Episode: Show 45 - Wrath of the Khans III

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Show 45 - Wrath of the Khans III
The expansion of Genghis Khan's conquests continue, with locations as far apart as Europe and China feeling the bloody effects of Mongol warfare and retribution. Can anything halt the carnage?

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Automated Transcript (Why is this transcription so bad?)
they showed what you buy all rubble is this a portable broadcast on calm ford slash hardcore history for your free are you pulled down what you're about to hear is par three of 'em all five part series on the morning goal conquest to the middle ages if you didn't happen to catch the first two parts you might wanna do that before venturing into the story in the middle fetal monitor his streams over jigsaw puzzle for moral please feel free to jump in right now so without warning in mind without further ado par three of wrath of the cottage when we come to them and i've been going on beats his story heyday of wood who layout women and a half hour her book i'm group and other arab do you changed what i had helped by combat unit at how about how and how'd one blood wouldn't at all and you and disinterest and hide why hide and lewis ha you be in time really what hit home whoa and good god why why it whole news and it would those two well we little bit less of it didn't do much to homes to baby boomers i'm not a winning on to whom accused them of unenviable one her it's hard coal rich history in the year twelve hundred we are told by one of the most important parisian chroniclers of the middle ages the corps reason ian shaw lay on his deathbed now already in this series we talk about the corps mean sean dining muhammad to please important role in the story this isn't mohamad this is muhammad's father a man named to cash as he lay on his deathbed the persian chronicler says he had some very very last minute advice for use on the future course new show muhammad any advice concerned the people that existed on his eastern in northeastern border to people we told you in past episodes are called the karate tae the black cafe ends the chinese call them the western while dynasty these people formed almost daily geopolitical estuary in all history is right with a freshwater rivers meet the salt water roche in the short as we neared hybrid environment that exist when the two come together that's what the karate time empire was he had in mongolia synthesize mongol so some of the chinese mong bold leadership at the top of the pure to ruling over a turkish muslims central asian people the combination of the two worlds but for all intents and purposes were completely separate galaxies from each other and because of this hybrid nature they were sort of attainable to keep both sides in their respective galaxies they were like a barrier which is exactly what muhammad's father only on his deathbed to catch told us on he said regardless of how vulnerable the carotid artery look corp regardless of how much trouble they're giving you the home all the persian chronicler says at the cash told his son muhammad the bitter raw cheat on your quote a wall behind which white terrible phones pinnacle to me was alone because one is some muhammad ignored his advice and undercut him help bring down the karate town he brought down that daily report on that wall and the people that brushed for with this big geopolitical estuary read into the classical world anew with that is right europe the middle east north africa the mediterranean what's known as the classic world broke into the classical or from the separate galaxy was east asia a place dominated by china in their culture and their civilization veered technology in their history the places and very little contact with the classical world now they had been traitors that went back and forth along a route to the famous renault was the silk what would there had been some iranian dynasties david maintain diplomatic relations with the chinese this is on it's in the party and had diplomatic ties up from time to time the evidence and military endeavors was a famous battle mose the battle of the towel us river where the tank and speak chinese met the fanatical yong arab armies recently converted to islam and lost lost the battle they probably should've lost but they were all what chinese troops there was mostly in allied army and the last-minute during the battle over chinese allies turned on them your tender would want those kinds of affairs there was a famous military bombed endeavour launched by the chinese general patton scholl during the han dynasty which were contemporaries of the roman empire he was able to conquer all the way out in the central asia so far that he almost contacted roman outpost in the east but by and large there was beer read little mixing of the technologies especially military technologies of these two virtually separate galaxies so when the mongols broke into the classic world they brought with them military sophistication that was um a higher level than what the classical world had these to say about famed baltimore oriole third baseman brooks robinson buddy played baseball like he came down from a higher lead the mongols conducting military operations like they came down from a higher week they did they came down from the east asian week the lead dominated by china then the expanded generation may be more depending on who you want leaving are you wanna categorize it facing off against the greatest military power of the h. the chinese with their great resources and discipline and sophistication in their generations long thousands of u. along the literature nation on broken you know britain histories and they were able to initially fight them to a standstill eventually start to roll back chinese civilization he would be is no someone to denny were able to fight the united states military toto and then eventually they turn around and fight some our world country on the mongols broke into the galaxy of the classic world they were taking on what might have been the most sophisticated and dominant army the classical world had offer the core reason you shaw's muslim turkish eastern iranian military the problem was is it was like someone coming down from the major leagues into the minor leagues engineers connors mongols with a combination of military sophistication and incredible leadership and discipline towards the rue de corps raised new shows military like a knife through butter killing millions of people destroying incredibly wealthy and beautiful and large study some of the largest cities in the world during this time three any inflicting pain and suffering on a scale that the people in the middle east in these eastern iranian in afghanistan your ears haven't recovered from if you will be some historians even to this day your geisha systems in the way of life in the level off you know well has never recover now some historians will try to put good spin on this and say things like all those facilitated all kinds of commerce and communication the marshals were connecting two worlds that hadn't been connected ever before this east asian world dominated by china and as classical world which you didn't exist as a course for every one time also the mongols brought the two together the problem was that the people the classic world what's the rub together today i'm disgusted greatest tragedy that they had ever known in fact they compared it to the biblical apocalypse and the equated the mongols and genghis khan with all good and magaw but the biblical people's would be in prevented from breaking into the in a civilized to in your court world by a barrier and they would only breakthroughs failure rate the end times when the apocalypse happened and god's people fought a battle between good and evil it would eventually in onishi the end time genghis khan the mongols like many other central asian people before them the han's the skippy and another serpentine and is gone and i'm gonna label or compared with the devil's spawn the moslems called genghis khan everything from the car said to the damned to the punishment of god and frank genghis khan started calling himself that when he destroyed the core worries me an empire in the twelve hundreds this was a tragedy for islam then islam was in a very precarious position when this happened because this wasn't the only life or death struggle they were involved in they happen to be fragmented during this time period having a hard time working together to deal with outside threats they had another outside traveller rather western flank this was the period where european crusade to continually being launched against muslim territory so much novel holy land was on the whole two and places like egypt now before the mongol invasions they've been doing pretty well very hard for the crusaders to maintain a foothold in the middle east which were muslim territory so far away from europe all the sudden christians don't fall denise crusades began here were murderers of what was going on in eastern or on and afghanistan but they had no direct contact with these places the genghis khan was savaging him like the telephone game where one person tells another person something and i'm a person turns and tells another person something and eventually hundred people down the line the story is completely altered from the original detail that was told information begins to filter back to the europeans especially those in the crusaders become the holy land about the damage that's being done to their muscle fall samir opposite flight they begin to hear rumors of a christian king in the east they called impressed her john and the rumors began to be friend by wishful thinking that maybe the moslems are caught in a military cancer movement and they're being hit in their flight the europeans are hitting them in the west and pressed for john is christians from the easter hitting them in the rear