be forgiven just put down your arms and then you get the wonderful phrase alone and translated many different ways but it just is good for you my genie of them come and take them lay down your arms come and take them to come and get them having come take you can take them when we're all dead a lot of the different ways the difficult to translate the greek is used it still by the way the motto of the greek first army corps to be used for many causes all throughout history 'cause it's such a great dramatic collar full speed in the face of death line is that to clint eastwood lie you feel lucky poke come and take them how do you not stand up in the theater reach year when that moment headset every screenwriters dreamed addison area like an take it be true how wonderful is that greek chroniclers who wrote about the stealth did not skimp on the drama and it makes a colorful it makes it really makes a compelling even twenty five hundred years later and you gave your right arm to have this kind stuff right out of the mouths of the oral historian term all these places that didn't have 'em and look black and white because of it the persian story must be magical also we don't have that story and traditionally it's difficult for us to imagine that we'd like to hear from appropriate active the story of darth vader in the empire but throughout history the wargo ways darth vader and some of the greatest chroniclers of all time has gone to great lengths to show in fact that they may be in on god's side if you will if that turns out to be the case which side you you rooting for them of course in this time period the iron age ancient world in this area of the mediterranean in the near east you have to be a heck of a lot more specifically start talking about deities bundy just say god like the response during that era might've been which god he was a wild and crazy time for religion apart the world and they have a lot of different ones and they ran the gamut from thing you might understand today to wild and crazy and everything in between most of these religious beliefs that pantheon of gods of barcia bomb some of the madness of the dominant we've got a bit but having me on multiple gods was normal there were two groups especially one known for only avenue one god and they were the ones that put together the divine or without divine help take your pick a olmo the combination of catalogue of events in stories accounts perspectives and admonitions and hands in tower to describe exactly what the old hebrew bible it is it's also hard to know when it was written by the accounts from the period around the time the persians first appeared on the scene legitimate from that period most of the experts think they were written later nonetheless we used to dark five hundred years after the fact the so's everyone else old when the old hebrew bible in multiple places talks about the persian his wish you probably at least know the attitude the attitude of the writers whoever they may have been in novels works head toward the persians especially early on lozenges positive it was designed me me me me tackle you farce and number number wait divisions that's my favorite part of the bible the old hebrew bible which is so full of wonderful stuff you know they've agreed to have the market totally corner and collar there's just not a tama starr from the parts of the world during the time period were presented by the bible but remember there's a lot discussion over when various pieces of the bible were written a lot of this good stuff i've been written in wellington the pros period so we ventured into the color era because they're so much collar on the book of daniel has this scary story spooky stories like a horror movie but the spooky movie and today you'd have to have on c. g. r. helped make it work but it's my favorite scene it's out of the book of daniel and balls a ghostly and writing words on the wall mimi mimi tackle you far son yeah tobacco blue been the story to set the scene but the king of babylon the bible called belgians are is having a party he and his body is and so concubines that's the way the bible put it probably has to mansions milan music i'm beyond those blues blues mean there are drinking and a certain point the king of babylon was to really nice silverware brought in in the big tops of gold and silver that was the talk from jerusalem when they sacked the capital and you not that long ago 'cause that's what the babylonian to don scattered a bunch of jews everywhere forestall lot of them premier families and craftsman and artisans to deport all the way back to babylon and destroying solomon's temple what comes to p. r. is balch is our guy in the babylonians or not getting a time of a positive from the bible while he's trying to madame is big in eluded the hanging out with the concubines all the sudden the ghostly hand with a finger or appears right under the lamp and start writing on wall mimi tackle use our son and everybody freaks out my king james version of the bible makes it sound like the essentially couldn't control his bowels he was so scared violator more cloak will version just sticks to the knees shaking persian nonetheless couldn't figure out what it meant to the bible says this bologna leader called in all his sorcerers and neck for managers astrologers all these people in the wizards been advised of the high babylonian king and parliament babylonian so fucking wonderful is their combination of white rational logical part observations science and mathematics of all these kinds of things with divination you have to maginnis even hawking type character but we g. borders in intergroup part of how he goes about his business it's fascinating but none of these people the bible says can explain to those shoes are what the rating means and in some reminds him that his father used this guy this deportees from judah after the babylonian to destroy jerusalem there he was here in babylon we could bring him into she knows what the ghostly riding means of our shoes are grabbing dime brought him in it was daniel who was indeed a deportee and dodgers are gives him the same offering gave to his soothsayers listen you tell it what this means a meeting of gold chains and your role of third of the kingdom of customs and daniel says it keep your gifts were given to somebody else up to you with that writings but all the different versions of the bible that tore all these things and from the and and all the versions are good but the king james bible with its ear wrath of god style yes i was a perfectly did you look stupid me me me me tackle you farce and describes the words as meaning number number wait divisions and then to finds that has meaning this time the king james version called this is the interpretation of that thing god ev number of thy kingdom and finished it our way in the balance is not found wanting thy kingdom is divided and given to the needs of the persians and co the pre colorful stuff this and then in that version of the king of the koreans a guy named areas congress babylon that night until spell shows are well donna that's true but that's how the bible story goes nonetheless it's clear from another perspective that the persians and the story on gimme the bad guys they're going to be the instrument of god the rectify its things if god is on any one side in that story is on the side of the needs in the persians who the heck are these needs incursions and if they're so good in this story during the time of the babylonians how they go from that to the evil the greeks seed in a two three rulers later alister member darth vader wasn't always evil and in fact the guy who will kick off the persians first real appearance on the world stage will be indicted is so old beloved by at least the hebrew god he will be the only non je you ever proclaimed messiah the person who will get dishonor is knowing your history books by the name silas to second we're cyrus the great you want to make it sound a little bit more like you probably send in persia music co rosh he's probably the greatest conqueror in world history up until the time of alexander he's got some of the best historical press anybody's likely to get that nobody has a bad word to say about the guy even the greeks like him some afar rhino whole book essentially romanticizing cyrus is the greatest perfect world leader and when julie to be like him in here so you could anyway what he did tonight catherine cyrus becomes part of a greek motif that western tradition will continue for a long time the portrays the east as decadent and soft and corrupt but the maddy you explain how some of these great empires got startled when the greeks do with his cyrus is fantastic and he builds up this entire thing in bequeath to to the persians to proceed to become soft and raped and lazy and decadent and ruin what the great cyrus gave them so even the greeks portrays irises discreet figure i knew we know so little about the guy if you contrast we know about him in the guy who probably takes to crown from him is greatest conqueror in the world up to that point alexander the great tiny they alexander the great exist to fully collar rise to stork world a post robert his world a world where alexander will bring his own publicists we've him from place to place a bake in record his latest deeds and sayings and doings cyrus to great farms the last great empire and maybe what you could call the black and white iraq in your east an error where we know the majority about the people back then because of things like monoliths and statues at leads and carvings and tomb paintings and architecture in ruins when you do have writing you get business records and proclamations and transactions some of the best i can get from the center or the correspondence is the letters between diplomats and governors and rulers but one of those people are doing is writing to amuse or entertaining the body all of the writing from the black and white pure reduction history is colder they all have a purpose beyond being entertaining gimmicky religious purpose of business purposes governmental purpose or reason to important officials writing each other about matters of state in a few personal things creeping in that's very different in writing something to be performed in from all live audience for their entertainment enjoyment i read something historian michael grant had written about who brought us suggesting that the reason that we're on to set the interesting structure that he does to his histories is because it was not meant to be read as much as it was meant to be performed live read aloud by robert to sing south and that the digressions in the tensions in the work representing the world work much better relied situation with somebody broadcasting if you will in order to war as opposed to somebody waiting something to be read by somebody else were mildly if that's the case you'll really have the first written perot's history with rotted tissue of the script for roberts is live show if you will which would explain what considering that if you wanna get drama and cholera stories before the period of peratis you looking at things like the elite and by homer or the epic of gilded mishra mesopotamia history both of which are believed by the way to been stories tall for hundreds of years but were finely compiled and redundant same thing with but the beowulf in scandinavian history maybe you're right it does is more like peaches storytellers and first meets the eye to give him some credit ross's was trying to be a chronic wrist same time he was trying to do this and i was told to do in news reporting to relate the facts as best as he understood them in the most compelling way he coded so what you have here in this ancient story is not so much me f. it would be fair notches to people like her rod despite all the great historians over time we found all these records and put together like a jigsaw puzzle wait a few wing of the past was always being re don't improve but wouldn't it be the existed there if todd different pieces of the puzzle in broad together but the same time while it's a myth i'm jacki trees here there are historians who spent their whole lives trying to separate the truth from the fiction in works like a rocket toes actually laughed out loud i repeat your bree ons book from stylish to alexander brown is with the great historians of ancient persia in this book is like the encyclopedia made very detail very specific it's twelve hundred pages it's a bit an enormous comprehensive book and the very first lines in it are as part of the in opening page report an artist most is called an even if it is not true you need to believe in ancient history in court does anything better set up the dichotomy here and how wonderful that in the twelve hundred page book is exhausted as all get out the very first line from the historian is yeah i may not be true but you have to believe it anyway it's it's it's wonderful and it's sums up the problem with ancient history that is that you have the feeling the most of which are reading here he is the truth in these events did happen but there's a lot of fiction mixed in it's difficult to know what's what and it's difficult to separate one from the other tulsa difficult to know where to begin the story this is a classic problem anybody has tried to explain something like abby begin the story of cyrus the second the persians when does that start all histories connected as we know right tall budget tumbling dominoes and one event in series of events leads up to the ones and settle up where's the logical starting point i'm terrible despite away at a whole series on the decline and fall of the roman republic powers of ours ours 'cause i was trying to find the logical place to start a story by cleopatra you're grieving got practically cleopatra was all dominoes before then to ronna to stuart's with the earliest thing he knows about and it's a miracle he knows about it all he begins by talking about the syrians he also talked about having multiple versions of the story so wrong that is being iraq as he says listen i've heard a lot of different things you're my sources the story begins boom and usually rights cool for me here our story demands that we inquire further about cyrus and the persians who was this man who destroyed the empire of creases and out of the persians become the leaders of asia i shall write this account using as my sources certain persians who do not intend to magnify the deeds of cyrus rather than tell what really happened all born or three other ways in which the story of cyrus is tall an equal any begins the story using the phrase issue probably be preceded by a line like once upon a time whoa the syrians ruled invalid asia for five hundred and twenty years and the meads were the first rumpled from them it would seem that they prove themselves to be truly courageous men by biting his syrians for the cause of freedom and it succeeded in casting off slavery and were liberated afterwards the other ethnic groups freedom sales is the meted out and co while the means neat little explaining just like get the biblical story of belch as ours the story said that the emperor which can be divided between the meat in the persians meet in the persian during related people the greeks used the term used interchangeably they were no practically like brothers in the eyes of the greeks when i was growing up the registering the change from the brothers sort of interpretation may be saying our maybe they were more like first cousins some of the more recent history seven reading maybe you can say we downgrade relationship even a step further something like second cousins who fought sometimes historians differ on when these related people's arrived in the area where they can now player role in the history of this you know enclosed sort of geo political world with egypt of babylon assyrian all these places rigidity history interesting to me you've always been there you just didn't hear about them nevertheless the world upon which they have intruded is so old it's hard for modern people together mines around because it's hard for us to mention something twenty five hundred years ago when thermo poli is happening now imagine something from twenty five hundred years before that and that's how will this world is i love the way in the nineteen forties historian eighty olmstead tried to give the reader or sense of how old is war was and how the people who lives in need knew we was all we start by talking about cyrus the second are survivors the great person after he takes over babylon trying to describe how old world is the babylon were presented he says quote when cyrus entered babylon five thirty nine b. c. the world was old more significant the world knew what to antiquity it's scholars had compiled long dynastic lists and simple edition appeared to prove the king's whose monuments were still visible had ruled more than four millenniums before yet earlier or other monarchs songs of gods and so themselves demi god whose rains covered several generations of present day shortlived man even these were preceded the egyptians believed by the gods themselves who else way through long he'll want before the universal flooded the babylonians placed candy canes least of whom ruled eighteen thousand six hundred years the greatest forty three thousand two hundred years other people's he writes knew this flooded and told the monarch's nemec as a miko young for example who reigned in pre building be in times meaning of the times before the biblical flaw and he continues the saker history of the jews extended through four thousand years modest as were their fingers when compared with those of babylon for egypt they recorded the one pre dilute be in patriarch almost reached the millennium are before his death greek howl with chantal legendary history which was counted backward to the time that when the genealogy is of the heroes ascended to the god each people in nation each former city state boasted of its own creation story with its own local goddess creator and co he then goes on the diagram been the six hundred to seven hundred b. c. there were quite a few rulers in court if you'd be so countries to became archaeological boxwood they would go back and pay for the yesterday she never really rulers to rule the thousand fifteen hundred years before them and egypt may have dressed similarly that's the continuity of the egyptian fashionable my favorite story that really dijon idea the antiquity of things and how the peoples of this region understood it knew would in no way that you don't normally think about how to do with an archaeological excavation that happened late eighteen hundred's early nineteen hundreds in modern day wore on in the city through much of the historical treatise called susan susan is a very old city ancient city he you'll be important in the persian period we import nafta that period for very long time and people call the gila mites resided in sousa and it was in the strata with the hilo might cure reed was that these are archaeologist began to uncover some of the greatest treasures and antiquities senior eastern history and they didn't belong there they found for example the famous steel or steely take your pick of camaraderie some two men is huge and it's a giant seven foot tall or something heavy you big bang it and i find it there what you doing there to be in babylon now if you think this deal of harm robbie is old circa seventeen hundred's b. c. d. or something like that archaeologist then find something that the two good deal older than that to call the victory steel of nah rome see in he was imitating kane the twenty two hundred to be c. e. so by the time they were making this deal of harm robbery the victory steel and our own scene was half among many all there were other antiquities that they found to all of them from elsewhere they were the spoils pollute the staff of the deal might still come back with them when they sacked babylon and in fact you could tell because somehow all this stuff was on display and blow the original inscriptions in the original language explaining what this was why isn't he your mind inscription explaining when it was taken from babylonians resolute and spoils and as a piece of memorabilia commemorating a great victory i keep imagining the bond to trophies in like a college arena burst near school trophy case in a commemorating the victories over the air rose over your school rivals the yolk and bob get the apple cop to steal a calmer robbie intellect and a thing him by the way was unjust the cultural artifacts that were taken in the famous ila mite invasion that happen eleven hundred they took the god of babylon with them they took more took with them this statue to represent the god and this is what my favorite things about ancient history is this idea sometimes that the statues that were presented the gods were somehow connected to the guard him or herself and sometimes warren in there weren't some belief that they were the gods and so you'll see for example the syrians in a lot of the worst own released when they're showing the conquest of some civilization as should be they've got the god that your soldiers are carrying away along with all the loot and it's kind is symbolic when you think about it the synar got stronger than your god after all we've got george i'd been in a lot of these near eastern civilizations the history for up to you can't re establish some of the city's until the goddess return some of the word from babylon get sacked the goddess taken away they can't do a big rebuilding thing until the goddess brought how we gotcha guided me talk about rubbing your nose in a defeat there i mean a fraternity row with equal ruby modern world certainly is somebody took over the united states the human mind to don that they would have the statue of liberty in their little museum there with the little notation underneath taken from new york city after week for sheer mehrtens i love the eve of might've looked know more about them that there was people that just not a lot is known but you can say for sure is that they are the great long standing or been in power in what's now modern day you were on for thousands of years to be contemporaries and the big power from that region the rival the babble on some use your ears and egypt's usually power in the north to north of the syrian about changes to be my taught me to be they tied to to be you're chew unless you have a relatively stable geo political balance going on for long time even through the ups and downs and then that world again is to be