Episode: Show 48 - Prophets of Doom

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Show 48 - Prophets of Doom
Murderous millennial preachers and prophets take over the German city of Munster after Martin Luther unleashes a Pandora's Box of religious anarchy with the Protestant Reformation.

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Automated Transcript (Why is this transcription so bad?)
today shows brought you bought a laudable please is a horrible contest on calm for slash hardcore history for your for your your book download it's hard core history this is one of those stories the water started doing this history pod cast i knew i was gonna tell someday i knew i was going to wander about whether was the right thing for me to do you if i did decided to tell it and then what happened at the last pod cast is what premature that now would be the time that we try to tell the story that may be my better judgment argues i shouldn't tell they said would happen is this we finished up the law series which was a five part series of mongols which was you know will traumatized and for us to do those piper to reach a very hard but i'm on assembly line here the final pick the next topic was in like ten or twelve days everything gets back upon the assembly line it's a very fragile sober production system in one little fly in the ointment to court something so far too often are recent visit on someone else's contest you just rolled the whole thing and disorders any delays also my two weeks after the live show still recovering countrymen cleaning up my office doing all these things and we do want the show's over and i haven't got new topic for the night sharon was mark i'm a bon justify why didn't you put all of them are gonna be malta apart topics again i desperately wanted to kill one of the single shows so how does one sitting in my notebook it's one of those long term you'll get to the sometime before you die topics and i thought was in a short it's not lock on it in the english language gonna be something i can do it on our hath all men in all to heck with it and jasper do it now right great story of always loved and it's twisted we're told listings are like and so we're doing it today reasons why i shouldn't do the story there were two fold on will lay them on the outset and hopefully diffuse some of the problems are likely to rise because issued on this topic in the first was the first is that i have the potential to step on about a brazilian land mines of offensive to us the swallows water for silver or have the potential to offend people of religious faith while simultaneously offending people of no religious faith of all there are very few topics were you can offend our religious people if he is at the same time this is one of them especially the way i walk these tied ropes so if you're on either one of those persuasions my apologies in advance before nationals from you know what love everybody it is the for sure you've ever heard i love everybody said that was exhibited take anything as a personally and realized that when you're dealing with time periods where the people's cultures are much more nasty in many respects in our culture to date that even the religious institutions are going reflect act because the priests and the middle managers and the heads of these religions are all human beings they grew up in that much more twisted cultured it's impossible for that to them not to bring some of that twisted listening to the faith so i think we all know that religious belief olive why don't you know five hundred six hundred seven hundred years ago mighty many respects beyond the sort that the modern day versions of those same religion's my protest against the day it if they were both around the same time and when we talking about an earlier version of christianity and catholicism things like that then arose such any sort that if they like as it existed in some country today you could expect modern day roman catholics a modern day protestants and people like that to be out there was signs protesting against it okay so i might offend a lot of people with this program i hope i don't the second reason i probably never showed up at this is because there are many sources of comparatively on this wonderful story but not for one moment english story if you go to a site germany or the netherlands and if you've ever seen minute mom bluestone notes for the show we don't i'd prefer have between thirty five and fifty that some crazy sources to work for i'm for good long shelves make me comfortable we get confirmation you control the different peoples viewpoints around and and comparing contrast in india last should we be three dimensional is the stories as much as you can three dimensional was something from the past this story has like want the book on it in english another translation of a primary source of leaners very little which he isn't enough itself that as long as there's very little unit hope when there's very little in english but there's quite a bit more languages that i only read in the case of german it like a kindergarten level of when you have the potential for probably didn't do a program we're gonna tell people what you know in english and people in germany may have access to books that totally contradict what you're saying or they give on their perspective you have access to so in many respects this is a dahmer show for it to the limit tiny why it's not all this is a shell that has everything i locked in a historical title it is a quote from mom and the guy was the lead singer the doors wants to morse and they put on the biography of the first record album that they released pressure brought to court with me here into the studio but i didn't said something like i'm interested in anything that has to do with chaos and revolt or overthrowing the old order or things an activity does seem to have no meaning it was one of those chemicals and i love it because i'm interested no strings to win the story has a lot of that sort of stuff add to that the twisted elements from other time periods almost leonid the geek and still find the stuff that there's a button well i would think about them weather today or in the past that we supported that category of i'm glad i'm not they are whether we're talking about i'm glad i'm not in the middle ages were they did that to people we're that we're talking about i'm glad i'm not one of those we're for pursue countries were they do that to people same sort of thing that we've been telling his story day it probably do things as bad as this to people in parts of the world now once upon a time it was common but once upon a time it was common in all the best most sophisticated almost done in all morally adapt cultures in the world now with an aberration in it something most of the world sneers at new gets angry at an inn upon issues and chastises case employed our first became aware the story the buy my book shelf for a minute because some of you may have the silica situation going on in your home avalon blokes minute i'll weakness in life well one of the many ways books that have a lot of good and they run the gamut ready to come over my house you want of people the judge is a person by the books may have i mean we want a hard to judge people 'cause i books on everything right you go you go down my long list of bookshelves we can see that it's belie weaknesses ride an ego you look and here's the problem with my bookshelf people she would get into a ball into certain books on the bookshelf another word they noticed the classics i have up there now do they know is those interesting book she wouldn't think that i would have known i'm stand they'll notice pokes its or stand out and out of thousands of books for they know soul is a book on torturer sticking out of the bookshelf somewhere and i guess if you have log book on something like you know medieval torture techniques or whatever people probably go alyssa strange book to have whatever if you have several books don't want those weird topics what begins to look like baby just ended up in your library is a curiosity goes from bad to while the sky current has in his nine books on torture babies of the air should make sure no we're all the exits are in this house before sit there and now the thousands of books right maybe like nine books on torture what's wrong with that while if you're in my house and you just happen overnight for books with the override governors and things of book had a nasty i'm a few books us really nasty things but it's partially because i can imagine going back in time living in the time or place with the deed to stop people routinely or no other countries in the world today when they do stuff like this to people routinely anyway amen the story or talking about today cobweb tension in the first time our reigning u. s. leaders like thirteen years old because all of which you could probably called the climax of the story it's one of those incidents that so nasty again really have to go like torture books on the bookshelf really understands go on there then he had a conjures up all those moments that sure to grab me at the moment study on all my god i'm gonna go live back in moments that i have these all the time and they often form the basis for a hardcore history show up and it's why we call a hardcore history right hardcore because it involves a lot a moment you darn glad you're not involved in in this case i read once about an execution execution happened onto the date the actual begin your twenty second fifteen thirty six now fifteen hundred's are weird timing your anyway these kinds of executions are not uncommon in fact the execution that happened to these three guys on that date in a german seen the monster on this not only not uncommon but apparently german law at the time and very specific rules for how much pain that you could say to lose the condemned to experience before you were simply let them die the execution i'm talking about was witnessed by people that large crowd watch it big stage set up a real stage to ben really getting paid to get a number of wagons together park them side by side put a bunch of blanks on top of the abbey know so the warden jeri stage in addition to the crowd the shore up to watch the thing you have bob sitting in an open balcony we're told in the middle of this town square one of those prosperous early renaissance hold on open balcony is the rule the road this alien history sort of the crown jewel of that he's called the prints bishop benes watching this whole affair to because watcher scene in fifteen and thirty six in monster is the state carrying out you know sort of the official punishment of people who break the law and back then in that place in that time what the state did to people as hard all of your lawful justice is worship in anything charles manson did to the people that he had killed in his name right they are it's fascinating to me what charles manson's followers did to the mayor's in murder victims is merciful by the standards of the lawful justice in the time period we're talking about this is an arab worth the karcher head off with the sword to go cry got off easy think about that for a minute when i was a kid i would read the stories of things that we human beings to the other human beings and it is so mind blowing and then you at once can't believe it a person with my personally probably your personality phyllis into can't believe it either but why why why our been fascinated by the manson murderers throughout my whole life my murderer when i took a test of no-one just it why ltd people can do this to each other and it's one thing if the people doing it to each other or whacked out we're goes on the fringes of society like charles manson war instead you go back in time to fifteen thirty six instead of charles manson doing these amazingly unbelievable things to other human beings it's the state doing it and before we think it's just a vial state that holds people captive you know nobody's for this narrow budget victims most of the people that showed up to that execution fifteen thirty six wanted to be there 'cause why are they want to watch it and i'm a basic cable back and we'll see in it you grab some popcorn picture frames the downtown most to watch the execution yeah the thing is most of the people in that audience but the guy deserved it and thought that when you commit the crime occurred with that guy does this is what to do the people to god's will bring the popcorn rami too there any folks that's part would make schumann kind so twisted we're not different than most people dna why is almost identical why take you as a baby which was the time machine take you back to the fifteenth but to take you back to the fifteen ten is much to grow walk in that culture by fifteen thirty six when your friend comes and says hey we're gonna have a great education to the city center or you gonna be there you're gonna say oh my god how could the popcorn gone i mean my point is that people in the story are ross in a different culture in a different time and look at what they like i think is collect and live with every day now not gonna tell yet what was going to those people in the execution despite tell you now would sound but gratuitous violence and it doesn't make any sense and tell you the end of this story what they did to them you can ago ma'am get it and that can make any sense to you in a can approve of it it's going to be shocking he was was to me when i first read it but it would have context which is all you ever hope to get funny stories and you're going to probably be offended if you're religious or atheist does not cover pre much all of you and on monday for german or dutcher probably go disappearing shake your head until i can't believe how wrong again got that story if he'd only called me i would read you some german sources any wouldn't know how flaw those few books yes to go or or right with all of that in mind in understanding how late we were in picking a topic this is the story of what the talk about for average below my to-do list for ever and it's one of these pieces that they know quite a bit about in germany but is almost unknown in the english language camera member in nineteen ninety three i was a news reporter a news station c. b. s. news affiliate and we were glued to our among what was called a news feed most of these new sound like in and talk about how they are now back in the dead calm you have a budget different tv set up in any newsroom what would be defeated television and the tv showing you the wrong video that doesn't get sent out over the air you know to the public to watch it's just what the cameras are seeing it and then all that stuff is really to the to the guy at the new station takes it for you and him you caught up your videophone stop the bosom of p. t. get to watch everything as it unfolds and we were addicted to watching what was going on in the texas city of waco because this was the time period when a splinter group of a splinter group of us now on the gnawing times removed off the legitimate group of christian to call themselves the savitz seventh day adventists a group called itself the branch davidians had compound and in this compound lived upon to different families and they had sort of i don't do them any injustice 'cause i'm still bunch of unknown stuff about this too but in that compound was a kind of a profit enormous i think you're somebody who was supposed to have many wives and a father children by many wives and who would you could quote the bible you know from memory a blanket have a budget people who thought dispersing could tell them what god wanted his name's david koresh and this whole thing turned into a siege with the government was kind of holding these people and telling them to dinner for my weapons and surrender all the status of an event that the people inside did it and even the government started the fire inadvertently or the people inside the the compound senate anatomically pulled out and i remember waldo was watching that thinking oh my goodness it's just another manifestation of the same sort of factors that go into that story from stridency you monster that i've been so fascinated with so little because in the city you monster in fifteen fifteen blade fifteen twenty years early fifteen thirty to have all the conditions you need for an absolute a disaster to strike monsters like to see the bitter waiting for something to happen or you could call it if you're ready sure it's investigator york historians are sometimes like corners or insurance investigators may go in and each right look at the evidence available and decide why something happened if you walk into the germans did you monster and fifteen twenties you're a historical corner for historical insurance investigator there you see frayed wires everywhere you see dynamite the gasoline haphazardly is stored near the fireplace you see it tinder dry roof it's been struck by lightning and you see a bunch of children playing with bic lighters and the whole place to seems ready to explode and so it should be any surprise when it did the whole error was come botched ball and monsters short of at the center of the whole area one of the reasons it's come pasta bold is because the world of europe at that time is involved in a massive amount of change that happening very quickly these are always come boss to bull moments europe is coming at me on women garber or pressure for certainly europe is coming out of a funk in the fifteen hundreds historians of names that coming out of the fog of the renaissance the people who lived during that time period had no such knowledge those are historian type in a divisions we divide people work history people divided history in the air resin usually will say okay things go on for a privilege the same prolonged period now augustus puritans good difference are gonna call this the end of one epoch in the beginning of another he bought and walk all the sea pocket when i saw at the people who are living through don't know the so called all they know is that certain stresses is stranger bothering your society in poked i guarantee you right now we're living through one of those changes but historians will mark the end of one or more beginning of another we don't know what the recall those errors we don't know what they are we'll call ourselves a living in the errors that history will say we're living in but we know we're living through time to change the people living in the fifteen hundreds probably knew the same thank because they had evidence of an all around them you see the people in europe were were covering from the equivalent of a civilization stock market crash again she gets it to simplify this in the simplest to quiet think about how great europe most of europe was doing western europe before the roman empire fell was a pretty high level of civilization in the two hundred we know a dc three hundred eighty see you level a lot of people were bathing lot of people we're going to school at time of infrastructure work was being done all over europe and packwood oxen and coliseum son plays in writing him as a pre dawn sophisticated time as a matter of fact maybe the most sophisticated time european history almost certainly up until that point and they learn war only in the west cousin east lasted a thousand years longer remembered when rome in the west now all are we more accurate to think about it like i'm bill lights going off you know it different times and it starts on the periphery allege go off in britain now the lights go off in your lady i mean did different areas that likes cannot happen at different times within a hundred years you go from essentially the civilization the stock market high in european history to a market crash that we use to call the dark ages now to be correct to call it came up on law and only then to go to your early middle age period the last recently used to call up the dark ages was because you were off of your ego civilization stock market hottest when rome foul when away the people in western europe didn't have anything really to replace that with any new look important and think about that is being pretty representative of what the people had to deal with in britain and they get a message one day for the roman emperor it was obviously beleaguered near the end of the empire in the west and he says to the bridges was in hoboken by the way just roman citizens of damp or dry more stubborn there in the hot massive got the aqueduct the roman legions of their protecting them they're sharing in the wonderful civilization cause of western europe and the one day the embers and the message he says i need my allegiance back in trouble here at home don't really have the money to pay for you anymore we're simply gonna pull back out of britain amen the block imagine if that happened you were you live in the central government just aside one day i can afford to go to maintain your robes and you're a police and fire protection the schools and got on the army in all of us are used to have to figure out how to without us and in western europe the way that they figured out how they go from the warp speed of you know the roman empire were tight was to resort to what she called the star trek ebersole really pops power so you just keep the most basic of services in place because you know leads the best she could do any entity that did that in western europe for most places in most times what the catholic church which course was set up as most church is usually are to be a spiritual organization when the western roman empire falls madly have to become like a governmental organization through necessity in europe has gone up to plan which like we're turning to kingston status again and the church is gonna be the parent they're gonna help you walked at each other right bicycle the gimmick it they'd they control education because nobody's educating anybody to them hiring of the church but you know on the famous battles with the catholic church walk for science during the times of you know copernicus and galileo all that stuff with the church is really the enemy of science if you go back a little ways to like eight hundred eighty see you know which really really bad in europe and you wanna learn the best science that you're can teach you during that time period covered right to target ago church school to learn it right sir during this time during were we've gone off the warp power more on the impulse power in europe is to struggling to incoming trains some semblance of what was like when the roman empire was around the church is the one to one that for you the problem steps in and as the way mike what karma why catholic great and non used to put it this is what the church no one is in the problems because when you become like a governmental entity you develop the traditional problem that governmental entities have bureaucracy corruption people who were in the the wrong reasons you name it now fast forward a thousand years imagine the church doing this impulse power job for a thousand years and how much things tend to grow old and how so by any of all that all these kind of things over time you have the church all of the only fifteen hundred's let's add it to catholic church in the west with a lot rob looks problems that no one was denying including the catholic church in fact they get a budget pope's in power during the fourteen hundred they're very concerned with perform and they should be did they just gone through the thirteen hundred we'll probably was a little low point for pops because the pope's in the thirteen hundred were wild men by the standards appalled many of them in a cavorting with mistresses making lots of mani really enjoying some of the good things in life the sorts of things you can imagine pope's doing not just that the catholic church is making it a lot of money but like the government they never have enough there there there are awash with stock it's a gold watch the property isn't that the monasteries the nurturing of studious and great wine and all that i mean lots of land owned by the church all over europe and they're still get in a desperate need of money all the time just like most government under always come on up with good ways to make more than i usually again like government says what the church's become during this time treaty really or mode of society in rehab the king and the church the army and indignant as did this is how the government is set up the catholic church at that time period instead of saying you know what with a lot of gold a lot of landlocked sell this stuff off so that we don't have to raise more money from firmer parishioners government don't do that and the church at this period digging into the dispel new ways to get money from the parishioners and they had great ideas if your business is in a spiritual organization your business they're great ideas lot of them was we get a genius this is the idea selling indulgences your whole idea of indulgences as a little whacking interesting to note we're going into for second because it was the number one complaint some people inside the church had the selling of indulgences in balls the wilber rant called it again on the purgatory soon your insurance policy we have to understand purgatory first if you're a pretty good person you're probably gonna go to heaven is the way they used to teach medieval you're probably but even the best person probably has some bad stuff on their record they have to expunge before they get to heaven and that's what this temporary not so nice place named purgatory is for tougher people that should burn in hell fire it's for people that sort of need a little transition between you know the ungodly unclean earth and these wonderful place called heaven and that the place we you purchase a news on this purgatory and you can spend a day from our time in a depending on your record by the weekend reduced the amount time you spend in purgatory 'cause it's not very nice there if you buy an indulgence or you're given an indulgence and you didn't just have to do is resorted to do it for log on and off your mother a few cities about earlier this picture really laundry she dies you know she's got this time in purgatory you to give the church indulgence maybe some money and this would reduce the amount of time your mother had to spend in purgatory which in your son or daughter would try to do right and the church claims that the navajo logical system to this the way it happens is when christ eyes on the cross them a lot of these apostles and insane to the church by these horrible deaths that are neck and on limited number of credits these credit to be taken by the pope you want applied to people help the church you the church money to church does good things with the money it's all good right lotta people don't like this and human beings being clever or individuals as we are a lot people figured out the loophole instantly the loophole is why why have to be a good person one left to be a good christian he does live my life anyway i want seen that in attila cows come home and right before i die or leaving tomorrow we'll give the church about jamal you'd buy into some of those on limited present credits the jesus turned us on the cross and it's all good i'll wash away all those chickens in fifteen seventeen it somebody complained about this it wasn't the first person to complain about this which shows how old bray of the move complaining about this was because when people would complain to the church in a couple of centuries before this pure read about things like selling indulgences and other things the church gotten into the church was not their most critic friendly error during this time period it was a guy for example in georgia us in czechoslovakia that raised if you are issues about these kind of thing is and was burned at the state there was a guy in italy may not another from these raul good catholic priests and stuff a bigger names or all attended in italy on the hong him and then he burned his body so that would making complaints against the church during this time three even though everyone including the pope's new hope a lot of the stuff was wrong was really dangerous right so when fifteen seventeen the german mark may more luther nails up a list of complaints on the church into war which during this time period was a little like a jarring bulletin board your local college beginning when something to say it knew what the church door in every morning people go to church doors to all those up there monolith or nails a list of complaints about the catholic church the folks at had he ever had any mail when you know we maybe you're reading your boss recently really important and it's late at night maybe a few beers or whatever new thinking door really was sent this note and they always tell you the mercer on november had that somebody could get take it back wait till the next morning we redid the cold lighting c. p. still like it i've always wondered if martin luther was in that position five minutes before he put his list of complaints on that german church door know is five minutes before mortgages is he looking at that thing or to really posters because folks doing that he's setting yourself up to be burned to stay can you ever done anything that has the potential for that kind of rough spot but it was in the sea will do all that could be burned to the state of ascended all well what the hell polls and arnold is a very very very very very brave guy we post that list of complaints on the german church door and at the same thing happened to him that it happened to the other people who just did what he did it he wouldn't have made any history of all he would've been burned at the stake and somebody else probably considering the way things were starting to go with don what martin luther had dot in germany they had been waiting for somebody to do this for quite some time bomb there was evil lying around germany were some of the powerful people were saying whether we could we get some old full and that's a quote will stand up to what the church is doing here in germany martin luther became the fool and airport was going to do that and the reason he so important to world history was because he was the one got away with doing it if john hasidim able to do this you know when the century before and we be talking about john house instead because the complaints had to be me the church and become so much like the governmental entity during this time period in the contradictions were so bad and the forces that were starting to arise in what we now call the renaissance were so powerful that somebody was gonna do this letter was the one who got away with it and he got away with it because the forces were such that he had powerful backers would keep him from pulling into the hands of the people who want to perimeter stay that's the difference folks is that when the church said smart lichter director shepard control hand him over to watch we're gonna have a long talk with him and morsels people never returned from the top there were powerful