in the east you can tell how old did jerome of the story minus started for the christians in the europeans because in fact there were christians in asia they were several different sex but maybe the most popular in wars were called the story in christian in fact there were no story in christian is on the borders of china and also in fact some of the mongol tribes had meaning the story in christians in them that little jerome and a little piece of information by the time it made all of the holy land in developing this whole idea of the christian king who was minding the muslims from the rear end was giving new hope to the crusaders that maybe christendom was about to trial unfortunately for bush europeans there was no press turtle hon there was only genghis khan of all the great khan may have been dollar run towards all religions it doesn't mean he was going to be nice and very soon christendom was going to find out what the muslim world already believed the dog and magaw get broken through this historic barrier and that perhaps the apocalypse was upon them now if european christendom was on aware of the true nature re capability and intentions on this new people and emerge from the separate galaxy of east asia only very recently the same to be set them on all in terms of their knowledge of european christendom we in the modern world urso costume having maps and general idea of where states or in geographical features it's easy to forget the back in the old days you had it usually figure rom postings yourself by traveling to them which is why as we said at the end of the last episode launched genghis khan had conquered the korea's new shows territory you see into the request made by his great generals to bid on the to take a bon jovi mongol horsemen and scout out this new territory first of all to make clear to the column what he now all wound up but also to figure out who is new neighbors were or what their military capabilities were the column bought this wonderful idea the mongols had always been greeted scouting anywhere the suba die took between twenty and thirty thousand mongol horsemen of in the autumn of the year twelve twenty west for easter were on and began to scout out the cons new territory now in typical mongol fashion he didn't have a long supply train keeping his troops and and maintained he was going to live off the land which sounds a lot more than on that then it really is when you're dealing with the mongols that men taking whatever you needed from the individuals the towns in the city you encountered along the way if what you needed was provided for you willingly you might be allowed to live if it was not provide willingly you wouldn't be now this is where we encounter an organizational problems in this program i've been trying to wrestle with how to deal with it it's when you decide the two catalogue of the mongol horrors enough to make clearer but this is what's happening all the time he would be easy to fall on the trap of feeling like you needed to point out every time the mongols sad to see being killed everyone in it i thought about having little genius around the leakage issues every time it happened but then i realized with some of the old robbery telephone with just one big long reign all the time when you killed between ten and seventy million people by hand as the mongol did that you're killing people all the time some historians trying to downplay this level of violence feeling which gives the mongols a uniquely bad reputation now as compared with people like alexander the great war caesar were some of these other historical arsonist in truth people like alexander and caesar and those folks were probably lot more murderers and more like butchers in history gives them credit for fancy new reason to downplay with the mongols to perhaps a re evaluation of what caesar when alexander duties in order in any case the city of hama don what's now northwest rely on perceive the typical treatment one super thy showed up outside dominance gates and demanded pretty much everything comment on hand for his troops the city wisely provided it having heard what the mongols head down the eastern territories of the corps mean shaw by your later dose of that i would come back to home and on and a man more stuff the thing that the city could not provide because they've given everything to the mongols the year before in retaliation for that refusal so that i had the entire city level everybody in it be headed and four games you could see the congress say the smoke on the horizon from the bernadin devastated city and it in a very common move for the mongols but specifically mentioned by the chroniclers happening at ramadan super die displayed the u. whore rustic thoroughness of the mongols one carrying out their workers when they were told to kill everyone in the city that many everyone the kopple days after leaving home and on the corpse build smoking or when to the dice in the mongol re regard back to the city to go cut the heads off of everyone they've missed the first time around anyone who'd been hiding in basements or alive under the corpses of others were bent out of town in the second happening were they are a couple of days later weeping over their loved ones in burying them so the mongols returning in the distance and they themselves have the same treatment the people they were bailing had gotten a few days before that level of thoroughness in carrying out orders was part of what made the mongol such amazing military figures during this time jury nothing for example the christian europe to compare us something that was much more common in the east asian galaxies were supermodels work as though they came down from on high really the higher league adult level of military discipline and obedience that no one in the classic world during this time period in equal suba die continued his reading in pillaging and scouting all up through which now more westerner were on a bitterly came to relieve the first significant christian state the mongols ever encounter anyone's in the caucasus mountains that they ran into a people mona's the georgians that sounds familiar that's because they're still stay there all georgia between the black and caspian sea is now the mongol showed up at a time that could've been better in terms of the georgians ability to defend themselves that they had recently promised the pope that they would take part in a crusade to they had been gathering military forces this whole time when the mongol showed up they have won a trip to which to resist fortunately for the georgians they were fighting people coming down from a higher week and they had no idea what they were in for and you're twelve twenty one they found out it around this time purely and during this great mongol counsel we were a bit that you can begin to see the early signs of the mall walls are changing their becoming a somewhat different than the people who fought the chinese decade or two before indeed even the people who'd recently defeated the corps new shallow as we said in the first episode of the series all step people tended to reflect the people that the traded with and that the wounded and raided the mongols and at this point had taken so much stop from the chinese and the people the corps mean empire in all these other places that they were setting they were starting to look quite a bit richer than the traditional eating it no date here to before this jury to hear the port mongols were dressed sometimes in the skins of field mice that even sewn together new disc of this idea all the people coming from abject poverty was supposed to be one of the things that made them so talk but now for a couple of decades they have been eluding the best offer more bite to these very rich societies during this great cavalry reigns of the guys he's supposed to have encountered a venetian the traders in trading post along the black sea and a venetian is instantly we're told recognize that these mongols are not your typical barbarians because they're dressed in a fine silks and we're ring really costly inexpensive armor this is stuff that they either took from other people or traded with other people were as in the case of ramadan just a few months before this time pressured the city in the giving them now they still have the typical mall gold tendency to wipe their greasy hands for meeting on their clothes and to not change them into not wash them to get imagine people dressed in the finest factions of the time the gucci the ralf loran or what have you but it's literally perhaps full of holes and in writing off their bodies but that doesn't quite changed the impression that the venetian traders head of the baby look like a bunch of people dressed in the skins of field mice anymore nonetheless as they entered this great valley where the modern day city of tbilisi is they find the georgian army waiting for them on the georgians don't know who these people are either but there are accustomed to dealing with step nomadic tribes before some other fact the georgian kane that a guy named yogi the third by george used the translation and his arm mona curries to brood and george the brilliant george the third the brilliant is waiting there for him with his thirty foul was in may and quay lin bodyguard were told that humans were another step people as a matter of fact they actually controlled much of the step territory all the way to the hungarian plane they had different names officially historian for for the mystic to track turks in eastern europe they were called the kingdom's the russians call them the pa bossy and these people had a similar cultural background to the mongols but we're nowhere near their equals george the third george the brilliant had am we're told thirty thousand man cumin bodyguard and seventy thousand georgian nights now members ridiculous and certainly he didn't have seventy thousand nineteen be hard pressed to find seventy thousand night if you added up