consciously destroy it and that opens up the door to many in the stability where are ya anything can happen as shocking things did it starts with the absolute sky rocketing by historical standards the military dominance of the seeley homes and you may be thinking we were just talking about the media minute ago now we shifted over the series of what does one have to do with the other but it's here that's crossing so set up the stage for the next period in western nation history mean told her not to be one of a couple of davidson the story who will take down goliath in order to understand what a big deal that is he need to understand now begin to deal goliath was in the story the syrians are goliath they were transformed the seven hundred b. c. from one of the great power sometimes the greatest of the great power sometimes not into the regional superpower dinosaurs these people were concerned the region was the entire world in this quickly growing absolutely devastating new empire in terms of its military abilities would've been the ones fighting the greeks the spartans of thermo poli and that means and their allies not unable to take down this goliath and i get is we have i don't think the meal was syrian army is at their height was beaten alexander the great and his macedonians i'm not sure but i don't think but i think the crash the ancient greeks of athens and sparta and so maybe he did the pass up a monopoly in the greco parisian wars really was a war for western civilization should be thankful that there were people like the need to take down the people who i think within the odds on favorite in any vegas betting cool to take down the ancient greeks and for a b. b. c. e. they were around for a b. b. c. yen part because of these people than me to in the seven hundred two in the story really heats up and it's strange henri people on the periphery of the known universe at the time to the syrians to needs are sort of the eastern edge of the known galaxy and be on those mcgee and tribes of all their petty little kang lips are groups of half human half monsters colby coleman mondello in the syrian annals human mind about away in old katie in turn that means the horde from who knows where but it's believed that this refers to the nomadic peoples of the staff the cultural forebears of the han's and the turks and the mongols and all those people in fact the needs in the persians were supposed to be able to speak to the woman monde du without the use of translators by july to be really good enough two people known as the ford for more knows where to be able to understand their language without anybody help and nonetheless it's in this period right around seven fifty b. c. where you get us on an unusual happening in ancient history were a lot seems to happen in relatively shorter time because in ancient history you get these long stretches which seems a very little changes in seven forty five b. c. with the arrival of the new assyrian king and dining take left parlor user the third syria begins to go on those splint maybe the car with a historical sprint that will last until about six fifteen six twelve b. c. e. m. will be like maybe you could say the last burst of rocket fuel of that historical error of that ancient world about to give way to the error of the greeks in classical antiquity and all that passed off and rocketed to the heights with the syrian army for example in the city seven hundred b. c. of the equivalent of like the roman empire is armies of their height for their error the syrians will systematically smash the other great powers in that area and it's difficult by the way they're powerful they're sophisticated they want money so these places the syrians often have to face not single states but coalitions of states big allies to live simply to deal with the assyrian to me looms most of the time anyway i'll try not to dig out on the army too much but it's the gold standard for the error richard gabriel uncaring minton a book from smyrna rome so would describe it in a nutshell in terms of just giving you a mental picture of the capabilities of an army from this error in the so called biblical error was growing up the right call the assyrian army of the eighth century b. c. he was comprised of at least a hundred and fifty thousand to two hundred thousand men has the largest ending military force at the middle east a witness to this time an assyrian combat field army numbered approximately fifty thousand men with various mixes of infantry chariots and cavalry in modern times the size of an assyrian field army was equal to five modern heavy american divisions are almost eight soviet feel divisions will wait for battle the army took up an area of twenty five hundred yards across at a hundred yards deep the assyrian army was also the first only be entirely equipped with iron weapons in court boy doesn't that soviet reference take me now unless you get an idea that we're talking about armies that were exponentially larger than in the recent past and the bronze age unknown are reducing was put in like six thousand guys and the field and taking the avalon amanda in the syrians have multiple divisions of fifty thousand each they will smash the power of the mountain state of you were or two one one point during this period of squirm arn armenia is they were all several times have to deal with babylon another one of their greetings sakhalin takes care of that and then they just have to do it again and again babylon is the thorn in the side perpetually of the secret and the ila might always get in trouble with these hearings today we support the babylonians 'cause after all all of them would like to see the syrians cut down to size eventually these hearings will caught the ear mites down decides to enter the most horrifying of all the assyrian reliefs and in others a lot of them in historians don't always know how to classify them he can't tell if you wanna say that these are real scenes that they're showing when you see these carvings which were probably painted at one time or often displayed in the waiting room before you get to see the king or you look at why you're cool your heels waiting to see you see reaching the things he did to the people like he would only be turned against him sometimes historians think that they're taking a sadistic so cruel levin there's sometimes it's meant to be terrifying enjoy that saddam hussein style sometimes they think of it is a convention in the same way the egyptians are we seem to show them you were in certain kinds of clothing whether or not they did any more bizarre to the convention showing people getting their hands lopped off is just enough to go see real expect to see the searing things that can't be all that shit we are just the staple nonetheless what my favorite cereal really shows the aftermath of the error would be a serious barney decided to deal with the ongoing ila might problem it shows the assyrian king harsher bonnet paul reclining home of those wonderful oriental linear eastern new kinds of things that they used to lay down with the howled show we would have some beef beech agreed to something he's sitting there drinking water eating food in a luxury leave relaxing so the pace in the garden with little palm trees of the call it correctly initial woman there with him to get the feeling lucky in that woman are together and then right over nearby up on the side of the wall or poster heller is ahead the head of the ila mike keane hey gold or otherwise and that woman who you think babies are sure barnacles wife or maybe and the royal concubine some historians think is the wife of that you might she having to be there with the person who killed him and have him looking arnett the body was the whole time and he's syringes have this wonderful historical reputation for something that once again is cinematic no it's not coloreds not like a rocket to some although we don't have any color but it's a release here read black and white horror film if you're on the receiving end of the sea region violence i should point out that you know focusing so much on geopolitics and syrian foreign policy made you so cobbler the picture in a very negative way because to live in an assyrian city during this time period might've been awesome i'm in the height of civilization in what was it was a society that was in some respects women mostly written all time period he was wealthy it was cultured i think free to live in this year you just didn't wanna be on the brawn and the syrian foreign policy and from about seven forty five b. c. e. two about the u. early six hundred all lotta people more and very few people came away doing very well after that they systematically battered down the structures of this region now battering down the structures of the region were very important if he wanted to kind of make it an amiable to being incorporated into was single political entity like an empire everybody's individualistic nature had to be curtailed somewhat the problem will calm when the unifying force did do this disappears to get an idea by the way of how many people's we're talking about hearing as a wonderful way to sort of contradict the earlier with the story was told which was focusing on people's ethnicity a lot to say in the syrians were semitic and the iranian people sleep needs of the persians were indo european all that is to realize when you deal with a place that is so filled with different ethnic groups in your marrying living together but it doesn't take very long for people's languages to change which used to be the way we judge who was home it also means that the job of any unifying force that wants to turn all these different freedom loving groups into a single political entity is huge the story will doran tries to you lay the foundations and then basically says you decide you know look at how many people's there aren't as part of the world where oliver wrapped in all the time in there you're marrying in the kitchen ethnic melting pot he says quote do we just ending yet discerning are i've been earpiece to the days ago that you could dresser was seemed like an ocean which vast swarms of human beings moved about in turmoil forming in dissolving groups in slave inger being enslaved eating or being eaten killing or getting killed endlessly behind him around the great empire is egypt babylonian of syria in persia flowered this medley of half nomad have settled tribes to mary in scully to younes cap and oceans bit minions asking eons missing younes me audience care regions like eons amply yen's to sapiens like kenyans philistines amor white cane and i to be the mite emma night small bite than a hundred other people's each of which called itself the center of geography and history and with marble that the ignorant prejudice of the historian who would reduce them to a paragraph and go to nagano blunted history to talk about difficult the task is to meld all these individualistic different peoples into a single political entity chester star rating in the nineteen sixties put it this way as she tries to sort of counterbalance this ruthless image the syrians have with the job you're trying to do when he writes quote this restless spirit perhaps proves not so much that the syrians were inhuman monsters as it shows the sternest required to break in harness the near east the assyrian curie was in reality what the greatest turning point in the civilized history of the area and in this fact must be sought the justification for the booty and attribute of empire if empire needs justification politically such things as to glad that we share the third took decisive steps towards uniting the fertile crescent the next great empire the persian reaped the benefit and so could afford to exercise its way in a more lenient style and quo this is ashley chief what the things we've been talking about the fact that even though the greeks portrayed in the persians as sort of darth vader and the empire history outside the greeks knew them as a comparatively tolerant empire comparatively lenient who would be being compared to the assyrian us but mayor taking up the syrians did to megan in part that was docile and off for the persians to treat him that way and have all worked out i should also pointed to the record if you historians that would suggest that the syrians have another legacy that we should potentially credit tim wirth i'm much more noble sounding one by the way despite the r. restrict marketing and the frightful branding of these hearings perhaps you might look at them during this time period depending on your viewpoint in more big captain america style role fending off the horns of barbarism from swamp in the civilized world with dinner you know murder and robbery because in the last years of the seven hundred to be c. e. the woman mondo breakthrough and when they do it will take the greatest military out of that age to be able to resist and go opinions to what is a revolutionary military challenge each the first peoples in history probably who had to try to figure out how you defeated army work everyone in the army is mounted on horseback no more modern era is so different than powell the dynamics of warfare work for most of human history that sometimes use of the fitter reintroduced more obvious things to so typical light bulb on your head remind you again we're talking about something as basic for example i cannot love these military revolution periods you imagine with it what most of them like when the first chariots attack to the first assembles civilizations out there in the first time in army that was composed entirely of people walking had to deal with something moving at the speed of the horse and by the way the way that they usually function was that the person his side the chariot and a very powerful bald and shot arrows of people and never really tried to in a contact and all until they were broken and run away see you couldn't catch him in the move fashioning you did that change warfare and sometimes it's funny what we read some of the b. b. records to the bank happy to have from some of these very early chariot societies and you realize how little they know about courses because people knew anything about horses are these really high paid important individuals in the abyss had knowledge about and here's how you take care of the feet of a horse and keep here's what you do think it belonged to me and things that today brazilians people know that dennis was like privileged information i care for these things away and the horse in the civil societies be egypt the babylon son assyrian at first you can see that they that they don't know how to deal with the animal and you're wonderful little of the ring someone not showing in the egyptian resort in egyptian scout during maybe the first two hundred years ershad and that the egyptians really try and use horses any sitting way back over the tale of a horse like he hasn't figured out that does not the right spot decision we take it for granted that this is obviously my not a band but one thousand b. c. pavel re first appears and be generally appears in in in in a way that once again make cheese think that these people are not very comfortable writing to remember there are no style serrano spurs there are no stirrups and there's a lot of nafta to knowing what you doing here and remember also that riding horses can be dangerous and fatal if you're not used to it right in the these people are grown up two and a whole lot of horse riding and about nine hundred b. c. you can see carving showing us your intel forward which is probably if you think about it in a cutting edge for the time period for the subtle civilizations and they say in the cavalry riders out in payers because one guy has to hold the reins for the other guys horse with the other guy decides he's been issued your anything in other words didn't even feel comfortable enough to shoot and ride in no independently again as someone there the whole ball course we need to another merger to watch the evolution right it's different when the army's from the middle east the ancient near east first run into the step troops that will make up one of the dominant important tribal areas in world history you for almost every minute only the last couple hundred years at the eurasian step part of which would refer to a central asia today kazakhstan and kyrgyzstan those can replace is to analyze couple hundred years those places it not been massively relevant to the what's going on i was redoubled not the manu of it was going into all of the things that china and russia of the seventeen hundreds see easily a couple hundred years ago off of things that they had to do to deal with the tribes on the step and it's crazy because you when you look at history you become very accustomed to watching it the so called civilized society is just one rolling over tribal peoples in a certain point in history want to watch the moment and it's going in europe like julius caesar and roman army is just rolling over celtic society you're ready prepared to get to the park were the colonial europeans to show up on these distant shores and run into people with wooden clubs and bows and arrows when you got guns and a foregone conclusion that but you look at the step and you see the one place in history where for number of different reasons the odds are much more equal between settled in tribal peoples first of all it's likely that the odds in terms of fighting the power in terms of manpower was probably pretty close the saddle society said lot more people are a lot of homework fighters d. tribal society is usually had most of their meal people as fighters and some females gonna win the weapons technology was probably comparable tho tho those used by the step people are famously some of the best ever made but it would benefit things that the settled so called civil societies had in her favor to probably warship unimagined imagine the native americans with a roffe parity in fighting minute and a rough parity in weapons technology what would the native americans are down to the settlers then who knows but at least it's a fair fight added that the geographic conditions in the distance right this is a harsh environment the step sometimes even on adapted to it and it's a long way from point a to point b. no matter where you're going any latter part of the world was protected by step peoples for millennia were they maintained their way of life and we're who shall we say relevant road and is it going on by us in any direction were relevant to the society's world powers around and we will move forever right we seen a wave after wave of these people come forward from the magyar to the church to the honed to the mongols this is the first period in recorded history with these people break through and and so was there too record it there's always been a historical school of thought that she read invasions from central asia long before this period represent earlier versions of these kinds of invasions but this is the first one recorded we get to see him the kinds of step for me she will expect for the next two thousand years mara on horseback with people who wore a note as we said about the spartans if they were so rubble laboratory experiment to see the culture could create a super soldier the steps aside usurp our crime laboratory experiment to if you put people on a horse back from the time when you're toddlers and put the ball when they're hanford not much later and have them ride all the time and do everything on horseback in use those blows continually and develop tactics were they never really come into contact with people that wanna condemning were you in that way and the answer reasons you end up with a weapon system that was so effective that even after guns were developed modern societies were having a tough time pardon the punk rawlings people even up until relatively modern times now when you think about how long that is people trying to contain the with the stab people think about how much i'm wishing we should have with the first people who had to try with no track record your experience the syrians would develop a can of a broad policy of dealing with these tribal step people that resembles what very sophisticated people who dealt with him for very long time came up with the chinese in the byzantine treatable would use a mix of diplomacy intermarriage warfare and keeping the tribes divided in fighting amongst themselves these hearings to all the stuff to the u. some of these people as i sometimes they have mercenaries who were the people from these tribes the tribes a dictionary into the skippy in some very sick caught trying to mass and she have always wonderful trouble federations someone is scarier than the next and if you're one of those civil society people barbarians in your court always scared you may which is something scary to settle people about the people like the celts for example are biscuit tins are no different than every step peoples are no different their headhunter shrink sample famously will drink from the skulls of the dead enemies make cops out of them and if you wanna see how the wonderful continuity extent cultures and amigo they were doing this in in ancient times and they were doing is of a pub until relatively come on old type history the drinking cups golf and was a perennial favorite but that's just a cultural thing right mini series are hanging in enemies enzo walls so that they can watch there are no wife have relations with the searing king who killed them i mean everybody's got their thing right the same time that these people are are scary are effective a. t. are entirely mounted which means they have the amazing challenges to the military should be because remember you with the speed of your slowest parsonage of an entire army mounted the entire army moves it the speed of course these are huge challenges in these hearings managed to ward off the worst of the attacks in the sense you you could make a case to be protected this entire area of civilization from marauding the scary peoples who were not going to leave it intact and you know this because there were several invasion but the breakthrough there's a horde of skippy and that will rape and pillage all the way down egypt before the egyptians you buy a more formal literally turned them back in a bagel bouncing around the region like the snooker ball the fact that in a lot of these step armies every single person was mounted was also revolutionary and future many armies of the day if you were lucky and fifteen or twenty percent of their force mounted sometimes quite a bit last