elite years in germany that saddam now all now we could talk to him for more you are he doesn't need to come to italy and put yourself in your power on to have this discussion and that would change the world looser kicked off is something on the history of the protestant reformation protestant means a protester protester and that's what lucy was doing against the catholic church this is like an explosion folksy one of the things the because we're not as religious people as we use to be i'm not making a judgment call on the homeward the other but it makes it difficult to assess the importance and the intensity of something like what looters doing here lose yours challenging so many parts of the old order are the same time with this list a modest was pulled really a modest was to complaints he's not asking for new religion he simply saying these things are wrong with catholicism we need to talk about changing and every thing explodes for what reasons first of all the blowfish character you know we we talk about whether or not you and long time ago you said the great man to read history than they had the strains of forces to recent history were you would say that everything was right in germany for somebody likable to become around a floater hadn't come around somebody else would them but they have to be like luther because there's this interplay between the forces in transit the time period and the people that step up to take advantage of them if martin luther had even more glitter who knows what happened body was woman these guys you just don't mess with he's got a temper by luck first of all of these are real got i will do that used to complain that would eat and drink too much was said he'd like a bohemian i drink like a german thank god the big beer drinker and he just didn't get temper and he just didn't push it right so what would happen is to get into this discussion with the church and everything would be cool for awhile and then somebody would go to farmers like you did not say that to me and don't look innocent and builder gets mad and you can read what you wrote one gets mad and and this is part of the time to read too because you have something during that time to read it helped make it right for explosion you we said that the historical insurance investigator is gonna see like the explosives that in your in the fireplace they had something during this era to get all of compare to the internet today in terms of how the internet is changing things this was the error were that rending press was invented the modern stop printing press and it doesn't seem like anything to wallace now but during this time period where ideas were considered to be so dangerous that we burned people at the stake if they have the wrongs to have a machine that could put these ideas on a piece of paper which could then be carried from the original person who had the ideas by some other entity and then get into new people to convince bread daddy would mark think of the disease and i think of the disease that is instead an idea an idea that the disease that's an intellectual contagion that's how these people saw looters ideas and it's bad enough that you have a more liquor walking around sharing ideas but even after they can stay in germany right and down have somebody to them on this printing press the good hand hundreds of pamphlets to several individual people and tell them to run around with the parable to panama to people and then say so we're on the pen afoot once you've gotten done reading this hand it to someone else this is like the churches worst nightmare a hundred years before this time period that was not a factor they had to you will but the u. s. government trying to deal with wiki leaks that the whole luke's wedding in half that fifty years ago four years ago thirty years ago if the church be joe martin luther the whole room reformation goes away with that one guy's death but the church to get their hands are more luther any step printing press any just days in safety we're using stole eggs these intellectual germs all over places like germany and the scandinavian countries and the netherlands and this is how the reformation spreads the reason so many countries and rulers are ready to do this don't jump on board you say you know one hundred years ago when a stood by the church but now we're staying by littered has to do little while we says that once the ritual of all first of all the church at hamadi and mony was becoming a big deal in europe during this time curtain matter of fact is the time period or money begins to change things away we can all relate to now europe had had a lot of money system for all the roman empire europe had seen some places on dropped so far off the fiscal cliff during we used to call the dark ages that they did get away with mommy altogether the women of money running around the guy back to the barter system in some places but they've gone from a very sophisticated an umbrella to modern financial system with rome and blow them when that civilization will stock market crash happened nobody had a lot of money this would make a big difference as air werther distortions called renaissance begins to dawn it although one encounter starts to come back for more you discovered a new world the age of discovery becomes which will spread this whole protestant reformation issue like a blast radius to hold where reusable world be to be fighting between protestants and catholics in the whole part of a world that didn't even know your existing at fifteen twenty five years before this era of its others is that to consider but also opens up new markets brings a new resources and the economy three developing your places that never shared in the prosperity of the roman empire all northern germany scandinavia places like that better in the mix now look a whole new commercial leagues are formed your famous was like a hanseatic leakage or call the clique these are look basically pro gold corporate go balls corporations in the modern sense maker return it to shiva laws passed to try them to constrict the power of corporations and they reach it sounds very modern indeed been all this money push huge terrains on billy europe's basic structures take the social structure is a perfect example to stop all of the roman empire europe's had a pretty solid social structure it's not the same everywhere for simple they had democracy in the republics of stuff like that in in in small states in the leak by a margin of the social were composed of you know aristocrats yeomans and peasants in a trains duke's all these things as pretty stable for a long time until morning begins to de stabilize it think about this firm that folks would say you are a nobleman writing your people and they're running things for very long time ago but the fourth some of this duke and you spent your inheritance in your broker yeah no money but she got blue blood are you higher on the social scale than sorry commoner who goes into business starts a cloth making corporation all the sudden becomes filthy rich doing it that noble blood millions of dollars for foreigners or whatever you want a column during this time period you have no money but you got blue blood he's got a brazilian in florence and commoners blood was hiram the social scale does begin to be an issue right in fact right during this time period there is a rebellion in buying nikes or upset that their social position isn't being better preserve the gears all these duvall reshape ebola gotten a bunch of mani have no blue blah don't think it better than we are wasn't just the night's rebel and got away the peasants were rebelling to look and again this has to do with market for she g. b. the set the peasants we're more valuable than they used to be which grew that everybody's monetary system you know why they were more valuable one reason was is because there was in as many of them is to use to be your bed at all these plagues the plagues and white thou lot of the population lot of these peasants and died what's the iron law of wages supposed to say well if you have less pat as is out there to do the work they should make more money ready should be becoming more from the market this was a free market tell the best astride the demand more from the market the people that were on the market happen to be the aristocratic blueblood to look to the most of what what do go charging more money or you're gonna go to the to the form of the duke who lives across the valley eventually the senate we are not on a carrot there are offering you more money you can go and eventually the peasants found themselves constrain my new law was this that we don't care what you can make elsewhere you keep illegal and yet the scrub the entire recommit meet the way we've been doing things you're thousand years as is our divinely ordained by god to do is working up a charge me more than i can peg i'm an old woman i really did have as much money is that stupid you know will will a new factoring commoner lives down the street has the corporation weber stop this right now and pass a law saying you can't leave the farm got about a long story short the peasants are exploding in the barn to different places the social order respond to see each the the social order under siege 'cause of all these major trends going on in the world and then you get the peasants acting out any given night setting out and then you get martin luther you're taping this list of complaints against the one group that so divinely or decay complain against them the folger must've thought if you will live in a manner that you were losing your mind avatar to explain that away how popular luther is writings were written this is the you know we called it an intellectual contagion with the aid of a printing press this is really the original idea something going viral the way we we described today litters pamphlets were on the legal billy popular especially among students people we need to stop and hand it to other people and then it became like a forbidden fruit because the church prohibited losers ratings anywhere they caught and so if you were a lot of these catholic places were simply having looters writings would get to interpol trouble you know he was like smoking pot in the sixties or something like this the secret thing you didn't look what i have an off handed to you when you became like a clandestine rebel douglas you did something that really change the world and and made the church go ballistic and doesn't really register to the modern mind very well it's one of the greatest things he ever did his life in terms of impact on the world look there are translated the bible into a vernacular language the language people really spoke because priest someone that could speak latin but was in the general eat usually which is people walk around and talked so will the bible as it had existed before litters time was this secret sort of holbrooke and the people who could read it had the special access to something that unbelievable that harper them our mind which are deeply religious person to win the grasp these people thought this was the word of god the actual word of god this was secret information though because only the priests could really read it or people that were educated highly educated and won it because of that it became like this text that somebody had to explain to you what was in it and over a thousand years of church history were the church became more like a government certain parts are emphasized over certain other parts when the church becomes the official state religion of our only start excise in parts of the bible then are deemed to be controversy old or perhaps a dishes shortly we don't work so well with things the ruler wants what how do you bomb would luther does the seat horribly jumps all over the latin version of the bible he doesn't translate the bible from latin into german he translates the bible from the regional new testament greek into german and there are about eight turn is over this amazing luke how war of knowing what god wants to regular people i have to understand what a big deal disease of the catholic church to lose a monopoly of this kind of power i mean imagine being and native american fourteen ninety one to you live in cuba and you get sharon religion you pretty darn sure what the gods or whatever want and these people be strangers right from the sea in a ship and they tell you did everything you thought you knew about the supernatural in and got all that no great way to live and everything it's all wrong don't worry 'cause they don't watch like a neat your lucky day began to tell you that they have to tell me you will be casual have the language skills to actually received word of god you have to just trust these weird boring people who may not have your best interest at heart but what god wants us as in that book is what they're actually telling you compare what today and those of you have a drinking game to become an ancient aliens can drink milk and that should say that aliens came down we had that long awaited first contact with earth and the aliens didn't destroy years in this first contact the cure cancer the game is clean energy all those good things that could happen but the same time they came with the most disruptive thing they could possibly happen i have a book that supposed to be like a scientific broke on ufos and this is actually one of the pigs the book has as real reason that the government what might wanna keep contact with alien secret and the reason is is what might do to a religious belief imagine for a minute folks the alias have the real bible not that they say the assiduous ninety people and that what you muzzle want mumbo jumbo cor cor you what you've got a real work of god but you got it as it was written for practically chimpanzees it's no wonder you people can understand it today you was written for much more simple people we have a bible attorney for scientific intelligent young people like yourself you're almost took up what were you can understand it unfortunately it's written in office and polly ann we'll explain it to you what kind of power is that conveyed to the people who were going to explain it to you you disconnected take their word for don't you if you honestly believe this is the word of god that's a hell of a lot of power that's the power the church had before litter translates the bible into vernacular language bumblebee better not there was a huge argument over whether or not this was a smart thing to do the great thinkers of the age or hashing out the question about whether or not you contrast regular people with this incredibly powerful information we take the duchy minister famous karenina whereas most physical we have far more rations from all letter he was moved to having a cup of correspondence on debate with another guy over whether or not this was a good idea to let the regular people see the word of god to themselves and i have an interpreter to can help him understand it here's the don't call that i have for raz musk i'm making his point he said the good thing every gear people reading the bible pretended she owes you how interesting the debate must've been oh come i strongly disagree with the people who do not know what the bible after ms been translated into everyday language to be read by the young educated the christ to teach such complex doctrine is the only at handful of theologians can understand mom is christianity strong in proportion to how we care which men are of that royal secrets may be best concealed but christ wants is mr reese told to as many as possible i want the lowly as we learn to read the gospels and paul's letters i would like to your former sing scripture received flowers we verdict he timed it is moving shylock by harming the bible the traveller to make his journey better by such store wheaties and co tougher gun fifteen sixteen by the way to hide these candidates now what luther did we translated the bible and german was first more bricks or the church's rules if you were caught with litters germany bible in a place where the catholic church was powerful that is a punishable offense he could get to kill think about that front and the mater mind which is so use of an open kind of calm the information superhighway iraq two wheels up of thought you could be killed for simply having a bible in the language you could read because nobody trusts dude we write here's the problem los eric is a partial revolutionary he wants a partial revolution he wants to church reform to get more the social order or your papa wounded from the bottom up under rethink but the way he sort of conducts his protestant reformation openness pandora's box of religious anarchy and lets loose the forces did create the story that i wanna talk about today because look it doesn't just say you can read the bible for yourself he says you can interpret it for yourself and as if that was enough to pieces listen there's no reason to believe that god has stopped talking to people after all we would have a bible if god was in talking to prophets and important apostles and inspiring people there's no reason to believe god has stopped such a practice so it's possible that you could actually to have the holy spirit talk to you but maybe you're trying to understand the keeper snow bible i'm awfully spirit will pop in and make sure you have a better runner standing think about what that does go you just told everybody that while you have your own interpretation of things in a depression the catholic church everyone else is allowed to have their own luck to you but this is exactly the sort of hair were seized the catholic church is to be so good at stomping and the good old days before there was a lucrative some inner you'd have some weird sect crop up in bohemia a bunch of weirdos would decide this is what they believed and maybe a couple of thousand of them celebrating the world karma catholicism the catholic church we go when they're bernabe on to people in spain about the heresy no big deal they were good at that last line isn't such a big movement and also money powerful people providing sort of an umbrella of copper for all these heritage that this became less of a heresy in the catholic church and more than our white schism the same so schism that they had between catholicism and what became orthodox christianity in the east and meanness was a real breaking of the church and his protestantism in the places where resort held sway make sure provided an umbrella of defensive cover for abolishing people who want to do is we're evolution luther started to go thwarted the gold for ever anticipated and because usage could interpret the bible for yourself and you might even get guidance from the holy spirit he kind of washed his hands of his ability to control how far does revolution came after world leader can save the final what god wants what he just said the huge ocean all might get a visit from the holy spirit that told you listen looters read about this wrong about that and what you had to feel was just as valid the book glitter had to say you shall author of bomb it is pure read a millennium movements in all the suva stock pierce author norman calm describes the obvious you loophole in this whole fleet any one should have seen that but because even the guy like mourn with her by surprise conrad status quo the law through reformation was accompanied by certain phenomena which the leopold littering his associates were so natural that to appear in retrospect inevitable as against the authority of the church of rome the ruffin worship yield to the text of the bible but once many took to weeding the bible for themselves they began to interpret it for themselves and their interpretations did not always accord with those of the reformers were ever looters influence extended to the priest lost much of this traditional prestige as a mediator between the laymen and god and is an indispensable spiritual guide but once the layman began to feel that he himself stood face to face with god and rely for guidance on his individual conscience it was inevitable that some layman should claim divine prompting is which ran as much powder to the new as to the old orthodoxy and co walter opened up the possibility for lots of people to claim a divine inspiration and reinterpret christianity for themselves this is where a group of people all began a baptist first arrived on the scene and a baptism means re baptism or to baptize again it was one of the fundamental tenets of this offshoot of protestantism they're often considered to be a form of protestant belief but they're part of something you'd be known as the radical reformation she had the protestant reformation and this off shoop or the radical reformation and a lot of the radicals in the radical reformation are these anna baptist folks these baptize years digging in and when you examine their belief system is a certain logic to what the bullies that the catholic practice of baptized in little instance was illegitimate because the little infant had no say your understanding what was getting into into piano back this way of thinking all both there are so many different in a baptist because they will interpret the bible differently that i'd trade into dangerous wars pretending like there was one overriding police to take us with a grain of salt but in general they're attitude was that was the reason she has so many people living in a non attack with non religious why i did because they never agreed you as adults good really think about the statement that they wanted in the religion you're just kind of in the religion when you're born in a catholic society in a precludes were in europe began a baptist believe this is something you should intervene to with a complete understanding of what you or green to do with how we were agreeing to live and have a much better world the only question is out there were people that got into it knowing what they were getting into chronological not respect absolutely life-threatening go in europe at this time if you believe this people who believed the ana baptista belief system were being killed and an amazing rate during this time period even with the copper provided by the single frank in our revolution that was going on and the way had baptists were being killed is in the most brutal fashion you can imagine i mean the lucky ones or be headed as we said the very beginning to show that this is a time period were somebody jost capture head off you thank your lucky stars on what the other methods that was classic in dealing with people who had broken off from the looters protestantism started wannabes and a baptist sex was to drown judo on the way that they would often brown earrings time treated with scrappy to something like a ladder right see you totally tied to the ladder and the budget people would hold the end of the latter digger strap two and just don't get down on the water vertically it was over your head leave you here for five or ten minutes and then pull you off at some people jokingly in bad taste referred to this is the third baptism because for anna baptista first baptism was the one you got the tribune agreed to is an event the second baptism was the real one account because you're a grown up person decided you wanted him to the faith in our knowing everything involved in the third baptism was the drowning at the state authorities katie when they killed you for being in in a baptist and up by far the most nasty punishment picture average in a baptist could face was burning at the stake and what's interesting is you know this bears bears the east all studies of history the crop up sometimes lot of lava falls arm truths false truths of history is dead on a unique in in the early american colonies a lot of witches were burned and why you're right the salem witch trials all these people being burned at the truth of the matter is that in the u. t. me in the americas almost no whole body was ever burned for anything it was very rare have anybody burned by mostly to wish it witches were drowned or whatever we choose as though it's true emotions people accused of witchcraft or drown her would have been the place where people got burned the massive numbers are more happened all the time we shorten this time to read a lot of the people who were being burned or anna baptists now what was happening is that people were starting to convert to catholicism children in some of the dini been converted disowned adopted looters beliefs and they would just naturally some of the wanna go farther than luther and that's where people would stray enough for two stars a catholic priest for example as many these people did any stray and it blew through his unending stream and a baptism and how often happened was in deciding that looters ideas didn't go far enough you would read the bible for yourself the more the most scary parts of the bible to the state had to do with this biblical figure of jesus christ the one thing you notice when you read the bible is the jesus christ looks a heck of a lot like a poor person any surrounds himself with other poor people and the dregs of society today we would say prostitutes and homeless people and draw ganic said all these bad people in society and he was preaching essentially a certain equality of the sort that in the american revolution they were right down there would become such an amazingly controversial freeze all men are created equal to me that doesn't sound controversy little to europe that had extremely stepped social strata and the classes were not just emu would a bold theoretically but divinely ordained if you were a peasant you were passive 'cause god want you to be a peasant and you would toilet do your job as god dictated in this life in you would be rewarded in heaven the bible showed the place for poor people that seem to contradict the narrative the people had been taught again maybe why the church didn't want people reading the city was an inconvenient truth is about what al gore's go global bought one book was called back to this was the bible itself on translated into the vernacular for regular people including pool or people could read it was like an inconvenient truth to them and many of these and a baptist for people that said we wanna take the church back to what it was when she says in the apostles run around we wanna get back to the primitive church not to modern mine's just as selig bad begin to deal to the medieval and renaissance mind a diesel absolutely revolutionary and this is the part of the bible that scared a lot of the educated elite about the idea of letting average people we get it away erasmus is reading his friends and people should be and read the bible it's hard for modern people to understand the point of view of the person arguing against that except in this period after looter translates the bible you begin to see all these real world things happening that maybe make a good argument for why the people saying don't let them read the bible might be true and let me use this as an analogy imagine that alien in the bible we talked about earlier that only in office and aryan a new key reviewed imagine some quay lin prometheus or some alien turncoat manages to get it translated into human tall and we can read it and we read it and because of what we actually find out what god wants 'em what god doesn't want to promise all sorts of unrest and rioting and revolutions on this planet the kill millions would you still more they've made available no warning and how disruptive it would be would you rather that the hero aliens keep it to themselves and dole out what they think we're ready for or not because in this period when litter translates the bible things are already as i said like a tinderbox like children playing with the gliders near enough buyers with gasoline nearby and throws gasoline on the fires that are already burning take for example just one aspect something called the peasants war the peasants war has started in fifteen twenty four which is the largest of many wars with presence during this period for all the reasons we talked about earlier why reese's puzzles would be angry the vernacular bible though in litters rebellion a guest to church created dynamic that fuel the peasants revolted awaited gives it's a religious credibility the bible become something of that document that they can point to saying you or wrong we're right and you've kept this info from us because you know all the jesus would prefer have no pour people under which people and jesus doesn't wanna butcher rulers ruling over people eat things every person should be created equal and these peasants go on our web pages nor the way you described by the time it started castles and monasteries are burned an old woman again until the more than a hundred hours and peasants are dead the only reason more presence dog dies because they still need to have some peasants to do all the work during the surprising that passes call for all kinds of things that we would think rather communist a courtly socialistic today headed by the standards of the time they are unbelievably revolutionary and they put on a pamphlet saying that they want boring every male should vote think about how weird that would be in a medieval society everyone ruler an official should be elected all corporations in capitalistic organization should be abolished they want a price fixing they wanted on three and compulsory education for everyone this is so why old to the people of the time period that it becomes a wonderful argument to be able to say the i told you this would happen if you'd let the regular people see the bible interpreted for themselves this is what you get this is story will bring to put coke the religious revolt offered the tellers of the fields and captivating ideology which to freeze their demands for a larger share in germany's growing prosperity the hardships that every spurred a dozen or lop brakes still agitated that has in mind indeed with feverish intensity now that luther had defied the church prorated the prince's broke in the dams and discipline and all made every manner priest and proclaimed the freedom of the christian man in the germany of that age church and state or so closely matched clergymen played so larger role of the social or resembled ministrations that the collapse of ecclesiastical prestige and power were moved him a new pair were your child revolution the wall tennesseans bank cards brethren of the common law wife had continued an old tradition of basinger radical proposals upon biblical texts the circulation of the new testament to print was a blow to political as well lustre religious orthodoxy exposed to the compromises that the secular clergy had made with the nature of man the ways of the world it revealed that communism of the apostles the sympathy of christ for the poor in the oppressed and in these respects the new testament was for the radicals of this age of veritable communist manifesto hasn't it proletariat alike found in it the barn warrant for dreaming of the utopia where private property would be abolished