all the knights in europe during this time period and that buddy might've had seventy thousand men total with a hard core of european nights and they were information we're told waiting for the mongols get rid of this long valley super died in a mortar round he launched his attack and he did so with the source tactics and discipline they were common in the galaxy doubles mongols we use the fighting in the east asian galaxy the georgians it never seen anything like it here's how the military historian richard a gabriel describes the way stupid i talk war the georgians apart call it the two armies drop off the city beach other for set piece battle the georgian cavalry open the bottle with a mass attack against the mongol center to bid on award is like archer cavalry to sweep across the enemy front unleashing a volley after volley of deadly air real fire the iron armor piercing tips of the mongol heroes to the great toll on the nights despite heavy losses the georgians pressed the attack on the mongols gradually retreated before the enemy advance drawing the mounted nights after them until the christian army was spread out across the entire plane a top exhausted mouths so that i had anticipated the georgian tactics and position fresh mounts for his soldiers in the wood to the rear of the battlefield now the mongols mounted their fresh horses and launched the devastating counterattack preceded by a storm of their role fire this time the mongol heavy cavalry aboard their new fresh mounts struck the enemy formation and drove away change the georgian army the georgian army broken reign as the mongol wings closed in and around the main body with little hope of holding his ground breaking fled along with those nine tons forces could still stay in the face of you brave knights made a stand on the road trip to fleece which is a modern day tbilisi were quickly over ron and slaughtered by ye days cavalry for two weeks jordan the survivors of the army awaited the attack on the city itself it never came the mongols and disappear and all now this force of mongols that had destroyed not just the army in georgia but this or we didn't been preparing for crusade perhaps the greatest largest army to jordan said never put together was a meager scouting for so small gulps that's part of the reason why begin launch this attack that george the brilliant expected this ball up attack on his capital city they didn't have those kind of orders their job was to continue discount if they got worn down in all these campaigns to take a bunch of any cities in mountain territory while you were gonna be able to conclude their mission as a matter of fact i'll be needed more stuff so the reason that they had disappeared as they went back down into which now northwestern you're wrong on to take more stuff from the locals in fact this is war commandant gets asked for more supplies can provide him and get sacked now the georgians had somehow convinced themselves that they had done much more damage to the mongols only really happened this may have been sort of wishful thinking or may have been boastful exaggerating or they may have really thought that because the mongols didn't know fall of their victory that they must've really damage them they didn't realize of course of this wasn't a giant mongol army that they had faced it was nothing more than a scouting waited so must've surprised i'm mightily one after we provisioning themselves in northwestern rwanda in the autumn of twelve twenty one one mostar major disbanding because winters approaching there they were again moving up towards the caucasus mountains led by suba died and preparing to forge the mountains and had once more back to georgia to his credit george the brilliant the georgian can manage to raise another army managed to learn some significant lessons from the first badly fought against the mongols and this time instead of the scene of the abyss very mobile aisle swarm of bees type enemy in every opening plane with their mobility could really be to use to the fullest this time when the mongols the little bit surprised even if it's all the georgians waiting for them they were waiting for the beautiful hills it constrained area where it the georgian night could just keep their formation move steadily forward they would push to swarm of bees in effect up against the solid wall that's a nice we deal with the enemy's mobility you missed the train is an anvil and hammer them against it when the battle started king george was able to keep his troops discipline this time moving forward in slow methodical motion keeping their formation in pushing the mongols back up against the train just as planned there was a hitch in the idea though there was a gap in the mountain range on the side of the battlefield and contain the past and in this past stupid allright placed five thousand mongol horsemen in an ambush and as the mongol swarm of bees slowly retreated back with the main force under stupid i've been the georgian cavalry in knights push them forward they moved beyond that gap that pass in the mountain range exposing their flank of the five thousand mongols who lay hidden those mongols mensch are indeed the georgian flank and smashed into it now it is a testament to fighting quality of the georgians that they didn't just retreat at this point because that would be enough to turn most pre modern armies into our route the georgians were able though while fighting to turn their entire force ninety degrees to face this new attack from the side unfortunately for them that expose their flank and out of the regional suarez bees they were trying to smash against the anvil two but i quickly turned his forces around the face the now flank of the georgian formations and roll headlong into them rolling them up like a line of dominoes the georgian forces collapsed almost all of them were killed in the pursuit that lasted days by the mongols king george the burrowing in once again escape the pursue which the really shows he may bring growing up we can last for long he would die soon afterwards the leadership of georgia would pass to the only ruler who seemed available to talk to his sister mortals know ms bin laden tina it's like something right out of the lord of the rings is ned and her name was received on and she is left in command the kingdom with no military with this hideous forced from their eyes anyway but these people from another galaxy who now killed a hundred thousand of their soldiers in the year she writes the pope to explain why there will be no georgian military contingent in the next crusade in the holy land as promised she writes quote a savage people of tartars hellish of aspect as gracious as rules in their hunger for spoils as brave as lyons had invaded my country brave knighthood in georgia has hunted them down out of the country killing twenty five thousand of the invaders but alas were no longer run a position to take up across as we promised your holiness to do and co that's called putting a brave face on what really happened because they could've killed twenty five thousand mongols because too but i didn't have twenty five pounds mongols and that they could've killed during many yet all because it didn't slow super died down all he went to a nearby city right after the battle and brokered a deal with the moslem reload their exchange for your lives what diets guides who would take him over the caucuses by the shortest route and allow him to break into your crap now this muslim shaw was no way yet he could quickly seated any disputes he may have had with any of his other neighbors paled in comparison to this new people and while he made a deal with the mongols and gave them guides he told the guide secretly instead of taking the mongols over the shortest easiest path to take them over the most torturers and costly pat he used the shorter path we used them to send special messenger shouldn't get across bastard to the people on the other side of the caucasus them warned them was coming he told them to bury their differences to to work together and have an army waiting for the mongols on the other side when they emerge from this torturous mountain range full of glaciers and interracial rivers of glacier water or they're pouring down into the passes out the mountain range like most of these crossings in the mountains you think of cannibal crossing the alps stirring up unique wars you're supposed to be this torture strip at some point the role is so narrow only one horseman can traverse and the time that the mongols go through this terrible endeavour finally emerging from the other side called starving frostbitten the whole thing and bore the seed fifty thousand men in the information waiting for them right out of the past well equipped well supplied containing many different peoples now all allied together against the common fall and quickly suba die realizes he's been tricked he also realizes that he's been tricked this way there's an opening turning back and braving all those horrors in glaciers all that stuff again because surely they will be another army at the other side of the caucuses were he first entered a thing in there initially he tries to quick attached to see what happens is against the front of this giant allied army it fails he moves his trip back up into the mountains to think about things now here is where are the mongol shoulder flexibility they use something that many people to the west especially the united states has forgotten how effective they can be they use diplomacy now diplomacy in the united states it does something somewhat sneered at since the second world war it's seen as a wimpy alternative to finding the mongols understood better be understood as the chinese did a byzantine system of most why we clever intelligent people throughout history the diplomacy doesn't have to be a shield to protect you diplomacy can be a weapon it strikes at the heart of your enemies this case to the dye looks at this allied