he still move to the speed of yours los troops go if you going to break the cavalry are so you can operate independently you have a nice small group recovery that gets overwhelmed by an entirely mounted forced to nome alaska at an army with him country move to the speed of the country these are nice that the civil societies in this geo political realm enshrine are trying to deal with over the speed of a horse strategically on the map but some devastating thing to try to counter the fact of the syrians could elicit testimony to how great the greatest military the world had ever seen was and how well lead unless you could see how the big challenge was to seven oh five b. c. you start on the second arguably the greatest pain history ever had we'll as an elderly man believed the syrian army the person up to modern southeastern turkey near the border and neo hit tight area call to ball i'm probably fighting in conjunction with some of the use of the new hit tent cities eurasian step troops to marry him sir skip eons and start on the second will disappear with the army the body will never be recovered that is a very rare event in the body is not recovered the assumption is that nobody got out because it'll last unusual do is to use grab the king's body in and spirited away it's like saving the flag times ten to be an egyptian king to famously who was bones will stay on the battlefield and maybe they end up getting it later and mama find a body that's been in a mutilated on the battlefield for few weeks and you can still look at the mommy today and c. awhile putting it to him for a while so i'm gonna say he'll never be found i've often thought it's not a coincidence is songs about to read never actually lead and force in person when he was king he'd left that to the general's is very important things in another money taken care as we all understand anyone who could do that when the syrian army at the height of the serious power is permissible indeed are you most eureka protect some of this region they can protect all of that as some of these tribes filtered down to the area were the people were ostensibly talking about here are the means the persians we might expose our gross mountains iran the peoples in this region are about to go through a one two punch that will change them forever the second of these punches will be delivered by the syrians surprise surprise we're throwing punches everywhere why shouldn't this reaching get you to the first to be delivered by the staff people these tribes of canary in some skippy n.'s who will as certain point i said to the older i thought that was amazing ambiguous way when you don't really know what happened but the traditional ideas that the skippy into the chameleon so attacked him broke into one assaulted the meats and jarring invasion there's even a year associated with it six fifty three b. c. which if you think about like fifty years after sarcoma second dies in a pop into ball right about about fifty five sixty years since these of course people first appeared and they're still managing to totally disrupt in a huge areas of this your political ecosystem only use that word from now on we all know what i mean read filtered is a good word though because of also allows room for theories were warfare sure it doesn't dominate the reasoning behind why all the sudden all the central asian tribes moved into this part of ron one of the things it's really change surfer started studying the story is the concept of historians have about who these indians were woken state they had when i was grown up in history is all made it sound like the need for like the babylonians the media series by this time the centralized state with cities and in government and bureaucracies a moment historians to getting in or not want i just read the best bombay make it sound much more like the current state of the jury is that these meter much more trouble than we had previously assume if so might not be that much different than the skippy insecure marion's coming into their area this could be much more like the tribe or relationship what we see the needs of the persians were second cousins who fought sometimes the step people's alike third cousin to find a lot remember they could allegedly speak to each other without the use of the translator when you were that close to one other people what appears to be a conquest from outside might be much more light dynastic marriage or someone having to change their alliance dinosaur becoming a vassal someone else or having to pay tribute to rot to spike see all of that stuff was a version of slavery we call the slavery we might be picturing something else entirely terada to says that the domination of the need to lasts twenty eight years an interesting little that came into the mike and for maurice says is during that time period you serious about wanting to keep records in an old and mention the meat from time to time start calling everyone lives in the whole region the woman mondo and recess ergonomic among others suggest that despite mean that the entire area has just been sort of overwhelmed but she can't tell one tribe from another without a scorecard peratis if you wanna go with this tells what is really fond story is on you know if you meet about how old the need is eventually threw off the nomadic deal canals that was oppressing them and he tells a story about how they invited to skip the leaders to a banquet and then got them all drunken them when they were also when you breathe it they could hardly stand the wind chill the mall and you should be calm and yeah decapitated the enemy leadership literally for me read the tactic is drunk in mass homicidal everyone recall it it seems like a motif another one of these recurring sorts of things you see all throughout history in the writing and and more of those now those aspects of the story that oftentimes professionally struggle discount because after all we see this all the time the sound just like blah blah blah and they're almost always right here is the weird part though this is something that you actually see in history confirm ability the relationship between using alcohol has some sort of trap do ensnare other people would then become vulnerable than we've seen this in recorded history like not that long ago native american tribes had this treatment and i'm sometimes multiple times in other words what might look in this case with the recurring motif might actually be your recurring historical a currents how would you tell the difference in any case it will happen again in this story which once again major say okay this is just a recurring motif for his attack that they were last time so we're trying it again nonetheless omaha hold the need to regain it freedom of action from these people were then thrown out leaving behind another wonderful ethnic strain of the central asian bloodline that will run through around all over the ages and it will be added to you when you blinded sometimes tragically from time to time the guy who was supposedly the king of the meat during this period of domination by the skippy as isn't the name c x agree he's robert his credit him with totally reorganizing the military and the needs he says that the x-rays becomes the first asian new leader to be a separate an army into component part to help archery term spearman and tauber we said before that they all fall together in a chaotic mass which is not true at all it's a mystery think he's preserving some so the memory of this important gideon ruler raoul reorganize the military made it much more powerful and considering what he was about to do with it there seems to be some historical evidence for the needs all the sudden becoming very formidable indeed right about the same time it went to great traditionally great power in that region gets mortally wounded by a syria and we alluded to this earlier part of the scenery is laying waste to all these your competitors for their superpower status red is not gonna be anybody who gets to put up a little resistance the u. might once again get on the hit list for doing the same thing they always do babylon revolt against the seria the lomb helps babylon as soon as the series take care of babylon they come for the elements in this happens under the last of the great assyrian rulers are sure by paul washer bonnet all who's who's a very long ruling guy at the start of his reign at the empire could not be a higher place by the end of his reign in he's writing these woe is me tails worn beg you to have the gods turn against me everything socks in about all die soon at least kinds of bomb writings syria will go from a height of its fortunes to the nineteen forty five berlin fall of the right devastation never to rise again in a very short period of time and some have argued the part of the reason why it is because of what they did to the people around them they destroyed the other powers who might have acted is barriers against new rising ones with the new rising one sir skate using to marion's from the eurasian stabbed or whether there are an obscure tribal people known as the need to all the center really getting powerful well i did otherwise would be dealing with the yellow lights but the u. might get smashed by harsher bonnet calm six forty six b. c. and the devastation the use arguably immortal we already mentioned as seen from the aftermath of this you might find a solution when pasha monocle flying on this couch with that woman there are an end and severed head you know upon the pillar of the wall bats in a part of the aftermath of dealing with the u. mice was one russia bonnet polly's the greatest syrian army all the way it's a long way again d'souza devastate si la mans his scribe writing for himself were counts for two for a distance of one month than twenty five days' march i devastated the district of the l'alma i sprayed salt and born boesch mayor to injure the soil sons of the king's sisters of the king's members it belongs royal family young and old prefix governors night artisans as many as there were inhabited this male and female began little horses mules asses flocks and herds more numerous than a swarm of locusts i carried them off his booty to us your ia the dost assumes out of the dark too but how to ration of the other cities are carried it off to lucy ria in amman the days are subdued the lump in its hold extent the boys demanded the steps of flocks and herds the happy shouts of mirth i put it into them minutes beals which i left for the asses the gazelles and all manner of wild beasts to people and co the syrians were thorough the even were moved the bones of the old going back to ancient times below my rulers from their terms and took them back to syria which to loot restoring eighty olmstead says they put them in the to truly awful spots so that they would get no rest every game laying in a foreign land and paying a natural price for their enmity to assyrian that may have happened in the deep misty errors of the past when we said you earlier that the u. might conquer the united states to take the statue of liberty back to surprise award be displayed we see range one stop at the statue of liberty they steal our constitution they take the washington monument eight snuff out the flame it john f. kennedy's grave and take the bones with them the syrians were sort of setting the bar for this region people like the babbling to come afterwards will be just as brutal biker trying to imitate whenever the standard of the day is that the standard of the day is even today for coming to try making a movie out of it can be it's gonna be a cable one for sure in the story homestead tells of the rain does that a good word when marcia bonobo hall on his army arrived back home and nineveh displaying the loot and the prisoners in meeting of punishment by the way to all and sundry bomb is frightful first of all the head of the lumley ruler that will be sitting up on harsher models wall or what have you was transported from sioux so on foot around the neck of the human mind general mentioned how freaky that would've been to live through who did the walking shane supposedly and then the various generals are brought out and commissioners are psychological twist to assyrian punishment on the way it is part of a kind of what the persians will soar do away with here's what katie olmstead brighten a try my best to some of the pronunciations of these mesopotamia names they are wonderful he writes quote washer bought up all was about to leave our bella for nineveh and the severed head of the ila might ruler was interested to his general bad news knack for transport at the musicians led the ghastly per session engine in about the terrible sight craig tomlin darren nobile dummy the ambassadors who would receive their commissions from the dead monarch want to or his beard the other thrust is gurgle soared into was bosom op we are some of novel whoo shall woman going some of the famous mary back ballad on was extradited from milan manu qian he then in new and novel shall moment the gum blue chieftains had spoken blasphemy against the assyrian gods of the discard they had their tongues pulled out by the roots and were skinned alive the horrible scene is for personal more of the reliefs although strangely enough olmstead writes the names had never been filled in the blanks left for the purpose then it was placed on the rack and slaughtered like a lamb his brother sam gu no one apple ia were slain in their flesh distributed among the surrounding lions nobile naive ability your songs and abu schumer wish were forced to crush the bones of their father and a head of the u. my king found its final resting place over the gate which led to asher and quo asher being a primary assyrian city before sing the songs to crush the bones of the fathers one of those really psychologically horrible things in you'll see this in other occasions the babylonian king for example who supposedly one scotty to jerusalem to the ruler became the and forced into watched as the slaughtering of his two young sons in from his eyes and then had his eyes put out of that the last thing he saw was that i mean those are the extra little cruelties that just seen well the justine calculated to subdue somebody's will to resist which you could easily see how it might have the opposite effect you could see our people coming after this time might be able to make all sorts of political hay selling themselves as the alternative to this kind of cruelty and you can also see why one of syria fennel there were not a lot of two years cried for those go on in fact you even to biblical profits are rejoicing as i was trying to come up with so little of analogy to try to define the stakes here what's about to happen all i could think of in my own creative mind was the idea of the united states over the next five or so years somehow it would jauntily an astonishing events fall apart rental did they're broke into some kind of a civil war ended up getting involved in maybe a foreign war to same time i mean he never nobody sings in the midterm remember how you felt if you were old enough to remember what the nine eleven attacks look like on live television while you watch them there's almost nothing positive that comes out of something like apple want a few things that was in my mind was as you watched it you're reminded that the most astonishing things not only can happen but will happen there like earthquake should know is going to the big one you just don't know when you know is gonna be some massive jaw dropping historical event in the future of you just don't know the date ahead of time item nine all of them but when you watch that happening that astonishment is how mankind has built up over and over and over again she looked back on it there's about to be an astonishing moment in the story it's not really a moment five to fifteen years he just appears astonishing now but it took him into the united states imploding really i think it's more than the soviet union following will lest marnie not extinct gone away nonetheless if the united states to go we're in the next five years what is the international situation look like then what world instantly springs up to replace such an important called him how does that go this is actually the world that is going to exist as soon as the story that must be to know what the great events in all human history we don't know what about her rocked is there to give it you with a bunch of lies exaggerations and on troops and their filtered in over the hundred years will have his version or anyone like him to explain it to us we lack the collar peratis by the way promised he was going to tell the story in one part of the sister reason than never did we didn't come down to assertion thing deborah futures babylonian sources and that's it in fact the stuff you thought you could count on what does want a policy arena the pronouncements by the king of kings when they're kind of thorn bushes i killed everybody that ensued like six thirty nine b. c. e. ominously and mysteriously all the sun but that's gone on i love the different ways of his stories try to describe this to warn the history says he was unclear what was happening baltimore keeley explain the import as though all this period silence 'cause he says court and it is in the silence of those years that is written the fate of the assyrian empire the end quote so the importance of this happening we just don't know much wood is open to interpretation is how one other historian put it but here's what basically goes on asher bonner paul's rain at the end you start to see things framed you begin to see places that were under serious control on the on the margins break free i want historians think that it's rather telling them all the sudden you can have the skippy and tribes riding roughshod now in your ears with you she reaches to keep them out it must mean that they can't well no one is really paying a lot of attention the needs are beginning to fumes sort of and then it's unclear how they did this with the u. might civilization in a peaceful couldn't warlike could've been diplomatic marriage but it's making both civilizations stronger i'm not sure bonaparte ions and his sons go to war with each other now this is not uncommon in assyrian royal succession but this is coming in a particularly bad time because all the sudden the babylonians or resurgent again they've got a new dynasty they've got an army that is model that it it's an odd as effective copy of the syrians be serious copied the babylonian civilization not quite as well as the babylonian original the babylonians copied the syrian military that it's not quite up to the regionals standards either but when you been fighting one half of your army against the other which is what you see rings were doing a civil war that's why they're so ruinous we have outside powers starting to loom over you or you do with your army you divide it happens quite against each other worst possible thing that could happen then the babylonian is starting in about six sixteen start sending out an army taking some of these border cities between us your ear and babylon when the war he toppled in there fighting back and forth in his syrian army seems to be a shadow of its former self but you could see how strong it still is because their whole murali guess he's babylonians pushing them back sometimes chasing him back sometimes but it's all they can handle and then like six fifteen b. c. i need to jump in from the east on the north they start taking cities in the east the next year the need to come forward and addicting to yak stories and advances on no more of the capitals none of they can't take it as ministers massively fortified probably be most fortified city west of china in this whole human history up to this point mean just an incredible feat human marvel and he pushes these who needs sideways they just can't deal with it right now but unfortunately the syrians if you can go while appearing to speak that maybe an army they can do whatever they walked tobago sat in nearby city this not as well defended it just happens to be asher over the great once upon a time this hearing capitals vital connected to the religion undergone in an morale and everything else the big deal but the last minute the babylonians run up to be a part of it this is a famous event they didn't they don't want to allow the need to take this importance to be by themselves be left out of the spoils the reputation everything that they arrived too late with their army the means of our restart the place may be rushing the attempt to that they'd be the babylonians mayor they treated the way the syrians were treated and it's a whore we secure front the babylonian king and the mid dean cain pledged their friendship to each other as washer burns in the background and i killing continues in the slaves are being dragged off from all the sudden a week in the serio has babylon and the needs working together and advancing on nineveh two six twelve b. c. it just wasn't that enough the last minute allegedly and woody says this but the standard belief is at the last minute a quarter skippy ins you're right in the wild northern horsemen and joins both the means in the babylonians in this last assault upon this greatest of the west asian military fortresses and together they take it down it had to fight for breed battles on the plains supposedly before they even got a chance to get near the walls with this last old aging damage line of the serious watering them away and fighting well as long as they could the babylonian king in the trailer style and it goes people rodin describe what she did to we called the land of sue ballroom which is their word for syria and by the way notice how he's couching is in terms of liberation from the you know was he really knew the records say cool by slaughtered the land of sue barroom i turn the hostile way indeed he keeps in ruins the assyrian who since distant days had rolled over all the peoples which is heavy york brought injury to the people of the land is the drama caught i'd turned back the gilles guy threw off and co when you have a basic problem when we're discussing events of the past like us if we're discussing something for recent history studied the end of the third reich in the second world war all that emotion is still felt you get real feel for the kinds of things historians don't wanna touch why should get back a certain distance someday they're not going to look at the nazis as the kind of evil that we do you they're going to move somehow all say while they were on the far end