and the poor would inherit the earth and co luther was rebelling against a religious organization catholic church she was a heretic in the minds of the church these people who'll lottery to go farther than luther wanted to cross the line for the dangers hair receive the award to getting this addition to they want to overthrow states and rulers and government and social borders and will to reward nothing to do with it in the peasants in the peasants' revolt sent notes to luther basically saying no we did this because of you we did what she said we interpret the bible the way we want now are you with us walter said heck nor not with you but to all these terrible things you're doing an asshole you're sharing a good idea you have jesus didn't say that you wanna be let jesus in the apostle fiduciary meeting you only she or you wanna share you share this idea to take someone also stop against their will is perfect steak now some historians think that this is looters compromised to keep from burning at the stake because the people that have made lutheran invulnerable to know that the pope in rome and are these leaders of the very people who the peasantry vault another reporter saying he did owl if luther says yeah they need to go to the king case is protection that keeps him from now being part of a martin luther barbecue goodbye so who knows if he's making these concessions as he really believes it or to beatrice wood and to come live but he essentially makes the break during this time period and as when you get magisterial protestantism solidified establishment protestantism he's a heretic buddies now this edition elite began a baptist often or seditious and it's this seditious ines either because they want overthrow the government and create a more increased friendly world or because they will cooperate with what the state requires it will serve in the military they will take goals they will do these things that prompt the holy roman emperor in fifteen twenty nine to issue would decreed calling for the extermination of anna baptists were ever they can be fat man and women children over the age of reason that because it was called witches and a slippery slope question and i'm sure some of your young children were put to death because of this but the ana baptists are so dangerous that the states after them now and each one of the few subject you can get the magisterial protestants and catholics to agree upon they both dislike piano baptist the difference is doubled trends have a hard time sometimes determining when someone has crossed the line from saint louis written to lean on couple after dangers innovations another in a baptist and is working the hammer back to spain for often times by the time rulers realized the hat and a baptist preachers in their midst those people who would guns were hiding under the umbrella term isn't it an armory spread very dangerous ideas to a lot of their followers so even if the state managed to snuff out the original transmitter of the ana baptists ideas in their territory the people that he'd infected already were robbed her spreading the disease even farther than if you want to be like a historical disease investigator you can trace you know the actual lines from dispersing contaminated dispersed the contaminated this person i mean for example the whole range of them a baptism which is the one that important for the story that's much more violent than most of the other sex abed a baptism it's interesting because it starts with the initial germ it's not very violent all the guy in the netherlands yours milk or hoffman and sometimes this point about a baptism is known as milk or resume hoffman was a violent but he was a guy who preached that violence was coming soon he's one of these millennium taped agers who says that the end of the world is not it he can imagine what those sciences in the end of the world is going he doesn't believe in violence in order to achieve the end of the world to simply believes that when it comes is going to be a lot of violence associated with it was a pervasive belief system especially amongst the smelter rights at fifteen to thirty three was can be a huge here at fifteen thirty three according to their calendars mark five centuries since christ to die them across and some of these people like milk or hoffman thought that this was the trigger that was going to bring on the end times this was going to be the book of revelation is going to be judgment day this is gonna be christ returning to earth this was going be a hundred and forty four thousand saved saints and everybody else was going out b. the horribly killed him ordering all these turbo things of that which bellcore hoffman didn't believe in violence he simply thought it was coming up and like a lot of people in walk around saying you need to be saved before time runs out on like most other people he had a date when he thought time was running out in the thirties people that talk about will eventually jesus is coming back to earth but they don't really tell you and milk or hoffman said it was gonna be a fifteen thirty four which is a big deal if he's telling you this in fifteen thirty three what's more milk or often told you where it was going to happen you have to like the specificity of the sky says it's gonna happen in the germans hideous ross perot in other words he's basically out their advertising for which you might be able to call judgment a loser you know be there strasberg fifteen terry forget to take it now all made up there will be part of a hundred and forty four thousand saved saints but knock or there would never make it to the judgment in strasbourg to find out because he gets to strasberg along with hundreds of his followers were now clearly and a baptist and arrested as you might expect i mean after all the emperor's our recent these people to be exterminated the money you can identify it hoffman must've been such an interesting dude all because he's on active duty simply locked in a tower for the rest of his wife which is a very unusual punishment for anna baptists of the must've been something very crews matic were special or an all that was at the time saintly about the guy that saved his life but to save the life of a lot of his followers were executed exiled all these terrible things he managed to get in fact with this intellectual contagion his own melt right strain of this virus of the inner baptism a bunch of other people these people had determined that there are profit like leader milk or hoffman had made two mistakes his general ideas were completely corrects mistakes were to get the timing role and how the little bit later this judgment day than he predicted he also got the city wrong was what happens ross perot's which can happen to the north of straw spring in a westerly in german city of monster which brings us to the story has spent more than an hour setting up for you the german city of monster the perfect place to choose as an end of the world sight if you're looking at it in the fifteen early fifteen thirties because it is so clearly the spot where the dynamite and a gasoline her store near the fireplace in the tinder roof is ready to be struck by lightning in the wire ring is no typical would not let stuff we keep talking about monster is a disaster waiting to happen and attack kabul false starts towards explosions already so pure betting person and you want to proclaim the end of the war was gonna happen somewhere monster was like at odds on favorite already the city was divided monster fell into this weird roam the most cities didn't fall in during the protestant reformation most cities reader reliably in a catholic zone or reliably ennobled runs on monsters one of those cities that sort of in the middle mr constant struggle inside and outside the city over who's going to dominate the city is nominally catholic on paper is ruled by a prince bishop they're called but he doesn't live inside the city the people that do live inside the city have a boeing ship interesting look see the organization's the structures that they've managed to win over the years for example they have a town council which is unusual in germany not i heard about unusual in that town council was so lovable and that was thrown into the city of monster after the peasants' revolt as a way assorted calm people down i don't read your your little self rule here is a town council the town council itself was a representation of the changing times that's a nobleman on it but also had a bunch of these powerful nouvel reach corporate types attaboy to people who were representatives of the every increasingly powerful guilds out there in medieval germany the gilder like a combination of a modern day labor union and a modern day chamber of commerce it's kind of like an organization of both workers and the people all my business is that those workers working and they are rising power and sold this town council a monster in tennis to leave lutheran the people who normally when the city to prince bishop obviously means catholic and over the lake fifteen twenty shirley fifteen thirty two of tom's of little skirmishes and squabbles and moments when singers like monsters going to explode but the city also has a wonderful civic togetherness i guess you could say when they're very proud of their independence under studied and they seem to like one another meaning you really get this feeling that they're just before reading explores the people most rippled uphold again for the last minute to remove the fact from the fire before it starts burning all in the name of civic product and then again i shows up to monster really returns back to monster who almost makes it his life's purpose to put a monkey wrench into those cup repair efforts every time the facts about to be pulled out the fire the guy's name is bernard roffman i had to describe rothmans rolled in the story the only thing they keep coming back to his aligned the baseball player reggie jackson told the media factory was traded to the new york yankees nineteen seventies and mediaset happen or you see your role on the team chemistry is being and jackson thought for a moment he says i'm the straw that stirs the drink that's what bernard rothman years in the city of monster bernard rothman is the guy that every time changes die down between those trends in catholics in the city to rothman stores them up again his favorite thing to do if i had to put a favorite on any of the activities cheaper dissipated in which to go after the worship of my goals and icons and this is a fabulous leak interesting aspect to both lose her newsom but also in the map is um and also radical islam an amateur mother back to basics of versions are four legions of the block as they're called the book we are willing to do so stem from the old hebrew bible because there's this prohibition in there about worshipping any false gods in the idols in the whole story of the golden calf from the old testament all that but basically what blitzer rings and so especially in a baptist claimed the catholic church has started doing over the arrows was worshipping things that were not god worshipping for example icons we're shipping saintly artifacts were shipping mary worshipping was in a stained glass windows and altars and all these kinds of things and in order to get back to basics one of the things of lutherans tended to do was have these very plain church's we didn't have all the golden valuable stuff and minerals on the walls of all these things for people like rothman would go in there an exhortation followers to break in the catholic churches in the city of monster and destroy all the stuff of navy have the saintly relic in there maybe the bones of some st from two hundred years ago they go in there when they break 'em open in front of the catholic worshiper to start stomping on the bones it wasn't because they didn't believe that this person was an important figure in their religion but to date worshipped and again you can see amazing similarities between that i want to see some of the most radical fundamentalist islamic groups alternately stewing today when they will destroy it in all the arm the tombs in timbuktu or statues that are ancient and places like afghanistan the whole world will freak out because bill said that this is world heritage cite these people and destroying world history but to them you're destroying a false god something that's being worshipped in venerated we're not supposed to do that it's the exact same argument that some old twins and almost all in a baptist used when they did similar things and just when the city of monster would die down everybody would mellow out before you something bad happened rossman would go in there and do something like this could just made adding people imagine that happening your situation you know somebody does came into your house is started tearing things up or bernard rocker with tearing things up these catholic people that are worried pretty hard to stay peaceful when things are already in a fever pitch and somebody comes in stretch stomping on the palms of your favorite saying now i think whoa we can also understand how we might feel about having her favorite st bones stomp on a lot of the stuff that the protestants and catholics were willing to kill each other over it seemed like tiny little disagreement little doctrinal disagreements to most people what the seven sure you can still find catholics and protestants would be willing to almost kill people about this but most people can't quite get the fervor of the medieval early renaissance folks were able to get over questions like are the example want to want to draw people knobs on both sides of this issue of whether or not the communion wafer that you would eat when you were given mass or the law in that you would drink were really changed into the body and blood of christ protestants said it wasn't catholic said it was and this was bathed in fact for our bras that would get up there and say these papers catholics or perot framing our god with this mass were they say they're keeping our god all this in the town council which have along with runs on abou sayed for our bras and the surrogate court which prohibit that in the city and in all the sudden catholic people can have mass this happened over over again so the catholics in the town would go to the prince bishop and say we came into mass anymore were sinful we came to or religion with where we're not able to be catholics in the city of monster we mourn the prince bishop within citizen you have to but these people to practice their religion or we're going to have a real problem in many times it almost came to blows want on the prince bishop had to put the entire city under siege and walk down until the town council would you say okay will let 'em do the last thing it will make a big deal the only thing they would get on as the church many times said get that bernard rothman off the preacher's plan for these dangerous don't let him preach anymore he's not just below three he's only three plus aqaba dangers innovations and that the town council would do they protected bernard rothman in fact even gave them a bodyguard to make sure nothing happened to him the main guy who was is allied with the most powerful person on the town council is the second dime store you have to know his name is bernard nipper down maria per dollar is one of the people was tied to the state on that execution platform in january fifteen thirty six bernard neighbor galling is an extremely powerful ma noble figure when the city he said cloth merchant who's got a very rich she's got out what's all over northern germany in the netherlands he's a powerful leader of the global guilt and they put him on the town council and he uses his power as a lutheran town council member to keep bernard rothman out of trouble these two figures are sometimes called the two bernard's in the story bernard rockman i'm bernard nipper dog and together they make a monster replace all of in a constant potential turmoil in constantly waiting for some little spark to go get the inferno going up and every time things die down the straw that stirs the drink for our bras boosterism a pig in bernard nipper don't make it possible for him to do so this situation goes back and forth until someone for all mop north where the piano baptist church she could lead in olney in lat large number of places like the netherlands what hotbeds for underground and a baptism for milk or hoffman to lat is preaching settle on those seeds a partner spreading the intellectual contagion and eventually a guy named arms on line drawn leyden jaunt bottles and yen bottles of moser all names for the same character shows up in the city of monster and this is when spark it's the flame now this young man lied in character is aware of something that even most of the people in monster on our wear off he's aware that the city of monster beginning to lean in the n. a baptist wretched because he's been getting a constant pamphlets sent to him from bernard rothman and bernard never talked burn our neighbor dahlin has a printing press and burn our rothman is using it to take his sermons that he gives to the people inside the c. i. print them out and then send them all over northern germany in the netherlands so that other people can read them and slowly but surely he's throwing more more arab baptist bought into his nominally bluth renewed sermons be starting to talk more and more about the evils of the infant baptism be starting to throw more staff and his sermons about how bad private property is this isn't him a baptist thing right there knew what she struck talking about in the studio god base communism stuff that the dna of baptists give away and it happens so slowly inside to see that maybe the people there don't realize it and i'm back to stop when yon them i grew up in the netherlands guess these pamphlets pretty by bernard rothman i'm bernard neighbor doll in the nose what does that he knows bernard rothman because they both were on their being infected by milk or hoffman of one point he knows that bernard rothmans got dna baptist german and he and he is mentor are looking at monster as the real site of the second coming mark or off bill was wrong about strasberg in fifteen thirty four buddy was right about judgment day approaching yonder enlighten and his mentor another realities are known as the two yon see on the on line and another guy named yon matthias are the ones who have moved judgment day blues ella from strasberg to monster and me on the enlighten shows up in monster as sort of the advance man for the winter day of judgment festivities my young son line did not show up in monster into almost too was perfectly set up foundation only for his arrival that's what burn our rothman had been doing all this time he'd been sending out these campos now for some time of the sword to their line ready to burst telling poor people all over northern germany holland and all these places calm to monster we're going to get rid of private property honey my community they argue all the time in places like surfaces go whether or not to attract more poor people if you offer more services for the portuguese your denuded your surrounding cities on poor people with incomes your area because it's a better life for them if they do wall more mr secret pamphlet to tell him poor people all over the region condiments or we're gonna start sharing property if some of the people inside the city have their way imagine what that that's lots of poor people began flocking to monster which changes the internal demographics of the city from riyadh that rough balance between protestants and lutherans wall had this real civic for aidid kept things from exploding b. i. you have the whole budget outsiders who are disproportionately pour who do not have this feeling of civic pride because they are most rights lighting in the city because bernard rothman keeps pouring out the secret pamphlets not told you earlier i had the refueled actual books on the subject in english lot of the most written by a guy named anthony arthur and allow me to call for women are probably call from disproportionately during the show and probably use less cool to normal in the show because i don't have that in english but here's what he says about bernard rothmans solomon's that are being printed on him pamphlets and then sent to all these regions that only a few years ago had exploded into a murderous peasants war because they were so many poor people who felt that the system locked them into poverty author anthony arthur writes this court ross ms sermon is another leaflets printed by nipper darling had been circulating for our hall and freezing out northern germany in them up rothman explained among other topics that much human misery stemmed from the idea of private property the very idea of calling anything of thinking in terms of this is mine and that asia wars was evil god had made all things in common with corn rothman here now as today we can still enjoy their fire rain in the signing common and whatever else some thieving tyrannical man cannot grasp for himself oatmeal for gay and rothman tentatively portrayed monster as rich city that was now prepared to share its wealth with also came to what is members of the company of christ he invited and urged those who could contribute to it's holy mission to join him bringing with them only the weapons they would need to defend the new kingdom of zion as he called it against the ungodly to route fifteen thirty three hundred's and finally thousands of the wretched the dispossessed and the desperate red rothmans word and made their way to monster as they came in a nervous catholic citizens and others who had the means to leave the city began to do so and co this changing demographics began to affect the town council new elections were demanded by the residence of the city and the new commerce tipped the election against catholics so we're as before you had a town council evenly divided between catholics and lutherans after the election of fifteen thirty three the town council was still divided but now it was divided between litter bins and lutherans it were so radical they can be described as annabeth to sympathizers this change in the city is really just demographics seems to wimbledon people like bernard roffman to more openly declare their hannah baptist beliefs and it's easy can understand why mean imagine being what the senate baptists people and living your life underground meeting in secret in odessa occasionally be found out having no members of your belief system or even maybe your extended family took hold on we headed your drown or burned at the stake in to be a persecute religious minority and in all of a sudden it seems like this one cd with very strong walls and the wall malts in your river that runs through providing food water after besieged all of us and it seems like one c. d. word your trying to can practice their faith in relative safety it must've been an intoxicating sort of belief think about how do you lose most of the altering the many pogroms and of it impacted them during their history or take the most in our regis pogrom of all the holocaust imagine being jewish in the year after the nazi regime falls on the holocaust details become understood in you find out that the jewish people are in search of an maybe have found a place with a can have a jewish state was injured feel a little like okay finally a place where we can have sanctuary that's how many of these anna baptists most of the old reading the ratings to bernard rodham was sending our all over northern germany into the netherlands all these places with these hidden in a baptist in hiding throughout the populations the thing is is that somewhere along the line receipt rothman has become a specific kind of arab baptist were never told you this is like an intellectual contagion and every new preacher or gets their hands on it seems to me you would hate the german all little bit they're wrong way when milk or hoffman says that your judgment a bulldozer is coming to strasberg and gets locked up for his trouble his entire flock sort of turns to his second in command a geisha could say the person and inherits the mantle of the profit for home no call hoffman and that other jani on matthias an ya matthias instantly puts his own genetic twist on the intellectual contagion and takes milk or hoffman's peaceful and a baptist view that the second coming no is on the way we should peacefully wait for it and puts a violent dangerous spin on it saying yes the second coming is on the way we should do everything we can to foster raped help them along or yeah if we came we should get read a deep on righteousness for the second coming arrives to leon believers donna stress once again that the c. on a mathias but together and genetic twist on the intellectual contagion is unusual the most anna baptists are very peaceful types and i you have the strain of violent millennia list and a baptist thinking i'm bernard rothman is what the people who've been infected with that screen of the intellectual virus the guy named for her mcpherson brock german writer thirteen years old when all this goes down and most real lives through it as an older person realizing that this is the greatest historical event he's ever gonna live through the decides to run like his version of the tail and he's the only primary source i have of the events in monster during this time period now we need to take him with a grain of salt for two reasons wanted by the tiny rate this story it's decades after the events of happened although to give him credit he does go back and pull all these records in treaties and agreements and all bee stings and he becomes the only source we have for some of those things for all things about this city does is research but the other reason to take him with a grain of salt is that he's a catholic any dislikes lutherans any hate in the baptists he blames these people for everything he had to live three during this period but even with his biases we can learn things we can learn things about the attitudes of the people in we're viewing the amman baptista such from outside the religion and you can listen to the things he slams the hannah baptists for an from honor perspective sometimes it's very illuminating killed till slam them for appealing to the pour into the commons and he can assume years when he talks about in the commons the seniors we talked about the inner baptist leaving the people are equal in l. d. p. beefy bodies into this medieval class system or as bernard rodham what the faulty keep charge upon our were hoffman with a threefold we modern city places like united states take for granted this idea that all men are created equal and all the scan the staff this is the test of one percent refuses to indict bernard roth but he believes all that can stop the shuttle he says rothman says in this pivotal speech in fifteen thirty three the speech were rothman camera comes on the closet the demographics and monster have had swung so much to the am about to sign the rothman feels now that he can cannibal billy you some of these carl words that show that he's not radical who threw the few actor innovations he's really in and a baptist and bernard nipper calling will take the sermon and printed up and said he'd out all these damn about the serious leading even more hannah baptists coming the monster is swinging the religious demographic even more in his favor rothmans gonna masterful job from fifteen to retreat turning monster into a city that's wide open for him about the settlement even as the priest the sheik who ruled the city is killing as many of the santa back to secede and his hands on his bonkers and rocks rundown all of speech by bernard rothman given in the second half of fifteen thirty three and you can hear the strains of violent mall emil thinking they come from yon matthias is teachings up in the netherlands here's one person brock rights i hope to make his doctor recourse onto his habits he ordered the people to perform acts of mercy they clamored in all his sermons it was necessary to live in a restrained manner he told them that they should enjoy their property in common help one another with mutual good turns live in a friendly way among themselves in embrace each other in mutual lot no one was to exalt to sell the bomb another for no one was superior to another since they were all brothers and sisters they were all invited on an equal basis to the life eternal altogether preachers constantly problem about the gospel he said it their doctrine was nonetheless not evangelical rather it was some foolish persuasion sent its works are not good for it's the papacy drag said also contaminated the doctrine of good words with the health of human enactments of ceremonies thus there was virtually no help the doctrine and the whole world was corrupt and placed in evil and that is reason the world would soon be set upon by a horrible an inevitable disaster which no one would escape except gods elect who were marked out with the sign of the covenant to one man the rest would die of lethal punishments being aborted from a base of the earth with cruel death this would be the end of the world but the last judgment would follow up thousand years later at the end of the world once the imp highest were suppressed godzilla two were marked out with dishonored the covenant was good for one thousand years of christ as their leader live in new wood blasted life on earth without law without ruler or without marriage end quote look at how seditious that is to someone and evil mentality all men are created equal why received some men have blueblood some manner which summon up or not god's will personally person brought order boldly this idea that you can live without law well that's edition like there is indeed martin luther king day and stuff like that now none of that so violent that's basically the teachings of milk or hoffman right there is gonna be last judgment and the people who could vertebrate a colby said it okay so so peaceful and about the stinking up here is where rothman though goes off the yen matthias you know when you get takeout the sword side of violence and a baptist thinking karsten braasch continues again signing this important speech by burn or brought an fifteen thirty three quote talking about rothman quote he kept saying that this destruction of the umpires would take place in the sense the heavenly father had even now sent out his angels and ministers who the people saw in person and these were rome world to mark out with the sign of the covenant the lack of god to were scattered everywhere so that they should be snatched away from the impending affliction those marked out were to be summoned from the four corners of the earth to was single place and their their leader christ would place in their hands the sort of vengeance with which to wipe out the implies the pious would draw the sword against those not marked out with the sign of the covenant so that the memory of them should disappear