army and realize it's composed of a bunch of people who don't really like each other that much could you work to detach some of them from the rest of them now this allied armies composed of christians and moslems and pagan people from the steps it has the lawns who live in cities it has moslem folks who live in the foothills it has a tribal peoples were culturally similar to the mongols including these people we talked about before the tape chapter is also known as the human souls and the block see people the mongols had been dealing with now ever since they invaded the core reason you shas territory and here they were working at stupid our sins diplomats to them and says yeah no quarrel with you which is a crazy thing to say something just killed a bunch their cousins in on the last year or two resettle for all people on the step brothers of the stamp we have problems with these christians and you'd promise with these muslims are here this battlefield which you would on any problem with you or you want from us want to be a loop in spoils and mani in quality and we need and let's not fight we don't have any problems with our brother should the steps and crazily enough that humans listen to them will take to stop pulled into global tech summoning it'll be gone in the mongols give it to that one morning at the allies wake up facing the mountain range that has the mongols trapped in it and they see the good half their forces left them suicide quickly takes the mongols swooped down on this now diminished in demoralized portion destroys them in a couple of days later writing at top speed catches up to those humans that they made a deal with saying we have no problem for the brothers of the step and swept down on them unawares of what was going on and kill them all back to pollute the spoils of the clothes that they had given them is a price for their defection and then took all their stuff in addition to that as one historian road got that there are regional bribe magnified ten full now the way was open to the european stamps the first european states actually contact the mongols remember during this time period no it never even seen one they may ever have oppressed or john ole christian king of the east in the holy land or among some of the crowned heads of europe they were pretty disordered inside information that the pope sometimes possessed and send out people who first actually had contact with the mongols know probably knew nothing of this yet they probably knew more about the step nomads from the east than any other european people which the people that now inhabit what's russia the time mr winch referred to the serious part of kiev in luke's was what was call and these were bon jovi what's probably best charm city states places like the end of courses doll or novgorod grand cities where the leader of that city also control the water the surrounding countryside the way you would've found in ancient greece with athens and sparta and feeds on almost twice as many cities were independently ruled by people with titles like grand duke or duke or boy your boy article ward were bearing sometimes these people together sometimes they weren't odds with each other sometimes they intermarried sometimes the world treaties the disorganized these unified futile solar system now people in this area had more contact in more understanding of the way he's in the tendencies and the coulter are all these nomadic step people than anyone else in europe after all these kiev and rooted in the neighbors of the step people since time immemorial the names of the tribes would change but the lifestyle remain the same in the tendencies remain the same during this time to read as we said next door neighbors to the eastward these keep jack turk people the eastern europeans call them killed the russians had the wrong name for them up lofty and the russian relationship with them was complex in challenging some of these russian duke's in grand dukes and boy ours had good relationships with a lawsuit they were good people the trade which he differs from the peak of slaves from and sometimes they you would marry you know the boy yours daughter to a policy princes daughter ring in the cement relationships oliver kiev and worms princes though couldn't stand up aloft the dealt with them in more of a military fashionable was she would come in and read their town steal their stuff look there are the villages and take their women and children off and vice versa so when these palacios people arrived at the russians city's school reading about who were thick people from the east that they all have to be in big added a fight some of these russian princes listened others were positively happy with the turn of events afterall why would i as a russian prince who been trying to fight off the law seaweed forever be upset with the fact that all one of your other step peebles has turned against you is messing with you i'm very sorry to hear that it took almost a year of convincing for the poll lofty to explain to the russians you don't understand this is unlike anything any of us have ever seen and we're all gonna died if we go combine together now in typical european fashion probably typical human fashion the russians were not that worried they had a pretty high opinion of themselves and they didn't think these mongols and all that nasty just another step people from the street in dealing with him forever we're not afraid of them like you're afraid of them you cowardly glossy it and there wasn't a whole lot of energetic movement to do anything about it even though the glossy we're giving him stop the mood all kinds of bryden trying to put the theorize the mongols and of them until of course we're arrived at the mongols rule on the way and stupid eyeing yet been in their forces were coming up these rivers and heading towards kiev and burning and looting and raping along the entire path first of all there was an hour regis midst of this caliber we're worried how was being conducted because so that as forces are completely on morgue for anything it's like a band of britain's that doesn't have any supply lines in it wholly on attacked they can go wherever they want at high speed and don't have to have any connection to where they were all month ago you don't know where they're going next all of a sudden the pulled off see me the russians understand these people are here now look at what they're doing in your communities and they could be on us your tomorrow that shook the russians to the point we're also in the state unified hearings began cooperating quickly or as quickly as a futile european we screw this time period the range to rendezvous point everybody sort was told to raise the role more meet together get chernobyl's together deter passes to get a picture foot rub together and meet here by the state everybody slowly started making their way to the rendezvous point that lawsuit human do the same thing as these forces are massing the russian princes get their first look at what mongol his wife because one more in the wake up and mongol emissaries are outside the tent these emissaries by all accounts were eloquent civilized and with a message the message was record in russian records one specifically that called the chronicle of novgorod and here's how it describes first contact with mongolian the series what they say had it starts off with explaining the ordination of the army's quoted and they began to organize their forces each his own province and they went uncollected the whole russian land against the chargers and you're on the need for ads are rather than the tartars having learned that the russian princes were coming against them send envoys to the russian princes behold we hear that you were coming against us having listened to the ball basilio we've not occupy your land nor your towns your your villages norris a. b. gives you that we've come but we have come sent by god against our serfs and our horse herds the pagan glossy i'm anne and do you take a piece with us that they escaped you drive them off plants and taking your sales their goods for we've heard that to you also they have done much harm and it is for this reason also that we are fighting them and historian to know well the mongol tactics are suggesting that this is very similar to what the mongols did to break up the alliance and stupid i came out of the caucasus mountains he's trying to take the blas si and disengage them from their allies the russian princes perhaps it certainly not true that the mongols and on the russians no harm because the raping and pillaging burning all the way up to kiev but they may not understand that this is russian territory that the roofs think of themselves differently than the lawsuit nonetheless the russian answer to the mongol and voices swift they killed them and as you can probably understand by programs we've done so far on the subject it's about the worst thing you can do that the declaration of war when the combined allied forces the russians mccloskey first encounter any mongol troops all they don't seem to wanna fight the key to carry the small groups of mongols weaker lot themselves to be captured or a couple hundred men will fight to the deaths were few her virtue one away at the first sign of the army the allied army keeps capturing stuff to me it looks like they're just getting all the more equal footing or capture her go to her she heard a cattle and they're being weighed down by all these animals are now trailing behind the army some historians think this is just wonderful general ship on the part of suba dying and for allowing things to fall into the hands of the russians and glossy bitches make them even smaller and more disorganized the russian to begin to think up a lot sooner just how words because every time they're running in any peace mon gold ages i think we're running away their cowardly they keep advancing into the step in pursuit of these mongol forces by the way this is an