of the spectrum of what people did van which is kind of what a lot more ones would say about assyrian they're not doing anything anybody else isn't doing it they just maybe at the far into the spectrum of your conduct it's all connor relative right but you could certainly see the anger and vengeance in the people that goes beyond me are you know the taking of luton slaves in the things of that motivated soldier sometimes in the heat of battle of all times this involves some payback the story more brandy rupe explains the you can still see that vengeance today mean there's an eternal bit of payback that was don he writes quote the cargo were set out to destroy the cities of the sea react taking your danish for the humiliations they had suffered a serious hands on wall really use of kings sonar to rebut an usher by pollen in about three simple been identified the representations of the king's with the help of the inscriptions accompanying them and ritual re destroyed them by cutting out the years and all eyes these were not random acts of mutilation in the detail the picture basha barnacles defeated the yellow lights for example only the face of the soldier cutting off the head of the king of the u. mom was similarly destroyed probably by the meat who saw the lights of their ancestors likewise the records of loyalty oaths detainees are had on had forced medea bodyguards to swear which you'd been stored it gal who were smashed the palaces were burned down only after the link the task of defacing images and destroying symbols of submission to us your yet been completed and quote if you're the british museum today a look at the c. release you can see for the defacing done by some anger revenge bowl and probably rightfully so soldiers they took down the scenery a piece by piece but stunningly quickly by historical standards and while there may be no hah rah tends to give color to the story there is one of the most this for military history fans will the most colorful sections of the old testament of the bible that deals with the fall of the syria i'm sure assyrian descendants of people who are big assyrian fans think this is very unfair to the propaganda again it's just they're bad luck to get bad p. r. sometimes in the bible on the biblical prophet me i'm was prophesied sings supposedly that you're gonna get it and then once they dig in and he was sort of sang c. this is what you get now what's coming interesting about name on lights and these are the prophets and there's a decent chance he was a contemporary lot of the stuff was put together in the hellenistic period later enough earlier story's wrong kinds of things dealing with that iraq but some of this goes back to it's tough to know when that historians are you but possible that this prophet name guy was maybe even a predecessors up to some of these events on ocean or will get into something like that i just found it interesting because when he recounts what happens for twenty feet the collar and tell you a little bit about the story in a in a really just sort of free market still does the solid rocket systems are really just tone to it but the same time it's very colorful he describes for example what the battle was like after proper sizing me you're gonna get it for a long time he says quote even shatters the pieces has come up against the guard the wall guard the way good guy lloyd's make thy strength we got most the shield is your roses red is warriors are climbing scarlet be prepared that chariot today that jerry horses are eager the chariots region the field they rushed to win a thorough when the plaza is your appearances like that of torches the dark about like lightning was he read out the list of his nobles in their eagerness they stumble they hastened to reach the walls the battering ram is made ready and who then am describes the only she knew all the rivers i guess the dames were broken up or rerouted to be re route of course the reverser war having to help undermine the walls but not that unusual tactic with a big city like this not a small engineering feat the prophet names as called the river slow scissor opened the palace walls are crumbling the queen is stripped of her clothing they are leading her way captive were handmade news mon like dogs upon their breasts mayor beating the level was a tank of water from that they are now escaping stand stand they cried now one of them looked backward and any basically tells everybody did take back the stuff that is syria took from them and that their housing is immensely wealthy city he says quote take heed the spoil silver take heed the spoiler in gold there is no way into the store an abundance of all good we object she is empty and void in waste parts melt me shake there is pain in all lorenzen pale have waxed all of places and cool then he does a little trash talk loading your reese's where in the middle great lines now and all the people who took all the stuff and then like indian so many good people during this era this would seem to involve no little proof that they are god was superior when the case of some of these people by this point the history of the only god the name says quote the whole dynamic gadsby says ya way of hosts by layer right will burn with smoke there yarn the sword shall devour i will cut off by praise from the earth no more be heard by messengers voices and he continues to rub it in basically blame this on a karma if you will folger the bloody cd full of lies and robber worry the crack of the whip and a thunder run the rumbling wheel the prancing orson the bounding chariot the horseman mounting in a flash of stored the glee you must be you're in mass of slain a heap of corpses there're no way into the dead bodies for the many infidelities of the wealth labored hard what mr sabine can't haitians who sold states for her wicked deeds and clans during temptations the holds a p. r. way opposed by him against the i. will strip via buy clothing and show my shame to the nation's health i will cast upon me and disgrace be hello said the young as a warning all who see the shelf we shall cry desolate nineveh whom shall be way o'connor and call well listen they may not have the time of dramatic stuff from the new reese during this time period but that's awesome running all history aside that's awesome stuff then it does give you feel for the emotion of the time period we may think you know that it's all been drained but that somebody who's clearly thinking that the series weeping what she sewed again a baby the porous your new people who asked to live with one piece of horrible p. are making it down to the air as the most widely read book in history in your people dance and they p. r. in it alas the syrian caning is rumored is a good way to put it was not enough information on this is rumored to have as the enemy was closing in high all his worldly possessions the wind is how was around him in the gold and silver in her family members killed in unix and concubine strolled on in the pub that the pio stuff with him and having all satellite with him sitting in the middle of it this seemed like that no more the rings too apparently in this time period happen if he turns probably as a motif they certainly were referred back to you for short time the syrians successor state maybe you could call it the beacon called the last gasp of resistance tried to make a stand up by sick so far that was destroyed too the syrians will turn into any people but never disappeared but whose destruction was so massive and so sustained and so powerful that they seem like they did it you will hear the syrians trying to tell the world still today we're still here and try to fight the idea that every last one of them was killed in the indian their version of the holocaust you know the end of that era what's not true that you could certainly say that within a very short period time those masses in the top of their error season for purses we're almost unrecognizable in the famous passage degree generals enough on which is ten thousand greeks fleeing a parisian civil war will get chased all the way through which now northern iraq you'll come upon these great masses cities by their standards of the day simply no riding in the dust deserted but the walls are so high the workmen should be on the streets and everything so modern a team doesn't understand where it came from the locals don't know anything about us you really think that needs built it no they were injured and two hundred years the city's you're lying in ruins they're still larger than almost anything you're being built at that time nobody even remembers that they were stealing the account by is in the fond of these ghosts cities by the one eight i've spoken about them before it's the alternate statue of liberty in the sand sort of historical moment when you can assert that right the end of the planet of the aids were charlton heston leaves his beloved just in point of the whole time in the very last seen in the movie he looks in the distance you know with the surf crashing against him he sees the statue of liberty three corps banner read in the sand if you could take in assyrian individual from three four five hundred years before xenophobic lived and bring him move forward or her forwarding the time machine so that she could hang out there in about the ruins of nineveh with xylophone no one will run through her head would run through your haiti to go for the time machine and see how or go cities someday and i marvel at the sizing each one two years later the zen of farms says and he came really lies a lot of people who know it was enough on stalking right here and has seen it and go called him a liar and he says the base of the fortification he's camping buys fifty feet broaden fifty feet high and then has a brick wall fifty feet broad and another hundred feet high on top of that in the desert calm preserve the fortifications is eighteen miles he says the russian people so the note like refugees is small villages and you and semi know many groups of people camping by but that city use to have hundreds of thousands maybe million people living there that's ago city from a dead air by the times in the forms they're only a couple hundred years later one is celia falls it's like that moment we spoke about earlier would happen if united states disappeared in five or fifteen years to world don't look like without that you know center spoke of the wagon wheel anymore towering even to think for people born in the last twenty thirty years maybe any other sort of reality maybe that's the case for the people who lived through it maybe they were blinking and just waking up to a new date it really does have so that end of the second world war so if you like everything's been devastated him a whole bunch of people who have allied together for this common interest of taking down the assyrian empire were now staring over the rubble wondering who gets watched and all the sudden like in nineteen forty six no europe especially allies were turning into potential adversaries very quickly there were four to we'd look at this as a encapsulated little micro world here geopolitically speaking which is how i look at the stories sorry for you folks who'd like little bit more culture or religion and lesbians geo political setup would really have four great powers ninety go from one and i had demonic power of the sea riyadh to babylon picking up a lot of the syrian territory in this whole deal on the way you also have the means obviously doing the same things are moving in that territory north to syria owned you have egypt always a great powers they can be but not that long ago in order she read domination like everyone else they start moving towards the modern day area around in israel and in there and they are a player in finding that it was power called lydia lydia is the power that snow in modern day turkey for the most part like everyone else they benefited from these hearings going away they really move an expanded honor areas they are generally credited with the ones inventing metal money at least in the western world and you will begin to see you at least in the long term view of things all sorts of complex breaking out now as all these new power sort of vie with each other the egyptians in the babylonians reasonable go at it in several times trying to figure a denial is anybody going crockery body worst aboard an appeal by customs al lot of the littler states just get totally screwed in this deal it's a little like the cold war were some states and the gold from the sidelines side with the soviet you to assign the western and then if you screw up all kinds of that this can happen that's exactly what happened to pour judah was sacked by the babylonian came during this era for continually you know swaying solar between the two powers that were vying for them now along on one side egypt on the other and finally exasperating the babylonian king live to the breaking point there are jews in iraq today whose ancestors were part of the babylonian kane not taking them out of the city of judith that he was just destroying that's where by the way solomon's temple was destroyed by the babylonians began turning them bad p. r. d. more of the most important p. r. books of all time the needs it will scare the babylonian as to the point with the babylonians will build something called on the d. n. wall to hopefully slow them down and then upon saw that to them about a hundred and fifty years later it was a wall that supposedly ran across de niro was part of the division between the tigris and euphrates river sing have the river on two sides in this wall in the middle and zen afonso is the two hundred years later it was quote made of brick brick school lady did him in it was twenty feet thick hundred feet high and said to be sixty miles long it is quite close to babylon and co again if he's lying about that there's a lot of people who would know that he was never reputation for that that would follow him and to our own time now the meads will famously go to war with the libyans and this is when some of rock to says really peratis has a little bit of bombed the horror story and alfred hitchcock peace id and sometimes or maybe just the people he talks to happen to 'cause during this little during which really only lasted forty forty five years between the fall of the assyrian some riders of the persians there's been a beat incidents that were you really similar you start to wonder whether the guide telling you about them or the people existing u. s. air i have a certain weakness that sort of incident in this case peratis is this is how the war with the needs and the libyans started there were some skippy and as for high interest for them the dean cain that guy c x are really trying and normally they bring back food the one time they show up peratis as empty handed in from a c x arenas who supposedly had rotted to says has this awful temper freaks out to start abusing including so good physical abuse one must admit you picking maybe these skippy in archer's gonna skip the years were never known to have particularly now on excitable temperaments show it without ways f. arab and roger says that they went in their anger killed one of the boys probably from the royal court that the meridian king had sent to learn archery from the same skippy as well they're great archers let's send some of the royal ball is up and they can learn how should bob was like an ancient ration step archer and he killed these boys rather to susan caught him up like that game that they normally give to the dean cain it showed up gave him the food watched immediate ha-ha-ha like putting your in someone's be here before you give it to them became finds out in those after them they ride into lady out and in the median king says i want those skippy into caught up bad boy made me in an erotic this is that the king of late years ago get out i'm bill war the war running into our artist telling a similar story with an even greater psychological twist barry soon after this nonetheless this war with the needs and libyans and go on for like five years brought up to set this up and will end with that and we don't we have a fact here we can play with something that's really what to say he say she says this historian claims we prefer peratis there is a solar eclipse that happens on may twenty eighth five eighty five b. c. and at that time that solar eclipse happened which by the waiter ron to say is a greek predicted claiming it was the first time that i've ever been down hundred babylonians probably hold off a few of those correctly who knows modern astronomers of course of your problem going back and with precision calculating the data that passed astronomical event which is why we have the rear confirmable fact at this point in the story when that could happen the needs and the libyans happy to be fighting about and eroticism was it was warming up as the battle was getting hot or goes to soften now if you are in ancient person with the religious belief you must imagine many of these ancient people had your few atheists in the ancient world and sometimes it can be very superstitious indeed as you might imagine now you're involved in a battle may and chilling man that ennobled sides have almost certainly had the sacrifices in the omens examined under looking at the liver i'm saying is a good day to attack them all these kinds of things and of the middle of the battle dos amigos out what you can effect will you might imagine it the means and the lady in stopped hiding in the heat of the fighting and they stop fighting we're talking about tens of thousands of people on the side and with everybody just stops that's the way it's portrayed anyway but think about it this way if an eclipse is really going to stop a battle it's gonna happen fast as the eclipse doesn't last that long the piece was brokered we were told by another of the great powers babylon and also the league teams involved maybe you would call them in mid size power in that region regional power and apart the world and the deal sealed we are told in the traditional way although the greeks didn't little differently when i told how both rollers slit their skin and saw the blood from each other also you gave daughters and whatnot in marriage that's the part i left out to the deal when the babylonians and needs no sign that agreement probably the serbs same way little bit hampshire rick bloodsucking to go along with the outside hatcheries big story that assyrian city they also mayor rudolph daughters to each other and i knew was one of these things were over sunday families are related is bill that's really gonna stop anything given the history nonetheless they did the exact same deal here got a few dollars we can know spread around gossip lot we can start n. n. n. forever friends that bottles knows about old haley's river or the battle of the eclipse sometimes now one thing the torch pointing out from this period because it's going to matter in the northwest and very west parts of modern day turkey anatolia the service called earlier our settlements and villages and cities the greeks they're called i don't mean greeks the greeks of one kind or no other being yasir to see fearing people around that region had colonized the whole area of very long time ago and they had relationships with the greeks adorn the mainland were places like athens are for example your magic trade rocked back and forth people going back and forth in fact the part on the greek world that was located in modern day turkey at this time it was the more sophisticated more call tryba more learned about the greeks in athens and sparta might see the more effeminate the more corrupt and immoral easy to more opulent in a connected all the eastern opulence as they were see how that motif works nonetheless those greeks in anatolia will become a big part of the other problem because they are the part that links to asia back to the greek mainland in the greek mainland has an interesting how there shall we call them cousins second cousins how they're doing at the time the battle of the eclipse figures out what's going on between the libyans and means those greeks are for the most part subject to the lady in king that's gonna change but in a change for everybody what about to happen in this region that will affect the greeks and everyone else is every bit as shocking and on expected as the fall the cereal box but it's interesting that they will happen with any reasonably historically speaking short period time for each other yet to imagine that elegy we have the united states disappearing in five to fifteen years of what the world look like after that or if i'd told you to oblivion you know another twenty or thirty years after that one country you'd never know some of the way police had taken over the entire planet that's how this analogy which we start trying to realize that somehow this people call the persians will first get their control over the needs help that even happen to me races are guarding the author has a great line he points out you know between the fall of the last great assyrian monarch in the rise of cyrus the great there's no mention of these persian people in any text in any politically significant way they are virtual nobody is within a generation they're running the show for everyone in this part of the world had that happen judging from the overwhelming number of historians from ancient times all the way to the middle latest often contrarian writings lion's share of the answer seems to have something to do with this incredible leader cyrus the second also called as we said earlier siler stig rate there are lots of stories by the way in some of them are fantastic or peratis is best is will the ones that he tells about the rise of cyrus but you have to remember something this person cyrus the great he is to persian an iranian history sort would george washington is to american history for king arthur used to british legend mean this is a legendary figure and because they're so little that talks about him during his rise to power historians are you're really thrust into the detective we're all trying to figure rwandans it is going on i like the way historic here bernie and contrived to explain what sort of assumption she should maybe build into the sun on a story so he was writing as a historian trying to explain to lay person like yours truly let's hope lay person understood the tennis said listen if something appears to have been out of nowhere but it's unlikely the colored you should assume that there was stuff bubbling up under the surface