from the face of the earth and the pious should live twinkly and a coke in other words these are hostile of young mathias the person who take in the peace white is a no coral and turn them into by the ones you're gonna go find all began about the soup on like this bring them to a single place monster and there's where the cleansing of the world in our eliminating the umpires was going to happen so that the pious could they live tranquil week this is a violent doctrine for but you can't blame 'em in a sense you could almost look it is one strain the piano baptist annabelle lee system saying you know the rest of the uh baptist can be peaceful lambs if they want you were not taken us anymore no one's gonna burn us at the stake anymore not have a spike back to understandable but it was probably anything but understandable for the long time residents both catholic and moderate with runs a monster to them at their city was being taken over then it was happening rather quickly for example they wake up one morning in late fifteen thirty three to find out that fourteen hundred of their fellow citizens have been baptized we baptized in an ear week the city population is something between nine fifteen thousand to fourteen hundred being re baptized in the week is she in which those people have signed their death warrant the prince bishop is killing people for far less than this right outside the city walls the lutherans and catholics inside the city must wondered how much they were gonna be charged with the equivalent of being an accessory to a capital crime benefactors only people could be re baptize so quickly disorder mother reasons this idea of an intellectual contagious virus works so well with the uh baptist because wants an ana baptists was re baptized they then had the power and authority we baptize others tended to have been rather quickly what's new york there were a lot of indulges in the seat would recently thrown off their habits and left the convent in one of the keys to understand the situation monster is all the d. for auction ons because what happened is bernard robin what do you monster want a and started reading from the german bible little language those non sponge to him saying you're not supposed to be these virgin known as you're supposed to get out here and be fruitful and multiply and as many of the sources point out a lot of these girls didn't wanna be not used to begin with their dinner for the educational opportunities order orphans or their parents thought that they were wayward girls and if you were boy crazy girl in the middle ages you often found herself inside the convent in here was you know what these august preachers telling you that bad boy crazy niche you have is what god man should have any meaning should act on it get out here throw off your habits and join the crowd and many of them did it and some of these nuns became the most enthusiastic supporters began a baptist happened now in that speech that christian rock watch were hoffman is making rothman mentions that already these angels these profits are wandering around the city in the people inside monster can see them well one of them introduces himself in dramatic theatrical fashion on february eight fifteen thirty four they shouldn't surprise anyone any does it this way because the guy has a background enacted you see on that line one of these two yarns that we've been talking about a failed actor fatal borel moorefield capitalist failed taylor nearly twenty four years old at this tiny steel blonde a very short lifespan bodies movie star handsome bullock charisma and as a great understanding how to make a dramatic entrance and on february eighth he makes one with bernard nipper dollar he's been staying in the upper dawn's how secretly out on the eighth of february they burst on the front door neighbor collins' house into the market square is never going at this beautiful greenhouse white in downtown monster and what he burst out of the square he perch on our foaming at the mouth you're screaming repent repent conti our senses and there are saying that the second coming is not high and it has reaction on the city population that is out you can even imagine a few years before that the reaction in you get is a sign of how money a baptist ever write a monster because the people in the town square freak out her mum on person brock is they are thirteen years old with his friends they watch stalin and they think by the way christopher thinks neighbor darling and then leitner faking it but they think the population has been brought that's what curse rothstein reason you why because they are foaming at the mouth throwing themselves on the jury medieval roads in riding around in performing crosses with their body and everybody's seen like lesions in the sky what's going on here to be mass hysteria to be the power of suggestion could be a legitimate religious experience one person brock thinks rothman is probably slipped to draw get into the city the water or food that one hears the resenting way he says rothmans perfectly capable of that now walk couldn't altman had put in the city fluid it would do this to people well there's something called the medieval world saint anthony's fire in saint anthony's fire was known to occasionally strike in certain cities and what did those cities would go mad for days at a time and modern day scientists things that the cole porter oh god poisoning or garza fungus that grows on why and if you why did you make bread with is contaminated with it or god you can have your reaction similar to one lsd experience because the chemical makeup of your god and lsd you're not that dissimilar do you have the city eastern time to time it would freak out with the saint anthony's fire cursor brock is suggesting a robin has the ability to do that to a city and it certainly would explain lot that's what happened nonetheless we don't know why it happened we simply no that between one more thing that freaks out the locals because if they do think fourteen hundred baptisms in a week was bad enough that people foaming at the mouth seeing visions in the sky throwing themselves on the ground in the shape the crosses the catholics the few who were left and even the moderate latrines are beginning to think it's high time to get out if they were sure about that the fact that he had a baptist then go from this religious experience to taking over the town hall in the marketplace on that same day should've been a sign of things to come instead of banding together and overthrowing the ana baptist right because they were still a minority in the city the town council recognizes what's called the principle of liberty of conscience in other words the legally recognized the white of the ana baptist ina monster to the ana baptist this goes to haul really begin to put the prince bishop is preaching he's busy writing letters right now all the other rulers in the region saying you have no idea how dangerous the serbs your budget people telling poor people all over northern germany in the netherlands to calm here is to lose in a cry for treasurer for guy share everything he scared to death of another passes for the class uprising and here it the town council the monster has just told me he's out all i am a baptist the same people were being killed by the prince bishop outside the protective walls that we're legally recognizing you this is assigned anyone who doesn't wanna be in a lot to the inner baptists whenever the authorities get ahold of the city again that it's time to go yourself author norman caron explains the situation quo the ana baptista the last one legal recognition for their rory large and powerful community many well to do lutherans alarmed at the prospect of ever increasing pressure from their opponents withdrew from the town with all their movable belongings the majority of the remaining population was in a baptist and the messengers and manifest those were sent out or g. d. n. a baptist in nearby towns to come with their families to muster the rest of the earth that was announced was doomed to be destroyed before he struck but monster would be saved and would become the new jerusalem food clothes marmion accommodation would be ready for the immigrants on their arrival but they were to bring all arms the summit is met with a vigorous response from as far afield as for easy on and we're about anna baptist green to monster until the number of newcomers exceeded those of the latrine emigrants as a result in the annual election for the town council on february twenty third and overwhelmingly anna baptista body was elected with bernard nipper galling as one of the two burger masters on the following days monasteries and churches were looted and in the nocturnal orgy of iconoclasm the sculptures and paintings of books of the cathedral or destroyed and coke the words and edward first fifteen thirty four the city is much as it had been the end of february deanna baptists are in control and that's when yon mathias the actual prophet who took the peaceful judgment day ideas of his mentor and turn them into a man's son asked violent we're going to kill all the young believer sort of boldly system arrives in monster himself not all people in the story yon matthias might be the one that fascinates me the most first of all who he looks like something that belongs on the comparable led zeppelin album paul launch bald but with a big long black beard the goes all the way which way to dress is only in black denise hooded cloak swoop like a rope a belt beat huge head huge eyes he looks like an old testament preacher and that's cowboys gone for a look why is to make the whole contrast between sort his darkness even more apparent he travels with his wife was twenty years john within his she's a former non unlike many non says left the convent for you this new approach to religion she dresses all in white she's beautiful and the two of you go around together all the time so yeah does we're marco contrast between this tall ugly scary dark do dressed in black and is in a beautiful x non twenty years younger than him wife dressed all in white the yamaha i ask he used the epitome of how things can get out of pain and with a doctor like liquors idea that you can actually be inspired by the holy spirit they would look there was talking about is the occasional you know burning bush sign from god that you read about in the bible every now and be reached ordinary people could get once a bustling years yacht matthias doesn't talk to god that way yon matthias has like a walkie talkie to god it's always going now i have this impression of him that's like half charles manson you have exit door for more cunning be mad at him water bring up the action or thing because it's one of these analogies that only let numbers of the audience can they get so it's not a very smartly use but in my mind that's how i always see him walk in and he was a show where an alien had come down to earth it was a comedy in luck with this alien but the fine you have with the show was the more doesn't understand what's normal it's not the least costly getting into the situations were really abnormal things are treated normally buy him 'cause he didn't know the difference anyone's in the water those till the end of the world is nigh repent kind of crazy people illustrating a whole bunch people together to athlete to venus when the world and as a guy who continually talks to an invisible entity that isn't there has arguments within the invisible entity in iraq says sometimes this is exit door naturally be on matthias is like and just talk to god god like standing behind him in occasionally inner what for them and sometimes not by a slow start talking to him in audible they wouldn't he doesn't really need to read the bible even though it sounds like he can quote it like the key just to run over shoulder and say no or you mean by then how would you approach is to look at any does this many times in the story if there's ever a controversy of turn around about quick little walkie talkie conversation with the invisible entity does not there an internet okay not directly that's all coming it's a fascinating situation your matthias is religious fanatic in the time we're almost any one if you brought them in a time capsule back here work would be considered religious fanatic you bring you plug in you lose people from medieval germany bring him to now they're coming up your liquor religious fanatic who was yon matthias is a person with a pure luck religious fanatic to them i think it's fair to say he was probably insane and again difficult to tell during this time during one wonders how many clinically insane people got into the high positions of power over the terrorist matthias seems to me to be as i said manson ask unlike extorting to me he seems totally insane to the people of monster he was the return of the biblical prophet he'd annie on that line together with the second coming of eli jacques and he knock they were going to washer and the new age and the new age was in some mighty stud jesus turn the other cheek sort of you know when you're under caesar what is caesar's new testament stuff yon matthias is a preacher who would evokes the old testament he sees his anna baptist followers as it can to go to the jews as the chosen people of the old testament god but now with the senate back is that of the chosen people and the god they worship is a firing brimstone and color or salt god this isn't the god that turns the other cheek when somebody wrong shoot this is a god that stretch your enemies dare our matthias is preachy death and repentance before the second coming in the whistle or not are the chosen people are going to be horribly killed and matthias want to that way in fact one of the first things he does when you rise in the city a monster is tell his followers they need to tell everyone the city who's gonna baptist right now this happens near the end of february fifteen thirty four i'm bernard neighbor going so horrified by what ya matthias is said william matthias is we need to kill longer neighbors all these people you know old bernard nipper don't you served as their representative on the town council not you have to help us kill them goes up to matthias and try to talk him out of that does listen if you kill all these people you're gonna turn all of germany against us it's a great way to get the entire country mobilized and we will be snuffed out before anything you can get started and matthias immortals wonderful moment was as to what neighbor darwin says and turns around and has now these conversations with god with a kind of worried sick about this god and nature is back in a puddle and says okay all just exile bomb and that's what they do want morning the chronicle save february twenty seven fifteen thirty four d. n. a baptist with weapons go door to door first in the morning it like some rises stark rousing their neighbors anyone who's catholic is immediately tossed on the city you know what to take anything he could have done to sweep all your stuff all your wealth and remember this is an error were people didn't have a lot of electronic or lose the number one ammonium the bank in their stocks which you owned and accrued over notches your lifestyle but perhaps richard inherited from your your family over the air is the accruing wealth of your entire family for who knows how long it stays behind just to make matters worse it happens to be snow week sleeping dead and you're throwing people out which is the clothes on their back of course you have the traditional stories of women who just given birth and pregnant women of all these people being thrown out on the roads in a starving whatever now some of the litter use are given the choice of conferred on i think about this for second these are people or read handed to us and converting sold one assumes that if they had leaned in the baptism already the wood converted but the message is being sent by the salmon baptists were taking over the city let's not mince words here are is that if you wanna keep your stuff you can but you've gotta be re baptized him become one of us no this is weird idea are considering the fact that the ana baptists are very soon and say we're all the machinery everybody stop but that's essentially what lotta people get out of this message if i wanna keep my stuff my house all my things i need to be re baptized and some people are maybe a figure orders to dismantle the whole thing blows over it and i'll also have my stuff and seen what happened my neighbors but all the trees it'll be the city as well now jim an expansion human behavior some people stay anyway simply dog will leave everything that they've recruited in ultra maybe generations of wealth hoarding and they won't leave any on matthias begins to preach in the city that these people that must be killed i allow the buddy off to leave voluntarily but these people insist upon staying need to be wiped out and he gives public speeches about this here's one anthony arthur writes quote but many catholics remained in the city i'm willing to give up their homes and their belongings and hoping that the prince bishop would somehow intervene to save them but by us now demanded began in the public sermon that not only the catholics but the litter bins be killed so that now quoting an matthias called true christians to serve god the father without hindrance and go arthur continues the translation by the victorious dollar bearing gold in dallas matthias with a degree of rhetorical elegance and here's the victorian translation called father demands the purification and the cleansing of his new jerusalem are republican not tolerate the confusion is owned by him pius x. i advised that we slaughter without delay the litter wins the pay best at all those who were not of the reich the non may remain alive in zion but those who can offer that while the rupture or run it easing worship the only way to preserve the righteous from the contagion of the image you work is to sweep them from the pace of the yurt we're supremely strong they can do this immediately without fear of interference from within the city or without and co arthur dunn point this at croke more accurate sense of what matthias actually sounded like can only come from seeing his words in your regional breathless german nears the translation of that quote everywhere we are surrounded by dogs and sorcerers and whores and killers of the god listen all love lies in commit bum end quote to meet with so fascinating about what matthias is saying is he is using the same argument for wiping out catholics and lutherans the catholics in literature using the wipe out an ad baptists be saying that the old contaminate the faithful with you behind us and on righteous interpretations of the religion in the bible the very same thing is that the authorities are saying that the annabeth dispute began a baptist on the on matthias see these other sexes intellectual contagion is the very same thing the prince bishop think she on the biases it's fascinating benigno point two people see the irony of this matthias is so fricking dangerous because he's the guy who can say what god wants and what god doesn't want it gives him the same power the spaniards had riding in the new world the same sort of on a questionable little worried that the aliens would add that they came down here with the real galactic bible or even a single guy who not only can interpret the bible you supposedly with the profits at the minute but when he has questions about a can simply turn ask god what you mean when you wrote that if you argue with him he's going to suggest you very strong in turn was nothing saying things like whores us sorcerers and dogs and lovers obliged to be killed this happens pretty darn soon in the city now before it dies at the press bishop acts in the same way that anthony orators to gossipy groping the prince bishop would act the day after the and a baptist toss out the catholics an old friends in the city and that's no we speedy whether or the prince bishop which the city under siege one day later it's pretty obvious the demographics in the city of now changed you don't have the city with catholic school crimson and about issue of the city's it's almost all in a baptist so the prince bishop in a bites the bullet put his own city under siege pay is marley to hire troops and to get cannon from surrounding rulers are essentially you don't knock down walls of his own city which will then have to pay to rebuild buddy put it under siege but it's not a very good seats they're still holds a city scream miles in circumference after world and the your writings of bernard rothman spawning a hill the same as npr's matthias are still being small allow the city in a printed on the printing press upon our neighbor darling and anna baptist route northern europe war the sword matthias is trying to appeal to knock the peaceful and about the militant ones are ecstatic to them it looks like judgment day blues is actually gonna happen they captured a major city the ring charge yeah matthias is running the show you better get there fast and instead of maybe the hundred's the piano baptists inside the city thought might slip away from the communities secretly in ones and twos thousands try to get down to monster now thousands of people all the condemned faith armed to the teeth are not going to escape the notice of the authorities at least thousands of in the back is heading down the monster doctor most are either killed some hard turned back which are a party lenient pringle when you consider the numbers involved economy dishonest and um it was pointed like boats all my way down the river full than a baptism there either suncor turn back or captured the men inside the city you get your first challenge to the authority of the xiang matthias there's dear santa baptism site that city did did you see this coming they can see the man said exit door person in their future when they decided to become an about this and now when you get an idea about what this new jerusalem is going to be like to actually living in what happens when you insult the prophet all the people on the city most were about to be alive demonstration you can understand though why yon matthias is actions will provoke some backlash from people because no one had said monday as this is what was gonna be like without bias takes over for example no after expelled the goddess he wars every book in the city that isn't a copy of the bible to be burned may have these big bonfire snitch actually go to war torn holmes is searching basement i'm under mattresses for hidden contraband metrodome apply wrinkling religious books that have been on the east germans of floater or he's here debating this rebel plant in the bible there's not gonna be any debates there's not gonna be any discussion of of questions in the bible matthias at kennesaw one problem for you in it for all these books in the fire and burn them now books in his ear are not like books today they're extremely raymer and valuable and precious things there is no wikipedia during this interim the the accrued knowledge of mankind as the medieval people understood that are contained in the books in the city to throw all those books in the fire and burn them is ya matthias is way of saying nothing matters before the bible or rather than the bible in easy to sit fundamentalists briefs elsewhere even today not just that matthias then the torrens a u. radical communism the piano baptists and people like bernard rothman had proclaimed and begins to turn it into reality he says private property spain buying and selling his band working for monique is banging and lending money for interest is bay and making any sort of profit off the sweat of other people's work is banned and the liver really go and try to find evidence all of the debt that poor people of the city may have been a whip up audio you lose all these things whereas this might be hugely popular and it was amongst people who were in debt some of the people in the city who maybe we're counting on some of the repayment of money that they had loaned it or who perhaps were saving up for rainy day we're had some very valuable books of the roman people story crumbling and the people who were grumbling are the ones who were the biggest problem to ya matthias one of them is on guard duty one night and he makes the mistake all of griping about this clap profit as she calls him use a word look good works custom that the people around him down shapiro morales because if you're somebody saying maybe something he secretly believed about this extremely dangerous biblical kind of figured and we're gets back to yon matthias that somebody was talking crap about him on guard duty any realized that this person is a cancer ring the new jerusalem that just like talking about catholicism an old friend is i'm ken you'll infect people with the dangers intellectual contagion so can somebody spreading bad information about the prophet and it's not gonna be allowed and here's how herman bonkers umbrella kicks planes yon matthias dealt with people like this an important really challenged to his leadership of the new zion the man who would honored the comments against yon mathias was a blacksmith named hubert we're sure and a solution a bias here is mode rocher has said he has him brought to the major field in the city bound to some sources say with chains are good with ropes but he has the entire city's population and brought to the field and stan was all over the snowbound blacksmith in front of the people in the town this is where matthias is going to show the people of monster was the new regime is really like and arden upon them to put the fear of god into them is how herman conqueror sherlock explains the scene quote what then gathered the prophet and you were dragged before them and said to the crowd brother christians huber the famous blacksmith here is ben let terribly astray by an evil spirit we do such a page of madness that in public the deer to despise the prophet sent to you by the father for your salvation and throw vial him with unspeakable be there in scurrilous jibes from this it is clear that he is a pious custer larue the general repeats cursor bruck says he taught that it was necessary to set examples of what happens when covenants are broken so the one man's crime could not be ascribed to the entire people since many people are often been punished for the fault worn for this reason fina said this man must be quashed he must be pulled up by the ropes from the midst of the pious and were moved from israel british wouldn't it is time for judgment to start with the house of god and quote now when he says this book for our oldest and realizes what matthias is talking about they're talking about killing this man he run at all and several of the important people in the city come forward and say listen you can't use it as we have rules me phoebe to be killed is gonna go through trial and you can have the same person the judge jury in executioner we have established procedures for this and this freaks out the prophet who will we why says that was that these people bowman disbanded he's totally in charge any as these people be instantly arrested and taken away people in the crowd are now starting to realize what's going on here and the only protections they have rather very sabretech choosy support manager said the blacksmith facts and now be important man who protested was being done to the blacksmith or cordoned off to prison themselves so nobody has any protection cursor brock says the matthias becomes visible eat almost insane and being contradicted him public by those two important figures in the town christian right then says that as this challenge to matthias is supporting is happening somebody jumps out from the crowd seizes the howled word which is a skier with an axe as part of it and shoves it between the shoulder blades of the blacksmith loring tied up on the ground other sources say it was john matthias himself that did this but regardless somebody stabs the blacksmith on the ground cursor bruck says it was yon than light income has him saying court with death shall it be killed he is not going to live the single day more from on high the father is granted me the power that everyone who opposes this divine command will fall by my sword which is plied by this hand and call so the first time that yon van lines on the steps forward as the second in command that tell woody for young mathias the only problem is that a lot of experience killing people only shows us how lumber between the shoulder blades of the blacksmith he didn't kill him the blacks with the pre strong powerful guy anyway but now we sitting on the ground screaming in from the dust cloud the despondent what's happening sold enlightened and grabs a hand on a pistol that someone has in the crowd picks it up shoot the blacksmith in the head who still doesn't die but ladies donor screening eventually some in the crowd grab the blacksmith who's not at all i'm it's not that big of a town these are people that he did the omer we chat takes 'em up to somebody tells put him in the bed need days later he doubts but the city is now stoned and the same time they are increasingly nearer to running around singing songs and dancing in the chanting hymns and see how this we're dichotomy it's part of what makes up this entire story you have murderers craziness with religious jew or a an almost ecstasy a lot of times when something like this stabbing happens to people will be told to sing and praise god and they will so all murderers insanity with religious ecstasy it's quite a witch's brew bar of emotional contradiction here any on mathias lazy it like a musical instrument the killing of this prominent blacksmith whose only crime was simply question what this profit was pushing push the plunger people over the edge this city is not yet we bolted down and shorn of the people of short questionable the allegiance they're still on the people who are quite sure they're all working in with what's going on matthias for all his fault is extremely congress and to give you bee stings and he knows that there's a lot of people dubious loyalty so in what is a brilliant totalitarian your psychological we talk or chores move he says sally says a lot of people in this town who don't believe in oak holy in this and a baptism that he's preaching that this sort of converts for convenience maybe they want to say they're stopped in the city what have you any says everyone who converted after certain date is suspect anywhere in the mall and look at people and said that depending on what god told him they might have to be killed by her man and women and children over certain age are herded into this cathedral and left there for several hours to think about what's happening now can you imagine actually being in that room and the tension that must have built up and you just saw this horrible incident that you been told that you know maybe maybe you're not faithful one off and i'm the prophet is going to talk to god and see what