army that may have numbered eighty thousand people still the guy's gap between fifteen and twenty thousand guys right now the russians think this is going to be easy and they keep advancing for the roof or other way from their home and to the desolate in a stamps our indies twelve days historians of the defer number of days this battle but to bow to happen is buried poorly understood what is it in doubted that the russians in the palacios forces are getting more more strung out this fifty miles between the front of the column in the rear of the army which has all these you know animals now it's train one day the form of the column enters into a valley on the other end of the valley behind river or the mongols waiting for the information what's more as the front of the army begins to advance towards the mongol although some small computers all over the battlefield the mongols and taken pox on ordeal and pitch in with them on fire of strategic places across the battlefield so that the smoke and blows across the mongol front and hides would ever maneuvers the mongols are doing the mongols having perfectly organized force taken spawn to the commander's war should drop of a hat the russians and glossy can hardly communicate with the troops right around the much less the troops of each step of friends that are commanded by the rome commander and strung out along column now a story whose differ on the course of this bottle it seems though that the russians in the palm off see attack with the front of this long call them while the rest of the army's strung out to umpteenth higher values matter of fact the last contingency lol russian column will never even make it to the battle unfortunately for the russians and a glossy the front of the column dies they your plunge into the mongolian to the mongols orange and there's no one quite knows how it goes but the front of the russian column get smashed as does the front of the lawsuit whoa and the people in the from the column turn around and we're on the mongols hot on their heels and they run right into the next contingent of troops that was waiting behind him who turns around and ron's and smashes into the next contingent of troops behind them and so on and so on like a bowling ball smashing into a lineup peanuts eventually the panic just said scene and the mongols begin to just pursue an enemy that is disorganized fleeing an extremely confused and the battlefield was a mass of smoke and screams and the audience disorganized way out eventually in it and here we're awake a maneuver the prince of kiev with ten thousand of his own men will stop turn around whacked his forces arm around the way if the wagon wider were six calls were vague bunch of wagons chained together to give him an before education protection in trial hold off the mongols so that perhaps the russian palacios me to reorganize to fight again it doesn't matter the mongols continue to pursue the rest of the army for a hundred and fifty miles killing at least forty thousand of them including seven the import russian nobles six russian princes and the prince of kiev will eventually forced to surrender himself in his ten thousand men to the dying promises them safety and when the russian prince surrenders to them they begin to linger russians any lack of the prince himself was locked up in toolbox of suffocated because the mongol don't believe in shedding noble blonde outside the battlefield of the ten thousand russians they're not too old after the bomb fake peace overtures the mongols tie them up lay them down stack them like court would all live can be old a wooden floor on top of from the russian chroniclers call it we should on top of this would be for the squashing all these tied up in stacked men underneath them the mongols the launch sir and food and drink enjoy themselves and mentally while the groaning in suffocating them underneath and can be clearly heard and felt beneath the floorboards that is said to be the refinement of cruelty designed as payback for the terror for russian diplomatic folk pop of having the ball to kill the mongolian assail his the russian and glossy defeat at the hands of the mongols is traditionally the but as happening meet the reef first twelve twenty three it's commonly known as the battle of the call the river and the result could not be more disorienting to the russians you see the russians arraigned orthodox christian people and there remain evil people and they tend to see the world in terms of the religious beliefs in the same way that the muslims who saw the world similarly he could understand what they had done to displease god so much that they sent genghis khan to punish them the orthodox christians that the russians were could understand what sort of scenes they can indeed allow such a result as what happened at the call korea for to occur in them in fact they were still completely confused as to what the people that defeated them at the copper river even more remember as far as the europeans are concerned this is the people that has emerged just recently from another galaxy the galaxy of china another place that they've never heard of them do not know the russian chronicles from this period plainly scholl how confused and demoralized and disoriented the russians were by this attack onto the heading of the year twelve twenty four the chronicles of novgorod state court the same year or d'orsay news on gnome tribes came home no one exactly knows who they are your whence they came out nor what their language is your what race they are north with their faith is they call them torturers and cool too and just to make the confusion and disorientation even more profound just when the russians are trying to grow with the rap against these mongols feast harbors disappear the sudden disappearance of the mongols must've been inexplicably to the people of the eastern european step after all they had come out of the east like a lightning bolt smashed all these eastern step armies in russian armies and done so with the use and with a fraction of the numbers that they were posed with and then when they've got 'em down and vulnerable instead of delivering the coup de gras the death blow the leak this whole thing must've seemed like a bad dream to people like the russian princes who survived as of course many of them didn't the treaty that almost as though it was a lightning bolt to rome from the heavens the unique affair not to be repeated in fact historians often play with the war the stick our factual to this a fair one or how things might have been different for history at the russians take in this attacked by stupid guy in the small goal scouting force as a warning and prepared for the next blow instead they went back to their normal dish united ways assumed that this was a one off in you're never gonna see the strange gordin mango type people again the people for their west were completely unaware of any of this that crown and the place of winter money in france and an england never even harder than stopping even know about the mongols this point and the russians seem to wanna just forget this thing that ever happened you know why the mongols ride and they know why they left in that they didn't seem to be asking too many hard questions the truth of the matter was super diana's mongols left his genius conover call bomb it sent a messenger to them telling them in a time to come back to the dying yet in the air really a great mongol general and balkans cow for rape went back to mongolia through different route the name arrived the decimated the couple more ah tribal nomadic groups on the wedding so fertile been reversed the hands of the people call the ball garzon and paid them back for that yet they would die before the force got back to mongolia but when the forced to get back to mongolia genghis khan got a wealth of information about what way to the west of his new conquest in the corps mean shaw's former domains but also what europe was why so benign notches scouted out in europe but he run into people like the venetian trader salonga black sea and made deals with them in exchange for the mongols going round and destroying all the other trading post of the other people to the nation's competed with near the black sea the nations gave the mongols maps that a good deal of the time here's the way the ring richard a gabriel describes but his wrap up of discreet have we were a bit cocked still the dying yet they had been gone for three years yet they died of fever or never reach the mongol capital so the guy left behind scores of spies and secord messengers to provide regular reports on all the went on in russia in europe this information was passed along golan tell engine service which began compiling dossiers on the various european countries on the political and religious rivalries that divided them too but as recognizance and russia was histories longest cavalry ride with over fifty five hundred miles in about three years on that ride to the dying yet they won over a dozen battles against superior numbers perhaps most important the information gained from the recognizance shoulder the vast core doorstep landed ran for mongolia the hungry at all on the right chord or the armies of the mall goals could move faster than any army in the world so that i agree tauber we raided and recognizance mission and his army was far too small to attempt conquest the next time the mongols came to the west they did so with force in court try telling that the european step victims of the mongols that the mongol fifteen or twenty thousand man force was too small to attend conquest it sure looked for a large enough to them what was pursuing them over hundreds of miles up to the battlefield continuing to kill your opinions as they ran every step of the way now i spend a bunch of time on this mission because to the europeans this was a shocking affair to the mongols it was a footnote if you look at the roman history the seeker history the