you know the foundation taking place but that hidden from our eyes to historical they are right so when a sigh worse the grail was sudden takes over the media empire looks like a lightning bolt strikes it's probably safe to assume considered leading up to this somehow for awhile for long time one of the things historians like to suggest was percolating in a beneath the scene that you couldn't see was something like we're ought to i guess you could say maybe moral what this is something that is you're part of earlier histories and because it's impossible to quantify amman week even asked these questions and is it any truth to the idea that we have on the way that the older generations in tougher time to talk further we are indebted if there is any truth to that of adventure in the past how the historian can measure that so they don't anymore writing in nineteen thirty five and i love him but it was written in nineteen thirty five historian wilbur ranch rise to tie it in the downfall of the need to their moral degeneration and the fact that they were sort of nouveau riche he writes quote they're degeneration was even more rapid than their rise austen yard she's the succeeded his father c x arenas proved again that monarchy is a gamble in whose royal succession great weights and madness or nearly allied he inherited a kingdom with equanimity and settle down to enjoy it under his example the nation forgot stern morals and stoic ways wealth had come to suddenly to be wisely used the upper classes making the slaves of fashion in luxury the men wore embroidered trousers the women cover themselves with cosmetics and jewelry the very horses were often comparison gingold these one simple a pastoral people would be glad to be carried in rude wagons with wheels cut roughly out of the trunks of trees now road inexpensive chariots from the stiff east and co the truth is though the witter ran towards there in nineteen thirty five is no whole lot different from what the ancient greeks on the aging creek sort of saw themselves as more broom and the compared to these people from the east that were at best so the metro section rules the greeks likes to point out the use of makeup as part of their idea that these easterners were the feminine writing hundreds of years later by the way is enough on talks about christiane jeez the last king of the means and his guy liner i guess you would go what today is stansel guys du rouge on his face and xylophone would have no way of knowing that says the week of the terror now here's the thing though in the east these kinds of things were cultural norms was no sign of a feminist either pay rose and the egyptians had been using the dark hole around the eyes forever just a different cultural thing but the greeks on is just another sign it of these oriental if a minute opulent week clever sneaky you know film the blank easterners i will leave it to the credible historians to decide someday whether there's any truth to this motif about the means sort of slouching toward gomorrah what abby most of the modern stuff i read today looks bad as a as a terribly old fashioned way did you see she went to bed as i said how do you qualify something like that anyway but if you fall the narrative the way a guy like rotten to assist taking it were guy like wilbur went running in nineteen thirty five is taking it is an almost opportunity created by the decadence of the needs and cruelty of their ruler right and that can be exploited by somebody who has the opposite values from the people the busy slouching toward gomorrah in other words people that were less corrupted by lunch we were not as decadent were more shall we say disasters of the old time virtues tough you will and this gets us back to secondary value that a guy like robert his house first remember like us and he's like the collar arrow the first real screenwriter news show runner and and and you learned two things for my guide writing the way he writes and waylon people after him right one you learn about these events he's trying to relate to you which may or may not be true enter probably a combination the two bright we learn about you know the rise of silas at least the story that this guy who are but the same time you're having like a vulcan mind meld with a twenty five hundred year old basically alien mind one way conversation with a twenty five hundred year old guy when you read her radha to cite the skill at the end really wish i could speak the ancient greek and read it and understand the little nuances like to really hear this guy in his own words as he meant every specific word the u. or getting a chance to see you know what this guy from completely different time period like this and dislikes his moral view what he thinks is going weeping says bad you know and his views short on the supernatural open the gods his biases and his prejudices you're learning about he and his world when you read his staff for one yet the filter it so carefully because just like all of us his wool pulled his world the use of that into we'll get as non biased of you now as we might want but what i want to stars in the story is kind of say baby cows osteoarthritis the way he was the cyrus arises on the scene modern day historians came to sign it or argue over whether or not there was some war fought between the needs of the persians remember the surfboard the most part semi tribal peoples probably this time they used to think they were more like states now no one's sure maybe a combination some cities with some pastoral people that were like to eat it's interesting sort of hybrid in their mind and a lot of these kinds of societies around back under transitioning from your old tribal world to something more along the lines of a centralized bureaucratic state when you're in some of the newer zone if you will so eager war between these nice nice persians were the tribes did they controlled or sort of like as one historian describes it the mid dna empire getting a change in management with me be some indian nobles helping to rebel against this asta god she's person in mater stories assuming shifting understandable so common sense reasons why they might want to but the reuse the dissolves diaz use guy is trying to convert the meeting two more of a typical centralized mesopotamia government with the king is is more autocratic has a lot more story tell that maybe he asked to share a lot of authority with these different tribal rulers and asia might imagine it's almost like the law of nature there are likely to like that this may have led some modern history instinct to sort of an op arising in internal cool if you will and the cyrus the second guy might be the person who gets to lead this now as the greatest early screenwriter ron it does has is own views so what turns the tables on us now is what the story to the game maybe tells us more about corrado to spend the audience he's trying to please but he must've heard the story somewhere this is a typical tale by the way of oriental cruelty but he's setting up something that actually seem to happen in the story in trying to get the reason why it happened without having any real way of knowing about these people he's talking to be tells what the most rigid stories in his writings but he tells it like alfred hitchcock or wes craven for someone like that we alluded to earlier we said earlier story in the boesky indians in a kill the boy inserted to the median king even like that well in this story it's that same thing with an extra twist i have cerebral different versions of peratis on but when we set this up what happens in the story is the concern is the sauce dionne jeez guide the sana asks the axe reuse and nowhere near his father in terms of greatness and have a jerk and the way he's portrayed and he has a dream and did these dreams she got all of ancient history custer always so wild rock is really to bottle it the dream has something to do with his daughter or your remaining over the whole world or something as i said to of the ancient history and he asked the madge i'd to interpret it and they say noon in i'm not very good his daughter's gonna give birth to something she's the seed of something that may be an overthrow you and so to play it safe eroticism there is iraq to some parisian on you know maybe a great persian god this is the media empire and i know some of the persian is gonna be rule on the media empire so that's been taken care of but then about a year later veronica says he is another dream about his daughter who's about to give birth to her first child and the stream he sees i think it's it's like vines coming out of her womb and then encompassing the whole arthur something again akin to that imagine i'm comin' in interpret admission might imagine it's not good and it scares us dehydration things that she is daughter is going to give birth to a person takes his throne so in the story that you see in other tales in other words it's a pretty common motif with different twist honesty on jews calls in the general a guy named harper guess who seems to be a historical figure and tells hartig us to get rid of the baby the harbor this remittances doesn't wanna get rid of the baby does money stopper second in the story eroticism lovingly telling the story he knows what the colorful pieces or any says harper does it doesn't want to get rid of the baby would wanna kill the baby so we get the job to the shepherd it gives the shepherd the babies to direct the baby expose it to be allowed into the open and let it die and the shepherd of someone get rid of the baby which is so happens his wife is pregnant and she gives birth to just this time too was stillborn child doesn't the celica bunch of old grimm's fairy tales of this white soul as you might imagine they take the stillborn child rapid in the royal close keep alive when they were supposed to kill again the stillborn child back to our biggest to get to his boss to king's ac it was dumb fast forward like thirteen years later or something like that and a boy is brought before this is the head or to story osteoarthritis because he's been with the in your boys hiram the social standing scale than he after budget questioning it is determined and again this is the wonderfulness of the change in mind meld you're having with robert is that basically asta yard he's can't tell that this boy is decaying liking your dna you can tell the difference between blue bloods and on billboards by the way they just handle situation to the timber and besides that cost ya jeez notices that the kid looks like him enough for all he uses grandfather the calls and harp and as many calls and share pre does a little investigation figures the whole story out and pertain is he's not mad tells harbor yes he's often felt i'm paraphrasing you for a dozen but that tells her because she's often felt bad about the whole thing afterwards so we see secretly relieved that the whole thing went the way it did want to go home i tell your wife remember banquet to celebrate all the sneaky come over and and and what will highlight to the bank which centers on over her thirteen year old son so he can keep the new boy you know my grandson company and i you know will have a party tonight and her radha to says that harbingers comes back colonies relieves casinos she couldn't be troubled wife is happy and ego this banquet and this is where alfred hitchcock roberts is of how what car nasa's takes the story over again i keep telling myself i don't think eroticism make in this stuff up somebody to hold him the story this is what somebody somewhere bully you now listen to this and try to imagine a story like this from the syrians or the babylonians or the ancient mesopotamia and they just didn't like this why rock as the story has the thirteen year old son of harping is going to the palace as requested and then picks up the story and says oozes from iowa distilling court translation by the wording quota when our pegasus on arrived at the palace last bianchi ten in butchered caught up in the joints and cocked roasting osamu boiling the rest and having the whole properly prepared for the table dinnertime came in the guests assembled with heart because among them dishes of mott who were placed in from us deion cheese and everyone else except are bigots the harp and this was served the pleasure tucson all of it except for the head at the hands and feet which you can put separately on a platter cover with the lid when our biggest thought he'd eaten as much as he wanted us to heidi's asked him if he enjoyed his dinner he answered that he be enjoyed it very much indeed whereupon the those whose business it was to do so brought in the boy's head hands and feet in a covered dish stood by our pegasus chair and told him to lift the lid and take what he fancied our biggest remove the cover and saw the fragments of the son's body as he kept control of himself and did not lose his head the dreadful side as deities asked him if he knew what animal applause whose flashy just he i know my lord was harbingers is replied and for my part maybe king's will be don he said no other word but took up what remained of the flesh and went home intending as opposed to bury all of that together and that was how harp and this was punished and go to if that had been in the ceiling record you would've said something like this on my divided the pieces i fed him i mean it would be a straightforward shore think he would never anybody setting up the suspense of you know having him he did not know what it is an having the platter brought in having the king asked the question do you know which way did you like it and then the plotters lifted up the mean those moments where you set up the tension in the drama it's the movie you could do that movie and change nothing oh it's living color what's more peratis is clearly setting up these moments for his audience to do the equivalent of all we would do in the movie theater when some great scene on the screen actors that we're all really glad to see new clapper something he's got these moments 'cause when you make asked yeah he's out to be such a jerk when he gets what's coming to him in the story it's a crowd pleaser in the story of course he does um well it's tempting to think that the entire thing is just a great title somebody to retail maybe not eroticism initially there are definite tax nick steaming you can see her rocket test trying to explain the reasons behind the facts today maybe screenwriter recall it dramatic license because babylonian records indicate that there was a general who corresponds to this harp and this guy and a bag general was involved in a battlefield betrayal maybe you could say in the key battle hostilities ahead a large part of his army deserted him on the battlefield and go with the other side did very well may have been this harp biggest person who led them to do that and we're on it does want you to think that seat he was a jerk and now this is what he gets in and would think that you could trust a man who sign you had served to him for dinner with the entire army in the first place but nonetheless the moment when harp and is sending you need to cross over to cyrus is side of the battlefield must've been a crowd pleasing unsatisfying moment for the audience right to jerk out what he deserved in the babylonian records it's much more stark as you might imagine one of the text from babylon as quoted by pierre briana read school osteoporosis mobilized his army any marched against our risking about shawn did conquer the army were building the insides dionne g. sonny was taken prisoner they handed him over to cyrus cyrus march towards acrobats and the royal city and co by five fifteen p. c. u. or thereabouts cyrus and the persians we're basically in control of the old you're my territories and now had inherited control of the media empire which was already one of the great empires in this particular world stage it's kind of possible that the libyan came in for example baby in three years cyrus will be at war with doesn't even really have a key idea who the persians are not sure about ameen judging from the source is this is quite a turn around and as a city in five forty seven the sonorous and he knew the persian empire is biting those same people that need for fighting when that eclipse will caused everyone to think that maybe they should be fighting and it's a great story 'cause the guy who runs the comedian empire now at this time is easy to an increase its owners are saying about a new made for rich as creases and to stereotype of the leading into this time i as i said they're known as people who invented metal coinage them off that we reach for now but that's the reputation and its attached to them because there are no thought to be extremely wealthy increases is supposed to have gone to one of the famous or calls me we deem most famous or call the entire greek world the oracle at delphi which she may have been giving money to influence it was a whole big problem during this period were some question to the reliability of these oracle's can you imagine are because of him taking money to keep operating for people increases reach me gave money to everybody's a little donald trump issue maybe you might say and dom asked the oracle you know what we're happen if i went to war with the persian empire now hillside trickier maybe only worthwhile for the bedding people amongst you but if you went to an adviser in las vegas it gave you betting advice and you say that will the green bay packers win the super bowl on the answer was if the green bay packers play in the super bowl they will add to a great legacy you bet creases was told by the oracle at delphi that increases and tax the persians he will destroy a great empire you could take that remembered your freeways could you you could say hey the green bay packers again away there you can say listen at the dallas cowboys beat the green bay packers it added to agree championship legacy to it's just the dallas cowboys championship legacy one creases and the libyans fight cyrus and the persians he loses he destroys a great empire the woman invented metal coinage i would love to get into the kind of army that cyrus had what he used to accomplish his victory over the libyans but you're the king the military system that is not well understood it anyway it was only in the nineteen eighties that they start pulling together realistic reconstructions of the army in the days that are much better known than this period i mean during the greeting for shorter raftery against alexander in this period it's all conjecture what the heck ours was using a mean you can say what he probably use this and it's logical to assume that that nobody knows when you read her riotous he's always got some little strategy and implied they keep you from having to know it really what the army was doing a more these big battles against creases in the persians we're told will take their baggage camels and take the baggage off of them and put them in front of the army so that when the lead in the horses who've never seen camels right up to the front of the scare off by the camels immunity to victory about what is with that doesn't really hoping know much about an army that must've been really really good to do all the same cyrus was doing with it he does look like a very bold commander from the sources say one of the things riotous talks about is this to be called a misunderstanding between creases in cyrus after this big battle with starts off the campaign in the bloody an inconclusive and winter's coming so creases does would any ancient commander would down during that period he went home to the capital of stardust the strength fortified city and dismissed as mercenaries with most of the army go home and told his allies in all inform on show up here and will deal with this emerging persian correct the zealous by weight include the great powers babylonian in egypt so maybe cyrus was starting to be seen as the de stabilizing force an acquittal geopolitically ecosystem in that for the world nonetheless cyrus didn't disband the army he didn't go home for winter if he were told pursue the libyans right on their heels this is bold strategy he forced another battle them were told was after creases adore he basically said most of the people all the persians win that battle in cuts to care more bottle and in the least is monstrous fortification that stardust the capital of libya they could easily hold out until all those elisha whopping four months you would think told holds up with fourteen days the game remember her right to story about raise the back half to the citadel being found by a persian who spy is one of the guards hacks fall in love helmets ball on the guard were treating it down some of the path again you would know about what amazing siege engines maybe cyrus had because we always have some little story that accounts for how was the great fortified cities in the sports world gets taken fourteen days nonetheless we also get some accounts now will flow of something we spoken about about how the persians maybe like darth vader to the greeks but they have something in any you know we don't know if you wanna call this propaganda or basis year and clever and common sense and realistic approach to things that he did he did so take it away but shall be called the tolerance bomb we're told to dorset get loose especially mentions that cyrus gave the deal to the libyans before this whole thing started he said listen submit to meet and i'll leave in charge of this whole area it's basically the same deals irk c.'s offer d. partners if iraq would come on let's make a deal putdown those weapons and not only will you get to go home i'll put in charge all these people eagle benefit submit and profit maybe you can call this combination of sort of mackey of deli in thinking that the sort of gandhi like ethic and that's going too far by low the in action the real estate hardheaded the knife in the back sort of diplomacy with tolerance and mercy and leniency and shore weapon the knife you would leniency and you you would have to suggest perhaps there were two ways this lenient idea to go either cannot or get all when you see why these hearings had to be as harsh as they were or because they use your ears war as harsh as they were in the babylonian to follow after them the area was watching for somebody who would offer me if everybody was gonna be under somebody's control when joulwan ago with a tolerant guy and remember we are grating on occur or fewer we talk about tolerance the persians to be every bit as atrocious as any other