god thinks but it's not looking good for you you're probably going to have to be killed in the cathedral annie let she stooped for several hours what you think about it the sources dennis say he shows up in the cathedral several hours later we have armed men here's how author norman calm put to quote the terror had begun and it was in an atmosphere of terror that matthias proceeded to carry into effect the communism which it ari harbor for so many months' a splendid mole any old lesion in the imagination of the in the baptist a propaganda campaign was launched by matthias rothman any other preachers it was announced the true christian we should possess no money of their own but the whole all money uncommon for which it follow that all morning and also all gold and silver ornaments must be handed over at first his or her met with opposition samina baptist buried their money matthias responded by intensifying the terror the men and women who'd been baptized only at the time of the expulsions were collected together and formed the last of father chose to forgive them they must perish by the sword of the righteous they were them locked inside the church were they were kept in uncertainty for many hours until they were utterly demoralized at length matthias entered the church with a band of armed men as victims crawled toward simone their knees imploring him as the favorite of the bothered to intercede for them this he did or pretended to do and in the end inform the terrify wretch is that you'd want their pardon that the father was pleased to receive them into the community of the righteous after this exercise in intimidation matthias could feel much easier but the state of morale of the new jerusalem and co other sources no haven't even more exit door like account of them that when the people inside the cathedral say please you know you the favor that bothered to talk to him for steady goes way down on his knees and then stepped up and says i've talked to him the school with it get that going we just go with what again the walkie talkie to god is remarkably convenient and anyone who decides it looks a little hope he that they're not quite sure they can believe this is gonna shut their mouths now because look what happens to anyone that even offers a shadow of contradiction to the sky the terror had begun indeed but i'd like to stress again that i pointed that out a second ago but but i can't trust us and not even the oldest terror is happening ugly modernist looking back on it looks like watching a horror movie and you can hear the scary music coming in you can see the person was unaware simply walking down the court order to get yourself a low turnout corridors a guy with a then acts around chains on the leather mask kneeling in here that scary music he touched you can see the future but the people inside story k. the only people seem to have woken to the terror of the situation of the ones on the periphery of the piano baptist belief system the last fanatic or you are you're in a baptist believe the more likely you wore the see the situation inside monster for what it really hits them because they've been encouraging continually the people who work the least enthusiastic the majority people inside monster see the situation in a completely opposite way from the way we see it they are terrified there rick static may feel like they are blessed to be there because they believe the end of the war was comin' the only people that are to be saying that people or repair and they believe the xiang matthias guy he was talking to god on his virtual walkie talkie in which case bulge on what the word that guy is certainly he's going to be in the place we're god saves people the people to be pitied the ones who aren't in the new jerusalem and they're going to die the scoreboard terrible that's what's more these people inside the city are almost certainly away or dead this move that they've made inside monster has fired up and a baptist all throughout northern europe all these people who've been lying low in spain underground and maybe even a baptism site most rolling where the d'souza wanna people better secretly in a baptist and now they've been told that in many of them thousands of them were on their way to the city why be scared of the thousands of troops outside the walls the marketing you will you're writing to swell the prince bishops or meat why be scared of these cannon he's putting together this blockade bad enough however pours it might be the stroll around the city because thousands of them a baptist armed to the teeth will be here any day bay with god's help will sweep away the prince bishops forces sometime before easter sunday which happens on april fifth fifteen three four yon matthias and his cobalt is leadership cobalt gets insider info the peace thousands of them a baptist they've been told aroma way a drama way anymore as we said the authorities intercepted these people killed lot of them turned a lot about the prince bishop what he finds out that in a baptist in large numbers runaway tells all over the leaders in that in the region in the gunpowder we patrol in all the roads you're still in louisiana baptists nice poor people slipping in and through the blockade in three small numbers that these thousands of people that are gonna turn the tide of the siege aren't coming the population a monster doesn't know that at some point before easter sunday yeah matthias dots and what happens next is pretty much proofing in alone on a historian and just a fan of history but i don't read many people who think differently about this is pretty much proof they yell matthias is not a charlatan he may be insane it may be a lot of other things but when he has these walkie talkie conversations with god believes he's getting a response you can tell because of what happens just before easter fifteen thirty four and a wedding and festivities they're going on inside the city again this is part of the twisted use of the situation whereas these people are basically facing horrible death that the prince bishop can break down the walls are slipping in our church richer read somehow you get inside the city these people were celebrating having a good time eating drinking and partying in the end about disbelieve the partying and and drinking and sex all the stock was okay as long as it was in the confines of reasonable you can enjoy sex as long as you were married there were mainstream religious thinkers during that time perish the thought even if it was procreation if you enjoyed it was sinful piano back to stooping to swipe at they're having a wedding or tall right before easter fifteen thirty four everyone's having a good time and yon matthias is they are an outdoor kind of a fair and he's like a movie star or so anyone you know at this festivities probably keeping like one coerced awry on the movie star issue might if there were to be startled when you were at an all the sudden the anthem amongst the commotion in the celebrating mathias the pure stuttgart water medical expert today might call it something similar to an epileptic seizure in a begins to turn white and grown look up to the sky and you can imagine his eyes rolling back in his hand and we're told his head dropped down on the table with the problem could any thanks basically we have to imagine everyone at the party to stopping them all the sound of the clanking of the silverware never even to stop to everyone looks up a movie star person in the room and although some matthias and pops up on the table any looks up at least talking to someone who isn't their exit or style and we're told that he says something to be effective not ma i will but by and i will be don father and stands up and begins to kiss people on the lips and shake their hand and say god bless you when this city and i'm kind of staggers off in away from the party and everybody is just on now the people who'll explain to the stand population what just happened are these people who form so early on matthias is leadership cabal bernard epidural bernard rothman the most of all yonder enlighten the other yon explained the population the jani matthias has just been given the information from god at the promised help from the stella's is a man a baptist streaming toward monster armed to the teeth we're going to sweep away the prince bishops besieging forces isn't going to come once again in a showing that the prophet is receiving insider reformation from god concerning the in a grand tactical and strategic situation and gone off to do something about it what is going to do we use proof that he's may be crazy but not a charlatan because young matthias claims the goddess told him that like saint george lying the dragon or like david venturing out all may get the scary and dangerous an unbeatable goliath the god has told ya matthias that used to dawn or strep a sword was side care real lance and with a reese mole group of ten or twelve people back to sort of an honor guard the must've felt so fortunate he used to venture out of the city walls on easter sunday himself destroy the prince bishops or me the prince bishops army at this stage in the game is somewhere between three and eight thousand men strong one can only imagine the reaction of the crowd crowded is because at high noon on the upper fifth fifteen thirty four as the gates open up in the small group of ten or twelve cavalry led by an old man in full armor had out of the city the people of monster jump on top of the walls to look and watch what's gonna happen and because monster has like eighty cannon in it and these church steeples that are high up above the city have been turned in to go on platforms and because there is had the ability should back at the prince bishops besieging four sisters is huge dead zone between the hour war the city and were the prince bishops lines or he's he sets up outside of the cannon range so there's several football fields maybe like territory football fields distance between the hour wall of monster and besieging forces you get imagines candidates all where there's nothing because you'd be in range of the cannon if you stayed there and so the press bishop at some point in this trip took some point or aware that does not agree but people exiting the city coming bearing some sort of part why your messenger negotiation this is a group of people who intended common fight and so after the shock wears off the prince bishops and there's five hundred elite cavalry to intercept this tiny group of people and charged them i'm not quite sure what five hundred caliber recharging ten looks like but i imagine it must've been quick can the people on the walls of monster get to watch the person that they have put all their hopes and dreams and their life and your soul remember we're dealing with religious pope people from the middle ages for probably as concerned about their immortal soul as they are about their lives and they watch this person who is god's favorite was talking to him be a walkie talkie and they watch him get caught up by this cow for re literally we're told that one of the prince bishop soldiers ron's us be your through the side of yon matthias and as he pulls out yeah matthias is god's all come out with it and blood spilled on the ground me falls on the ground for misfortune by the way this is not a gratuitous violence description is reason for it but then they chop him up in front of you don't horrified eyes of the most rights and coming his arms off cutting his legs off they put his head on a stake and for the walls of monster so that the people can see what happened to their beloved profit and then overnight at some point one of the prince bishops soldiers nails to the gate of one of monsters gates of the genitals of the profit the people are horrified in the show and we have to try to imagine put yourself in their place this is it's not a wakeup call then a state of shock and anthony or three explains it awaited so i'm give issue of the healing of how quickly everything is happened here and then when exclamation point watching their profit have this happen to him he is you write cool for six weeks the passionate matthias is dominated most of the nine thousand inhabitants of this walden isolated city those who were born there are more or less willingly allowed him to take over their city government to appropriate there how was it isn't their money to chase away the godless the replace them with foreign zealots to incite the prince bishops all armed warfare against them and to enlist them as soldiers are clenched in the final battle of good against evil now the great leader to whom they didn't trust did not their lives but they're shawls has delivered himself up for slaughter or look at anyone say to so many people talking with anxiety and fear for their own future one explanation could account for such a sudden an overwhelming catastrophe who could save them now from the bishop so called party of order in quo they have the rest of the day to wanderer bought questions like this and the wandering the streets of monster and we're told that there are in a meeting their fellow citizens in addition to we tell ourselves jupiter or cells on the mercy of the prince bishop what's to be down and then with an actor's flair for the dramatic the people are summoned that evening two way we dealt with the second story window where they have to look up with a crowd looks up and we do is lit by candlelight and there's a man they're dressed all in white and beautiful may one side of him dressed all in white as well is that we know the beautiful widow of the man who just got caught up that day in from the crowd ya matthias is wife too far to the other side of this beautiful man dressed all in white use the renowned and well respected bernard neighbor dollar man whose sat on the town councils won elections in the city that the guilt or respect and a man dressed in white use yon matthias is in a second in command yeah on that line enlightened told the crowd that yon matthias estate was what the fathering attended and this rate there must've quashed one of the rumors that was circulating draw to city that yon matthias would after three days' ride is from the dead like jesus christ and take the city back then why does said that would happen to mathias was punishment for matthias is air riggins and for him trying to steal the glory of the victory over the prince bishops forces from god he had indeed been told to go on there and take on the prince bishop but he hadn't been told to take a bunch of men to their deaths with him many was supposed to get the credit to god that that he was trying to take the glory for himself admitted the damage the way god told him to do with it would've been successful instead of this is what he got and then lied and said he'd known that this was going to be the result for eight days because your re scene and in a dream the holy spirit had told him that matthias would be stabbed in the side and then lightning seen it in a dream and seeing that soldier polis bureau of matthias is side in the gut spill out onto the ground and eddie been terrified by the dream but that the soldier that it just build matthias is gods are on the ground turned him in the dream and sandinista straight out of herman concourse and rocks writings on the matter quote do not here man of god or be in any way terrified instead press on with your calling a plan for the specific judgment of god concern is not your life but that matthias whose wife you should marry and co all accounts then say that van leyden could hear are almost inaudible intake of shock from the crowd and even played do it again like an actor shanghai to know was mature may east by what happened and was worried that no one would believe me so wife told bernard nipper going when been in there so i would have a witness at that moment nipper going steps forward to the window says it's all truly told me eight days ago this would happen now what yon van leyden has just so conning me don he's throw a bomb should people whose entire future had been you cast adrift all the sudden an emotional and spiritual life line he given them hope again what were they going to do about it well part of this now relies on specific character of enlightened and the creates a situation in monster during this time period that is almost without precedent and this is something that has been written about significantly people like max weber talk about it i'm anthony arthur talks about it where to rot history we've seen occurrences were you get this korea's matic leader who's able to almost bell bind people won't hold them entranced everyone from an on off hitler who doesn't another grand scale up to with david to rush rigidly shown to does about a very small scale these things are not uncommon in human history all what is in common is for anyone to be able to succeed said decrees matic leader and continue the spell binding effect for example imagine if not off hitler had died or head given the command of the third reich and turn it over to herman goering would be in second in command one point or heinrich himmler thwarted the guy who commanded the third reich after hitler suicide for like five seconds admiral carl doughnuts it would've worked with it retired things sort of depended upon the unique charisma of animal fiddler the unique charisma of the data to rush the unique where's mamma jim jones the christmas wooden built the whole thing you take that away and it's like all the supports instantly collapses not institutional support it's based on the charisma of a single human figure what happens in monster after yon matthias is death is that another person who has even if possible more korea smog in the initial person who built the whole spell binding effect takes over that was anthony or to point out dynamite hasn't been made clear that he's taken over the city but he's managed to make himself the only viable candidate is someone who are going to do that is the only viable candidate because he's the guy who does the equivalent of picking up yeah matthias is walkie talkie now he's the only guy who can speak directly to god he's the one who possesses the power to know what god wants him what god doesn't want in other words if you were received based on revelation type ideas only one guy who's believed at the guy who was the conduit between the people in the almighty and about our week less than a week actually after matthias is caught up on the battlefield enlightened shows up in the town square in monster buck naked now if i were casting the movie of the story yarn mathias the scary in old prophet of doom character i cast some warm light christopher walken in that we're all or anthony hopkins from silence of the lambs we've gone from that sort of a mood two was successor why would an actor like matthew mcconaughey to apply you don't get the feeling that he's a charlatan necessarily to the trouble he is an issue when gold is four feet and believe in all this at the same time he's not his grave or serious sirs our story to someone like apply she get the feeling it may be on that line were walking past the baker shop and saw dollars he wanted in the window and didn't have enough money in his pocket the charred the bakery go guy just tell me what they have that doughnut for free but little bending of the rules here or there didn't seem to bother the guy like that line and his revelations are so much more theatrical the matthias is we're so we shows up in eighty one day in monster in a movie star handsome in the bath in comedy naked in the city and he runs for all the streets screaming and yelling people of zion in all wake up all these kind of things very theatrical collapses in front bernard airport olin's house and signals that he's unable to speak in a hand or eating utensils re write down that the father is struck him doctor three day is only gives him an important revelation and ruined cities on pins and heels for three days waiting for what is it that be what can be which could be in the peace as well god has told me that he's not happy with this whole idea that town council even though we've remained it twice and you know put em a baptist in charge of altering it's still a construct a man needs degaulle god the father wants a government much more like he had an old israel wants twelve elders running the council then of course been widened at the name of all of the people god wants on the council the council to be made up of a borgia people obviously loyalty on that line and they were all given swords by bernard rothman as a sign that that they now have the power of life and death over the people on the city bernardi upper jaw when the person who actually sat on the town council purse alone is not given the place in the council of elders but he's given us special made opposition now all chief executioner in the city and again anyone because one of the things that god has told them line is it's time to reinstitute bunch of old and long ignored rules from the old testament not just the ten commandments by the bond to the little love the biggest tight rules to anna punishment for almost every violation his death the big he's of course murder rape robbery theft all those things dad doctor reid death blind deaf slandered death gossip death you're not obeying your parents or your husband death you get the picture what historians and basically pointed out is that yonder enlightened and instituted a system of laws that it would've been almost impossible for people not to violate but he had the power to commute anyone sentence because of course god could simply tell him i don't want this person killed to the whole city has been condemned to death essentially with enlighten having the power to commute anybody's guess since this is totalitarian folks this is the power of life or death resting in the hands of one man who knows what god wants he also mandates that everyone's doors to be left ajar and all kinds of the people can come in to make sure everything's kosher inside the city children are encouraged to inform on their parents and families of things are looking very godly inside the homestead then why do organizers the entire city and what you might call military communism where people are organizing a baker's taylor's blacks must housewives into military and company east they're trained to rule given specific tasks so that when the bishop attacks which everybody thinks is coming soon everyone's got a specific job to do whatever stocks had not already been requisitioned into the central depots of the city are now requisition and there are amusing airport you with my fingers deaconess put in charge of all these bingham metal was melted down into bullets everything is put together so that they're just waiting for the bishops attack so that everybody can be a sprint today are jobs as required when the attack comes the first sign of the attack is imminent comes on may twenty second fifteen thirty four when the many guns that the bishop has been laboriously placing around the city including some extremely large i can and then went to my local count they were so large they had the wrong name was the big bomb was known as the devil and the big one that came with is called his mother meaning the doubles mother on the prince bishop in avalon military cure himself but a lot of the local rulers around him were happy when didn't stop because they want this intellectual contagion shut down as much as anyone that wants bread with their region is to restart company said troops there went from all these different rulers to step to soar polly god army waiting outside the walls for the assault of the city to begin on may twenty second the guns opened fire the actual storming of the city is scheduled for dawn may twenty sixth now here's the thing to baron mind when comes to these companies are mercenary troops are really any fighting before the modern era the soldier surfer pay obviously but there were certain fringe benefits traditionally for storming the city they are the classic rape and pillage and looked fringe benefits and britney literally rape a mean begin them are mine real took a lot of these people are thinking we're going there women get subjects are gonna get some gold and ours which often ithaca grab that will run into homes and take whatever we find the problem is is the mentality amongst the soldiers is a little like the mentality amongst go shoppers who show up for those midnight sales in big long lines and wait for the doors to open them when the doors open everybody rushes in don't want to be the last person in line to buy the time you get to the aisle with the stuff you want it all to be heavily picked over by the people who got the report you get to business little bit of of of the of the tendency to want the first or lease not lobby last and on may twenty fifth the day before the attack is supposed to begin the company is a trickster reader rama city the gums are shooting at the walls and gates you know to presumably make holes that the troops in running through an attack the city and these various contingent of the bishops troops or drinking one company in particular from modern day belgium of the netherlands is drinking particularly heavily were told all day long the day before the attack is scheduled and afterall if you were scheduled to russia studied the next morning you might want a drink too but we're told that there are so drunk by the time the sana starts to set the night before the attack is supposed to begin at the bit confused the setting sun on may twenty fifth with the rising sun of may twenty sixth and they think that the docks call the sudden the dawn and it and thinking that there are about to miss the assault and that they're gonna be the last people in the u. s. special wal-mart sale or everyone's lining up in line and they grab their stuff in their weapons and go off running and toward the city screaming and shouting in charging as the sun is setting on the night of may twenty fifth now this might not be so bad if that was the only contingent that did this the problem wasn't altogether contingents there's all this contingent doing it they may not have been is drunk but they were just as concerned about not wanting to be the last people you know in the rape pillage a look long and so they grab their weapons and charged with the city as well as the sun is setting meaning you're gonna be conducting this attack haphazardly in the evening when it's dark and the most shock person in the whole county must've been the bridge bishop who turns around and notices that the attack has begun on the commanders are now appeared he's not out there they've gone and done this themselves and i have to tell you hundreds of people don't die in the so it's not funny thing but in my mind's eye icy something from the old benny hill show again another analogy more to be probably will get but the benny hill show was an english comedy and usually want every episode it would speed up the film so it was high speed and i would play yeah the sacks that funny little in a day and ended the denuded song and and and to me it's like the benny hill show high-speed film in my mind's eye applying yeah de sacs as directed by quentin terry team owl it's bloody it's horrible and yet party you still can't help but laugh at the weirdness of at all needless to say these are not the conditions that are conducive to a successful attack and this was unsuccessful one thing you can say about the santa baptists inside the city for older faults they were not drunks and they were sober and they were behind these wonderful defense is a monster and they were organized into military companies and for all of his other faulty on that line was brave as hell roll around on all white horse exposed himself to bullets was here there and everywhere the women every time a whole would open up on the wall would grab you know maneuver and mine and stones and plug up the hole and these people launch themselves drunken we against the city walls and you're clashed they eventually in the dark rush back toward the wrong lines having lost about two hundred fifty people he added that is inside the city walls lost less than ten the people inside the city reacted much issue would expect people to figured that they were under god's special protection whacked they looked at the victory over the prince bishops forces as a sign that the day wore on my right side pentagon was with them may god would let them down yon than lie in is sending out speeches by bernard roffman via the printing press to burn our neighbor going all over northern you're trying to make browser piano back to sinking and trying to tell poor people all over this area were member who would risen up and opposes war not that long beforehand and were still upset try and worries them and get them all up in arms this is his best chance for securing outside help because he has no way to launch any sort of offensive attack against the prince bishops forces he can beat off those soldiers when they attacked the walls but he can't alongside the walls an attack the prince bishops forces were many opus excess talese stock on the defense and he's got no way to finish the war unless he can get outside help so he's trying to but meanwhile the siege goes on the condition socially but surely getting to be not that wonderful and the city although you would know what from the way the ana baptists were acting they would still do these things where they would have meals for example in common than three communist it down so that the tables are set in everybody eats together in our piecemeal to somebody was sit there and read the old testament allowed to the people one day of fifteen year old dutch parole approaches yeah i'm fine line in the leadership of the council of elders with a plan a plan she almost certainly god for more of those readings of the old testament that they did in the city she heard the story all of judith olaf earnings from the old testament which is a story of a woman who saves the city in the old jewish kingdom of judeo from an enemy foreign kings would push the city under siege very similar situation to what's going on in monster the way judith saves the city you'd be she pretends she wants to sleep with the enemy leader she's very beautiful all black and then she gets him drop in his tent kill us him and when she kills him his whole army to sort of disintegrates out of terror and you were worried about their own fate all that so this young fifteen year old dutch girl approaches the leadership and monsters as she wants to try to be like judith she's got a plan which includes the poison in short the cheese head mate she's she's woven it with her own hands and suppose to be very beautiful and yet it's totally saturated with poison some sources also say that it was made from the cloth of people who would died from leprosy to who knows what you can believe but she brings this planet to go into the prince bishops camp for ten she's a defector and given the shirt and kill him yeah and then line in the leadership doctor sure where we got solution cut one