mongols they devote a mere four lines to this whole thing or the vote pages to the question of the mongol succession but this scouting read my stupid on his destruction of all these people just par for the courses bars they were concerned yours all that the mongol secret history has to say about stupid eyes great cavalry we call it he mean genghis khan said so the guy the brave off to war in the north we defeated eleven kingdoms and tribes crossing of all got in your role rivers finally going to war with the at end quote so stupid as cowboy rate is almost beneath the notices for the genghis khan is concerned what he's about to do that requires the help of his great general stupid i didn't quite a bit more play in the secret history he's going to settle most glorious blubber vanish to me out and it was always something that was important to the great i'm he may have is some historian to be believed he may have felt his time on earth getting short and you want to make sure that the scores that we're still on his balance sheet were settled for his life ended by this time the great thomas around sixty years old historians many of them seemed to see in his actions at this time in his life those of a man trying to tidy up the loose ends of his existence to see to what it is life's work lives on after he's gone now that doesn't mean he's giving up all hope is wonderful story about him summoning the dow was mauled coup was supposed to be three hundred years old indeed his presence the market turns out to be more like seventy the great connell wants to know how we manage to live so long is there some potion or a mixer or magical talisman the judo on that will allow me to live forever historians as it's called the philosopher stone it sounds like something right out of here we potter doesn't it the taoist monk informs me now crestfallen column that the reason else secret to immortality all we might be able to extend his life a little each stop eating so much greasy broiled food or slept in his bed alone from time to time the condom like either one of those prescriptions but he did like this dallas monk historians report that he would be seen taking long walks with this guy discussing sort of the nature of heaven in reality and wipe them all these deep philosophical things to his mom gold tenants these murderers killers who had been with him since the very beginning to look to them like the great khan was mellowing the soft losing is it which is ironic considering the last campaign he's about to embark on the m. one a bloody mess that's going to be nonetheless this is the time period in the cars life when many historians point two is greater are qualities coming to before in all up till now in many ways he resembles an apple fiddler per joseph stalin or alexander or julius caesar at this time in his life though you see many of his great lasting benefits come before for example he has the mongols adopt the weaker or alphabet the weaker syrup on turkish people from central asia will have their own alphabet unlike many of which are barbarians the great khan was fascinated by the almost magical nature of the written word and noah's if his mongol people organic in teen u. to dominate an exist longer than these other step empires which collapsed as soon as the leader of the bill and died there would have to do things like civil administration and white so they adopt the weaker script the great khan begins to have discussions with more and more of these adviser shun places like china and the moslem world about proper ways to go about administering things will be wonderful story in this campaign is about to launch on when his murderer is small gold lieutenants suggested it would be a good idea to wipe out the millions of farmers who inhabit the scenery he's just conquer because they're nothing but useless you know the ears of food in resources to be better to destroy them destroy the cities in turn the whole area back in the pasture land for their horses only to have a chinese advisories going to card that if you'd let these people live they'll be able to provide you with todd is a tax revenue one stock fund grain be better to have that inform them as people rather than what the more wow perhaps greta calm and thirty five years old who has seen the way his murderers lieutenants all that common nearer to the end of this life saw the wisdom in this chinese adviser's suggestions what's more to the end of his life at this time period where he issues too important decrees one that says anybody who tries to usurp the con you mean not him but the people come after him to be put to death mercilessly the other commandment is that these people to conquer goal goal i shall live in peace with no people who would not freely submitted to them this is a variation of ideas that the mongols and already thrown out there that the great haven't had promised them the entire world and even places that they hadn't discovered yet we're already subject to them and when they contacted these hitherto unknown people if they didn't submit right away they were the equivalent of rebels and could be treated as such that by the way is traditionally the harshest treatment you could ever receive from the mongols to be rebellious subjects if you were rebellious subjects for not giving him the mongol the minute they first knock on your door well that's a heck of a thing i mean you won the pope first makes contact a generation or two after jim this is dead the first in the mongols right back to the pope is hey nice to meet you come over here about a force because you're more of our subject if you don't you're rebellious at a convenient isn't it there's also the matter off was going to take over half of the great hans not around anymore there are problems with this uninvolved his oldest son now his oldest son if you recall the very first episode we did on this was of perhaps on a certain parentage genghis khan's young wife was taken from him by another tribe we got our backs on nine months later she was pregnant now no one knows it disperse on board the him was he is or the rapist from another tribe everyone had the good sense to keep quiet about that not a good idea for what most murderers people all history to start questioning is all this on his parentage but his other sounds good and there was real worry that if the oldest son was left the empire all bow bow was not standard model practicing to be left any of the bed might break up like many step empires before this time also there are rumblings of the old dishonor was feeling like his father was a little too murderers your statements that some historians have found were perhaps this will disown is suggesting that he would be doing the world of favourite he poisoned his father and then coincidentally the sun goddess of about four years old and many people think his father word is poisoning not because he didn't love him because perhaps like augustus caesar killing people close to him it was the right thing to do for the empire it's at this time for the great khan mellowing though we might have been there conducts the last campaign in his life one against the people that he's already defeated but when he needed them refuse to come to wheeze eight the people of she shot the chinese western province that was the first place up in china that the great khan conquered they had promised when he eased up on them and to destroy the marley that they would be his right hand and when he needed them all he had to do was call so when he invaded the quarries mean shah's empire he called and they basically said to him you need our help what kind of connor you you can't conquer d.'s muslims by yourself non je get to that time was in no position to punish them while yet wore on his hands in the muslim world the war was no hope for it was the day of reckoning and the people she shot we're not going to live to see the aftereffects that historian paul coco describes the war against this people that the mongols called the tango touched this tibetan chinese people who lived in the kenyan onishi shah of course changes common already been to war which she shall wants this is how he got their pledge to help him when he needed them and this is where they broke their pledge and now he was coming back to swift pay them back breaking a promise but there was another geo strategic reason why this mia been a good idea anyway the rulers or she shall i had buried their differences within the northern chinese begin dynasty and now they were working together we're against the mongols remember genghis khan and attacked the northern chinese more than a decade before this to that had been fighting them ever since the last thing he needed was done to get a powerful ally on his flank so does have the jewel effect upon the sheen the tango it she shot people for breaking their promise and eliminating northern chinese main ally he was going to be one of the most brutal wars of extermination of genghis khan would ever fight and obviously given we've already talked about in the series it really saying something here's the way historian paul local good ascribed to hope the model army entered she shot territory in february twelve twenty six and immediately set several towns and villages on the border are they were delighted to find these towns heavily stock with food and other provisions the army mercilessly cut down the populations in accord with genghis khan's intention to punish the people that she should as the army's move deeper into the land the slaughter continued in the words of one chinese right you're at the time record that chinese writer man is striving in vain to hide the caverns in mountains as to the mall eagle soared hardly to win a hundred escaped the fields are covered with the bones of slaughter people now back to the historian war of extermination notches conquest was intended angie is tom what is many ashish oz inhabitants killed as possible only part to persia in afghanistan suffered a