ancient people on occasion it just seemed like one state took over there were a lot fewer of those occasions maybe the historians are some of them are group would which is something like what's because the assyrian cerebral called a troublesome people to be built a vampire seems a bit far fetched certainly you can sado that the whole sort of mood in attitude was altered and you don't get any more of those really intimidating reliefs showing things like the heads of your enemies staring up which you are horrible violence in the flying the blind captives and you don't get to the writings were there's a couple boasting and a propaganda value we're saying this is what happened to you if you rebel against us recess argh ami quotes be uber psalms cylinders called in its pasha body appalled last creaking of the syrian boasting would indeed to babylon after his brother are we put on the throne of babylon rebelled against him in six forty nine b. c. e. first he's besieged the people until they were cannibals lipstick and picks up the narrative saying quote out of hunger or the flash of their sons and daughters vacate afterwards are whipped up the town of those officers whose mouth to blast beamed against asher my master and then slaughtered them any soldiers found still alive were logged in from of the weekend bowls built by sonata rip my grandfather by which the beaumont and our courage to and then tossed their quivering fleischer the jackal was the birds of the fish to eat in this way by placating the wrath of the gods would become the incensed by their ignominy is he eats mr gottlieb picks up the narrative saying quote this grisly passage related to avenge the transpired in babylon precedes a brief description of the restorative or the washer bonaparte undertook in that city that the assyrian king was on the bash it about intertwining at the account of his brutality with that of his clemency indicates that mesopotamia royalty did not for alma powell me and put in a vicious reprisals against conquered populations this attitude enabled the assyrian and babylonian kings to base their policies largely on terror during the two centuries proceedings irises rise to power the syrians and babylonians itzhak nearly every major near eastern capital in their preferred practices a population deportation and kidnapping sacred images that deeply traumatized the people of the ancient new reached and co in other words if you had never wanted to find a winning military strategy this might be the time we're mercy tolerance and being the coal conquerors really worked in your favor siler says the one who initiates this idea and we're not going in pale everybody and we're not gonna play them or not enough force them to convert to or religion you join us hey your taxes i'm a house of representatives in the garrison in your city but life will be good dispersion deal is very seductive now here's where the story begins to dovetail with what we're for he talked about earlier the people that we spoke about these greeks who were in anatolia some of them spoke a language that was called by aliens are often called by aliens but they were other types of greeks nearer to asiatic greeks is a term that sometimes used these people had been paying tribute to the creases in the libyans and cyrus had gone to them before the war with creases in the libyans and said listen how about you revolt against creases and they said now and some of them for our increases aside so after cyrus wins all the people in the region are comin' in the can say hey boss i was gonna do when i'm glad i'm glad you're victorious and out in the case of these greeks they went to him and said to me have the same deal we had with the libyans and cyrus gets madder than were told he basically says you could add that to you if you join me in fight he gives me now you wanna special deal over all the other people this region who didn't fight against me and got my head and those griggs went back home had a big meeting amongst each other and start rebuilding the walls of their cities which they had knocked down it or did you would creases bombing and put the word out for help and they sent word to the sporkin's now this partners had also promised help decreases when he was trouble supposedly they were just get in the boat getting ready to go help within fourteen days the libyan capital faulting give him last time we get there now only get you know in a very short period time a second call for help in this time from the greeks what about the persians just like that last call these persians must be troublesome people the spartans well it'll be easy when the message came but they sent an emissary to talk to dispersion now every historian i'm reading is assuming that these persians and the spartans do not know we just that this may be the first time they ever encounter one another it's use illogical considering all the training and what not going on but let's understand best case scenario it's unusual and people don't really know each other any smart and diplomat shows up in front of cyrus were told we have water these wonderful periods we can imagine the horror clint eastwood type figure showing up in front of this keen on the rise again i'd try to imagine alexander the great like like figure on the rise must've been a pretty good looking guy does we're told that the persian standards of beauty were modeled on him ever afterwards this is the way her rama to us for a minute for purpose translation describes the diplomat talking to the king of the persians whose just conquered lydia n. n.'s just about to put the hammer down on the greeks of asia peratis is called when they arrived at the key yep they said the most distinguished men with them name look real nice to stardust to declare this iris in the name of the law to mollie n.'s that he must not inflict reckless damage on any of the greek territory to selected the mall means would not tolerate it remember lack of ammonium is another name for spartans this people that cyrus is never heard of this just told him not to mess with the new these people he just conquered any basically turned to the greek adviser next to him and says who are these people and how many of them are there robert this is quote you say that when they heralded delivered his message cyrus question the greeks who were with him asking them who were these like the bemoaning into wood says such a commanding him and how many of them were there when you heard their response radha to says he said that the spartan harold quote i am never yet feared any men who have a place in the center of the c. d. set aside for the meeting together swearing falls oaths and sheeting one another and if i live long enough to academicians what troubles of their own about which to converse rather than those of the ione ends robert distances quote cyrus das insult to the greeks because of their custom of setting up a gore arose with your market places in their studies for the purpose of buying and selling which is unknown among the persians who do not use markets and indeed have no such places in the gore in any of yours to deeds and co this is worth a little digression for a second just from an interesting point first of all up peratis were probably known what portion cities were like he himself was in ione in greek religion i mean greek city he would've known this and that's fascinating when you consider the duty to the middle east now you think of the bazaars and the marketplace isn't all bad but the persians had this really interesting halter role carrot and stick thing going social we talk about this human laboratory sperm a few times in the program with the spartans for example the persians had a different on going and it's fascinating to me everything you read about them says that enough of the top three things that that society places in court on one of them used the truth in the funny thing is is in our world today we to go yeah sure everybody should tell the truth what if you may dislike the commandment the people talk all true seriously we told you earlier that when the spartan told zurich sees about the persian she says if i'm wanting intrigue you like a liar and then i'd tell you that that the death penalty the persians to applying really seriously we're told that the education of persian mayo youth was to learn to ride to learn to shoot the ball and to learn not to lie tell the troops isn't that fast need to imagine the society with this was both the state and legal requirement perhaps and certainly a heavily in incur reached an incentive iced cultural norm thou shalt not lie it almost becomes like the plot to one of those movies you know we're the main character drink some potion and all the sudden it was forced to tell the truth all the time would you have a society like that would what cyrus is saying to the spartans is i can respect any people who have these places in their studies set up where people can specifically go to why the one another and by the way without going too deeply into it there's a lot a connection to persian religious beliefs during this time period and how that plays into the question of lying the persians were worshipers on top or a mazda was a god's name in the old me choose to worship the god in the truck and his connections between good and evil that some religious experts tighter christianity and judaism and what the heck knows all you know was that it's not just the cultural and legal question it's really just want to it's interesting to speculate how much people still lived in a society with that many things favoring the truth it's interesting think about the other human laboratory experiment if you will but truthful society and our were you was to get back nonetheless we have now set the stage for problems between the greeks and the persians from this point on if you wanna call the clash of civilizations you have marketplace is in line we sure don't it's about happened lucky for the spartans we'll get to stay out of it for awhile to silas isn't gonna conquering yet not by a longshot historians still discuss whether or not cyrus pushy be seen as unintentionally or conscious conquer were our locker wigs and the great or napoleon us on the use of guns and we create the old assyrian empire or somebody they got involved in the budget conflicts each for their own reasons and you know when you when you take over their territory and anti nerve tricked into empire and obviously that's a little simplistic but dom i think it's indicative of howling in certain really key motivational areas this guy is still a bit of a mystery he will disappear or behind the veil of our historical site i guess you could say for several years after his arm taking over but yet he will leave the general and maybe this historical harbingers guy and an army behind in western turkey was no modern day western turkey to reduce these asiatic greek cities and he will go it's assumed to the eastern part of his roman the northern part of his realm and conquer further and also shore up his defenses against the many powerful tribes that sort of boring his territory probably a combination of finding some of them showing the flag to some of them all into marrying in making diplomatic agreements with some of 'em accepting vasily sure mothers and eat it was years of work to this guy is doing the inner yeoman's work the hard so logging of creating a stable state to require two years of constant effort he disappears from the historical record wally's doing this and then in five thirty nine b. c. he reappears again at the head of an army heading toward babylon them now what cyrus is going to do to babylon is probably is crowning achievement in his career after my myself that his career is already incredible is a guy who by five thirty nine b. c. has been aching for about twenty years and twenty years he's taken his people from a virtual in a backwater know where's bill to play with the concord half of the great nation states in a little ecosystem that exist in after the fall of the syria any his outside the gates of number three of four with an army that's pretty awesome right there for a king of admission on weary soon be referring to himself as part of his official will titles as the king of the universe when you go for mansion on digging in the universe that's quite a jumping he's kind of a self made conqueror you compare him to someone like alexander the great who's of course awesome but alexander remind you the lovely historical rich kid who inherit his father's already thriving corporation with tones of ready cash and does great things with it no funds to balance and it's also but cyrus never had any of those advantages and look where he is only twenty years and as rain now let me just voice my own opinion that that what cyrus is about to do to babylon is strange you can tell what the sources which really going on in the different histories and different approaches to it and it's been argued about in an abusive changed an updated over time there's just not love hard sources go for anyone who really now for anyone to conclusively we in i'm certainly not going to take a position on the plane could explain for the weirdness about the first thing you have to ask is whether or not silas or why evening the house side babylon what he did was a coincidence because the timing is awesome if you're hoping to take over battle is that just because he gets lucky with edges because as the babylonian propaganda would say later the hand of mortal tide seized him and brought him to babylon to get rid of the horrible king of babylon restore things just lucky or did cyrus on the persians haven't advanced information that thing sock in babylon right now you calm now and half the population be ready to welcome you with open arms was that may be part of the receipt showed up we did or as some have argued for years could you make it taste of the reason that people were so disaffected in babylon was in part due to persian propaganda that undermined it you're the entire will to resist but i have to be honest i did not understand that part the story for years growing up but something has changed the way his stories do it so now makes more sense to me was gonna be anti was bitten by thirty nine b. c. this is one cyrus or walk at seoul's something happens and occurs in babylon falls are taken over there you go so this idea that he had this propaganda undermining babylon made you think about when what was that happenings did ready happen so quickly the modern way of viewing this almost on a historian says that maybe the persians in the babylonian to be fighting about short couple of years and five thirty nine cyrus in his army show up outside all babylon that's like the end of the second world war one the russian show up outside a brooklyn you're having your last climactic battle to win 'em all tied by law war again the sources are just not they are to confirm any of this categorically that would make a heck of a lot more sense if you were saying that cyrus in the persian for undermining the babylonians with propaganda if he had years to do it right now understanding was cyrus might've been doing requires talking about babylon it's awful to like the assyrian city of nineveh this is a great urban center and it's large enough and complex enough so that you see a lot of the same sort of dynamics going on in albeit through an ancient land is that you would see any modern large city today there are fisher's there are divisions there are tensions there are on disagreements they're they're all sorts of things that if someone to come in they could widen the disagreements and slowly but surely increased level of anger and discontent here's number of things to be exploited to start with the fact the king is unpopular the king of avalon during this time period almost certainly suffers from from bad to bed historical publicity his name is now the madison by the time all of this is going down now and i this is about seventy seventy years old in the world would the life span is so much shorter calmly seventy year old people are there he's like the wizard and to the population in terms of this is a guy whose memory goes back to advance most people can get anywhere in europe memory was he may have been the general who helped seal the deal between those two sides of the battle of the eclipse remember when he's up each other's blood as part of sealing the deal discuss this number nine is ngai wing was much younger and more vigorous may have been what the generals on site now he's all and it's really hard to get your mind around with this guy was really like he sort of portrayed it as a taser kind of a doting aunt aquarium by some historians some people consider in the first official archaeologist i think it's gotta be crazy 'cause de there are lots of earlier kings were into digging up you know earlier versions of their civilization but this guy is portrayed as somebody who almost prefers it to be making he'd rather be out there indiana jones in some old babylonian stuff from the previous kingston than dealing with the data the government we also looks like a guy who doesn't mind getting out of babylon i have this image for the movie of some alameda slipping guy who played that the scientist the doctoring back to the future and have him be nab the night isn't just have him sort of get finding the hosler boss old babylon too much in those young kids get loud music and all that stuff soul he and the priesthood babylon especially the main an important god amar doctor begin to have these disagreements i don't understand something in the world before modern times theories really only one reliable counterbalance to the power of the king run emperor pharaoh and that's the priesthood and religion because the power that they they have stems from the same source right you're you're king by divine right to god to want to be king will was a special relationship with the gods who helps me a placating god and as a worker the god who knows what they got really want all the priesthood and religion rights of the only other source of legitimate our power in these societies before modern times are often get the priest and a priest amar couple like this now the night sky part the reason why is he seems to be kind of all favoring another god over theirs this is what i mean by targeting manure and now the niners because he may be like in hot cannot untied character you know the egyptian pharaoh that may have been a model of the u. simeon tried to change egypt religion mother similar story right were you have the autocratic ruler are opposed by a powerful priesthood in a drop in and i didn't return back to normal make it work hard in his face off of all the old things try to forget he ever lived now the night ismail him what these guys to want to change the religion his mother was supposedly a priestess religion devoted to a guy named say and i'm god and so have the night is ripe for this time period gives the ultimate middle finger to the priesthood of market by leaving babylon and going to some arabian oasis no historians in modern time to time also to really good logical patriotic reasons why the king might do that in past times it was much more portrayed like this guy is a mistake you're a mistake or an old man or combination but to annie just want to get away from some were the people and he appreciated more inn he's repeat oasis it's probably what modern history is the key star will be heard one important work to the country by he's missing important work it the same time the babylonian for quieter came to be there once a year for new year's festival was important he had to physically grasp the hand of the gotten from the population won't see you in short success in good things all these kinds of deals and he stayed away from like a decade on the babylonian records will say every year the king was not here for the ceremony or what have you and they're getting past the nice putting more money into creating more these temples for the other religion denying some money that the people more book expectant and you can just see it the boiling over right and in the king's not even there is some militias are his ruling azalea region and he's not popular either so the king is part of it the babylon is going through your top economic times to you and pudding disk wheeze on people they're having proms with disease and that's causing on rest archaeologist arthur joan hopes describes him the dalman to reports of of of database offering much remembers an infallible and banking system and financial system was developed most of them had great banking houses there that were very powerful and lid on long after this period and and and and that's just another one of those dynamics that makes us think about modern times these are powerful interest that have to assume authority in the state happens when things seem to be fall apart and people are losing money and anti reserve bad and then you start the persian propaganda about this king that sounds like things are going his way which remember during this time period might've caused a lot of people to figure the doctor's tie one on that guy markings not even shown up to shake the gods and every new year's right is the way doctor john hopes describes the situation babylon considering also remember that this king looks like a guy who's trying to change religious traditions trying to change a bunch of other things in and doctoral trade school clearly not when i this is really just an administrative reforms provoked great resentment all the wars in extensive building programs of his predecessors had proved disappear burden on the country's resources large numbers of economic texts were beals of your inflation the situation now made worse by the spread of plague between five sixty b. c. eat and five fifty b. c. you'd prices rose by up to fifty percent and refined sixty before read by b. c. u. ditto increase amounted to some two hundred percent and co not just that but again you know take this with a grain of salt a target about that but there are people inside babylon who might be considered shall we say vulnerable to propaganda bed created descent there are a lot of people in babylon war there because they were forcibly taken once upon a time for more they came from and some of the propaganda afterward certainly the post propaganda but maybe some of the pre propaganda to from silas told these people that the persians were takeover they get to go home start with the deportees from judah jewish people today there is there still i'm sure still in the global patrols jews in that bar the