fifteen year old girl we can sacrifice you so when him what is a tragic story this fifteen year old girl dresses in no the most finery she can find in the city she goes to the main depots with a giver the jewelry that everyone has turned into the city 'cause it's coming estate but inventories everywhere sir she she put on all this jewelry and finery and slips out of the city and is quickly captured she tells her captives from the bishops forces that she said the factor which is happening occasionally from the city so it's not unusual she says she has proof that she's on the prince bishops on and she wants to help and she can tell 'em in world we go into the city defenses are nobody but she has the short that she wants to give the prince bishop now no one could quite an all what happened at the prince bishop bought this your story there was another defector from inside the city who left right around the same time period the xiang dutch girl did it he told the base ship that this plan was going to happen and that this doctor was gonna try to give them up we see shirt and she's taking and she is put under were horrible gilead medieval early renaissance torture she's put on a giant we'll make all this breaking on the wheels only takes a big iron bar when you're strapped in with your arms in op diagonally from your head in your legs spread eagle and the smash your limbs me just break you and she's broken on the wheel bush beard never breaks eventually she will be brought before executioner as she will tell the executioner who's about to cut her head off but he has no power over her and he says we'll see about that and we're told that he severs run neck with the stroke and so strong he would've gone through the slender neck so for pre adolescent girls and you know this is our real long show when there's a lot of detail i'm leaving now but i don't want to be the impression that the ena baptisms are the city are simply passively allowing the siege to continue without striking back at all they may not have the strength to sally out of the castle attack the bishops a veteran mercenary forces but they are launching more amounts to commando raids all the time course ten for never owned a child attacked usually using secret time all that the prince bishops forces around aware of and i have one day in the job in the prince bishops forces the prince bishops forces tend to drink a lot indiana baptists tend not to the soda be night time in the prince bishops forces will all be getting drunk or don't get drunk and power's out the fall asleep at all the sudden you know fifty m. baptists will emerge out of the secret donald slit the throats of a bunch of soldiers spikes in cannons blow up an ammunition dump steal some supplies maybe take some captives in boulder and back in the tiles and go back into the city and the moralizing the press bishops forces what's again giving the people inside the city reason to believe that god is on their side and why shouldn't i be on the side of the d. n. a baptist in monster if you're in a baptist living there you must think that you have a huge advantage over most people who simply read the bible and tried to figure raul what god wants from the text you have a common to wit you know what god wants and what god doesn't want the tissue of the prophet who can tell you why shouldn't you be living the righteous life well if this story was a weird enough for you already it's about a lot weirder because the righteous life is about to change about a hundred eighty degrees for what the people in monster are currently living and nothing in the story will be used of this is the people inside the city of monster is this hundred eighty degree change that the prophet who knows what god wants allegedly is going to propose what god wants according to yon than leyden he is what the hbo script writers who would be working on the story if they were indeed working on the store read would want you could just see those hollywood script orders going yes it agreed to remove violence brom all right stop again which really missing some sex need some saxena we've heard the better that seems like the prophet yonder enlightening might have felt the exact same why it because we're told in late may early june fifteen thirty four yeah and online tells his council of elders something which apparently you can have three between the lines on this seems to shock to them how much do you have to shock the budget people who think your profit for them to turn on you and give it a significant level push back because it appears like they did he doesn't announced this new policy to the people until july fifteen thirty four by then he seems to have won over his council of elders to his new idea it was such a controversy will change in the way things were down in the city it sounds like an on line and say gee water bring nebraska but father down upon us all in other words on the prophet do this or else and may not hold on direct that the teacher before the council of elders led by it he on them leyden has the people assemble announces what god wants from them now and i can think of nothing and would've been more shocking to see santa baptist than the announcement of this new policy as you see you have to think of the ana baptists like the most conservative christian groups were for you live here in united states and we speak of quakers and on mission mennonites these people that are so modest in terms of bomb the way they can doctor lives in own beating to people who should use the wheels in their homes and drive bodies in the iraqi beaten radios because of the sinful messiah that we're hats and bonnet to show their devotion to god the women tend to not wearing makeup and in a week in the you know santa full haw for put or worried a general society that these people tend to withdraw from under their own no more modest communities would call them pray him or proper or perhaps even prudish that's what you have to think of what you think of the santa baptist types now maggie and having someone announce a new policy in the city and it's not voluntary it's mandatory inner you and your spouse show up for this new announcement you got two kids with u. n. yu been your honor all this pressure with the prince bishops armies outside and death hanging over your head which he can torture family even closer together under such i'm emphasis on the family unit in the baptism anyway as in most cultures societies religion still on the minimized that but here you are at this announcement with a proffer forgot is telling you what god wants and the prophet hellish god wants only gimme and it's not an option it's a commandment polygamy one man bon jovi lives now imagine these pre improper prudish old-fashioned christian types in why held group sex partner swapping orgies that's like hustler magazine publisher larry flynt the wildest dreams come true right conservative christian group sex orgies and yet this is sort of what the n. a baptist c. should most received a piano baptist and monster is most known for you may even be able to make the case that the reason the story hasn't hardly been forgotten by history is this lascivious titillating sexual angled that has turned on and captivated the deepest darkest most hayden forbidden thoughts of the god fearing ever since unimaginative written error which comes after this area and how reading about the in the baptist a monster must have captivated the right horrified them secretly perhaps fascinated them at the same time and all i can think of and i think i'm young and lighten his council of elders announcing this to the stones certainly population a monster is that you wish you could go met with the camera because it's like something out of the plank show that my kids watch or was it agrees to watch candid camera were they would not do again in film the reaction to people were the victims of the gag you half expect yeah and enlightening to yell april fold after having it allowed three seconds for the shock to sink into the crowd is just announced as to these are people who think that some of the worst thing is you can do or what they call a doctor reid and for vacation unable even to marry for life in there's no divorcing your your joined by the soul to this one individual and you're sure profit telling you basically the god wants the exact opposite of what you believe with all your hard so all this time and it would be logical to wanderer why it's something that the people who've chronicle the story ever since have learned about what's the motivation behind us because there's two ways of looking at this one is the young men like his acting from sissy your beliefs that this is what god wants bed whitey on matthias before him he literally believes that he's hearing voices telling him what to do and if these forces are telling him to do this and that this is what god wants and there's a whole bunch of reason that he apparently gave to his council of elders or that they came up with after he told him that this is what god wants to justify because five seconds after they announced this new policy he's got these inner preachers in the council of elders explaining the biblical rationale mama huachuca rationale behind it because you and first question yesterday when the crowd would be exactly how you joel ward as is the reading in the bible to justify as good as new double what questions would you of course the other potential motivation for this is a lot more human nature isn't it young them on just might want to have sex with a bone to different people and how that be ok this is exactly what the extremely biased i'm resources to haiti and a baptism haiti and then why does say is going on here this is the equivalent we use the analogy earlier from passing by donut shop and not having any money to pay for the dominance angle got was that ever free donuts in the primary sources make unsullied young men like he's basically saying you got lost in a lot when minutes on adultery inform occasion it some old testament stop that sum no david solomon solomon had seven that was me why can't i if you go and you check out similar kinds of situations to this over history you run into the same problem of trying to figure out more evasions look at the branch davidian nineteen ninety three waco situation with the bitch rash you had the same thing going on koresh claiming the right to have any many many wives perhaps up to hundreds of them including under range was and it's the same so the thing you go now what's come over to russia see just the sex maniac who wants lots of amen or does he really believe this bill buckley ever national geographic shoring up the long ago about a we're the little offshoot called to the mormon church the southwestern town i guess they control the whole town mormons in the eighteen hundreds some of the church of latter day saints bullied him polygamy the main churches renounced all that quite awhile ago but you're still offshoots sets on connected to the main religion just like the big rush was on connected to seventh day adventist just like these and a baptist in monster boron connected to the rest of the in a baptist and in the small southwestern town the borgia bold man ron the town they apparently according to the article drive all the young man out of town so that there's more women for them to marry and again the article focuses on the exact same question that the crash issue focuses on and that this focuses on to these old men just don't have a lot of young women in there just pulled lost that this is all really human based or is it biblical they really believe that this has nothing to do with me wanting to have tom's of young lives it's it's what god wants and i really believe that it's very difficult to determine motivations here's what common bond cursor brock says bill basically people appreciate on them lightness of sex maniac this guy is after all the ana baptists version of the walk store he's handsome he's a profit god loves him and you have to look at the evidence certainly he's not living between life so far because when you're on moneyline arrives in monster he's a married man he left his wife behind in light of cheeseburger joining him or he can eventually lead monster go back to her theresa mary guy problem is is money comes to monster he's out there very long before he marries bernard nipper don't stall making him a big m. asked my current throws her to the site is a divorce ribbons are really an option we just can't ignore surrender and according to herman mcpherson what he's caught in the bed with one of household maids in bernard for collins' house dean and not exactly the sort of behavior that makes a man of god look very profit like in the eyes of an him a baptist loss of course you can then turn around say that god wanted me to be in bed with the maid god wants me to have that don't for free it's that kind of same analogy scarcely herman von furstenberg explains the story from his ankle he claims that the soldier who defected from the prince bishop was staying in nipper dollars house while he was for being debriefed just like and unlike most any nipper don't house and according to carson brought this soldier witnesses the indiscretion with the maid and moon shot up about it not by the way in the school when they talk about the common is they basically mean the population to see the regular folks inside the city monster care shall pursue brought describes the story and again and take into account is overwhelming bias quote a few days later cup private soldier deserted to be hannah baptists from the camp he was brought to nipper going for testing and for instruction in the doctrine of the faith and state in this house for some days during the night he saw bottle son also known as john doe eyed would also enjoyed neighbor darlings hospitality sneak into the bed of a female servant the desert there was quite astonished that the prophet a man of god to have the lawful wife should nonetheless befallen pulled himself by having sexual relations with someone else's life in a most vile lack of a doctor reid in violation of god's commandment for this reason he began to mock the prophets sham piety in sync with us not concealing what happened from the common crowd feeling that is influence with the common to be destroyed the prophet or stop up the desert mouth with lavish promises and then it in order to clear yourself in cases that became known to the commons he consulted with rothman in the other preachers about polygamy being themselves devoted to lecture read an imperious they readily decided that by the example of abraham jacob david any other patriarchs of the old testament was way of life they themselves reproduced it was permissible to have several blocks and co many can tell how much of a bias cursor brock has there because rothman in those other council of elders guys were not only not so receptive to the idea but we know all that they argued in other side of the case up repressive lee but the council of elders was destined to lose this argument against young been lighted because obviously he's got the walkie talkie to god and they don't which is exactly what happened to the council of elders all with them like we put together a list of justifications because you had expected the crowd in a baptist when they are told of this one hundred and eighty degree shift in the policy on marriage and the gas and questions and they're going to need have some sort of biblical and other justifications to back up with the council sign that they have a whole long list of things some of them are biblical for example one of the things they drop their estate which of the old testament which is the moisture right palm favored bulk of the bible more than a baptista most christians are generally favor the new testament over the old testament one of the things that makes the arab addison monster different they tend to see themselves as the as real whites and they were for more to the old testament and the old testament yeah polygamy all over the place yet king david for example who god logs he's one of the favorites and his son for example davidson solomon a meal he yelled the wisdom of salt lake and it had multiple wise king solomon that allegedly had seven hundred wives and the annabeth does would say it well what made it okay for those people who got law to have all these wives but now you only get one working it going to win the bible were god works you old bad old rule where it was okay in the old days but it's not okay now get some okay now are you saying that god didn't really love these people on the bible that the bible says he loved to get to these biblical logical or two bands that is also category of justification to fall into the logical logical argument category take for example the imbalance of women to men in the city we're told that there are three women for every man this is a problem because in the city it's been proclaimed that if you wore adulterous or golden for acacia which basically means sex outside marriage the picture had cut off all we do about all these women who have no man america online these women by the way our nuns people but bernard rothman had convinced to leave the convent based on his biblical argument that they need to be fruitful multiply the goddess more butter virgin non seawater women or having children to believe that con did they come out into the besieged city of monster and find there's no more for them to be fruitful multiply way up and if they act upon their motions and a biological urgings table get their heads cut off would he do for all those people will be in a baptist leadership decided that really the problem is that those people need to get married and it's less of a problem that they marry people for rehab wives then it is that they have sex outside of marriage so you have your logical logical argument and finally have the clincher when downloaded i'm one of the many pieces of work out there where biblical scholars are trying to sort getting to the heads not to justify what the ana baptist did but to try it on dish damn the arguments they made even to each other into themselves one guy in iowa because my me lifting a paragraph of his work of very interesting stolen guarantee war games in writing something for simon frazier university to the whole piece on this trying to explain the thinking that the ana baptists have because bernard rothman actually you know for his medieval renaissance version of his blog if you'll recall that the peace models on the city all the time was forced to write a piece defending it polygamy to all these people outside the city monster because he knew darn well the once it became clear to everyone outside the city that they were doing this it was going to be a really bad piece of propaganda making it the people in mom's to look back right it's very easy as herman congress or the did to make them look like a bunch a sex fiends sober are rothman est right all these intelligent tracks explaining the thinking my objection is this is what god wants to prove that this down the other thing but as tom faster during the war years and says the clincher this whole thing is that the annabeth the sun monster believed the prophet and a prophet has the right now by the thinking of these people in this really did to simply decide that the rules are supposed to be different has got washed in different here's what he writes okay along with an emphasis on the old testament as normative for his community bernard rothman also viewed revelations through profits and visionaries as authoritative for his theology the story of an aback is a man monster work including its precursors in the netherlands is replete with changes in direction and belief based on the assertion of divine inspiration all be philips and xml bright in contemporary observer of the ben's monster located much of the blame for the bail your piano baptists kingdom in the acceptance of all splat the sea and forced by spiritual curing me this principle he says it's important to an understanding of how polygamy would eventually come to be accepted by the vast majority of monster rights summon a baptist he writes might object to an interpretation of the bible which view would old testament polygamy an export haitians to be fruitful and multiply as fragile evidence for the propriety of polygamy but few would deny the practice is bolstered by the claims of divine inspiration john of lighten up here and i'd lose primary tool for persuading the hesitate preacher to his position and dennis prophetic office the twelve elders a monster or shortly after the institution of polygamy declared that quote what the elders in common the liberation of this new israel have found to be going to get to be proclaimed and announced by the prophet john of lightman as faithful servant of the most talked and quote the professor continue school in essence his position as high as profit gave him the ultimate authority in and a baptist monster or any scruples about ambiguous scripture reference used to support polygamy were swept away by the authority of the prophet and quote i know what god wants and i know what god doesn't want and amazingly powerful affording get give somebody to shift into that a contemporary can a person who would gain in this movement blames this for what he calls spiritual cheering me that i can hear the atheists in the audience and it's a perfect example of why religion is so dangerous we just suggest this curing is what dangers i think why how you get to the tyranny is merely a tool is spiritual during me any worship and secular tearing me or vice versa going joseph stalin and was a secular cure ernest he managed to do quite a bit of damage would just that to me the problem here isn't the divine part it's the tyrannical part and during is exactly what must've felt like to all these people who had to make the transition from this the radical idea yes we need to live with polygamy to the actual day to day living with polygamy two very different thing to talk about it than to live on the rittner all the stories about the various tragedies and albany for example when you're already married but married to someone who was none in a baptist had their marriages on old by the leadership women whose husbands had fled or laughed or were supposed to come back but hadn't come back for walk their marriages were in oldham we're told that they were forced to marry somebody else to be on faithful to their husbands that's very tough even tougher is to be a parent with your door left ajar or member of the real issue came closure door anymore and have the authority from the city periodically walk in your house make your family line up an all the sudden decide juror eleven or twelve year old daughter result enough to get married all around the house and mary russell across town who's old enough to be your grandfather how long would you as a parent but something like that we'll things like that divided the ana baptista monster all the sudden you had peachtree need to vouch would put up with anything yes you can have my eleven year old daughter it's god's will and the people the monster who wouldn't those people in the late july after living with polygamy for a couple of weeks rebel and launched a canoe the name for a very short time or are incredibly almost unbelievably successful in one evening working together they'd manage to capture the entire leadership young men wine our neighbor don't burn are brought on all locked him in the jail city hall and the media know what to do the people on the city were not even aware that echo what happened in a couple hundred guys had taken over the whole thing and they opened up the gate in a small white flag for the bishop and negotiated the deal the whole thing my been over they sat around the liberated one idea was to do just that maybe we should throw ourselves mercy of the bishop start negotiating another idea was to heck with the bishop he stole our enemy let's get together the old town council but the old wise men used to help run this place and to use their brains to come up with a good idea while these guys are trying to figure out what to do the monster rights in the city that are loyal to the cobalt now in jail on city hall run around the town spreading the war when one person lives all the people that love polygamy meaning all the sex fiends are finding out that the people legitimized to sex fiend behavior are in jail and become a overturn this rizzoli start grabbing weapons and converging on the city hall among the time the coup plotters realize what's going on there are cannon being wheeled up the cobblestone streets and can we get where they're staying side the building someone gets the keys to the jail opens it up any and analyze the actor who knows how to make a wonderful entrance steps out of the jail was sort of a regal bearing and i dramatic sort of turn of phrase and tells everybody that god has willed that they be free and death to the coup plotters which quickly follow ups it becomes yet another example of the situation in the city descending to the murder which new low as these people who plotted the coup are executed over the next several days dozens and dozens and maybe hundreds of them killed and every imaginable way you could think of once again it's becoming much more of a bloody business and now the annum baptista under pressure from both the siege and the increasingly erratic and strange leadership are beginning to devour their own there was one side benefit fury on battle line in the leadership the monster to this crew that has just been crushed not that eats all list the bravest and most disloyal elements in the city you were the day after day after day after the coup was crushed executing in reading the company of christ of the most dangerous individuals that had been in its midst leaving the most hard core the most fanatical board least the mo sheep like if they were happy with the state of things behind now while this is going on in the executions are continuing people having their heads cut off never going conning people in half with his sword hanging was and i'm the of the age old totalitarian method of making them dig around graves in the shooting them from behind all this is going on the prince bishop is once again trying to negotiate some sort of deal piece being rather liberal 'cause he doesn't wanna his own walls down have to pay for rebuilding yeah man lied in the council turned down his negotiation attempts so on august twenty eighth he launches his second assault on the city walls this is really his first assault if he take into account that the first time he attacked the city was that drunken mass at nightfall without orders at this time you're going to attack the right way and the socialist it would force the first time it could be gone off the way was supposed to this time it did all the guns that were ringing the city opened up first thing in the morning include those two giant was the devil his mother or the doubles mother were told that when they shot they are stolen or iron that cannon balls the windows broke in towns all around that you could hear the caymans seventy five miles away which sounds incredible to me but it's only half true and you half that number it's still an amazingly loud noises everyone figured that in the city walls additional fall down and we're gonna walk inside there's gonna be a cake walk but every time holes are created in the walls the monster right women who are amazing or filling it up as fast as they're falling down through an you were gravestones taken from the cemetery is stone everything and applauding these holes up the people inside the city have been organized into strict military companies in their drill been trained every day to day waiting for this attack but of course you know because god's on the side of the most direct the weather turned sour note to the pouring rain storm and everything turns to minded but it doesn't stop the bishops forces from assault in the city walls here's how anthony arthur blades what happened when the bishops troops stormed the walls of monster on august twenty eight fifteen thirty four court the bishops men are confident that the role overwhelming numbers i'm lonnie bombardment most of terrified deanna baptist within minutes the attackers had sent across scaling ladders and grappling hooks said explosive minds against the gates and established a position at the base of the inner wall soldiers hoisted along at the latter's into place and scrambled awkwardly op them encumbered by their armor in their weapons these men are the right well hardened professionals veterans of campaigns in spain italy and france unaccustomed of violence and hardship your opponents were only shopkeepers smith's tailors and housewives but they were fighting both for their lives and for god the hapless mercenaries could not unanticipated if you're worried they would encounter on the summer morning some had their hands at the office to grasp the top well he's a dear liars some were battered through their helmets with heavy notched clubs so you're clover lube were on swords someone through with spears bows climbing behind the leaders look to see the strong arms of two men on either side of the latter are holding hosts a tree limbs between them which they dropped together stripping the latter rough ivor six men at the stroke the women would for mars stirred your call brings a boiling kitchen quick lime in anticipation of this day dashed the caustic liquid in the faces of the enemy soldiers and portadown there are work or maybe blighted necklaces which they threw upon the men as they scurried frantically around the base of the wall the man on the latter spelled backward into the moat and some of those waiting below jumped into what hoping to escape the quick lime that is all their flesh or the pitch that see your date only to find the weight of their armor dragging them to their deaths and co the n. a baptist had planned for this date so well that they even had a bunch of them station behind ahead job like we're was bush's that was the feeling is that the troops were sold to the wall was the assault had failed guber treat past and the retreat passed it in disorder are licking their wounds feeling lucky to get away from the wall so why these people were was approved rose bushes and opened fire on a chilling anymore once again the bishop this time with an organized assault not some drunken chaotic mess they could blame on it troops who were on a controlled the team lost hundreds and once again the ana baptists in the city lost about a dozen people after this the bishop decided he could no longer risk another assault and was determined instead to pay the cost stocking up and just start these people out the idea starting the people the monster robbed it was not very popular with the other rulers of the region would limit the prince bishop morning in troops are weakened quash this rebellion and stop the spreading of this intellectual contagion bernard rothman either with the siege completely surrounding the city is still getting out is