similar level of devastation by the summer of twelve twenty six rococo continues the mongols converged on the two main remaining cities one of which was name shall have the capital the sheesh army said fled behind the walls of the city's indeed during this campaign the mongols rarely face or jimmy armies in the field making mongol progress much easier than allowing him to engage in systematic slaughter with relative lack of interference to prevent really forces coming from jean china and other mongol army and the consummate that i besieged the genie capital would tie fang and cool the space of the next year the mongols would take the capital of the tango people he would kill every man woman child and some sources say dog and chicken or not a living thing in the city is while continuing to do that in the countryside this is the place where and as cons lieutenant suggest that they just kill everybody tens of millions of people destroyed all the structure should allow the whole entire urbanized area to revert back to pasture land to feed mongol horses and where the chinese adviser one of many that the great khan starting to surround himself with convinced the current betty would be better in the long term to allow all these people to live so that they can continue to work and produced for the con nonetheless that wasn't going to stop him from paying these people back he was part of the nomad way of looking at the world were banged was a mole relief act are headed to human motivating factor but in these nomadic barbarian societies was particularly important you can see the importance you read the mongols all on account of these advances are said to give four lines to sue the guy's great reading the europe both pages to describing this payback against the she shot tango people where's the way the tanglewood destruction is described in the mongol secret history the roman catholic school genghis khan took everything from the ten good people he gave their world or burr connor the name should your glue and then executed him he ordered that the man in other cities be killed their children and grandchildren saying as long as i can eat food and still say it make everyone lives in their cities vanish kill them all and destroy their homes as long as i'm still alive keep up the slaughter this is because the tang good people made a promise they didn't keep genghis khan and on the war with the tangos a second time he had destroyed them and many of the tango too many to survive this extermination attempt we were given by genghis khan to one of his walk times as property that gift will be the post mortem warned them because the great khan doesn't quite live long enough to see the end of the time the tea leaves the equivalent of a last will and testament though spelling out the exact level of destruction which is pretty much told will guide you want some inflicted upon them one to leave me she ate payback whether or not he's actually physically here to see it in august twelve twenty seven the great khan ascended to heaven the that's the way the mongol secret history put it became quite bring himself to say he died in that he ascended to heaven and in keeping with this guy is mysterious nature susanna moore the earlier episodes he is maybe the most mysterious great historical personality the last in a two thousand years if you go back and more talk about an ancient is your real roller from three thousand years ago you expect there'd be a lot of uncertainty the great khan didn't live that long ago historically speaking and he was so huge it would expect to have more basic information about him don't know when he was born don't know how we died don't know what he looked like and don't know worries barry now in the mongol histories he dies is result of a fall from a porsche that leads to a fever and the sickness and he dies the sources claim that in this war against the congress he was struck in the knee by a straight arrow that that led to the illness and death another story of probably not true talks about came leaping at ten good princess and she'd planning for this inserting some of the report is sharp device into her body we tried to rape or he gets mortally wounded there are other stories out there nonetheless after his passing his body is taken back to mongolia and buried somewhere nobody knows where the team has never been found there are all sorts of stories about the extreme lengths that the mongols going to make sure nobody would know where he was barely the worst worries about whether true or untrue everyone who took him to the grave was been killed in all the people that kill them to keep the seeker were also killed stories of i was seventeen movie faced virgins being sacrificed to put in the tomb with him one oh two hundred of horses being ridden over the ground so that it would obscurity loomed again after all this time and all the searching they're still looking tim has not been found and what's more judging from the way the mongol people today still view genghis khan they probably don't want flounder the question that arises though upon his death these two full the most obvious is what now because throughout the history of nomadic step empires usually when the person who's force of personality was able to build these empires and bring them together leaves the scene the tender fragment you only have to look at the great attila to see the simple fact so what was gonna happen now that the unifying force the person who's incredible force of personality and held this thing together literally with bomb is a steel and blond and b. are nice gone what happens the second question that arises is what you make of this person because historians ever since have been conflicted about him you cannot deny the incredible major revision in vain he was utterly merciless and nothing stood in the way of what he saw as his own destiny in the sense to put him in league with almost all the great other historical arsonist you could think up from hitler did napoleon to caesar alexandra been in the same want but there's others and there are similarities between them all the rojas like these recurring figures to come around from time to time and they have this extraordinary sense of their own destiny that somehow have been with the gods or fate is on their side and sometimes they will expose themselves to obvious foolhardy danger because their belief in their own destiny so extreme that they can't quite grasp the idea that you're the heavens would allow waiting to happen to them before they're great world mission was completed in fact historically paul rich nasty white to great biography about in his car suggest that it's descent in his own destiny in this greater finish in the sauna that allows him to just ignore the massive amounts of damaging to win that you flicks it's all minor compared to the greater good that he's you're involved with and what's interesting is there are historians and writers to david bar right into that i think it's been playing it normally i'd try to give you many different point of view on the news history programs but my own bias comes into play in the story because i have a hard time buying into this idea of genghis khan is this for spring cool it as we said my chinese history professor to this in the first episode was so intent on making people remember the debt because if you forget those people when you just would set the ten isn't millions of people who died as a result of genghis khan within the side all the sudden everything stir fucking particularly did as he did betty this other thing and it was it's not balanced out by the critic has been the casualties and the rape and slavery and the suffering why the guy was a positive for civilization the entire question changes though when you put those dead people back on the ballot scale many of the same things that some of these admiring historians and writers say about genghis khan would fit equally well for our loft hitler had the nazis won the second world war had he created this unified europe that was a part of this long term plans you better believe that the nazis would've created the e. u. a version of the u. dominated by germany before the writer he was created in a story is a thousand years after that would say that the germans and the nazis created a single state to unify communication and commerce all these things once again we have to do is take all the dead people that it was responsible for off the balance sheet and looks like in a positive the other thing that both genghis khan and many of his admirers accredited him for his bringing this juliet region and were single rule once again this is something historians law now come on b. c. generalizing here but they love it with the roman empire to you bring these giant areas under single rule with a single set of wallace's standards and practices all these things and it's a net gain for civilization completely ignoring the fact that to live and arrhythmia been a nightmare i mean ask the people in eastern europe how much they felt good about the soviet union and dominating their countries after the second world war and bringing a single rule in a single system a single set of laws and practices to them they never gave up the idea they would be willing to fight and die to get out of that situation the roman empire was the same way those people were not brought into the roman empire voluntarily they were conquered and they often rebelled and great human cost to try to get out to them being under single ruler was a positive it was a negative people will suggest things like all the mongols broader single law are all these people yes but allow the mongols to come in whenever they wanted to win decide to your daughter was beautiful one should be going up cons harem in the was the kindest things that people ignore when you talk about living under the rule and absolute in the supreme rose arms here being joplin oakar pini rights that he would be talking to