world today that are descendants of people were forcibly removed after the babylonians sacked jerusalem what cyrus was telling those people if i didn't find empower you can go home morrissey was telling only other deportees the same fang no one historian for for his siler smith persians propaganda first i knew that comes to mind is like a negative propaganda like the nazi stuff designed to lie to people and get to believe things that aren't true but you could make a case that that since we know that cyrus and the persians will eventually actually do what they're saying here right that they will for example allow the jews to go back to judea and reestablished their religion and even eventually you'll pay for some of the rebuilding of the second temple will be the second temple with with roy alphonse when you know the direction they do that maybe you could say that this propaganda is a lot more like dropping leaflets over enemy military alliances say something like in a surrender to us we got her prisoners would he be a hot meal and in a few bucks in your pockets of cigarettes with a bony old is maybe this is like telling the people inside babylon do not fear i may be coming but i'm going to sing you all now the real experts on the sleep here briana cautioned us against thinking about this the way that i just described to you that this is a conscious policy of toleration he says the way the marketing really is is a lot more like cyrus is the scenery and babylonian predecessors were he's essentially promising continuity and because continuity means allowing these people to do things the way that they're accustomed to do it it seems like tolerance he points out that it's normal for congress in this region even before this time treaty come in and promised to restore everything that's wrong kozyrev said i will fix that economies battle will fix that you are kept away from your home in your god did did you know i will fix that were store and we creator world order or so we're for you wanna call this in five thirty nine cyrus and the babylonian army meat in the battle were there seems to be relieved may be nasty massacred the end the babylonian army is defeated the rest of the troops of ron back to the very formidable defenses of the city and within two days somehow the gates of the sillier opened and cyrus is general is marching through the streets in triumph of babylon falls and now the night us please reserve entry captured and supposedly treated well by cyrus despite all the other kings were peratis accord has to give us a stratagem story of how it happened this time involved in the waiting until we get the river down close to the city to serve lying to prove what were they the troops can go through the marshes or what have you and captured the city and i think he's one of the ones that say that the city can even now was being captured because there was some revelry going on attached to a religious cult in the city so big anyway me maurice conditions put the city size and over two thousand acres and the wall circumference at about eleven miles so it's possible that one part of the city they were partying it happened in the persian scallion up the natural thing to do be to throw a story like that nibbling on typical you know greek stereotypes him what about it should be pointed out one at that oftentimes in these ancient religions there was an awful lot of decadent or fonder depends on your point of view i guess stuff that was part of the of the religious right to neil see this in greece and rome and tom of other religions the world over specially nietzsche period and these people are immensely really just the babylonians especially the holy city of mesopotamia rates are very religious people so imagine people with the commitment of like a taliban break the seriousness with which they take us and as the strike and militancy all that you might be commended to party it's a party for god and if you're not there the ramifications could be huge right i'm inclined to think that it's a greek stereotype of course that is a part of me that wants to believe it's the latter donna wanting this conquest of such even the right word of babylon is known for is the fact that it's generally considered to be bloodless and forget about all we talk about the nasty potential massacred the end when the city of babylon is taking it's taken essentially voluntarily innocent the babylonians open up the doors irises general comes in as seventeen year so days later cyrus assault comes in and we're told the population will get in from the chariot lays down home for owns and stuff which some historians neal the shoes to be surer was a sign of how much people want him there are more modern day histories point out the best generally happy get treated when you come into the city that's trying to show that they're no threat of elmo please don't hurt us that's perhaps what the persian take over babylon is most known for directing honey body and as as i said earlier not and i this is like disappeared which supposedly is the same fate that cyrus is meted out to all the king's he's faced which by the way is not only to unusual but it's not even may be true for those they're always little here's some with me cyrus killed these kings in the in the propaganda cover it up nonetheless historically and traditionally he supposed to have spared any given good lives to all these are the king's he defeated honesty i just need creases of libyans now now the knights of the babylonians what is the message cyrus is trying to send here mean that's what i find interesting you wanna know little bit about the guy silva maybe would try to do watch the message when he does that because the assyrian came the last conquered babylon brags about how he tied the king of babylon up like a cake and displayed in the center of nineveh so this is not standard operating procedure is one of the things bother with it fascinating about cyrus because the outcomes razor proto history which is the right way to go on you will see to do is to assume the most logical things regal assumed illogical things to the assumption always is that someone like cyrus is playing a hardcore cynical propaganda game to begin on sorry probably his most people would be occasionally you can get some different kind human being because we see them they exist but to diffuse and outcomes freezer approach to try to determine what gandhi was really like a thousand years from now you might be looking into some gandhi was really i'm in a disservice to knuckle attempt to figure out a way to gain power while i need to figure out all the real logical reasons why that might do this sometimes people for doing things for mystic reasons or morality reasons or humanistic reasons or any of these things sometimes those people slip through the cracks because it's just so easy to assume that they have a more real world terra firma reason for doing things is it possible that cyrus was kind of a humanist maybe you know what this is how he's portrayed by the way by israel flames of all the people back there when it is the guy who invented human rights sort of at least as a the rulers concerned in babylon is what the number one piece of evidence in a big it's trotted out in defense of this idea this isn't just some soda policy of tolerance for expediency sake that this is how cyrus really believes you can govern imagery pointed out that that i'm only has babylon tennis render with other fighters another babylonian senior to become a opens their door to silas it's interesting because he was reserve army has an interesting take on something that the babylonian king did as part of the the the fighting with cyrus for babylon supposedly in this is no way to look at grab and eyes showing that maybe he was really responsible king after all before cyrus gets to babylon galvanize goes around all the surrounding towns and it takes their gods takes all the little the statues in the representations of their god and takes him to babylon and traditionally this is considered to be active safekeeping rake in the yorkshire statue of liberty falling into the hands of the law my it's an ending up in their trophy case russ you take all these village god's back to babylon for safekeeping breezes are gonna go has an interesting take on this his book discovering sommers is a great job reminding us of the interesting to note the belief systems of the people who have these gods and then how maybe you can see with nab the night is is doing is the equivalent to perhaps kidnapping the gods of these towns and holding them hostage for good behavior right stay loyal to babylon or you're gonna get it in the neck something like that his words are coming right at remember this only makes sense if nab the nineties is seriously worried that some of these towns are just going to go over to cyrus because of the propaganda or whenever he writes quote faced with a very real prospect that is cities would open up their gate to the conqueror them at night is settled upon a drastic policy he decided to hold hostage the sacred idols of babylonians outlying cities to ensure the loyalty of their inhabitants so once i rescind is army resume their march in the late summer or by thirty nine b. c. series of caravans laden with divine images and other religious artifacts made its way to babylon living today we can hardly grasp the full psychological impact of nab the nineties is action the guy who was the centerpiece of the ancient mesopotamia cult in the most important symbol of the community the inanimate statues were treated like royalty bay perfumed groomed an event that lavish meals by an entourage of domestic servants priest and personal attendants ancient mesopotamia colts were geographically centralized and the gods powers territorially limited that is by cyrus could not receive the divine approval he desired with the gods concentrated in babylon even continues but now benign as was playing a dangerous game by emptying his studies of their idols proximity to the calls that you meant everything to the superstitious masses who believe that the sacred images of the gods to perform miracles curing illness and most importantly protect their settlements cities lost divine protection when their gods laughed and co one of the first things that silas would brag about doing when he takes over babylon is returning all those gods to the outlying communities and those people freaking out that you having their gods back once again as pierre brinson cyrus is portraying himself as the restorer of quarter rough things as they should be he's beginning to tie himself to the ancient the syrian tradition some historians to jess consciously of talk about repairing something in the city in coming across some proclamation by asher bonnie paul b. c. reentry you tie himself to syria in this ancient the royal tradition we start calling himself king of kings in king of the universe these are cold assyrian and even arkady in terms but if cyrus restoring the use these ancient titles for himself he can see why he thought he might deserve that because eighty or ninety years after no the ancient kingdom of the serious foul cyrus and put humpty dumpty back together again what sort of a different form and different marketing different branding but all the sudden once again just as had existed during later syrian times one power had a gemini in that part of the world now trying to rule immensely different people people from up in everything from from deeply urban environments in places like babylon to phoenician cities two tribes it existed off in the edges of the ration step and incorporate all these different people and one empire much is made of the different strategies of the persian issues over the series instead of trying to shoe everybody into one no cultural style convert everybody to your religion making good is syrians of these conquered people a persian just a much lighter touch that the idea toleration really was to allow local customs to continue the syrians were needed tolerated that the fact that the persians didn't try to change all that weather was a question of religion or language or anything else in fact when the persian empire gets up and running persians will be put in all the most important positions but persia will not be the language of the emperor there will always be only a tiny minority people actually speaking persian all of the official your proclamations will be multilingual so the different people can read them all the local gods respected unsupported now again is this some sort of in a humanitarian gesture was irises park or is it a guy who is a humanitarian thinks listen i'm just telling you this is the best would treat people and it worked out bastien other words guy who believes his own humanitarian police in morals dovetail into good outcomes wars as somebody who cynically look to this injustice listen i'm just telling it if we do it this way while pleasurable to be much better than the way the serene stood who knows it's tempting to think of cyrus is brilliant and visionary regardless of which one of those things is true the organizes this empire eastern to creating things that are called set traps and sat trapeze which are the ministry of units that will be built upon by his successors in the next major thing we hear about sonorous is the most aquino when these people live there for back you get the highlights of their lives right can amor won the new conquest of media highlight number two conquest of lydia highly number three congress to babylon pilot number four the expedition against the clean one of the most powerful tribal coalitions in central asia now the fact that they're easy to clean involved in the story should tip you off to the idea that it's gonna be a good one and our rightist by the way no one says he's eager to get to the story nice to spend a ton of time what he's been setting up the nose is audience is ready he's got a little moral twist that may or may not have anything to do with reality but you look at that twenty five hundred year old mind bitter mind melding with one way this was the story but it becomes the time were brought it is in his least reliable too we need the jobs from highlight number three the high what number four in sarver says life in one second if you look at the actual date of all bill you'll see that there is like nine years between highlight number three the pilot number four in nine years when cyrus is i'll to use his own marketing and branding king of the universe but heck with this guy going for nine years while he was put in algebra begin do we know something called the cyrus cylinder is famous amidst this peace were for cyrus has the babylonian god same numbers with in the hallway and any introduces himself is this good guy again propaganda makes it easier to rule the subject people if you make it feel like it was your goddamn want me here i came because he took my hand right to sigurd legitimizing you will and tying you into that to the age old power structure basically saying acting you defeated was the real weirdo that the guy didn't want ion restoring it in a bikini should do the people that marco could want to have it you can see into the same is true in law the other religions that cyrus is involved with this is why lot of people think this whole propaganda tolerance things much more for political move because look at how it helps him politically the weighted by the way he could not have foreseen that made in immortal this is from pure brimmed book from sommers to alexander but the translation from the bible that he uses in the same way that the cyrus cylinder says the babylonian god margot comply resists handing you know swept away all the opposition this is what the israeli god yahweh he did according to the bible quote thus a zsa way to his appointed to cyrus leaking is taken by his right hand to subdue nations before him and strip the moorings and kings of course gate ways before another gate to be close no more viable global war you leveling the heights i will shatter the bronze gateways smash the iron bars would you be heeded treasures the secret hordes that you may know that i am yow y. and quo so once again cyrus as these gods on his side why they on the sidewalk he's always helping isn't he he's always doing it with the priesthood the market would like it and it's interesting how market falls along he likes if you treat is priest well in the case of ya way well according to the bible again dear briana skeptical of the details but says in king in the bigger picture released it was consistent with what actually happened the bible says that in the way mimicking to king's after two official king's after cyrus they found the actual order or that would've made ya we're pleased with investing shall we say in the cyrus conquest according to the bible and here bring on skis corruption of it this is firm has run by the way are the royal archives of that back tonight the order said quote in the first year of cyrus became a king cyrus decreed it temple of god in jerusalem the temple will be rebuilt as a place in which sacrifices are offered the witch offerings are brought to be burnt it titus to be sixty two bits it's with a sixty two bits they were to be three witnesses of stone blocks and will avoid the expenses to be met by the king's household furthermore the vessels of gold and silver from the temple of god which never good nestor took from the sanctuary in jerusalem and brought to babylon are to be restored so that everything may be restored to the sanctuary in jerusalem and put back in the temple god and quo that dovetailed nicely with that story of the ghostly hand doesn't it because with that guy bell shows are was drinking out of that made in galway selma to begin with rollie sacred vessels from the old temple in jerusalem solomon's temple bells arsons decree which we build solomon's temple you pay for the d. king's treasury when you bring back all the stains that are still around and to restock the temple with them i mean you send the people who've been deported here back home now here's the thing this reconstituted the military out that will become a sap trapped by the way does not have its political freedom they're not going to be the way they were when the babylonians in egyptians were arguing over them you've got to see that they're pretty darn far ahead they went for my people that might have died out religiously in fact the book i had the places silas is what the top most one hundred influential people of all time says that that's one of the things maybe you credit him with the fact that if he doesn't do this is a chance judaism also continue over the long haul in this case he builds what's known as the second temple and if you wanna see continuity the wall that is still one of the holiest it not be wholly is cited as the temple mount would be holier billboards part of the temple mount is the is the famous western wall the western wall is a roman era edition to the second temple which cyrus allegedly according to the bible paid for unauthorized so interesting is new to consider how connected the stories of the ancient rome using ancient persians are to the ancient jewish folks especially considering the current antagonism between them in as late as the nineteen seventies the shaw the wrong was was touting this ancient closeness between the peoples of the relationship if not for the ancient persian some iranians there's a chance there wouldn't be judaism today and again in oman it died out is a very good chance you would've had the religions that sprouted off that branch when that christianity you probably would have islam of the words is siler stig rate actually did do this and he had never lived to do it all of the world look like today another thing it says in a hundred most influential people of all time that that was adjusting is that many of the people begin credit is being very important and dynamic and instrumental human beings in terms of their effect on history did something that would've been done anyway i am and time without way but a lot of this stuff would happen someone else would discover the light bulb probably the author thought it likely but if cyrus degraded never lived none of this stuff happens he was a unique individual really take a german around the specifics of how he was a unique individual because sort of look at what built up even appear brows writing you have to assume that there was a lot foundation bubbling up up under the surface for cyrus to work with sisto pretty incredible human being i think you could probably say you with a decent chance of being right that he is in the five thirties b. c. d. degree does geo political figure who's ever lived which makes the next thing i'm going to say so hard to believe no why should i say how about winning historian eighty olmstead a book published in nineteen forty eight say it again is there any more of a telling example that these people live at the very tail and the black and white hair recover corner human history as how can this guy be as big as he is and yet this next line be true homestead said quote here we must leave cyrus personally that without warning for information comes to an end end quote two hundred years after this period we will know alexander the great's symptoms to such a degree the doctors today trying to diagnose when i got up and they still don't know mazzone new ratings perfect but you know we're when the house the wise how can you not know how this guy dies highlight number four in his life as portrayed by her ron it is is wrong it is historian how he dies and i love the fact that robert is goes to the trouble to point out that he's run several different versions of the story but the one he's going to give you the one he thinks is most likely and the two stuck when chickens the story that rot to stinks is most likely used along with the most exotic interesting movie like elements to which you can imagine i can imagine he left the better version on the table some were saying no no i just don't leave that because the one he used to so awesome that is unbelievable that's the problem here nobody knows what to believable off the top of my head if you asked me what percentage born into the general idea veronica so story at sea about eighty percent most of 'em don't believe any of the details but the broad idea in five thirty b. c. cyrus the great died somewhere out in the step they react as raw that the said details probably unknown about twenty percent i'd say of their stories don't think he died completely differ way something begins different tribes and