damned blog is the way they would look at it they were trying to summon up with modern terminology an easy even able to seemingly explain away at the polygamy which is perhaps the hardest thing for him to justify it in terms of the yen about kissing monster how you justify polygamy if you read the primaries sources today take every opportunity they can to shelve the knife in the way comes to the evils of polygamy they bring up on the range girls which you can see you know things like that did occur rushed or in waco or you can see that national geographic story on the weir did how long mormons set that i talked about earlier the underage girls thing is something brought up all the time whether it's true or not and the lascivious next on the entire thing in other words does campion godly kingdom 'cause the people are perverts listen to how herman vonk first brought the scribe didn't and you get an idea of the kind of propaganda to bernard rothmans propaganda had to counter here's what the person brock whites about the lost in the city now that polygamy is the law of monster quote the prophet immediately became the husband of three women among these was the widow wambaugh profit yon matthias would be killed in battle and torn apart by the enemy the other preachers and very many of the town's men follow the example of this very singly may many nuns from the various convents both high born and lowly also made use of this opportunity to rule in themselves giving themselves to all the most criminal black guards these maidens would otherwise with respect to bleed in cloisters and a strict watch of the man in charge of them lost their virginity and chastity all the nuns from the convent across the river and the convent of st gillis would not left the city look for husbands this one finding a soldier that wanna taylor is one of four that woman made this one a priest that wanna read this one advocate album aplomb and this one nobleman that was a burger or whomever the spirit or as for the heat with which the we baptized boiled over in their wages living be on restraint madness of the passion in which they assaulted the female sex with malaria moderate lost list then any beast you say the ability with which the indulge in the most foul couplings the monstrosity of the sexual hank rings with which they were blames it is better to pass over these matters in silence and within a modest years and co he then goes on though we ought to offend modesty years by pointing out how many of the eleven and twelve year old girls were almost worried to death in the city as a way up leaning out how little these so-called spiel each wall people in monster care about the well being of the youngsters in their midst i'm one can only imagine what the parents of those youngsters must've thought they were totally overcome with fanaticism the people who resist this are being killed all the time we're told we will put up a fight about the other has been is taking multiple wives and their home and get their heads cut off as happening in daily inside the city is becoming more and more like this we're into a totalitarian theocracy the only thing missing is an actual profit kane and yet soon after the prince bishops recent attack fails on the city walls even that will come to pass and what's about to happen is just another example of why i couldn't resist telling the story as a topic for broadcast because perhaps it's greatest attraction in the is that there he is no more solid floor on the weirdness gail just when you think the story can get any stranger the bottom drops out and joe joie whole new law on the weirdness thermometer we've already had a town of weirdness already what fucking get any stranger than this well read about september first is peter before we find out when we're told a layman meanings of crippled handicapped goldsmith person who worked with jewelry is going around monster proclaiming that the people in the town don't know how amazing this persona of the on that line is these greater than just the mere profit as if a profit consider to be a mirror thing that he's not in god are you something between the profited got some more on the scale we immobile god above profit he's more like the second coming of some great figure out of the old testament this blaine goldsmith name is your own up to censure or is saying the yarns and leyden is the second coming of like a theocratic biblical came like a king david and in what amounts to a virtually stage managed affair he's called in from the council of elders winning loser rocks that he's proclaiming we are things about yonder enlightened and they ask him for clarification only saying here's how anthony orator what the best passages i think in this whole book which is worth picking up it's called the tailor king explains you know this stage managed event that catches you from the people who've lived through everything that the city of monsters are already gone through off guard puts me on van line into very rarefied territory when it comes to you or in a mess i yannick cult leaders corp the twelve elders called a decision sure both for them to explain what he meant meaning we was talking all the stuff about again the white mean greater than a profit as the grass back was one of the chroniclers were cordially event the goldsmith said god had told him in the vision the yarns enlightened famous as a soldier and profit was to be there you david he will cast the mighty down and raised the lowly he will seize the crowd in the sceptre run up for almost all he will take in his hand the sword of justice and bring the divine word to all the peoples of the world kissinger took out a sword and handed it to yan sang the blood that soriano rule until god himself took it from him he commanded he added to bend his head and the wounded him with a loyal declaring the eon was the true inheritor of the throne of the great king david kissinger then reached into a bag by his side and withdrew gold crown and a gold chain emblazoned with the apple the sceptre were in the sword symbols of divine majesty and rings for each of the king's fingers fashioned by the goldsmith from the confiscated treasures in the city hall all of the sea reverently bestowed on the young man stood silently before him and quote now the reaction of emmeline is wonderful it's like the way some of the great caesar is what except appointment to the throne were in the loop the big board comes to you need to be seizure made on or about twenty people what miyagawa dini episode of begged them and then they would take the job again walter anthony arthur cork the newly anointed king your reacted with the coming modesty throwing himself to the ground in prayer for humility heroes and looked out upon the people he was too young for such a heavy burden he said but he would do his best to barrett well and wisely in like manner he reminded his new subject was david a humble shepherd anointed by the prophet of god commanded as the king of israel got off the next in this way and web resist the will of god called down god's wrath upon himself now why i'm given how work over all the nations of the earth and the right to use this award to the confusion of the weekend and in defense of the righteous so let not in this town stain himself would climb up or resist the will of god or else he shall without delay put to death with this award and cool and although sources say you can hear the murmuring of the crowd can one ring okay wait a minute in our mia he eke have to try to wonder how much of this people can take before even the fanatical start going wait a mandate this is too much and karen we've emmeline comfy old the reaction emotional response of the crowd and has no problem chastising all of them up for not having enough faith in this lane goldsmith that they hardly knows divine prophecy and he says quote shame on you for complaining against the ordnance of the heavenly father even if all of you joined to oppose week i will still rule not only over the city but over the whole world of heavenly father has said it should be so my kingdom which begins today shall never fail and call wow again just when you think the story can't get any weirder all the sudden you have kenya on and anyone who makes a move to say otherwise is gonna get their heads cut off now and he and his story enters into a phase now that's just theatrical and farcical because remember the rounder she's been on last op of the wood is dwindling the supplies are dwindling lingerie aren't you he goes out and he starts to one only to people as he is your royal court we burn our brockman for example the royal or which are everybody you know he told counsel baldridge all the top guys to get their new jobs mer or we will appointments they take what little stuff they have been that you're in those cities depots that was taken at the upper communist agrees it is an begins to create special clothing and we'll go holding for not just the king in his court but all of their retaining hookers and all of these royal officials now go running around the city which well over fifteen your henchmen around like when yarn walks around the city he's in a special dinner will robes amount that he's got twelve or fifteen retainer to walk around with him all in their royal robes and outfits and he's got that symbol that the goldsmith you know gives him that cold with a cross on top of it and two swords in opening out of it from the top and angles and this becomes their version of you know a swastika or a hammer and sickle or a star or any of these white car make rate mortgages you can think of and it's on all their clothing sold imagine the swastika or mantle now all these people in the king's court have in all the symbol all of the eternal new zion of monster on them he even asked flags made with the symbols on the flags he has these coins produced with the symbols on the coin now think of the ironing involved in all this by the way very soon the number of people for the balkans royal court one way or the other relate eight hundred people this is in the city of nine to ten thousand a city that's on the burgess starvation and yet now you have the special elite group worries dopamine in the crowd and over the crowd how much is this like how communism went in a place like the soviet union were ostensibly everybody's equal but you fast-forward ten or fifteen years and the leadership all has the special vacation tacos on the black sea that the regular in our proletariat have no access to an ornament will raise objections to this idea we're all supposed to be equal there is no mine and coming anymore right king yon says all it's not me he specifically says i did to the flash all i don't need any of the stock but god requires a certain amount of magnificent it's or himself not for me to why have they have all the special stop otherwise it'll look like we're short changing god that we are not high yes so tell him this is where the charlatan side of the on the enlightening to me anyway this is an opinion minion or not a historian but this is where he so varied obviously looks like a human being who's found power and to be honest he may believe some of the stuff i mean i don't think he joins up with yon matthias originally because he's thinking i guess it place where i can find some power i think it's some point he gets drunk on the possibilities and all the sudden the guy a. b. is a monarch with the system of class and divisions amongst winks of people that mirrors what the outside world has been very world began a baptists were escaping it because of all the time got leanest class system and he owed inequality and now inside the city of monster you've reached a sort of osmosis likes basis we're now hard to tell the difference between the prince bishop the nobility in aristocracy in blue bloods were besieging the city and kenya honor and his aristocracy and his blue blooded his proletariat inside the city i'm as crazy as it sounds john that leyden and the people inside the city least the ones you know who you know about in the leadership are still talking about the m. baptist inside monster you're taking over the world from our history killing all the god bless you know the entire planet itself grandiose you'd just have to wonder how many people inside the city are still behind us this is a bunch of people during this kind nonsense about no war world conquest in the city became even break out of the siege eats card weeks period say how's this gonna take over the world again even break the siege now we don't know although sources no you wouldn't liam anywhere but they don't really say how many of the people inside the city you're still buying all this stuff on the fingers of horror core the tears and we hear remodeling and all that one thin line is maintained for people who obviously are less than total enthusiastic a chicken kiner read between the lines and see that they're like new senses this to be as of october fifteen three four were told him what is many theatrical movies he will call more hold in a city together thousands of people going to ten thousand people together he will have a lot of the prince bishops captured soldiers brought in from the crowd and after a little farcical game he plays with him he will personally caught his head off with a sword and he will use this occasion to announce to the people of monster they can stop worrying about the siege that the outcome has been foretold for a divine vision to yon by leyden and god is going to save the money's going to save them soon he says by easter fifteen thirty five that's more trusting thirty five the prince bishops each will be over and the people of monster war began their conquest of the world in their destruction of the godless and if this doesn't come true this is can i guess you could say so let's steal guaranteed the people of modest you should caught off the head of the armed men leyden or burn him at the state now there's no need to make a radical dangerous production if you're gonna mind like this to the monster rights mushy think you need to it's a sign perhaps that the people you know hardcore fanatics might be wavering might not be buying this stuff so much and one reason why maybe the fact that they're starting the stars that lightning is eight hundred or so special royal officer forget about who the city has left as are the guards in outside molten on the castle walls everything that everybody else is starting to be eating just nothing but barley anything glass pulled up on the ground in the not bad for from the boiling shoe leather and that tends to impact your outlook to restrict watcher children get skinny you're in skin you're afraid of your face battle leach the fanaticism right daddy up fanaticism though is what the city was on by this point and every decision made by the leadership seems to come directly from god to raise no deliberation i'm thinking anymore it's all pretty much a direct on the wood from the almighty to the decision makers may just all god's orders for example also in october fifteen thirty four that same lame goldsmith who initially saw the vision that said the young men like to be maybe came at has another edition and this one concerns he's calling on the lane goldsmith is calling apostles the city is to send our apostles and there to get through the siege and they are to raise anna baptists all perot northern europe to come to the aid of the besieged in monster presumably by easter right and i'm you know as with any really good clear vision is lynn goldsmith the us have the vision about the senate baptists were supposed to leave the city as apostles he has names all i'm so god getting very specific now with these names and these people are brought forward they were all given a mission the prerogative in a letter from daylight under all send out of the city secretly to go to all the different parts of europe in resolving and baptists in a maneuver that's very similar to that one young man lied made a long time ago now and seeking help from outside the city and they send these apostles out to bring back help and almost all bloomer killed quickly the prince bishop is now fallen for the same thing again and all the surrounding ruler for one lookout for just this kind of thing that and no sooner does your apostle arrive in some towns away is the town to the un about his cause the authorities were on top of them in the beheading burning breaking on the wheel all the good stuff because the french bishops got spy is now the situation inside the city is such that defectors arriving to his camp and you're beginning to inform him what's going on inside and his intelligence allows him news by intelligence allows him to counteract any maneuvers to their mind is making from within the city annie's get the spy is twisted around the sun anger because oftentimes these defector shook and the prince bishop and say please spare me also have families inside the city the prince bishop offers to spare their families but only if they continue to give this good service for example one of these people send out any october release of the apostles to go res help is captured and he is and kill he offered his services to the prince bishop says i'll go back i'll work for you inside the city the press bishop says okay and a wonderful scheme is adopted to tie him up in chains and leave him outside will mitigate some some frosty morning to be in the back is confined him any tells the story about how god saved him from the they'd all the other possible in the rain into any becomes a trusted are inside yeah on them like his leadership now because well he says he saw god too meanwhile all this is going on everyone can look at our over the walls and see the prince be ship with thousands of workers putting up a jolly into a wall with block houses and gates all around the three miles circumference of monster remember it told you earlier that there was this dead zone between the cannons olmo walls of monster and the prince bishops military lines around santa can arrange and there's this several football fields dead zone between them all back dead zone still remains but now instead of the prince bishops or me being the barrier when one side of the dead zone is a jaya wall think about hassle that has a wall woman every so often you have a giant tower that's what the prince bishops building around the city monster we were told that the walls are so why did you could drive a cart driven by seven horses along the top of the wall it costs a fortune in the sure that no one is getting out of monster alive and it's a certain signed the people inside the easter can't come fast enough those same people who were hoping for deliverance on easter are beginning to star the situation inside the city for all the people for the party on that line is special royal court are beginning to eat shoelaces and the spies inside the city working for the prince be should tell him so sully takes another opportunity to try to broker repeal he organizes a true should enlighten agrees to it any sense is representative into the city to discuss this and basically say let's work out something and he's not allowed to meet with anybody but to enlighten who basically says you can give up anytime you want to will accept your surrender prince bishop look how strong walls arnie says he can see the sixteen why was the by this time yonder implied has an occasionally you'll see somebody poking their heads out the window but nobody's allowed to come on here with the prince bishop asked to say all information is now routed to wear clean through the enlightened in the way you would expect a totalitarian regime to control information and you can see how uncomfortable them like me is with anybody hearing what the prince bishop passed the senate because as soon as the prince bishops representatives come back and say we're glad to talk to anybody in that line is not gonna do anything he has a soldier should belong to the arrows thousands of them into the city over the walls with messages attached to them and the messages considering that they're burning people of the state outside the city for very little other than suspicion are extremely generous the prince bishop is saying overthrow your government and we will kill you the lineup says anyone found was more these messages or one of these arrows were seen picking up or these arrows gets there had come off instantly he's not comfortable with anyone being told what the deal it is because he's too busy telling everybody that their only choice is to stick with him until easter has built by the prince bishop gets their hands on him when the truth of the matter is according to what the prince bishop is sank only on that line in the leadership in monster to be sure that they're not going to survive he'd like many of these cult leaders has a vested interest in tying everyone's destiny to resolve not nobody gets to find out that there's any alternative to sticking with the leader of that issue we're death by january fifteen thirty five the idea shoe or death is motivating the people inside monster could try new things for example bernard rothman small bills on a couple of very sophisticated and well argued really just as it is one entitled restitution the other entitled revenge anybody to run away still starting today and he sends these out included copies the sense to the great luminaries of the reformation martin luther get one for example am what rothman is trying to do is say look this is how we think can't you see how we got this from your point of view came to see hiker kind of them away at tight what we're doing here and martin luther is wonderful no bombastic way when he gets mad wanders back reply he won't even address it to rothman in the leadership she addresses it all began about this inside the city and basically says you know don't you know the difference between a divine inspiration from god and something that is you know the word of satan basically saying that the leadership and most recent getting divine revelation from god they're being controlled by satan this is what you get he doesn't sound very sympathetic at all and make you think i'm are brought the must've said joseph okay no more letters to martin luther and needless to say you can imagine that the people inside the city never hear or that the great martin luther the man who started all this in terms of breaking away from the catholic church thinks that there are no profit their messiah their king david come back to earth is really some were confirmed lucifer nonetheless the people inside the city mean out of her back but they knew they'd been important to date was approaching it the march twenty sixth soul estill guaranteed due date that yon that lining promised way back in october fifteenth or before he got my cannot be kimberly at the stake in the city of monsters and freed back there and you must've thought his apostles he was sending our would be bringing back help now was clear nothing like that was coming in the city was completely wings with the prince bishops walls and troops and no one was going anywhere what was she on val whiting going to do an old and bent i century since then you could almost all palpably feel the tension the building tension in old days in advance the people must've thought what can happen what's gonna happen and young timelines certainly felt the pressure because we're told that these before the due date happened she put herself in seclusion he doesn't talk to anybody struck dom again some sources say and then he comes out and says god has spoken to him again and it's at this moment ladies and gentleman that you could wipe away any doubt that yon than leyden one hundred percent believed in what he was doing baby wasn't a charlatan because john van lines and tells the assembled crowd of monster that is great compassion had caused him to me is here in the word of god the god told him that he'd taken on so many of the sins of the people of monster upon his own back if he was confused and he misunderstood god's original message the guy that said that the people that monster would be physically delivered from their situation a work would be freed from the siege they were committed old pontiff who would they were going to be spiritual leader delivered that the warring now as of easter they were amongst the righteous their souls were purified cleansed and they were now amongst the elite and that this was better than physical delivery remember this is the man who was second in command to yon mathias the prophet of doom from led zeppelin album cover up when he heard god telling him thing is that might be bad for young matthias if he wasn't very faithful he listened when told the gulf fight the bishops army basically by himself he did yeah on that line here is the word of god and it comes as it were pre you've only on that guarantee i made you make you feel good for those last few months all i'm off the whole god has spared me and basically says the reason i was confused begin with was it took all your sousa my back it's an earful begin that so many sins that never would've happened you can tennessee who we're dealing with now one way or another regardless of his initial motivation is he on them online is some kind of charlatan and in case that's for he needed emphasizing somebody writes a letter it spells out in terms of no one can mistake what though spies to begin working inside monster who defected to the prince bishop and gone back to work from the inside for him the facts again we use the city leaders and knelt on one of the doors outside one of the city gates the notice and found by van lion and the leadership until so many people have read it but there's no denying it out to you can pretend like it for those arrows shot over the wall with a message from the prince bishop and you can stop them before anyone's read about the time that line is aware of that the snow was left everyone knows what it says is from henry grass the apostle would left the city in october and who survived to start working for the prince bishop will he went back to the prince bishop buddy make sure you left a note telling the people inside the city would many people inside the city most of our re figured out the note said quote your fellow citizens god has opened my eyes so that now i see how will we ever walk in monster is false and poisonous he is commanded me to hold up for you with them you're rather wickedness as he has held up for me i'd begun open your eyes it's high time and deceit that were too of donna's against god and his divine command all the profits are only men like me you pool or stupid fools and been deceived which way did misled i know everything you may still save your lives if you will turn from your past and leave this godless business behind this is god's command so that you'll be sure to believe that this letter comes for me and regress i sealed it with my signet ring which you all know and co not to me there's no doubt in the sources indicate to the dis double blow to the credibility of the man who knows what god wants certainly took some people from the camp of the undecideds or the true believers and move them over into another camp what's fascinating to me in its ascending by human nature he'd love to have a modern day psychiatrist or psychologist deep grief these people tell us we had gone on but how many people stayed with the prospect and stayed true to this belief that he's the man god wants to lead them and if he actually talk to know is what god wants and there are things that happen from time to time the perhaps bolster their competence for example that even with all the bishops siege mechanisms information reaches the people a monster of this or that uprising of an a baptist up somewhere in northern europe on in reality the apostles that went out for yonder enlightened stir up the mess trouble so that maybe three or four thousand in the baptist boston lives trying to help hundreds for example take over a monastery in the ward and will have to be destroyed almost to apportion by the local ruler or talk bullshit things that perhaps bolster the confidence of the truly faithful inside the city from time to time but it's becoming harder harder to maintain that confidence level when you're starting today which we are told more and more is happening berman mcpherson brought tears long run downs about how they go for meeting you know paddled two horses how they go from horses to the dogs and cats how they go from dogs and cats to my east us logs to glasgow anonymous out of the river to stripping the bark off to freeze to the dean they're dead and digging them up in the graveyard and eating them he near stillborn children killing their lives children in eating them and his descriptions of these people to you even have to imagine them in your mind's eye they sound exactly like the ball rocher could look at all of the people when the concentration camps are liberated doth thou auschwitz most places that had that translucent skin just sagging off their bodies they're sold devoid of energy that became even really mentally process things anymore and they're dying in the streets the kane yon them i'd tell them this is a test the father's testing you true famine to see if you're truly loyal to him and all moray can turn the cobblestones in the bread for you to which fuhrman on curse and brock rates that's what the city was full of death everywhere large numbers of people collapsed on the street and suddenly died in order to prevent this bench their corpses were quickly feed into a wagon specially prepared for this purpose at the king's command and carried away they open large graves for the burial of these corpses and these were gradually filled out those bodies were cast in the bomb in reliance on the king's promised some people were confident that the father would turn the paving stones in the loaves of bread before they died of starvation for this reason when they were being tormented by horrible hunger they try to bite the stones but when they found out through experience that the stones had not undergone any metamorphosis of their substance or accidental qualities the world race began to fly and eighty years they silently bo whale the fact that they had been led most terribly astray everyplace resound to groans every place was filled with women's lemon to asians everyplace reached with the commons complaints every place was permeated with the wailing of children every place was disturbed with the sobbing of the old and sick and quote for some bruck says though that he didn't fail to notice the yarns enlightened and his special class of people were still on eating well finally the starving people start asking me on that line to let them gall knowing full well the fate that awaits them when they arrive at the bishops lines they know they're going to be killed i don't care they're dying now they just want to be quick the army tell them listen knowledge should go you'll have to spend but you can't come back to you can't come back one shoe lost faith in to the company of christ zoology gold but don't come knocking on