people that he would meet in the mongol camp of other nationalities in a straight up told him if they thought they could they break away rebel right now this was a single state under a single rather was held together by terror and force and killing it's easy to look at the positives of the super state as long as she joined put the negatives of it on the balance sheet as well what should do that equation becomes a lot more complicated i always ask you look at all the carnes achievements on the balance sheet how much good with this historical arsonist it had to accomplish to make the lives of between ten in the eighty million people worth it another question is how you judge the man's lack of concern over killing was he a sociopath and like hitler or was this a cultural question you'll see a lot of historians try to explain away the cons lack of concern over human life by the culture role in by air money was raised in they will say that these nomadic peoples often look at the sedentary societies as consisting of people that were the same human species is they were especially people who formed until bly and they were less than slaves or animals in the minds of these people so you can't so much blame a guy like genghis khan for not thinking that he was doing very bad stuff on the white house slaves are animals our in fact historian for just a rumor nigger said specifically exempts genghis khan from this question by saying he didn't know better and any says camera one anal later turco mongol conqueror deserves much more blame because he was raised in civilization and taught the value of human life were guy like that goes on commits all these atrocities he knew better beholden to a higher standard in a sense genghis khan if you believe people like rudiger said he didn't know then he should feel empathy and all these people that he was wiping out to him with they didn't seem to be human i mean historian anger say courts agreed on some other guy speaking to one of the chinese adviser she's pleading for the lives of the people who live in the city to the cons about to destroy an organized says to him in almost mocking sort of tone of voice reagan weep for the people again the key issue an idea of the general the point of view they had about the weather the destruction of schumann life was worth even pleading for one can pick another parallel with the nazis who suggest that if you went to jews for russia's or frenchmen asked them what they thought about thousand year reich assuming hitler had won the war you get one impression if you asked the german is four hundred years into the thousand new life to work dominating the world what they thought they might've seen hitler is more but george washington figure and loss of all these jews and others to die to spar the process to be merely the killing of people that were less than animals now that sounds atrocious doesn't it well that's because it's recent the longer you go from these events the more easily the dead are forgotten and more easily atrocities are explained away as we said someday some writers can write a book about the positive things that came out of upper right but the pollen to wallace this is a with an appalling for people who lived through genghis khan's conquest if somebody would write a good book about human compare him to someone like the father of our country in the united state to george washington one of the peaceful figure now it's worth pointing out though the man's good qualities because they're worse off first of all who can deny he was an extraordinary figure had no formal education and if he could do an iq test on this guy assuming that iq test actually measured intelligence there's no question that he's fantastically intelligent he was physically gifted in imposing a way that many of the barbarian peoples are traditionally respect in the vikings which would have some skinny the ruler who was nine feet tall and could wield a giant two handed sword in each hand i mean you obese physically imposing figures it help to help sure rise to power the current fall but traditional step when your pattern all of bestowing great gifts with great generosity amongst all of his in a people in his retinue that's how you kept them happy you gave them all the silks and all the golden meanwhile you yourself with the simple life you can go back to the roman accounts with roman diplomats met attila the hun and a way into this room and you're all these johan make people's with their gold goblet and gold hill did sort images slathered in rich isn't that to lose the one guy in the rooms gonna wooden bowl and wooden cop and no jewelry there's almost a stereotype of the in a simple pastore all nomad ruled that stays in touch with his simple past while he and we choose those around him for put these great rulers bring to their people and the great genghis khan was par for the course without was concerned he also realized if you believe the sources that he is very victories accomplishments are going to affect his people in ways that would soften her up against that history is replete with these examples of conquering richer societies in the most richer societies both the wealth of them the luxury of them the he is of them can also be culture rob them are undermining the very qualities that the step and infused these people within the first place they gave him the ability in the top national hardy mr cochran those societies and to begin with this wonderful epitaph the great harm hands when he talks about you know what will happen after his daily pieces quarter after ross the people of our race will wear garments of gold believe sweet greasy food ride splendid coarser isn't holding their arms the liveliest of women unable forget that the old beast things to loss and coped and it's only fair to relate running greece's comments on genghis khan's finer qualities to balance out this picture i'm giving you some one writes quote in the framework of his way of life is will you win this race genghis khan appears as a man of reflective cast of mind and sturdy common sense remarkably well balanced in a good listener he was also for many friendship and for all his story is generous an affectionate he had the qualities of the true administrator in ministering year then use of nomadic peoples not a sedentary want of whose economy he had only the vaguest conception within these limits be displayed an innate sense of bordering good government combined with a ruthless barbarian sentiments there easy in him a certain nobility and lost in the somali whereby the curse of muslim writers regains his proper status as a human being and who again we are not genghis khan deserves accolades is an army of the ball holder question think of people more recent too was who killed similar numbers of people for some greater gold then ask herself to value with them and you decide whether or not you can set aside the negative things on the balance sheet enough to law and the positive stuff now the genghis khan was gone perhaps it's the equivalent of the right without hitler what would happen at that point but on the story of the great mongol conquest of the middle ages we're back to find out whoo our goal is the inner next leading provider or spoken or yell entertainment the absolute best place to download your audio books from but also your famous beaches in history you're periodicals and magazines old radio programs every genre you can think of them probably some you haven't baubles got it covered in you know which use it for right to download the stuff your ipod repeat three player your desktop computer we all understand what audiotape joe content is that we are after all you're listening to upon cast right now what should i always like to provide some suggestions if you're not sure what to get a reading the book right now that is a fascinating it's relatively recent least fascinating look you decide the mindset of the people who had to deal with the war on terror right after nine eleven happened as it unfolds remember you looking back on it now have a much clearer view than the people who saw all this on unfolding at the time did and some of the ways they view events in some of the things that they thought about well which is put his way i've read things in this book that i've never seen anywhere else in the written by fantastic lighter to keep you from glued be your seat the book is called five hundred days secrets and lies in the tale of war spy card i can hold it worth your time especially if you enjoy the subject especially given the interest in the way this war on terror has developed and some of the preconceptions of mine said in decisions that were made at the time they have not been seen to certain approaches and out comes even now five hundred days secrets allies mr rewards i'm about to burst the way through it and it's agreed we i think you'll like it to you or all pod cass dot com forward slash hardcore history for your free or you go down uh in the next episode of wrath of the cars this greatest of all historical figures the genghis khan is no more people who live under the mongolia oprah probably breathing a sigh of relief because of this thinking that this empire will now break up and go the way of other dramatic step confederation second before it little do they know that horrible war major intersection drooling an important historical figure was his ability to organize his empire awaits allows him to avoid the fate of past that conquerors in addition to his sons turn out to be worthy successor to the greek columns genius and they will instead of watching the empire contract without their father spend it the people of china and the most the middle east and europe think that the dangerous past now that there's no genghis khan anymore they are sorely mistaken they're about to find out that the blow is that they suffered under the father or amy you're appetizer the song is a genius connor 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