eroticism to three areas other than he did die that way at all xylophone running a couple sentries afterwards will say he died in bed peacefully so there's a mystery to buy the two in iran into generally a big higher percentage of histories of the key didn't die the waiter ron dissenters imparting you can understand why he'd be a little skeptical it's just too darn interesting the wicker rockers doesn't he can see here the admonition that i got one restoring in journalism award and said that and tell what really happened in the most interesting way possible what happens to an admonition like that if there's no way you could possibly know what really happened but you have to tell anyone we're standards then you put which left with the most interesting way you can at that point right while the story is roberts is tells it involves this little twist you can end up leaving his theatrical pre situation with a deeper message again the deeper message may or may not be true peratis couches the store ring out into the idea of overreached maybe the idea of absolute power corrupting absolutely before we write this off as many historians to run away because to such an obvious more message remember you could make that case about hitler you know what the absolute power and drawing you mad after while with alexander you can make the case any megastore historical figures with this is both the motif diseases recurring theme you see all the time but also happens to be true maybe after years of being king of the universe cyrus got a little full of them still photos but that's the way this is portrayed british corner be object lesson here in the person that is going to stick it to cyrus and teach him this lesson is going to be corny it would get to think of like an amazonian queen this isn't some woman who's walking around in velvet you know on a throne being phantom mean this is a person who probably wants upon a time was chilling man in hand hand combat and this woman really exist who the heck noses no historical confirmation i've ever seen that says that they found anything that proves this queen anne's name on the way i used to call it to mars was growing up and i've seen to maria's tom morris number differ pronunciations think shakespeare my views theresa character and his plans unless you can say couple things wanted it would've been are reduced to think of for is a female warrior because these tribes actually had come it may have been the actual world of the idea of amazon's and so the mythology so she could actually been a killer warrior but also the tribe she was supposed to have led i was real all too real to some people that were called the massacre top of the message tie the dangers powerful numerous tribal coalition bad the only high rises in his writings yet to set it up and tell you what he knows which isn't much and he says i hear their escape the end people which they gonna work you have to think of mongol type culture but with people who were probably predominantly light skinned it and ranging on the scale of looks from what the turkic colonel look all the way up to people with blonde and red hair blue and green eyes to all the saloon fighting side to that i'm a little bit of the viking he felt a little sore worshipping in things like that supposedly monsignor these people would have a scaffold erected nipple disorder on top of the scaffold and then they would march underneath the scaffold won and everyone hundred prisoners of the captured over the urine execute them as a sacrifice to the sky goddess on god that mister i think it was these are colorful scary people just wish you want a story like this reduces are we talked about their head hunting the fact that they make in a drinking cups on the skills and really nasty warriors of the ones with the most cops he talks about their candidacy use again this is the exotic barbarian warrior what they do he says the founders of fruit that they can burn it and in the center realm of fire burning the freudian against them intoxicated like wine gets greeks intoxicated so in a little bit of a barbarian collar controlling he also point out according to him that they varied per miscue issue might call them free love types or swingers maybe anybody can sleep with anybody else is why she does pass to put his bold in alongside their tend to let him know you're interested i guess so what we'd smoking head hunting blood drinking white shearing viking types who would not want that in a good story if you don't know anything you just try to make the best really sure you include these people prerogative says that cyrus leads an army up to this queens territory and and basically proposes marriage to work so would be like in diplomatic alliance going on in her rota says that she sees through this region releasing the judge wants to conquer for people by marrying her to them when she says no he begins to try to set up all we would call today an amphibious river crossings big weaver and divides the territories coming from from the territory these central asian course nomads up in places like to know how sock stain places like that today and as cyrus in the persians we're told are building these boats solo which have like towers like fighting towers on them she sends him a message now remember she's going to be like the voice of avenging old carmel here are in teaching cyrus a lesson to her maurice in the words that robert is putting her mouth from screenwriter show runners one of you are designed to know said this idea of bright you should know but you don't you know you really get what's coming to you here is what her rotter says is it to do so long for translation of whore and boggling cool king of the needs i invite you to abandon this enterprise for you cannot know within the n. t. what do you any good roll your own people and try to bear the sight of the ruling mine but of course you'll refuse my advice at the last thing you wish forced to live in peace listen then if you were so bent upon trying her strength against the message to tie him up the laborious task of building a bridge and let my army withdraw three days' march from the river and then you come over yourself or super for red retire the same distance yourselves unless we chew on your side of the river and co this barbarian warrior queen he's basically saying to a guy whose title includes king of kings in king of the universe to come and get it arocha maureen take it from you that's a pretty strong female character isn't it that was thinking that makes peratis the time is up a little pro feminist renegade but he's been looking for good strong female character isn't another reason maybe that would play well maybe some of the people in his audience are women and they would be good to have a character that they tumbled really to wind shear for finally might just be you'd be at the manly news of the persians right anemic here is the greatest came the day asia has ever produced annie's about to be beaten and killed by one nonetheless in the story when she says you know the one over here the one over there cyrus and his inner general someone us again at a conference about this what we do which to which we take him all his advisers a letter can or some of the river one adviser doses number of goldberger her side that adviser is our old friend became lydia creases instead of being killed ron that this has been going in the stories of affecting his adviser choose iris all the way through increases his advice is totally different her story says you can't let her come we're hearing get grounded for peretz a woman it would look terrible so is that other little did he says go over to her side and then he says and how about we do a little trick the proceeds to tell cyrus that they should essentially do the same thing to these people that the needs did to you do these people were there causes a generation before in the store you may recall get 'em all drunk and kill 'em my disown court translation has creases telling silas to do with this way cool here then is my advice crossed the river advanced to the limit of the enemy's withdrawal and then get the better of them by a piece of strategy i've heard that these people have no experience of such luxuries as the persians enjoy an know nothing about the pleasures of life this take advantage of this fact and said adam bank would devour k. on the most generous scale with a great many sheep slaughtered and dressed all sorts of other dishes and balls of strong wallowing in liberal quantities there when the bank was all prepared he says lettuce march back to the river leaving only a detachment of inferior troops behind the less i'm very much mistaken when our enemies see all those good things they will set to work upon them and that will be our chance to distinguish ourselves by a bold stroke and co again is that a recurring motif for is that just a tactic that seems to work one inmate who knows but in the story we're told that the third of the army shows up killed the inferior troops sees all the food in the wind proceed to get in a very full and very drunk and then the persians come in and kill bludgeon bombing capture some others about a third of the army according to her radha to us included amongst the prisoners in general who also happens to be this barbieri in queens on sit down in the scenario rotter says playing with his movies turned into little bit of a thriller with little chess match among those of the silas assigns captured a major piece some of the queen associations warranties i'll let you go now if you give me back my son kinds of speeches from the purpose translation that robbed to some squawk went to my wrist learned what happened to our army in her son she said the heroin to cyrus with this message bloodthirsty cyrus do not gloat over what has happened here you persians indulge urso for the fruit of the mind of the blood of that gets so that the wine to say is indeed your body's ugly word to blow up an out of you by such means you tricked me you've taken my son prisoner but not by supremacy in battle well then why you're to follow this advice return my son to me and despite the damage to a kindly wreaked upon the third part of the army of the massacre tight you may leave this way and i'm howard if you do not do this i swear by this on the lord of the massacre type that i will satisfy your thirst for blood insatiable if you are and quo so what silas can it do with this interesting powerful chess piece he doesn't get the chance to decide 'cause we're told that as soon as the queen songs sobers up finds himself in our hands tiger bound to besiege us are risk to one to his hands somehow cyrus is convinced and like the way emeralds and translation coated the minute his hands were free robinson's prerogative says he destroyed himself to committed suicide now all of a sudden stylist just lost his piece and this is when we're told the battle happens this from the dissembling core translation quote the krajina on hearing that cyrus ignored her terms he engaged in the field with all the foresee she possessed the battle which followed our joshua been more violent than any other forth between four nations according to the information that i have the engagement began with the two war means coming to a halt within range of each other in exchanging shots with bows and arrows until their arrows were used up after which there was a long period of calls fighting with spears and daggers neither side being willing to retreat finally however the massacre tie got the upper hand and the greater part of the persian army was destroyed read still and as cyrus in self was killed he'd been on the throne for twenty nine years and equal of course that doesn't quite twist the knife enough have you leaving the performance really thinking about some of the greatest beams and life to ronna to us from my purpose translation and the code into story a great school queen cameras they feel the wind skin was human blood and searched for the corpse of cyrus amongst the persian dead she found him she thrust his hand into the wind skin and as she does abused the corpse she declared to which i am alive and a conquered you with battle two of ruined me by taking my saunter guile well then just as i threatened by waltz lake your thirst for blood and co so if as the recurring greek motif will later show that the persian sir sir real overreach ers i'm sure for ron it does is added to use that they should have learned their lesson with silence but the time cyrus exits casino he's built an empire that stretches from the modern day pakistan all the way to the mediterranean pop into turkey down by the red sea to the borders of egypt and how to the central asian step nice taken no efforts and and and spent years organizing it in putting in uniform or has a chance to live on after he's gone mona let you cannot looms a person of that magnitude you can't lose alexander you cannot lose in upholding you can lose it have these people from such lofty heights removed from the scene without there being this huge vacuum a couple hundred years after this time period one of the people who will fill a vacuum people use similar role and maybe eclipse this person who does it is to room winter and integrate along with some influential colleagues we'll go to the spot in the building that is assumed to be the tomb of cyrus the great that tomb is still standing by the way in modern day you're wrong if indeed it was to turn to interesting to think but alexander climbing up there in a fully colorado's historical era now by the way bringing with him people who will write about it afterwards we actually have through another guy the writings of someone who's with alexander income describes what the true looked like what a clothing was souvenirs lot of things to do some help the guy into the afterlife sort of deal and the body that was preserved in wax we're told dismiss was conover persian costume too now this might just be me but i this feeling that depict queen of the message he a domestic untie it had taken his header something that's it mutilation that they would have probably told us about it's probable that the body look pretty darn good 'cause no one talked about putting any other way we're told that there was an inscription on the two yeltsin has to reinstate you must've been from the team does it's missing that they were probably different descriptions from people who supposedly saw them some are more flowery than others who want to like it as a couple different versions says cool mortal i am cyrus on a mit to founded the persian empire and was king of asia grudge me not done my monument and go but there are other traditions also from all eyewitness accounts regionally the record very different issue of epitaph some historians are alike say it's much more traditional you're on the intuit's much for p. c. you can write to the point the persians when they were leading the empire could put on the errors as well as any mesopotamia dynasty ever did they could keep on all the traditional titles queen victoria had the embers of india kings of this area had to endure the universe king of the four corners of the earth king of lanza the persians could do that but sometimes when they were just recording for eternity which is what to whom inscription like this is they adopted a different style in the tomb inscription supposedly from an eyewitness to lie with the most to accuse irises persian need creaky should form of the name koran shirk were harsh it says here are lie cool rosh king of kinko's oh michelle you just heard we talk about the seventy your role babylonian ruler had an ibis and in a city that he lived in where the vast majority of people would in twenty years old and hunter in which case number nine is has like three lifetimes plots to read half lifetime's worth of their memories he must've seemed a little like wizard and as i get older i'm starting to feel a little bit more nab and i dislike myself bubble could also be the equivalent of like an old man in a rocking chair on his porch wiggling it saying you know back in my day of the combination of the two but i can remember my first website how about that come on like website eight nine ten something like that number back in like ninety four and many five would ever was or never panicked hum of money for new website that looked like crap afterwards is no way to mince words there's nothing the good news is in nineteen ninety four nineteen ninety five it was a little like the high fashion in the nineteen seventies at the time you need to realize how bad you look at the time we took away sir look fine looking back on it now just like looking at those polaroids for nineteen seventy five i feel like i got ripped off there was no swear space back then where's this is the kind of website where you can children went to them my kids were both there girls billion of that they would pay for game that let them do was square space let you do to do when the simple powerful beautiful way no what i wish i could die myself back in the middle nineties create website and by the way with all these elements to it that i had to pay a bomb gulf war not that long ago so it's interesting how quickly things to change responsive designed built and i still last major firms by the way about him to use it as part of and sometimes they say call yes and somebody to go on architecture response in designing to the skirt on in all the various platforms how about the heat commerce part everywhere psycho sugar free online store i had to jump through amazing hope to be a decade go to deal with online stores hasegawa some aunt again i won't even go and how affordable that is compared to not that long ago when you get a free domain if you buy square space for the entire year that's nice to you i'm a person that is on record by the way as being someone who thinks most of y'all have a website the body mind to city to star in his own business before he even finished telling you what the business was i was thinking is the website of the water what looks like but that's pretty obvious now right at the abuse issue should have a website with a little less obvious as i'm i'm more of the opinion that just like to know that was a norman mailer book long time ago advertisements for myself but most of the al player on our website also not something we should your facebook had photos and it's more professional something at advertisement for yourself if you will and remedies to the couple freezes she was really go get him a dynamo blubber was always keep walking and talking in other words be out there shaking hands meeting people that's what website is today into virtual version of that the other one was to get to give beat an opportunity to intervene at the bywater retake it life is emperor but things like that but to me what website is might mean nothing but sometimes you never know what might happen the more of those two never know what might happen or is you have no water on the better chance that one of 'em get some time he didn't start the trial and okra corn required and start building your web site today if you and the promo cold hard core and check out chubby ten percent off switch gears all the beautiful whoa the persians were whopper jr qubilah to be tough neighborhood the show you just heard involved a lot of context again they were we discussed the background where they sprung from because this does a bunch of things one he makes their achievements all more astounding i mean they arose in this world with all these amazing competitors in managed to climb to the top of the heap anyway it also helps us in the baseline for comparison we say things are the persian sir all right or lenient what we need we say compared to want the show you just heard gives us some idea what they might be compared to you finally it's a fantastic story the story that she usually relegated to get here between two waters to reach right somewhere between the ball to syria on the rise of persia is the hill latter part of the six hundred and the highest fighting asia like five ninety five five eighty five what's going on during that era only it's sort of just a transition point between the two chapters in the book for us all by itself it's twisted and fascinating i love the idea the great power like the western disobedient and collapsing and arrest the world so i'm looking at each other over the in a small can ruin strutting around who gets what we were things look like now i love that the key to this whole story does point is you weren't took such a singular figure to put this improbable no event together what happens when the figure exits the scene the odds again to cyrus the great sin the same family and one right after another remember this is the largest emperor world history to distant from one part to another is daunting the knee of all these different people people that are very independent minded and fractious and who gave you see aliens fits all the time so many different religions only different languages how we is one small minority of people there was china to teach especially without especially gifted guy who built the whole thing in the next episode to examine how that cam by since the summer cyrus manager's office and it will be comes in they will potentially be armies disappearing in sandstorms there will be far too many greeks probably for what the story really warrants a draft understand why we all know instinctively very important things going on in the east in the north of the other part to the persian empire that don't touch greek lions the only people writing about money so that extended colorful what a whore the greeks are just like everyone else will talk about the greek in persian wars will give some context of that battle of thermo poli movie scene with the spartans stay calm and take them and then we'll deal with the guy the next guy really in the story whose personal talent search such did you see game changer all by himself the natural successor to cyrus the great i'm the person who finally puts the state in the heart the black and white world the song of the look of macedonia all that i am more the next episode of kings of kings even to show you this sir is worth a dollar gannon better with lambda had about the shelf it's all we ask canadian carlin dot com for information on how to donate to the shell you wanna know the pod guests just by your amazon dot com products through the amazon search window on damn car one dot com and gannon been able to present a job what you spend it doesn't cost you a penny more than it helps these guys are because they aren't nice young fellows