the doors after ready we let these people go and the prince bishop doesn't want them either that no man's land in existed between the walls of monster and the bishops lines now had a giant wall around it and these people exited the city made their way like starving concentration camp victims toward the bishops lines were told that the bishops troops fired upon the man as they approached killing them and they left the women and children in this no man's land to star you have dismantled image of fifty to one hundred people dying in the no man's land every day and just walking around eating grass and rolling on the ground and literally dying in front of both the people inside the city of monster who can see it in the city walls and the prince bishops forces that can see them from the walls of the siege towers we're told it gets so bad that the wives and girlfriends of the prince bishop soldier for smuggling brain food to these dying families in the no man's land whenever they can obviously this is the state of affairs they can continue indefinitely that doesn't or actually told the rumors that of cascaded down through the pages of history for more than five centuries the perhaps it was a secret plan inside the city to torch the entire town and up with some sort of fiery apocalyptic end it look the same time sort of keeping the middle finger to the prince bishop the senate what you may have crushed us but you don't get to have your cd either take that and if they had done that it would've been remarkably similar end to the way the nineteen ninety three siege of the branch davidians at waco and it also when we that different than jim jones in jonestown were the nine hundred people there committed suicide but that is what happened what happened involve people leaving the city and defecting to the prince bishop began something that you could probably expect with the starvation at the levels that is of course it's not that easy of the thing to do though if you're a man trying to get out of the city of monster and to the prince bishops line as well shooting a man corporal gina prince bishops lines so who knows how many defectors were on their way to help the prince bishop and were killed on the way nonetheless eventually law of averages apply here are a couple of them get to the prince be shipped he keeps them in isolation the defectors don't know that there are other defector is this way the prince be shipping compare at the validity of the information that they're getting in over one defector gives a password the prince bishop in paris that with the password the other defector gives to make sure snapping fed false info he's been burned already many times by the santa baptist walked into the mamie well laid traps he's being as careful as he can be by june twenty second fifteen thirty five he's pretty sure he's got to cut the passwords the weak point annie knows that the people inside the c. director low anthony can expect to have minimal resistance one together with not taking any chances he picks four hundred men to make up a commando team that any make some of these defectors go with the commandos so that if there's any treachery and all the other for tom's and i an undercover yet another one of these thunderstorms does seem to enjoy breaking out whenever the prince bishop decides to assault the city under cover of that and darkness they slip into the city in one of these weak points to the defectors told them about they get deep into the city using the passwords that the defectors give them they eat a murderer knife kill him air sleep all these guards that they run into and all of a sudden be another inner city and it's hard to make out what's being said by the sources but it seems like all these troops of the bishop go to get into the city instead of doing what you would think it would do which is run to the front gate kill anybody guarding it openly gay to say come on ed i'm up for battle inside the city like four hundred guy is anti awake for the hand of baptista find out there they are which they do in short order or buts the middle of the night it's dark it's chaotic and do you get the story from people like herman bonkers and brought in he can't tell if it's the true purpose we did beat a better dramatic tale with us lots of ads and closer now the uh baptist almost women now the bishops truffles when it goes back and forth sometime around three in the morning though a truce is called in you'd be on good ground on or what he had a baptist have any fight left in them at all and we're told and women and children are throwing a heavy object of the second story windows on the heads of the prince bishops troops were told that they're yelling insults i mean you would think the people would be happy to have it over but they're fighting tenaciously during one of these truce is called the middle of a bike kenya on himself shows up at the battle lines and yells over the dean of the crowd to the prince bishops forces that they have no desire to kill them but they can only tell your weapons leave your standards we can all walk out of here freemen we don't want her to once again making everybody for centuries afterwards wandered in or the senate baptists really portrayed in a more murderers like that they really were raking in the sources are all one sided nonetheless the troops said that they will be that they have to leave their weapons and standards behind he did the bank trust beat him about this to keep their word or they just don't want that disgrace and economic indeed off walking out of the city disarmed sometime during the negotiations the commander of the prince bishops forces tells what his standard bearers to sneak out with the standard upon to the city walls of monster whitford own when dawn breaks in the standoff still going on between the commando forces of the print they should a piano baptists inside the city at one point in the morning the standard bearer resists himself up on the battlements screams the secret code word and so that they know we spent a minute baptist by as starts waving the prince bishops banderas cleaning to the prince bishops forces on the other side of the most that they need to charge now that his forces inside the city you're surrounded and beleaguered and everyone would defend the walls against them are busy fighting the four hundred commandos or however many are left and the prince bishops forces charge the walls for what the ladders and the crowds they're usually they are to throw them back aren't there the city's broken into your told by the sources that the resistance of the ana baptist breaks no but the popping of the bible or the dissipation of the spell and all of a sudden everybody wants they put up spirited resistance in certain places where hundreds of men will organize themselves like in the marketplace for example or told bernard neighbor galling organize a couple hundred guys may hold the marketplace for koppel arson get these desperate were your guard actions but soulful the killing every mainly get their hands on it to linda want women to you twenty four hours later the cities in the prince bishop's hands and people are going door to door to looking under beds behind cabinets up in attics and they're dragging out all the male and a baptist defines as soon as they have them on the streets of cutting the heads off they're coming into their running them through mean anyone who's seen any of the or or showing medieval massacres knows what this looks like now the prince bishop has given orders to his troops that there are not to kill bacardi capture the cobalt leaders were responsible for this whole mess they never find bernard rothman we're told that the greek preacher the yosef goebbels if you honorable leave the propaganda about tina baptista great propagandist the great thing for you writer of the enough theocratic and a baptist in monster is supposed to do on the white clothing with the sword looking like some figure on of the old testament waded into the crowd in the fighting and taken us b. you're in the side like the biblical jesus christ and supposedly dies right there as bodies never found they will search all the bodies as they throwing them into mass graves trying to find the guy and eventually for years afterwards the ruby wanted posters with his information on it as they try to track him down but he probably historians eighty probably died somewhere in the fighting was just so mutilated he couldn't be identified bernard neighbor darling will command are supposedly commander very bravely some of these rear guard action to men disappeared or only to turn up several days later in the attic of our home after the woman who lose their betrays him so that she could have her on freedom and he is taken captive young sam leyden osha to tell you for sure what happened to him but there are multiple store we saw more cowardly it were essentially tries to slip out of the city and how ugly ways others have him bravely resisting i don't know how it was capture we just know that he was eventually the city is take him the vast majority of men are killed a lot of the women who will not one ouster faith are two yard matthias is widowed of r. oui on them like unmarried you may recall when our renounced the faith and she's beheaded soon after this the defenses of the city of monster which it turned out to be so amazingly strong that their own ruler couldn't break into the city will be torn down so that this never happens again and the leadership all of the ana baptist rebellion in monster isn't the bishops hand us now there are no casualty figures i should point out for hominy people inside the city of monster died we know that they were between eight and ten thousand of them in almost none of the men were left to live along the women were killed tussaud's say to say thousands of people in monster died thousands upon thousands of women baptists who round northern europe or trying to heed the call of yan then why don't he asked for help and myanmar fires before him when he asked for help died as a result of these preachers in monster preaching that they knew what god wanted in god wants only about this to come down here helpless many many people died as a result of what happened in the city of monster and that's some of the stuff that yon than line in his co conspirators registry to call them by the spot will be charged with they will spend seven months in captivity being tortured being the would say to the d. briefed all men he on the on line will try to find several clever ways to extend his life span somewhat for example one point we're told the print the ship comes in and visit simmons says the how much money you've cost me with all this and then lied to suppose that cleverly in quickly retort hamper and a teacher money back put me in a cage take me around northern europe put me on display in charge of any proportionate to visit unseemly make your money back and more that he is not something he's taken up on your she'd taken up on his other suggestion he tells the press bishop that he should be allowed to live for wild so that he could go over all these years and a baptist friendly cities and tell all book want to have any militant leanings which is a minority even out that there are misguided and the young man lied knows from experience that that's not really what god wants no matter what he thought beforehand he's got taken up on that offer either the reach the plant with the story comes full circle the morning of january twenty second fifteen thirty six or as we told you before a platform has been set up a bunch wagons pulled side-by-side a butcher planks thrown on top of them the prince bishop watching me from ironically bernard lippard all links a second story open the balcony from his house overlooking the main square in monster or so much of the story took place on that stage that's been set up is a stake which may or may not have had to read amen wooden planks sitting out at the white angles from the vertical state that a person could straddle and said on there were several charcoal braziel is set up on the platform think of an elevated the baht cheating you not that far wrong and with heavy clocks and tall lives in them with spark shooting up foretold white hot coals in the breezy used in the tongs glowing next to the stage are for breeding large pages that look like transparent telephone booths of anybody can remember which telephone booths look like anymore and we're told that the clock in the morning with a large crowd watching and the city gates locked just in case there's trouble three condemned prisoners are marched into the marketplace the square and there are brought up to the platform some of them looking at quite a kiki dee indeed as i said they've been badly tortured abdomen hall one of them a gendarme leyden another is bernard never gotten than a third another member of the leadership of the hannah baptists were told that one bernard neighbor drawing seas homeless and brazier is he is struck dom with terror yeah and enlightening goes to his knees and base forgiveness all of the father a legal representative of the state reads out the charges against ben linus as record by herman bonkers and brock and it's pretty much anything you can think of someone being charged with me these days we talk about piling on charges sometimes on a district attorney was to make sure he gets someone on as many charges as possible he read the charges announced publicly against king young quo the kid was immediately accused the sinning against god and ruler reviving the ana baptist errors which had been condemned by the councils of the holy father said the civil law was unloading all sacraments tearing down the plundering churches and shrines perot flinging things sacred stirring up sedition casting down lawful ruler substituting himself by his personal authority and making himself king this marching himself with the crime of treason and driving into grievous exiled barbers who need stripped of their property and forced from the city all of which crimes it was said were so manifest and so well known to all the men of the holy roman empire whether of the highest or lois status that they needed no demonstration end quote in other words this is a guy who sinned against the church he sinned against the state he was seditious he was radical he was treated as he tried to upset the social order with his divine center communism this is a guy who gets the ultimate penalty that the state can dole out but it's not that unusual the penalty there's lots of people on the crowd who've come to watch as we said all three men are attached to the same poll by their neck color with spikes on the news side of the collar to keep them in mobile is put around their neck in your centrally also go back to back to back around the same stake so that each of them can feel toward vibration is through the wood stake smell or can hear everything that's going on to make it to be tortured to death one of the time to the people next in line get to see exactly what's coming in they get to feel that can make it to smell too the first one who gets to treatment is yawned at leyden and we're told that as he sits there are more stands there with his neck attached to the pole unable to move these two men and again you wonder what sort of human beings forget about watching this with pleasure like we're told the people in the audience do he deserves to somebody and yet every time i start to accuse people of being medieval are being raised in this culture or ten signing this to a different error i have to remind myself that we have people board darn good torturers today working for many countries in any high level so perhaps this is a gene maybe it's sadism whatever is we've always produced these people i joke of the guy who did i'm tests on me for carpal carnal syndrome which require use of an electrified meals in your joints and i said to him as a duet the gene that used to be used for torturers and just put to good use and he laughed and hit me with another jolt in any case we're told that these two executions grab these heavy going higher and homes and they take a position on either side of enlighten the touch the tongs to the skin underneath his armpits and both at the same time pulled down herman von furstenberg system in at the tongs touch human skin he wraps in flame beyond that line will be torn apart he will be torn apart for now or law requires it to be an hour and if he shrinks he will be revived in that time were he was unconscious will be subtracted from his power he's required to suffer for full hour and they will get to the plan with beer whipping tendons and muscles out of his skin all bernard nipper going in the other compatriot listen and imagine what's going to be like in twenty or thirty or forty minutes let's get her i can think of nothing worse than us we're told that line hardly yells out at all finally his tom will be torn out the ponies will perish his throat and he will have a knife thrust into his heart to end the suffering and how or after it begins the bird alling is so horrified by what does he tries to strangle himself by putting all of his body weight on his neck and neck spiked collar and shokhin self out when the executioners reports leaped on cursor burke says any receipt is the reason back upon the poor were open his mouth that cinch him up to the pole indians we can do that anymore he gets to suffer his hours well and when they're dead our bodies are cut off this poll and their stock in those cages each one gets their own cage the cages are hauled up to the one remaining tall steeple and monster the piano baptist to knock down and captain they are as a warning to everyone else about the power and authority of the state the tall lose themselves would rip the skin and muscle saw these guys are put up in a prominent place in the city square we're want to see them too those cages to help the bodies of these three men are still in monster today understood all top hanging from that church steeple you can go see a picture of them online we're told the people watching enjoy the spectacle no maybe we've always produce atheists homemade could torture portion executioners and maybe those people are still around today i have a hard time believing lots of us will enjoy watching a crime like this even if the most heinous offender you can think of being tortured and yet it was only in our grandparents did most of us may be great granddad redeker particularly young were those people were going to the lynchings of african americans here in the united states in nineteen thirty's i'm watching people torture would blow torches and sending postcards to their friends with pictures of burned african americans burn to death and writing on them we have a great barbecue here last night wishy wishy your stuff like that so again maybe we haven't promise for as we thought little postscript to the show you just heard i i honestly can't remember how would felt when we're releasing the very early hardcore history broadcast too long ago an adult big or ideas and expectations of what we were hoping to achieve it really crystallized during the early show so hard for us to determine whether we were really proud or less proud of what we put out back in those days oppressing taken say having heard the program you just heard that i am i'm bob baliles satisfied with the way the show turned out to the show i can remember and i think the reason is you know having dissected it harm that i feel that way or perhaps more interesting than anything we dealt with in the shell first of all it's worth pointing out to you and this will matter recall to people who get the show you're too were three from now befuddles of the food waiting patiently for this to come out all to patiently thank you for a much i'm noah took an extremely long time or perhaps you don't all is that we did an entire for our show on this already the only through the way which we never do but it's like a painting a picture little bit we're doing here and you decide i really wanna paint this landscaper think this landscape of the old wonderful in a painting lots of star nice attend a painted and occasionally has traditionally gets finished a new look at it you go i try really like the pictures much as i thought it would then you're committed to achieve don't have time to pick another location you got up on deck to all the research and scope an outing design the template almighty dangers of what i can do a better job paintings picture just didn't bring out all the collar all the new wanted us to chaucer to do it again and we did it but before the show from scratch i'm not sure like it any better the last time we did it it's a start analyzing all right and you know we talked about the historical corner idea during this program with a historical insurance investigator ready we talked about all the different elements that could have been responsible for what happened when the story we just told you so if if you will because in effect side of the spring up and if you wanna have a satisfying historical insurance investigation you would be able looking into the day when you're filling archer forms which you would be able to say cause of the fire anyone below six children toying with the gliders what we will say well lightning striking them no shingle dry tinder roof we would least for the los eighty five percent chance if you like after listening to the show but after doing it twice that you sit down there is the historical insurance investigator really great cause all of firing your right arm known that's on satisfying and you never can really put your finger on his parole bunten causes and reasons but there's something about madness bad seems so chaotic and with a pointless him with our reason and so hard to explain you know we've used many times the koran the show with r. t. shirt that we sell to alexander hurt some call from a place he wrote history is the autobiography of a madman but this is really the story of a madman and you'd love to be able to simply even blame it on that the decision about people have electronically balance in their serotonin or dopa mean levels in their brain some about people who in the old easy was it have a screw loose a kind of madness it's on display in monster on all sides is the kind of madness that hardwired into humanity the kind of alexander hurts on in the cold sores talking about when it's normal madness honey you can handle on that and turn them into with beam it means anything besides in a chaotic rustic next i mean it were something is that looked at that i thought were worth exploring that the problem is is not alone can reliably be considered to be any more corn than any of the other things i'm in the one that appealed to me the most and i think you know a couple of these themes i cried almost took digressions on the book of lasted an hour all by themselves a comparable beebe says tree shows all by themselves blitz editions i'm in the war had appealed to me the most asia one's whole thing was said and done i found myself on rewards again about that conflict over whether it was a good idea or not to translate the bible into a language of one could treat remember we had a controversial you're on this program work the dutch you minister rations so taking the side of the free thinkers amongst you know the people in the emerging in renaissance whirl said it's crazy to keep the stuff from the people everybody has right to know the truth of reality which is the way those people we've seen it the catholic church was basically taking the position of the jack nicholson character in the movie few good men were he said you can handle the truth or the people cannot they go back to that analogy of the hill alien i call in with the ilene skinned hours with that for word of god you know the universal truth that the whole universe nose and chin annabelle we don't know yet and you got sure hands on the only copy nice human language and yet after reading it you yourself can see by goodness of the people of the world's greatest it's gonna destroy social wars religion summing up people's millions of people will die to robbie lots of suffering but this is the true do you with respect to humanity no his erasmus might have counsel or do you like the catholic church of that day of the protestant reformation say people can handle this you will be unleashing a pain and suffering unnecessary pain and suffering by giving people stop that they're not ready to handle not as pure form but of course my brain started to go in there all the different angles mean you could be good related to wiki leaks today in whether a world is ready for pure raw unfiltered in all the pure unfiltered truth of what goes on behind the scenes when governments are rapidly now how these wonderful ideas that i could've played with the problem is that none of them by themselves really explains what caused this historical fire that we use in historical cornered trying to the director reasons for there's no sense was to any serious work in the side marched was storing it was our retaking far far far far longer than i had originally intended to do and i was the recent painting a landscape of thought it might take the data cut that landscape in a month later i'm still working on the landscape and i'm not that happy with the way it looks two of my wife about the shoes was when people write books no they have their favorite books on the ones they really like no one said they're not as happy with the funny part about bookies pod gaston any book she might want right is that sometimes you'll have people like you work but help everybody likes this work in livery let's go so the awestruck but some people find it in a wee little shows that most people didn't care for those of their favorites again never know to me is all the show were of all round question is there so i'm we're facing yet so built into our dna that speculating on them is to show you know unto itself and full of jess questions are no answers it is so happens by the way as our records is that it is that twentieth anniversary all of the fiery disaster the tragic end of the david koresh branch davidian standoff in waco texas and a newspaper in texas the star telegram of the story on in the winning of view the brother or all the aid of british woman who happened to have been a koresh followers who died in the flames some of that disaster and i can shove the story in a row down initial comments he made because to me what he said applied very well to the story his name is blowing hard i'll be setting the peace while quote from the middle of it about it said piece written by a guy named him mad again and appeared in the star telegram april eighteenth twenty thirteen i'm quoting from the middle of the peace and on the piece is talking about slowly hard ohio okay de te still wonders how we could've gone so wrong his sister who was twenty seven when she died had been a deeply religious person a college graduate with a good job with the manchester city council was it about the licorice that caused her to give up everything for the cult leader on the texas planes now according mr hard all when i look at it there's a very thin line between what is rational and what is irrational said hard dial four year old hospital administrator i ask myself he says how does a belief differ from a delusion there's a very thin dividing line and co and you know madness on individual level is one thing madness that is contagious is another reindeer also echoes in the story that one can easily applied to radical islamic fundamentalism today and you can see the echoes of this or erasmus catholic church debate going on again and you know i've actually played a role where normally i think of myself i'm erasmus i did have talked about the fundamentalist islamic thing before i suggested to be a good idea they have pope luckily for somebody who could in a sort of saying this is truly islam in orthodox islam and this is what we believe in anything else is radical in all of sudden i find myself on the catholic church sign things during his protestant reformation argument right we could say that these people who were exposed to offshoot and on legitimate forms of this all palm now that the cease to be stamped out as radical many of the same time you can see that these radical islam louis to drift off into what we in the west no one knows terrorism are doing so because they're exposed to an intellectual contagion and in the ability to house their own interpretation of what the interface requires but here i got the more i thought about all the fiends and many many many seems to come together as part of a protestant reformation i found myself overwhelmed by an inability to deal with him just like a historical corner would be overwhelmed by trying to figure out what caused the fire in a place in a tub was a tinderbox of cause us to begin with the warning really cochlear to me not so much lessons as understanding that comes out of the story is that no amount of training teaching brainwashing or counter brainwashing or anything like it is going to prevent us from falling victim to know as individuals not as a society to these kinds of you know was mr lloyd cardoso's delusions as i said many times in the show you can hear if he is concerned this is a just a lesson on the dangers of religion but these delusions are going to resist any way you could eliminate religion from the earth is stock would eliminate that tendency of human beings to be call opted by fanaticism and to make a mistake on that fine line between what is irrational and rational and being unable to distinguish the difference between a belief in a delusion histories the autobiography of a madman with a madman how do you breakdown the causes historical human species wide madness and i think my attempts to do so show you exactly how difficult something like that is perhaps with a little white tilting at windmills or perhaps you just need a better artist painting of landscape our goal is the enormous leading provider spoken audio entertainment that's a pretty big catch all phrase isn't it well it means audio books obviously but also means magazines periodicals newspapers standup comedy bits the great speeches of history all time television and radio shows and a time of other things every genre you can think of marbles got it covered with a hundred thousand titles to choose from currently and that's a number that growing all the time everyone listens to the show probably understand that i'm a huge fan of the old fashioned printed books but on the bill provides things that the old fashioned print book sometimes can't a perfect example is the one that i wanna recommend you pick up today and it's one that i recently recommended in our current events and political pot just common sense it's a well peace punish you could say called white house tapes the president calling this is a perfect example of what spoken or you entertainment can do better than the printed word because this is a peace with the actual on a yellow of 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